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31 M Aliso Viejo, CA

My Details

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Jan 23, 2011
5′ 7″ (1.70m)
Body Type
Agnosticism, and very serious about it
Virgo, but it doesn’t matter
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Seeing Someone
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Likes dogs and likes cats
English (Fluently), Korean (Okay)

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My self-summary
Hello everyone. Welcome to the internet, it is a nice place and there are lots of things to mindlessly click on so enjoy your stay. Oh I named the internet Brian. just so you know. Brian and I are good friends.

Anyway, about me. I program internets for a living, meaning I program things like when you send messages on OKCupid, the program that stores and displays those messages. Unlike OKCupid, I'm not insane and I program in something sensible for web use, not C++. I like computers. A lot. Sometimes I cry when I see what people do to them. I spend too much time in front of them, and if I'm not careful I will get arrested for indecent exposure. I do like to go out and be social when bribed, so I'm like a quasi-nerd. Except I'm not I'm really just a huge nerd and I'm trying to kid myself. But don't tell you I said that.

I spend most of my time online talking to people I should just call on the phone, like on Google Talk or in IRC or something, if that counts for anything. I used to play Final Fantasy XI a lot and played WoW for like a month and oh yeah I played internet spaceships for a while but you can only shoot missles out of your midget ass about a million times before it's just a waste of time, now it's whatever Wii game is popular at the moment so for example maybe I am into injuring my hand by playing Mario Kart for 16 hours straight.

I like video games. Super Mario Bros. 3 is the best video game ever made, and the best Video Game series is Final Fantasy. I also love anything made by Shigeru Miyamoto. If you know what the parts of my OK Cupid name are from, you officially rock and should have my children. Well, unless you are a guy, I just don't swing that way sorry. :(

My musical tastes include cheezy techno, 80s, and other random assorted crap. Take on Me is the undisputed best song ever. Happy 2b Hardcore and happy hardcore techno touches me inappropriately, tho more than likely I am listening to shitty ytmnd soundtrack mp3s or katamari damacy's soundtrack or something. Oh and I like the Pet Shop Boys probably because I wish I was gay (or at least bi).

For my fellow nerds out there, my favorite video games are mostly Nintendo's cheesy kiddie games and I used spend entirely too much money on Final Fantasy XI but recently I've taken to Wii games and spending all my money on the Virtual Console. When I played FFXI, I was Zeromusmog on the Bahamut server, I'm a Tarutaru and usually a Black or White mage. I have pointy ears and am a magic missile-casting midget that makes fireballs come out of my ass. I don't play anymore but I'm leaving that here in case one of my old buddies is looking for me. I don't think can't pass a DDR machine without playing a quick song. Or more. I'm an avid fan of Linux and won't shut the fuck up about it (UBUNTU UBUNTU UBUNTU). Seriously Ubuntu 8.04 kicks ass and you should try it. I built my own computar machene on the cheap, it's pretty rad. Newegg all the way! My desktop is a couple of years old now, only $1100 with only two major $200 upgrades (2GB of RAM, new video card) and it's running circles around an HP PC my parents bought for $2000 at the same time! Of course, it's my fault if anything ever goes wrong with that thing. At something like four years old or something my deskop is still pretty rad but I want MOAR PROCESSOR now.

Politically, I REALLY REALLY hate the RIAA, so unless you want me to tirade about that for hours, don't bring it up. :D I'm not a big Microsoft fan, but they're becoming irrelevant and I'm starting to hate them less since they're not as retarded as sony. Riiiiiiiiiiiiidge racerrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Also, I hate both major political parties and I voted for Nader despite his batshit insanity, probably because I am batshit insane. If Obama doesn't win this next election I'm moving to Canada. Haha just kidding, nobody actually moves to Canada it's too cold

안녕, 바보진! 입 맟을레?

아이거, 웨 그레, OKC? 한굴 타치 정말 힘들어요 ; ; 더 타치 실러~~

I am pumpkin-pie-loving, spunktacular, and an overall great guy
What I’m doing with my life
I make internets for cheetos money, or in other words I do freelance web programming so if you need your internets to work with the intranets 2.0 ajax webolution blogosphere, I might be able to help you. As long as you have money. I need money, I have rent to pay.

I also do other things on the side, such as male gigolo. What can I say, I'm a big hit with the ladies!

우리는 우주에서 왔어요.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh golly gee a long list of pop culture crap will be sure to excite you and make you want to be my friend forever and ever and/or bear my children. I can't wait to read your list either!

Without further ado, here's a basic list:

Books: 1984 is hands down the best book ever and there is no denying or changing this fact. I recently read Darkly Dreaming Dexter after watching the TV show and I must say I enjoyed it. Also, I like Harry Potter. Deal with it.

Movies: V For Vendetta will be my favorite as soon as it's not cool anymore, otherwise Grandma's boy is the best goddamned movie ever and if you are also any kind of nerd and have not seen it this is a crime against humanity and you must rectify that immediately. Otherwise I like all sorts of comedies, my most favorite recent movie has to be Hot Fuzz. Or it was, when I wrote this like a year ago. Now it's the Harold and Kumar Duogy.

TV Shows: Yeah it's not in the prompt deal with it. But I like House, Shin Chan, Veronica Mars, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Prison Break, South Park, and probably a few other shows I'm totally forgetting. Thanks, DVR machine, now I watch too much fucking television. Oh, The Office and My Name is Earl too.

Music: Oh god I'm not some cool scene kid that can produce a long list of obscure shit nobody has heard of to impress your panties off I'll be honest here. But I do have rather strange tastes in music, like 80s stuff and funny stuff and whatever random stuff I find. If you'd like to inform me on what obscure groups I need to be up on to act cool, feel free to drop a line.

Food: Kimchi. More Kimchi. Anything spicy. Or really most food that's not super greasy. I don't maintain this incredible figure by eating lots of junk food (only a little) (he says, laying on a bed with chips and a box of donuts) (well hey they're not all eaten yet UNLIKE SOME OTHER CERTAIN PEOPLE I KNOW) (oh yeah well do you want to fight about it, huh? HUH???)

Seriously though, I budget the greasy food. I'm getting old, I actually LIKE salads and stuff.

홀리 크렙 러이스!
The six things I could never do without
Food, air, water, clothing, and two working sensory organs. Isn't that the sassiest, most original reply you've ever heard!

...ok that aside let's skip the stupid pragmatic stuff and move this to "stupid unnecessary shit that I don't want to go without" which I think is what this question is really aiming at.

1) The Internet. What can I say, I'm addicted. So useful. So much stuff to do. So much time to waste on chatting and pointless MMOs and social networks. Also I make a living from it so hey there you go.

2) The Wii, and possibly by extension the DS. I don't care if that's cheating I'm making my own rules ok. Ok I haven't played the poor thing in a week or so now but I've been busy with moving and whatnot! But how could I not love Nintendo's comebackmobile? The online games are so fun and make up for the shitty friend code system I mean have you PLAYED Mario Kart online? HOLY CRAP

3) The Laptop. How did I live for like 23 years without one? Computers aren't meant to be used in a desk chair they're meant to be used on a bed. 'Nuff said.

4) The stupid annoying thing that beeps a lot. It sends text messages and rings at inopportune times, yet I'd feel naked without it. Reading slashdot when I'm supposed to be social is nice tho, as is taking pictures and videos of old guys dancing at Disneyland. No, I am not making that last part up.

5) The number 5. Seriously, it's a great number. When things are divisible by 5 they're generally a lot easier to work with, too.

6) The sleeveless shirt. Whether keeping me cool on a hot day or worn by someone attractive, they make life worth living, much like comfortable shoes. Yeah, this is a weird choice. No, I don't care.

김치 없이 축갰어요.
On a typical Friday night I am
Being stood up by some girl on okcupid. Or not stood up by some girl on okcupid. Or on IRC. Or crying. I also like to play with my Wii, or play with my Friends' Wiis in a totally platonic fashion.

에기 먹기
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I put out for girls that wear tummy shirts as long as they don't have herpes.

정말, 헤프 샤트 너무 너무 젛아.
I’m looking for
  • Guys and girls who like bi guys
  • Ages 20–32
  • Near me
  • For new friends
You should message me if
you meet any of the following criteria:

A girl with confidence and interests, that gets me hot and bothered.

If you've read this far because jesus christ I have no idea how the fuck I wrote all this inane shit.

If you own a Wii.

You're a living, breathing female and find anything about my profile interesting at all.

I messaged you because like seriously not getting messages back is so not fun. :(

Oh and if you're a cute guy I've been a bit bicurious lately. Say hi or something.

우주에서 왔어요. 우주에서 왔지안았어요.