27 Indianapolis, IN
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My self-summary
07/22/15: so I'm awful at checking this thing. if I Donny reply, don't be offended I'm just really busy. I stared dating someone, so I'm just looking for friends. Thanks!

Life is about loud music, good friends, all night conversations, slow screws and fast fucks that make you scream. My thoughts, anyway.

I'm a normal, run of the mill home body that goes out all the time having adventures. It doesn't make sense to me, either.

Fiction gets my heart rate up. I love science fiction, fantasy, and various forms of make-believe. Deadpool and Ian Malcolm are my fictitious soul-mates, I'm one Lovecraft reference away from needing to join tentacles-addicts-anonymous, and pretty much any argument can be resolved with a Bruce Campbell quote.

On average I spend more time traveling than I do stationary and spend more time camping than in a house. Hiking is one of my absolute favorite activities. This year I went rock climbing for the first time in San Fran, where I learned I falling more than climbing. Static ropes were awesome! I want to go repelling now. This was only a little while before I went mountain climbing in Death Valley where I learned that I am unequivocally *not* a mountain goat. It takes a really long time to get anywhere if you have to keep the majority of your body pressed flat against rock because you're too terrified to do anything else.

Let's go sky diving.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I adore movies, but I don't get to watch them as often as I'd like. Chick flicks annoy me, and I hate kids movies. Judge me as you will, but they're fucking depressing. Chick flicks are either about lying, missed opportunities, snap judgments or poor communication skills. Kids movies are all about parents dying, lost loves, kidnapping, killing your best friend (?!?!?!), blah blah blah.
Sci-fi, action, horror, comedy are my favorites. I like crime movies, British humor, b-horror, fight scenes and explosions. To be fair, I love serious movies too.
Few Favorites off the top of my head:
--Star Wars
--The Red Violin
--Usual Suspects
--Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
--Pan's Labyrinth
--Army of Darkness
--Fifth Element

TV Shows:
I'm bad at watching tv, I'll go three months without watching a thing then binge for days. Anyone have any recommendations?
Recent likes: Breaking Bad, The Following, Orphan Black
Always Favorites: Torchwood, Being Human (BBC), Rome, Misfits

Truthfully, a little bit of everything. I have yet to meet a genre I don't like. However, there are many artists I can't stand. But yes, that crazy obscure band you think no one has heard of? I love them! That song that's always on the radio, is the trendiest thing out there you hate? I was just rocking out to it!
Handful of favorites off the top of my head:
--Social Distortion
--Combi Christ
--Annie Lennox

Vegetables. Not because I love animals, but because I hate plants. Roasted veggies is probably my favorite food. You can hear them screaming while they're slowly burning. ...Too far?
Indian and Thai food are probably my two favorite 'fancy going out' food. Generally, I eat pretty standard American food. Is there a place in Indy to get a good medium-rare burger? They always over cook them, and I like it a little bloody.
The six things I could never do without
I'm a minimalist, and I'm pretty easy to please. However, that doesn't provide you with an interesting answer.

-Highway therapy.

Someone think of an interesting five and six for me...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was caught naked in a comic book store display window once.

This section should really be titled "Stuff that could scare people away". I'll go with that, instead.

Many people tell me I should have been born a man, and I make *a lot* of jokes that I have a penis (or are they jokes?).