30 Mentor, OH
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My self-summary
I'm here seeking a lady friend around my age. Preferably a kind soul (because I am too); keeps family tight (because mine is loose), and has a sharp wit (because y'all need to pierce my defense). Some sort of fashion is also appreciated, since I'm apparently color-daft and am terrible at decorating (I'm The Classic Bachelor on that account).

I follow the golden rule. Honesty/integrity comes first, selflessness comes second. And I have often found I caught a terrible case of foot-in-mouth syndrome. It's benign though, no worries.

I like to cook for myself, which makes lunch options easier (as one meal goes a long way for leftovers). My primary recipes are fresh salsa, vegetable dishes, and chicken. (If you're a vegetarian: great! I'm cool with that...)

I like to garden, which means lots of tomatoes or roses and I get a fair amount of physical labor weeding, digging, mulching, etc..

I like renovating my own home, though I'm intimidated by making a costly mistake so I tend to stick to superficial corrections. When I do have a helping hand I run electric, install new windows, patch drywall or heck, even build a new master bedroom over my patio.

I got a dog to help me with my "walk every day" goal and for companionship. He's helping me get over some social anxiety and how to share my food ;). I'm always proud to show other people the awesome tricks I've taught him so far and I'm currently teaching him to shut doors.

I'm a true jack of all trades, master of none
What I’m doing with my life
You are who you associate with, so I'm always trying to hang out with other friendly, intelligent, and happy people.

I hope to finish my house exterior early enough so I can enjoy the fall foliage with some road trips! And for winter I want to pick up a pair of cross-country skis at the Brandywine open house sale and hit the trails with my dog!

On any given night of the week I am doing:
1) house chores and watching TV series or movies
2) walking the dog before my volleyball league game
3) hanging with the gang playing some board games or something
4) driving to canton to stop at my Mom or Dad's for a little to help out on the old ex-homestead
I’m really good at
knowing something about that. I know a little bit about a lot. I surprise myself sometimes! My dad and brother are handymen and a car guy, and I'm already an engineer so I think I have most of the (technological) bases covered.

I'm also good at remembering names and faces and the little details. A coworker told me about a peg on his porch being upside down once, months later I made sure to look for it when I visited. People say I don't listen because I'm sometimes aloof but that's not always the case
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm usually pretty cheery? bald? strike up conversations and try to make people smile? or maybe it's that my Casual-Work-Friday hawaiian/flanel shirt is tacky? I don't know.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Well, let's see: I marathon old TV shows/watch movies while I work on the housechores, read anime subtitles while I fold clothes, listen to music at work and sometimes listen to audiobooks in the car.

I know a few great restaurants in each town, am willing to try new ones, and prefer things I don't make often at home like sushi, reubens, chicken paprikash. I like trying new foods when the opportunity arises. The #1 thing I don't like are olives (and that's really the only thing so far I don't like still.)

I like classic rock the most, followed by progressive metal, 90s alternative, and "melodic death metal" (heavy metal where the singer has opera training! see "Kamelot" as reference). I listen to everything from Sufjan Stevens to Vivaldi to Bayside to Dream Theater to Iron&Wine to Tenacious D to Foreigner to Killswitch Engage to Captain Beyond & Deep Purple. I don't often listen to country, the rhythm is cliche and the lyrical content is usually bland.

Not much time to read, I listen to audiobooks though (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, R.A. Salvatore). The last few physical books I remember reading were Les Miserable, a translated german device description book I got from Goodwill (1 of 4) and a dog training book, which my dog ate.
The six things I could never do without
This could be the "I'm just like you: I like my cell phone and coffee" post. Or it could be that we all need things more substantial:

I need the friendship of interesting people, spontaneous thoughts, visits to museums, great food and meaningful conversation. Yes, I did wake up at 4am to watch the Perseid meteor shower. Yes I sometimes pull over to watch the sunset off the lake, or drive out of the way to look at the scenery (especially during fall). I will drive an hour one way to enjoy a good board game with old friends. I do sometimes stop to listen to the frogs in spring, the cicada in summer, rain during storms, or crickets at night.

It doesn't take much of any of these things to make me happy, but it takes work to stay happy. I would hope some of these fit in with your own meaningful things you could "never do without."
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Physics: engineering school ruined special effects. Forever.
Dogs: I got a big one. Still a puppy too. How am I going to train him next? On a related note: How will I wear him out? (A tired dog is a good dog.)
Renovation: as soon as I fix one thing, another one breaks; AND IT'S NOT MY FAULT
On a typical Friday night I am
Jotting down chores and projects I need to finish for the week, starting my weekly meal plan (cooking), driving around to catch up with family/friends or go flea market shopping!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to try and color coordinate based on sports team colors.
You should message me if
you can or have done any one or more of the following:
1) watch an entire "Trilogy" of movies.
2) play board games,
3) cook something with >3 ingredients
4) don't rely on others to carry the conversation
5) have ever described yourself as a girly girl but can do guy stuff
6) know how to play an instrument (any instrument)
7) can color coordinate via clothes OR interior decoration
8) don't need to check your phone while we're together (except to check the weather before we go for a walk)
9) made your own scented candle. even if only once.
10) mowed your own yard


If you made it here, to the end, and the only thing to say is "what's really wrong with this guy?" then give me a message. I'm just sort of a shy guy who is late to the dating game. Give me a shout out and say "Hi." (And so I know you're not a robot, please also say something else too.)

Probably can't wait to meet you,