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25 F London, UK

I’m looking for

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5′ 5″ (1.65m)
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Used up
Strictly vegetarian
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Other, and very serious about it
Capricorn, and it’s fun to think about
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Strictly non-monogamous
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My self-summary
Write a little about yourself. Just a paragraph will do.

I'm not violent...i just use words.
(i say this because people wrote me and they see me as violent...i would never touch you..i just use words.the word is the sword ,i hope it will kill you)


My profile is long...i know...and if you are here than you have nothing better to do so read it...i wrote it for you...for all of you(copy it...give it to everyone :)) )

You read a lot of rubbish anyway so take your time to read this...this profile is not rubbish

Or dont read it,you wont "get it" anyway.
nobody did and looks like nobody will :- /

it is not "my profile" is "the profile" ,thats why is long.i dont have much to say about me (i love to dance...i love music....i love to enjoy the blessing of life.....thats all about me...)

be ready to read all.this profile is one sentence.
Really :-)
If you dont feel to read,dont read it (you can dislike it very much)

I find it hard to express myself ,it's not something that i like to do but looks like i have to...people know nothing :- /

i am embarased to write all this but i did it so i let it be...knowing well that it is insane...or in-sane?
Life is insane...
Cant you see?
No,you cant see...
Most of you wont understand a thing from this profile .....most of you will understand stupid things....most of you dont know life so most of you wont know what i talk about in this profile

English is not my first language so i hope i made myself clear...

Consider me crazy or sick or whatever you want..but let my profile least here let me be me :-)
Most of you wont like me and it's ok.i dont like you either...and if you like me...i like you too :-)
So everything is perfect
It makes sense..?


I had a war of all of you must have...and it's the end of it...i'm a winner so now i need my place to rest in peace.....with things that i like out of the system.
I hate this system.
Very much.i dont even want to stress with war is finished and i wish for all of you the best..

:- l

The system O,Q
dear are in the hands of unconscious people....if a saviour comes he is killed or ignored.i am sorry for you because i love you but i cant even save myself....again :)))))
i saved my soul but looks like i cant do more..
nobody takes me in serious.people read this profile and they like it or dislike it.but nobody actually "gets it"
if they knew what the hell is my point they would do something about it...
but nobody understand the point of this profile.everyone ignores that "point" so its nothing i can do :- l least i tried.

so...the system...what the fuck is this system doing?what sort of education they gave me?what they wanted me to be?
a zombie and a robot but fuck off.....a miracle happened and i escaped from this stupidity.
god(life) is the greatest.... worthy of all love and worship...
the system..?the church?
made a mess out of life...transformed all of you in antichrists . How to live in this earth? No chance.
i.m out of the system..i.ll do nothing that keep this stupid system alive.i rather die than live in this stupidity.

i am thanksful for my awakening and ...uffff....
give me the earth :))

the most important thing in life is awakening
and who gives a damn about this?
a president doesnt give a fuck about the long as they sleep well in their luxurious life,why would they wake up?

this life is not normal and you know least this you know...

i find it hard to manage myself...i.m not a robot and i struggle because of this fucking dead not free even to take my life in peace.i must jump from a building all "scared" just because some fuckers dont let me even die in a nice way

The christian church is the most responsable for my life because they asked for me every day...really
The jews and muslims also wait for me.
The buddhists hindus and ALL the people that pray like losers wait for me or a saviour and fortunately(even if they dont agree with) is me who came :-)
Yes :-)

Dont worry ,you're in good hands with me.
I have many hands.many people will give me their hands for you :-)

People pray to be delivered by evil and a miracle happened and i came to do this

- now get out :- /

let the church to be in my hands.
the churches and all the temples and religious things are mine :))
Actually...everything is mine :-)

all the earth :-)
but zombies took it for themselfs and sell it to me :-?
like i am a stupid and dont know what i have :- /
The earth is mine...and all that is in it is mine .
I dont understand how the things became the way they's not my fault and i should not pay* for it.


The pope :- l

OMG the pope is such an ignorant (are many "popes" actualy...many ignorant church leaders)

Look...loooook...look at how ignorant the pope is for the truth
I couldnt care less his new ideeas and good changes
The foundation is "dead" so everything else just connect the dead thing.
The pope is so ignorant that i just cant laugh at their stupidity

After so many years of "god" worship he didnt realised the truth?????!!!!
i D i O T

:- l

The pope is AN idiooooot :- l
How can people kiss the hand of a criminal?
He is a criminal
He kills all christian by being unconscious and preaching unconscious things.

The pope should give me the's the church of christ...isnt it??
Well...i am give me the church you fucking blind show to the world all the christs and light people that the earth have.
The church killed them in the past because of herecy or whatever stupid reason... but they are alive now and the church belongs to them...
It is a prophesy that say that this is the last pope...
It should be....the church belongs to christ so he either wakes up and be christ...or leave the church to someone with light...
But the pope doesnt know about my existence so he wont give me the church.he didnt give it to other enlightened people so i dont even stress to make a blind see...

he's a loser..a blind loser who knows nothing about his beliefs.The pope doesnt know about light people?!

he is the most heretical person this earth can have...knowing nothing about god and preaching only rubbish to some lost sheeps.

And not only the pope is stupid.
All religious leaders are stupid.and of course...all religious people are stupid
Including buddhists and other spiritual things.
Poor children that follow their stupidity.
They have their unique path but they are transformed in clones.
Ugly...very ugly all of you.
I talk about you...not about the way you look...i dont care your body
You are ugly because you are dont know,dont you?
i understand...
To awake in this confused world full of traps and lies its a i have some compassion for you...poooor you Q,Q
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
I actualy make a plan to kill all of you.
Give's a good thing :-)

How can you live without knowing about life?? Ask yourself what the fuck is this life...dont be live for nothing if you dont realise yourself.
To live is such a miracle,what other proof you need? You are the are the miracle.but who sees this?
Someone there is fed up of the ignorant you and wants me to kill you ( the ignorant that is in you) :-)

The earth sleept's the end of the sleep...the earth wants to wake up.
You who read this...wake up

You cant see that to have a life is crazy???
and that we are all crazy and know nothing about stop pretending to be "normal" cant lie to me...i know who you are
you are you cant lie to me...i know me
and i am you are crazy too...
Someone said :thank god for mental illness :))

This crazy life is great freedom
So wake up and see...


Where is that question with the first things people notice about me??
Well...they dont notice that question is not for me...
...i am not even me so i dont know if someone will ever notice me...
People dont see the truth* because they have no ideea that there is such a thing as truth*in life...
A pitty...
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
I am a good person...and i love you
We are different boddies,but the same being.cant you see?
I actualy am you when you are can i dont love you like myself?
But not in the way you all are you are not like yourSelf and we will be the self :)

I dont love dead things...i'm not dead...its not like myself..
For your sake...wake up!be your Self...not what you want...but your Self...
Find the self... :))
You dont understand a thing...dont you??
I hate you...not your self :- P

Who have eyes to see, sees that i actually love people .
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
I used to read light i dont read anymore ...i had enough food...actualy...i had a loooot...and vomit here because i got sick...i'm sick of you!

I enjoy the Holy Qur'an ....i love it so much!! So it's a book that i keep reading...(its a dangerous book only in the hand of unconscious people who dont know god...
there is no god but god...that's true...but to say this,you must know god...)
Sufi ❤️
Love sufi
I also enjoy jesus christ's a joy to realize things and then read them in books..i am sooooo jesus :-)

yes....i am :- l

Are many gospels....but the church is so stupid that put in the bible only 4.
the truth that they need is not the truth that is truth-if this makes sense to you
I must take the's the church that gave birth to atheism and all other stupid stuffs...

i like the bible also( another misunderstood book...) and not complete either.are many books that are mussing from the bible but the church is to stupid to see that the truth is in other writings as well.

I love david and solomon writtings.
i love the prophets..
how stupid stupid people understood them.
Psalms are beautiful.Wisdoms are beautiful...gnostic writing are amazing and truths.
all the bible is actually gnostic but only for those who know...those who dont know pick only this and that.the god of abraham is a huge god with many writting and weird things :))
Good things :-)
i die in peace knowing that are others knowing the same god.
are many great scriptures but i dont recomand them to someone who doesnt have any ideea of light.i understood this books after i awake

I recomand enlightened people to you...they can give you an ideea.
I like buddha and lao tzu and old things but i recomand to people to start spiritual book from this generation and read old scripture after they understood some things.
Read...osho ...eckart tolle...gangaji.... and many other light people...are so many for all them ,it's for your own interested in this to have an ideea about life...
Listen to their videos ...give them a chance...they are divine people...people of god.

I just saw a ...from the church of subgenius . I love Bob :-)
And i love those subgenius guys and their church.may they be blessed by crazy blessings.
Are actualy many churches that are so wonderful in the world.some of them dont even know that are churches and are with god ;-)

"Not everyone understands house music. It's a spiritual thing, a soul thing."
Great church this House
And many other great churches there are.
Black metal is amazing especially the atmospheric one.

its funny that they think they worship the devil.
They dont :-) the leaders and the priests and stupid people worship the devil(who exists thanks to them).
especially religious people.

Artists of all sort of ways worship god in a very interesting deep way so congrates!!
Are many music styles that are actualy very religious but they dont see this way.
A true spiritual crazy stuff is with music.
For all styles !! So i recomand music to all
It can save your life :-)
Saved mine.

What i was talking about??
Moooovieessss @,@

I liked the movie a clockwork orange.

ugh...the world is a show.ugly show.
made by ugly dead people :-)
i dont like to see it but it's there :- /
I must be blind to say "it's fine"
Its not fine ]-,

Fortunately is another world that made me say thanks* for life
Thank you god for minimal music.
Thank you thank you thank you!!

I'm the bride of minimal music...and of house and techno and sufi :-)
and thats all.4 lovers :))

(I have some adventures with other good styles as well-i dont give exemples because i may miss one style and will get upset :- )
not tv music.most of it is sooo stupid but be free to listen to whatever you want)
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
And everything god gave me :- /
Not people...but God!
People give me only strugle and conditional rubbish.
God gave me lots of things just like that,for me to love.
And i want it all .
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
god ,of course...what is more important than god?

god is @,@ and god IS amazing.

Allahu akbar!!!thats all that matters...
...what is greater than god ? I dont talk about a stupid god that people created.
I talk about the real god...what is greater than god?
Steve jobs?enstein??your dog?me?you?jesus or buddha or krishna ...? God have all this!

God IS the greatest
Be part of god...know god.only then you have life in you.
I honestly feel to explode my head ....sometimes i just cant handle all great god is...
Life(god...universe...consciousness...whatever you call it) is very intelligent....look at all the smart technology's a miracle this iphone @,@ i am Amazed !

everything that is amazing is from god...and everything stupid is from unconscious people
we have intelligence and power to solve all things but look......stupid people ...they lead the earth...they ...who call themselfs christians....but have nuclear this earth is guilty for their madness

they know nothing about god and you put your trust in them.
:- /
or in are lost.

look and see god...because if you see,you are blessed even in this crazy unconscious earth

You cant pretend everything is normal and can't just be unconscious and stay like a fucking idiot in the way of god with your stupid "clever" brain

Give thanks to life for amazing technology... earth.... music... blessed we are!! Allahu akbar!!
Thats all :))

i am amazed by the fact that many light people are alive today ...
i am so happy
...i wish they were recognised as buddhas,christs,emanuells...messiahs...anointeds...blesseds...(same stuff) and finish with all the past religions stupid things.

people pray in the sky and this people are on earth but of course the state and priests doesnt give a fuck about Reality.
:- /
Most people...poor people,live a sad life
I am sad.
God had heaven and earth and the system created hell as well :- /

The leaders are keeping the world in a stupid state of unconsciousness and we had enough of it -,-

Its full of blessed people that the world need to listen....i am amazed by the rain of light that is bigger and bigger everyday and really...allahu akbar...

I want something to be understood....
God is not everything like everybody says...i am fed up of this blasphemy....
God is all that is conscious...
God is not stupid to rape...abuse...distroy...this is what uncoscious people do....this things are not of god.
This earth is explosive...we are explosive....but we must transcend the bodies and not let this "energies" lead us...
I cant wait to leave this earth...
Dead earth :- /

i do spend some time thinking(like an idiot) if one day,the true god will be known by this earth....if the will of god will be made on earth...
Thy kingdom come...thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven

People made on earth as it is in hell
its sad.a miracle happen and a light one apear there and there...but the earth is left in the hands of unconscious people...
Light people dont like to fight...they surrender even to this crazy stupid people...
I was made to fight darkness and defend the true god. Not because i want to...but because i with me so i can be stronger...or do what you want...i'm not begging for your must be surely idiot if you dont understand...
I swear that the more i grow in light...the more i hate stupidity and ignorance.... Hate is good for hateful things...and love for lovely things...
i'm not blinded by the light...not everything is perfect like many blessed people say...i understand this saying but really...wake up :)) you too...wake up :))
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
On a typical friday night i am . And that's all

A miracle @,@

Look...i want to say something about god...god is good and full of love...look and see...thats your mission on recognise be conscious...
On a typical friday night be anything and do anything...but be conscious...
Be conscious ... Be.

Thats the deal...
Thats why me,on a typical friday and everyday...i am.
People say that there is no such thing as typical friday...but i say to you this:all the days are typical days...just be.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Tick tock....tick tock :)
God is a bomb ready to explode.

I want to ask the can you preach the message of light when you are not enlightened????
Hypocrites ...they dont know how to find god but they speak in the name of god(only rubbish)
And all the people praise them and consider them "holly"
They are criminals.the church put people to sleep.
About jews i really am speachless.they are far behind for not understanding jesus.
They are still cutting their poor children body and not only...but they cut their brains as well.they wont understand me.They can wait for their "perfect" messiah forever.the jews if dont awake will burn in this earth :)) like their prophets sais.and i love jewish religion...and feel sorry for their missunderstanding.
They would be so happy if they knew that all that is written is true :-)
And its a great miracle the Torah...
The new testament as well
The quran...Great miracle.i love islam!
But what can i say about muslims?
They dont know what "revelation" means so they are not muslims.
They are crazy bad people.
Like the jews,christians,buddhists,sikhs
All religions are good but religious people are stupid(except some light ones)

The others are all bad and stuuuuupid!!!!
:- l
So sorry i feel for all of them because they are cute people
People are sweet :-(
But to stupid!

Thanks to god the earth is not made to last forever...
The earth will burn one day.
All people who wont awake will burn on earth sooner or later so try to awake and leave this earth before fire comes :))
You may know from science that this will happen in billion of years but you sure you wont still be on earth in billion of years?
And it can happen faster something so dont wait for the end to are made to live on this earth until you know you are saved :-) so dont rest knowing that you wont live those are ignorant now but you will live forever ,you like it or not :-D
so you must awake ...and asure that life on earth will be pleasant for those left here because life is tricky and who knows where you will be born next time .

Escape from earth before the fire come :))
And maybe you will all make a beautiful end :-)
A beautiful end would be beautiful!
An ugly end would be ugly but we love you
know this ;-)

in case you dont awake you will see the end of the earth will be forced to awake then and you'll come Home ;-)

jesus said : you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free
You are not free and i understand but this cant go on forever.
life journey is ugly for most people ...innocent people.
And religious people as good as they look are guilty for the sleep of this earth.
the church doesnt know the truth.the church is not free.the church is a slave and made people slaves as well....all the earth is enslaved.only some "crazy" people break free and then they are judged and considered day what i write here will be known by many

you only know lies.
or you know nothing :- /
You dont even care
this system put you in have no ideea whats going on :- /
and i am crazy...? :))

This is the second CHance for salvation...i wonder if this time they will take it
god is great anyway

I dont really care you,but somehow is important for me if you awake...
You are an angel for this have the inteligence to create and take care of this earth...and what you do?and what you are?an ignorant and an idiot
:- /

not knowing yourself...not being conscious of your being...not knowing a thing about who you are but knowing a lot of other stupid things
wake up :))
You it's the end of the world for you.what other apocalypse you need? something about it and wake is so possible and happened to many people...dont be ignorant and a loser..not giving a fuck about the truth and enjoying every day in a dead state of being...wake up :-) it's easy if you really want to...but it's a lot more easy for you to ignore
Idiot...thanks to your sleep ,its a mess in the world but you dont give a fuck..

i wont admit in front of people what i know about "them".they will say i am pesimist or negative....i am not in some negative or positive...optimist or pesimist...i just am,something that i wish for all of you...
Most (all??) of you are zombies and i hate do a zombie apocalypse and i'm sick of you :-)
If i could...i would kill you...but you are already dead...moving like zombies doing all sort of things that makes you happy ... it's dangerous for the future .children have like exemples zombies like all of you so how can they wake up? There is no difference betwen you and both are unconscious so what you do is as bad as what hitler did...even if with your 2 eyes things looks good...they are not.wake up.
I know you are proud and feel very smart and cool and artistic and whatever super genius great being you think you disgusting...
you are nobody and you die like a nobody leting only rubish behind you.

You lived for nothing with all your sexual experience...joys and travells and friends...and knowledge about this and die with all your "things about you" and it's ugly even to like yourself in this dead state and because i love you i am honest with write about you...if you could only but see this :-)

Another private thing...are so many...
The pope is so stupid...if i could...i would punch his face maybe he will weird that me,who was not giving a damn about religion ,know things while this people dedicate their lifes to "god" and live in zombie like state all their life?
And they lead all people in darkness..
The christians are waiting for the second coming of an enlightened guy...because the priests got no ideea what actualy "christ" is...and they dont even want to know...i take the responsability of christ because i am the pope got to give me the church ;-) simple! Jesus christ and me....are one..the pope cant say i'm not christ when he doesnt even know christ...
It's a stupid thing that is alive there and makes people stupid things...religion is beautiful and full of wisdom...but was in the hands of stupid people...preached by stupid people with heretical ideeas that made us so...sleepy...i love religion and i see the truth in it...and it's not how is understood by zombies...
Ughhh...zombies... :-)
If one day obama awakes...he would laugh and be shoked by the "obama" character...putin also...if this 2 guys awake,the earth is beautiful would be for a president to awake...
Also...this ideea of royal so stupid...and it's just in front of you....this people are sick!!!

Only GOD is King and master and worthy of worship and praise!

And what people do?
Keep this royal stuff alive :- /
love your stupid queen...pray to god for her salvation...if i will ever see someone "royal",i'll forget my morals and spit on their stupid head covered with gold...they have gold on their head and shi& inside their head...but for the zombies they look good and beautiful.all the girls wants to be princesses and idiots and ugly and stupid because of this stupid idiots that are in "power" and are so much on tv .
How can you admire this sick people? :))))
Wake up...this is the only way for the system to die...without zombies,the system cant live.
there is not such a thing as queen or king or better than you (special stupid sick is this ideea :)) )

i look at the people in power and i feel sorry for you
they made themselves kings and you are their slave.
"Our" leaders worship they lead my life i asked for their opinion...
Are 2 type of beings on earth...they all act like human beings but they are actualy conscious...(like me and other brothers)...and most of you...zombies fight even with other zombies...they are not brothers...even if they are the same : unconscious
You will not see 2 conscious people fighting(but its possible:)) ) ...but 2 zombies...always
I hate's normal .
It's the truth...should i apologise for being honest? O,Q
But this is private...ok?if people from the street knew this,they wont like it...
I am afraid of zombies...i mean...going out and seeing zombies everywhere...isnt that scary?zombies are scary and i want to escape from you...

I know it's a dating site...but if you want to date me,i must be myself here so dont say that i write nonsense O,Q
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
It is important.
i dont speak zombie language so i try not to lose this time on earth for nothing...(my time is short and precious...silly chat disgust me)

Dont ask me how i am...
how can i know? i just am...i have no ideea how is this possible....a miracle @,@

Many asked me on what drugs "i am"...i am not on drugs anymore because i am not fucking free from this stupid zombie system to do what i want(where i was born...even mushrooms are ilegal....for a little weed...people make serious jail.i keep on doing my thing but never free and happy ...always afraid of zombies...)
fuck you...and your family and your law...that keeps only alcohol ,tabac,mc donalds and other things that makes people stupid...drugs are not on earth for nothing but stupid people know something?? Nothing!!!drugs are usefull for smart guys...and stupid for stupid people.just like books and sex dont put me* in the same stupidity.i am not stupid...but you dont see...
Only stupid things knows this politicians...they are stupid :- l

Fuck this politicians...their only interest is economy $,$
prostitution is legal...all the people fuck their brains for money in their offices...wake up and see what a whore you
You people...who live with this system sell the earth...animals...people and everything for your stupid let behind you so much rubbish...
Eat yourself...sell yourself...put yourself in a cage in a dare you to take others lifes???
i hate you...kill yourself and fuck yourself
:-) why others?just because you can ?
you are unconscious...and i should love someone like you...
you that loves flowers and destroy them for your own stupid birds but put them in cage because looks colourfull....let the birds free you fucking idiot.let flowers free. you give a damn about others.and i should love you and live with you??i rather killmyself than accept you.i hate you until i die :-) and after.
Whatever you do ( give a damn about life) you do it to yourself.
Like an idiot

So no,i am not on drugs but if soon i'm not free from the system by miracle to do what i want(take drugs and bla bla ) i'll kill all of you :- l
I'll start with me...i am a zombie too...on the outside..I pretend to be a zombie and i'm sick of it x,x
I was born to be a High Priest(ess) and a stupid system wont change god's ways... ]-/

So what i was saying?
I dont usualy write first but write me if you have some light,write me...
(i'm not talking about religious or spiritual rubbish.....this spiritual gooooood people are not in a better state of being even if they look good and healthy...they are good looking zombies and they are in big error with all their spiritual practices...not even the univers loves dream and it's beautiful...positive mind and ilusions but it's not real....even the univers or god or whatever you call it hates you and rejects you in your zombie state and lets you on earth until you wake up so dont judge me from hating deserve it...if you were awake,you would already have love so you wouldnt even need someone to love you....

Wake are beautiful awake O,Q
thats all that's easy but you prefer to be ignorant and live a zombie life...with different stupid names...feminist..arachist...buddhist...
spiritual..religious..super smart yourself whatever you are all the same zombie with different philosophy...pointless philosophy
Life is not a philosophy..its a real thing.
i dont call you to revolution or evolution(how can a zombie have evolution?) i call you to jihad...war for god....find god :)
Fight from the dead that you are,to the alive one that you are made to need a resurection too...
This is not teology...or logic or psychologic or's reality.but who sees this?

if you dont wake up you are a zombie and an antichrist and an unconscious loser and i hate you and run from you so dont write me...write to other zombies and enjoy your dead life....find a dead lover ...offer dead flowers...get married in a dead church.....have some kids ...dead kids...and keep on going until the end..thanks to you the stupidity will stay alive ...the church will stay alive...baptising you...consoling you....making a beautiful funeral for your finaly dead body....sends you in heaven because you were a "very good father and mother"
you ...idiot...sleep well in your stupid zombie life...suporting poverty ...being a good zombie respected by other zombies..
live on this earth where money saves lifes....give to charity...keep this nonsense alive and vote for the big zombie to lead your stupid dead life...this world,will not change if you dont change...and the change is to wake dont be fooled by stupid psychiatrists that consider you a robot and "changes" you into a good zombie that brings profits to the stupid cant see a thing,dont you?
If you want to save the world,wake up first...if not,you will do a "good" thing by suporting this deeeep death world...
Loser...if you dont wake are a loser...
Keep looking for this and make your dead life complete...


Write me if you are one of those "negative" people...full of hate...really missunderstood...paranoid...really fucked up ,depressed ,suicidal ,mad...crazy!! Ok??if you are crazy write me
I love crazy people with all my heart ,mind and strenght .

If you are happy and enjoy this life you better be enlightened ;-) otherwise,you are a loser.
Have a good day ...good night...or sleep's the same thing.but maybe you need a bad night...well...have everything you need to wake up then...

Opaaaaaa..yahuuu...stop... Q,O
Crazy me...not my fault...really...blame the big one if you dont like me :- /
So...the church...
The church and all the things. ...i want My church to be's important ...very give what is mine,to me.
Justice is important...what is mine,in the wrong hands,is doing the wrong thing.are a lot of light people ready to help me...give me the church...i was able to wake up,i am able for many things ...
I feel sorry for poor children that learn that jesus died for their sins.
Or god is a man that do this and this and send them in hell if they are not zombies.
Please...let children play
They know a stupid "truth" and they live all lifes in error...not searching anymore the truth about life.

The priest is a devil and he doesnt even know it and who cares? :- l
You who read this...dont take it like a joke.
If you see the pope...say to him that i forgive his stupidity but it's time for all of them to let the church to light people.
Tel the pope to let the church to christ and to go in peace...i have nothing personally with anyone.i have something with the stupid things that anyone is doing.
Repent you blind idiots...the kingdom of god is in your hands and you do a mess with it.unconsciously...
yes....forgive them father for they dont know what they do...
but kill them so they stop doing it :))
God does not do this,people do it to themselves :- / with their stupidity
God doesnt punish.but bad actions has bad reactions.
This is not a conspiracy theory,this people really dont know what are they doing :- /
They are unconscious.but it's time to stop many inocent people suffered for their sins and i dont like it.and god loves me and let me hate you ;-)
so fuck you
the kingdom on earth doesnt exist yet.all the light people isolate themselfs from this in the forests...comunities...everywhere they can be without you..they dont live in the world anymore with all the zombies.

Enjoy...peace be upon you.




If you didnt disliked what you just read, congrates :-)
If you smiled...even better...
And if you are blessed...


Are some great "aliens" on this site ...extra-terrestrial beings.i am full of joy you!
I love you a lot!!!!!


• this is something that i found on a profile(bob dylan) is the message that all prophets( peace and love and blessings is upon them) would say ....

"I ain't lookin' to compete with you. Beat or cheat or mistreat you. Simplify you, classify you. Deny, defy or crucify you. All I really want to do is, baby, be friends with you. No, and I ain't lookin' to fight with you. Frighten you or tighten you. Drag you down or drain you down. Chain you down or bring you down. All I really want to do is, baby, be friends with you. I ain't lookin' to block you up. Shock or knock or lock you up. Analyze you, categorize you. Finalize you or advertise you. All I really want to do is, baby, be friends with you. I don't want to straight-face you. Race or chase you, track or trace you. Or disgrace you or displace you. Or define you or confine you. All I really want to do is, baby, be friends with you. I don't want to meet your kin. Make you spin or do you in. Or select you or dissect you. Or inspect you or reject you. All I really want to do is, baby, be friends with you. I don't want to fake you out. Take or shake or forsake you out. I ain't lookin' for you to feel like me. See like me or be like me. All I really want to do is, baby, be friends with you."

+ me (i dont care what is or will be upon me)

I dont want to fight for you,save you,help you,write you...stress you...
I dont want to fuck you or kill you
I dont want to care you...teach you...need you...
I dont want to be friend with you...i dont want to be enemy with with you...look at you or hate you

I dont want you.

Loser...all i want is to deliver me from ?
you :-P




Glorified is god,and exalted above all .