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27 F Washington, DC

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Today – 8:56am
Asian, Middle Eastern, Black, Native American, Indian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic / Latin, White, Other
3′ 0″ (0.91m)
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Rather not say
Strictly other
Judaism, and laughing about it
Graduated from space camp
Art / Music / Writing
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Seeing Someone
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English (Poorly), Catalan (Poorly), Other (Fluently), Spanish (Fluently), Sign Language (Fluently)

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excerpt it seems:


I think I'm too fat for Congress

That's all I came here to update:)

How are you?

sexual congress?



#the moment you realise all your ona, like from like ever, like from ever you were online, could be like, leaked on wikileaks someday *headache


raisin' cash for the bash:)whatbash?




shades of drey, shades o' grey?oivey!


meh, so exclusively dating someone now i feel like i should plug a psa:P hmm, i'm not sure it might be too soon to label him as a 'boyfriend, labels can be useful in some sort of classification, or coding system, at the same time perhaps not really depends on the social circumstances; he still harbors arrogance in his heart it seems you always do until you stop harboring it entirely

he's interesting; a naturalized italian, one day i look forward perhaps to attending law school in italy, need more advancement in studies including the language

he also teaches (music to k-3 in the public school system) in my favorite city, well the first city i fell in love with: newark in new jersey; cuz i wasn't a tough enuf bitch to 'handle compton;)

let's see how long exclusivity lasts, today is aug. 2 #because i tend to not to recall such things (as) readily, good luck!

so the saltiness thing once it becomes not salty ie once you have first sinned how is it made salty again for some heaven in full for others even now i guess if and when their heart is in actuality becomes pure and refined and they stop sinning entirelyherenow

by following with a pure and refined heart holy spirit's leading in what would be beneficial to perform instant to instant, asking as you are led to ask

bwahaha, so u know x men the film that came out like several months ago or something and then this heroes of the galaxy thing such a motley crew in a wayyy: it reminds me of the political team, funnay

u probably ideally wud've wanted somebody else but u've got us, babe

wanted and had

and have


A Petition, Request: Love Be

Wanna, Wanna, Make It With Free

Freeing Me

Come hitch a ride with me with 8mm videoing
All the way from anywhere all the way to DC
Forget the hot air balloons and silly confetti
For change unrealistic hope Not some dream

Well, darling, the rains falling through foggy
Bottom of summer air and the trees are nigh
Dancing and the cherry blossoms do sing
Sing of the prison within structures, every

Tell me, are we really, tell me really, are we
'Correcting anything are 'we correcting, or
Does it happen all around, do people's hearts
Really change, or do they move with sound

Tell, me, Is there any favour left for America
Or is she far too, beautiful, too ugly for us,
For humans to see, Tell me again, how to
Dance when we can't even feel the dream

Tell me how to extinguish flames of lust
Tell me how to raise fire from ashes, dust
Tell me again how to civil servants when
Neither anyone has been civilly serving

Anything but evil most their lives and pat
Themselves on the back for glory for praise
Or so we tell ourselves fair, delusions in
Highfalutin air, we pat ourselves on the back

But our pride, arrogant deceit, is out of tack
And we are neither here, nor there, bipartisan
Beyondless, limitless flair and fare, how do
We fare? Do we fare? Where was yourself?


#andwhenyougetHereyouwillfind you are never, but neither here, nor there

Freedom (Not Some Far Away Concept, Heremydear:

atmospheric chillinkindabreatheflow


What is revealed, seen

My focus in seasons of my life may vary relatively and respectively in relations with augmentation within each other, synergistically, perhaps, creating a refining effect, through the passage of experience and time, reordering, expanding, revisiting, delineating furthermore as necessary, It seems beneficial to have a wide array of interests, concentrating on them to varying extents as the seasons, stages in life, and leveling maturity in aspects permits. I have been described it seems as being able to operate on different wavelengths though perhaps all are relative to one another. My callings may currently relate to art and there may be political stint in my future somewhere down the line. For several months though it seems my approach is moment to moment. Overall, I am a stranger who sees life's strands, and nothing at all, everywhere is traveling. There are perhaps connections if there are, if they do indeed exist.

I'm fond of such things, connecting the beings of the past, influence of various factors linking within the present of circumstances and situations seemingly. I also admit that it seems I have a bit of a prankster personality, which thus far hasn't gotten me into much if any unnecessary trouble. There is much to study and observe and participating in such ventures making the most of every opportunity to be building people up according to their needs, while being accommodating, flexible and adaptable in circumstantial, ever-changing situations seems beneficial, heeding higher consciousness, conscience, morality, absolutely loving, moral's duty sake. Few it seems attain such a level of enlightenment, that of a pure and refined heart in actuality here now in the present period. Such an alignment with higher consciousness must be desired above all it seems for such revelation to occur.

Traveling may be part of fulfilling one's moral duty. It seems people if they really desire to live they would heed higher consciousness, to do, or have done through them what is beneficial in terms of moral duty's sake at all times from instant to instant. It seems people often, if not always, forsake their moral duty in favor of societal values, and their hearts are constantly far away from loving. But perhaps if they are given a real chance in mercy they might adhere to becoming absolutely loving, letting only that which is supportive and encouraging move through them. If this happens they will no longer cause unnecessary suffering to themselves and others. Then their duty will be fulfilled. Then they will have life. Some call it reaching a state of nirvana or being self-actualised or being empty. It may be useful in life to attain a certain 'knowledge of things to vastly help one in the life plans and purposes, together working with others respectively.

When one is only letting that which is encouraging and supportive move through them; it is strange that it cannot be sought for any other end purpose other than for duty's sake; all other seeking will turn up with everything and nothing. And then if it is found, such a state of enlightenment, of being, instead of a dying inside soul, there still remains the remnants of decay, aging, petrification in the passage of time dissolution and yet there is some hitherto unknown life and the darkness of the heart has been eclipsed by an empty vacuous feeling, no longer that of a tomb, but rather the tomb of the past absence demarcated. It must be desired and made a priority above all else, forsaking all else. That is life. Get there. Or be traveling aware and unaware, and afterwards, you will be traveling aware and unaware, consciously knowing there is not a real intimacy of knowing here. Bon voyage, mon amour.

for the political team, yeahthehouseisfallingapartindecaymoraldecayandgenerally





racing down the hill!capitol hill!:Psledding? uhh,liablityinjurywordassociationg runningjumpingdownstepsandthingsmarble





i read propagandagitpropmythologyinmyfreetimesynopsis


:Pohgodhelpusalllllll<3xlegislativelyadheredutyadherenceto dutyyydutayyy!:P

Sail On ( Dike left Earth for the sky, from which, as the constellation, she watched the despicable human race. After her departure, the human race declined into the Brazen Age, when diseases arose and they learned how to sail.)

yeaaa, i'm a dikkkkk (Breakers! I'm the Goddamn Fuckin' Levee:PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPsobadsobadSMH:((((((


uhh, so more news: um, yeah, errrrr, yeahhh my uni bill is paid in full for fall, um, yeah, time to join the ranks of the poor (malnourished student, yep, i'm no athlete, but it seems finally sense has come to me to run like hell when i ought, which always is appropriate:Pnotreally,maybe:)
#whatchoutlilmissprezzieisreturningtaschoool:Pbescared veryveryafraid:PPsigh<3x

The Summer I Died yup, i died and met you You <3 OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! haha, god wrote me a love song for last summer:Phaha,justrealiseditnow:PPwellmorefuly perhaps somehow if so somehow yup, i 'lied to him a lot but i guess he knew, so innocent now

from late last year: (pulled from the online 'archives:P crooked glasses!:\ <3x

the summer i stopped sinning entirely it seems it is if it is, the summer i really died to my old selfwas last summer and it's been the wildest ride of the life!

love met me

but i lied to him since i was conceived

song sung from god's point of view, also from that of one of my current beau's (:(god won't let me be exclusive to him, what an idiot! idiota!:Phaha, i guess he hasn't met the loyalty to love yet, in spite, prove god has mercy but it as He choose

Some things are not for you to read, ever, and so you do not understand if you try to skim them, some things you do understand, but you understand nothing, understandably, even in part, the nothing you do not understand everything, some things are not for you to read, at this timing, so you do not understand, or you misunderstand for your desire, is not to understanding, toward understanding, to understand anything in love, because your heart is not refined and pure letting love flawlessly move through it conducting, and channeling within outward, even then there are some things you understand, in understanding, nothing still, that is call, mercy, and as often mistakenly, it is not solely benefit for you, it is not intended for you to solely benefit from, see there is sometimes mercy on you, because sorrow is to be spared, is to spare sorrow on others, so derive benefit do others and you are put up with despite your failings in understanding, that which you have no excuse in your arrogance, and so i lived on mercy, and so it seems, i still do, if i still do, but before i was alive but i was not really living, before i never lived, until now, it seems i do, if i really, indeed, do i do And people spew hatred, hateful things, hateful words, but love remains moving as it moves currents in spite, despite the straining of evil hearts, hearts turned toward the evil, permitted by you, free will choice adieu, and adieu <3 xxo

I Spy An Alibi(they're not doing much anyway, why the conceited affront?)sowhatRtheyreallydoing?nothing:Ppreciselymakesure they keep at it!

(In)Auspicious Beginnings(Endings)

Highlights from a recent outing:

Me coughing successively for ~5.5 min from eating some beef patty? yea, lovely

my dad refused to meet a diplomat, guess who's coming to the house? thxdad you know if i ever hold public office and marry the dude the public will know and never let you live it down;) haha, plus i don't think the guy is used to being 'rejected shall we say, sigh, leave it to daddy

said diplomat said i'm making presidential speeches already

my dad says that he is tempted to move to a single family home because now we have two neighbors who smoke outside which wafting through the windows bothers my father's asthma issues,hmm, or maybe he shud pray :P

but whateva he's not moving anywhere really unless god permits or say

we (dipo aka former self-described italian 'badboy, ok, not really but supposedly his social activities wud make the news#thescandal) stayed up all night almost (well 'til like 4am) making out and swapping related stories funn it was like before sunrise and before sunset but i guess he had a flight to catch or things to do beforehand and i am going hiking? today on less than 3 hours of sleep? yea, yea laugh away y'all know i'm not into physical exercise... i only dance (sometimes) and well, then there's that in bed thing

good news! seemingly i've found a campaign trail visual graphics artist so far we have exchanged ideas built for reappropriating images to look phallic; at least we agree everything looks phallic, the monument needs protection!:P*willhirewhen'rich,seriously this won't happen even on a public defender salary,wherehowthefuckwillthis happen then? sigh, no political contributions or donations accepted,sooooijustwanto know your political interests and how we can better help serve you and others to help serve economic status and intersectional prosperity overall linking with nations all over the worldsomewhatasbeneficial

also, some guy named james may come work on the campaign as well when i (if i, god-willing i hope) ever become independently wealthy one day i'm trying not to rely on the hubbie card, don't know how the wealth is going to happen, invisible hand theory, yah

the invisiiiiiiible hand of god woot!

transparency is key, only with what ought to be transparent

everyone including multimillionaires seemingly are having the bad mistake and habit of not tipping properly around me, i have a headache from that

i have a new shirt, that's old, but new to me i guess everything's new to me every time i look at it is in a different array, a different state of renewal or decay here glory to glory yesteryears

Blah, blah, blah Sue The President, blah, blah blah if Judge Judy were president she wouldn't stand for it in her (America's) administration! Oh behaaaveeee, Congress, seriously

Blah, blah, blah sue the government, yes, and yourself! Also, something that might be practical: anti-war tribunal, for people's 'war crimes America, the goddamned beautiful

Case In Point: for the world today bc i don't care about the shit

gotta'endure and get through it to good, it's all i care, all i give a damn about even if we're surrounding ourselves with ourselves and everyone's hating hearts anyway i don't pay no mind and if you try to blackmail me well it's all public anyway, perhaps all of my sins have been published in some way, no data bank large enough to hold 'em and sift gather cull glean through 'em <3yansa and self-explanatory, embodying for some 'kind of America{an} politics

an oldie#cusi'mstillonfiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♥



are given the chance to turn well they have a window of opportunity it seems then


i swear if anyone mocks anyone for their sexual orientation, or any sexual behavior including if it is sinful their own lust for evil has remained strong

#god is swearing, and is telling u to fucking cast the first stone u who have never lusted and do not lust for evil and are not lecherous sayin u will make come ons to me even if i don't find it appealing and u are aware of that to a certain extent for 'the team political now anti-orapolitical afterwards if it is it is it seems

we'll party up it up every week and fancier once a month at social luncheon political meet and greet and once every 6 months at a ball, maybe:P

Annoying things people do on dates (Miss Congeniality... another update in the ongoing quest to be the prezzie u wud most want to have a beer with, or 6 natural ginger ales with, or have sex with..uh, let's stick to reality here because there's only so many days in the year and so many hrs for fucking

1. If you have a car and if u plan to have sex outside, it's called buy the fucking box of Kleenex *yes, this is a brand mention, no dilution here to put in ur car somewhere and also buy the pocket sized kleenex and bring it with u when u are on a fucking date in ur fucking pocket thx bc it's not fucking fair if i'm always fucking having to buy more mini-kleenex packs, at least outwardly it seems u all are betta at having condoms (which btw i purchase around 40% of the time and then leave the ones that are unused at ur place or in ur vehicle so if u need it for someone else (usually god doesn't suffer fools around me for more than one date) then there u go

2. Do not make (unnecessary) derogatory comments* about other ppl's looks including weight, sexual orientation or any of the fuck. It's fine if u point what seems to be things out but don't fucking make fun of or 'seriously condescendingly mock people, mocking behavior or speech that mocks ppl can be acceptable in jest in certain situations

3. Don't shit ie embarrass or insult or accuse someone in their drinking hole or local hangout place or town anywhere close to where they live i.e. within 1 hr 30 minutes driving distance omg it's fucking embarrassing (instance: do not fucking undertip it's fucking 20% for two people on halfway decent wait time and halfway decent food, u can do that on the 'food and drink' only, but if u are not fucking generous around me i will fucking remember that u are a cheapskate and that u talk shit with ur actions, practice fucking hospitality wherever the fuck u go (oh goddamn, next time i go back to [particular restaurant establishment] i'm gonna have to fucking pay and tip extra because some dumfuck undertipped this time and i'm pretty sure the waitstaff whom it seems shares the tips and service responsibility will remember me, jesus) oh, along with that, it's called don't fucking enter an establishment from the atypical entrance when first entering as a patron and don't fucking be lazy as shit and leave ur shit all over the table move the fucking 'condiments (loose term) back to their proper and likely original places generally and for god's sake if the table is rather wide pass ur shit to the server so they don't have to fucking lean all the way over

a) if u have sex with someone without a condom do not offer to be an accomplice to murder and offer to buy them plan b in the morning it was ur fucking choice, take fucking responsibility

*if u start spewing shit and it becomes repetitive for varying categories of shit i will usually not mention anything after the first incident, ie offensive remark, by the second, third and so on and so forth expect a rather perfunctory, eloquent and simple assertion, if it is repeating problem of arrogance in behavior, speech, mentality, motive or action expect me to become rather still and cold for a period of time and rather quiet, which is a hint to me that u are being arrogant even if i have not been informed or told of ur so-called iniquities, egregious behavior yet has not yet been pointed out to me in specifics, also expect to be chewed the fuck out eventually in an even more stark, perfunctory manner if and when i feel led to as beneficial (and really it might be months before we talk again and most of ur shit behavior was already addressed in former rounds of interaction including communication)

I hate the news, I hate the blues I used to causeeee unecessary, too i love the news the good news blues from the heart sorrow depart but the blues here and hearing the news with a pure blue true heart, and I don't hate anything anymore

I woke up in the morning with bjork singing in the head...

it is wednesday

a long week materials the update and i have yet to skim the news skimmed over me for dc as if courting some guy stalkerish, but who would suspect it yea, when you stop sinning entirely johnny, get angry for reasons you know and don't know like dc, like me

Well, i guess you neva' knew

that God was into booze and politics

well i think i drank too much and too little of it

and whaddya haveta' do

Courting american public, like royalty

well, you'll say it's not so bad this time

it's not this bad in the shrine to good and evil

strategic moves

highly strategic moves God's got them a mess in this throng

well i guess it's the name isn't it the name it ain't the name of the game

yea, long week ahead, gotta' live cus i'm not dead enuf

for dyin'

i am not proud of my failures, i guess i stopped failin' by heedin' ur wailin' by heeding your wailing

and she who is angel is a beautiful song

angelic and rebellious still they went on

long list of sins trail behind me

goddamn, they still know my past is where to find me lost and losing

but yea, you've gawt those highly strategic moves

andyouwritethose highly strategic goings onsongs that weave and move and say so long

this too shall pass on;

and i go on courting American royalty, anyways, was humble means, well grown poor, yea, princess gown america, yea, she loved more, a whore, poor royalty, but she was always royalty to me, part of hope for jerusalem you see, she was she is as she will be

War on terror

reverse terrorism tactics fear mongering United states is behaving like a terrorist cell recruiting efforts culpable colluded nations effects for no efficacy home grown terrorism (gov't own) is its own worst terrorist domestic threat eroding american values undone from the inside down and isn't that what terrorists wanted anyway, aside (american values not under 'greatest threat by terrorists but by americans in gov't by themselves freedom values violating the law civil liberties constitutional law (and the constitution is not flawless representative the idea, still falling short of liberty values protection of ideal pursuits

constitution patriot act? unconstitutional we terrorize american citizens (and foreign peoples) eroding freedom which is just what the terrorists and those who behave like such in limiting freedom wanted, but you sinning

did you stop entirely yet? well, if you wanted it really a desire well maybe you could if given a chance, a real chance in mercy

consulting the voice of god at every instant asking what would be beneficial, but you didn't give a damn anyway about freedom did you, really actions true

desiring priority move but yea, he'll still perform shit through your shitty self, but it doesn't mean you give a damn 'bout anyone else

desiring not sinning, above everything else and every instant a still, small voice to guide that will tell you whether to go from the left or the right, but nobody heeds, noone heeds they read but do not unheeding, my way they say carve the day that way but they keep fucking up never tried, and i forget the lines

every instant to instant abide the voice abide tells you what task assigned how to perform it how to lie gesture tone severity thoughts entertaining assigned what to do next what needs to be done to be used encouraged and supported through you to others but no one wanted to listen, and david fucked up but he said don't take away your spirit the voice of conversation even if he never tried, even if he never did anything right

Mostly it was not about new measures other than airport security it was about strengthening controls not violating privacy shifting seas of information parsing gleaning futility it was accountability from the bottom to high up but you know you can't force people god can maybe to do their part fulfill responsibility duty so ignoring them like you ignoring, and wonder why


Oi vey, so my ego has been decimated it seems but i suppose intimidated effect still occurs, much reading and preparation materials for the fall

including two newly added books for skimmed purposes it seems and $60 worth of amazon video on demand purposes and maybe reading up on some more baudelaire to expand access to language faculties

not to mention the first half of theater history and lecture notes, engaging shockingly perhaps, but not surprisingly, if it is really practiced as true art it is sublime

i am also scheduled to write a screenplay and a play, oh god help meinspirationgrabbed from the good ether hopefully

and the rest, preparatory rest so much more needed to know, and yet not with any surety,verify by my own account or verifiable with certainty by my own account here

and theater like everything else reflects passages historical period a record, a reflection of the times, notions running escape elude enlightenment bare it


All the Songs sing about God&HS sigh the feminine and the masculine, 'cause she's gawt the power, hovering over gathering like a mother hen

Hmm..perhaps electric eels shouldn't go swimming, electrocuting the entire goddamn ocean, poor fishies in the sea that is polluted, can an electric eel electrocute itself? does it put the cute in electrocute?


If i'm such a fuckin'recluse...haha, whatever, how will politics ever find me out?



For dat 'funk/soul brotherofdc:inspired?

Everything you did&/n't want to know about me: i'm your fangrrl:

loved the two-tone crotch thing:Pkindahorrifyinglyintriguing like most ppl

uhh, and the dijbouti line.. i didja bootay 'nd i never came back, lol <3 amazing

Why do you want to go into fashion design?

Well, I'm registered for theater classes and then realised that I don't want a longer-term career in theater per se, and that even if I did, it might be more practical to go into design. Maybe I'll learn sewing skills, among other things which would be applicable to everyday living.

Also, because I hate shopping. It often takes an inordinate amount of time to find what I am looking for, or I have 'extensive searches that last for years for particular item that I cannot find (does it exist yet i wonder?) and I often go to stores looking for something but come up empty, and with a shitload of 'confusing, neutral value design choices and renditions imprinted in indelible expressions in my mind.

I also have a beneficial sense of taste of items belonging or that they ought to belong to certain people, such items when I see them, well some items, remind me of certain people but when shopping for apparel, accessories, or other 'gifts for people it seems appropriateness can be found and delivered, external force moving through me, anyway. Typically, they have detailwork and a certain styling that suits that person, perhaps emanation of their heart or soul, provider that the present view the item fulfills a pragmatic need as well as a satisfaction in the aesthete: the perspective consists seemingly of a present view and focal point in the future tense of being.

I have had an interest in fabrics and design since I was young and paid more attention to glitterfying designs on a barbie doll than barbie herself, as well as reappropriating materials like draperies and making them into skirts, among other clothing items. Related materials with regard to texture, consistency, embroidery, lace including ribbons of sorts, buttons, also perpetually held some fascination for me along with cuts, drapery, and form; essentially how the cloth falls visually and against the body in terms of feeling.

I wonder if there is appropriate music to play in a clothing store that 'matches the collection. It would be amusing to find out.

I like practicality and durability in clothing design, which is difficult to find these days, varying styles so to speak to suit a specific temperament a/o mood a/o occasion, stages of life a/o in depth of maturity in setting places revived.

I've enjoyed trying out different materials and outfits and engaging modes and styles so to speak. Lines in items seemingly adhering to classic utilitarianism to island sand nuanced designs landmarked in the archive of past design that I have worn or only have 'glimpsed in passing, design that remains it seems if only in reticent memory in the museum archive of my mind.

I in part dress like shit (but there is method to shitness) some days because I can't find clothing that I think would be appropriate otherwise; why not work to design for myself? And customise work for others? for a girl i once knew

on denominationalidiots

sometimes you wonder, why the goddamn church sits on money when people are dying: oh, because they care more about solidifying their worldly power in 'wealth than they give a damn about he who is love; but, yeah, some nation's bein' too bitchy

capitol, the heights (these are not the heights) dedication

i have not eaten burgers for months
the royals do not eat in public
neither should political dynastics
particularly when it seems congress doesn't fast enough
and there's a chef in the palace
paid for by the public: today i feel like i am starving
the whole world over
for love: leave everyday people to their every day:
they are not a zoo, this is not speculation, they are not meant for your entertainment, your refreshment: not in this way
don't you have your non-every every day: but you forgot duty
you forgot love: it's strange to be vacationing on duty
leaving visiting not until the term is served: but flattery
of offering hugs and kisses now, since photos cannot abound
what strangeness, what bullshit propaganda in this hollow sound: my, how we fell, and we took each other eating with us, wielding unduly our power now; and keep all animal remarks to yourself never public remark out of respect for yourself and others including the animals contained or uncontained in themselves

Even if they do

People don't love people anyway, they let love move let it be as it is through them, really it has nothing to do with what i do even in choosing there's so many mercies in presenting of said opportunity presented in said instant circumstance aligned to choose

Beyond a shadow of a doubt do i love you (bottom line: some ppl who ought to be in office and are equipped to their permitted extent failing integrity morals do not fulfill their duty's sake but there's barely anyone morally/else equipped comparably otherwise to replace 'em and so what it happens in every field/industry most people are shitheads and don't give a damn about each other and risk each other's lives/injury so what chances are so do you so why complain overly much; you're not changing much in your private or public affairs/dealings and they're not changing either, so what you still maintain your roles in your family and your income/employment/position/job if you have one, and so do they when you choose to change maybe they'll beat you to it maybe, most never do, there so much goddamn mercy on everyone, but who really knows or recognises what is accrued, none of these non-omnisicient idiots do)

It's interesting

when people complain about people in office

moan and**** saying that they would do a better job

well as it stands you may or may not have had politics as your life plan some public or private career of sorts

but can't they see that if you are equipped for such a role then you are equipped and for however long

can't they see they themselves are abrasive perhaps more so as well

and if you want to talk about integrity or the switching of roles

well if someone was supposed to be a dj all their life and they have integrity and the talent equipped i guess you can't ask irreverently for them to throw it away exchange it for a career in politics, unless they are equipped to pursue that as a good end we need dj's with integrity where they are anyway

so if the people most of the people who are in office are equipped to be in office for the most part anyway even if they reject some of their equipping then they are more qualified because they equipped than the person glitching, and morally, anyway, the person who is complaining about people does not have more 'decency' overall, usually, their ****in' constitutes less

judas it seems was the guy in charge of holding the money and it seems he might have helped himself to it, however much or not, from time to time or not, but you don't see someone else taking over his responsibility, everyone has their own sh*tto do and sometimes ppl are upheld in their roles regardless of how egregious or crappily they do their jobs, some of them should be fixed out by others, who are equipped or become equipped for the job, but sometimes not and they stay where they are, this speaks more of their moral failing usually than how they are equipped or not equipped some try to stick themselves in politics when that's not part of the intended plans and purposes for their lives, most are chasing after their own deceits that they attached, clung to and so made their own even if it was all part of a&/the lie

'twat' paradox

there is serendipity around the corner -

here: isolation in what we fear


It Girl

hmm, it seems sometimes the popo (and fellow okcupid/CL users) think i'm high, maybe i am god only knows, the question is.. well, if i'll be toned down one day and elected to public office:P hope they don't find all my old shit;P

shh.. if'i everget'intopoliticshaha... let's have only one party... called 'Party In The USA' that we're all affiliated with:)hehe:PPPcus the constitution seems to still be a flawed document wtf is up with electoral voting and ain't there
incoming : mail : love:hatelovehate:love

This whole profile is one big troll or you were very high on something very strong when you wrote this...

yup: thaz what ppl saybut who the fuck knowz anyway: holy spirit wrote it i am only the typist i hope turnt


somethin' missin' or is it complete replete with fairness in entirety somethin' all-encompassin':)



y'all too hawtfo'me;P :)))))))))))) ------------------------------------------@ long-stemmedrosefo'u<3true

xxo's to DC&c

*an oldie:Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


----------------PARTY IN THE USA: AFFILIATE ME---------------- fr

(ha, sigh: silly, silly boys, x)

All My Lovers (To The DMV)

All my lovers
Won't you come back to me

I remember how you look when you get dressed for work in the morning
I remember how you skid, how you hurt me, how we got rid of our greed

It's lonely up
Here without you still seems

Clear the way you would lay back and I love the smell takin' it all in layin'
Back again it's alright I still can't memorize aftershaves the names of all

Of your colognes or scents today I guess I don't mind sometimes
It may be an acquired taste or you ask me which one and you tell me

Which one you wear on various occasions and why you don't keepin way
I guess I'm in another state of mind these days but sometimes

Reminded am
I was it will it will we eva be

Changed is it
Some new season callin hey

----------------PARTY IN THE USA: AFFILIATE ME----------------

god is like omg so ded. (typed at 4amseeminglysaturdaymorning bc maybe god was pissed maybe only at my own shit)

bc morally overall everyone's fukin bankrupt whois

on god's not dead eat pray and love the twilight series &c&me

1) i

- hope i -

love nietzsche

as a person

if he was indeed a human being made in the image of God; i also love the phrase god is dead because God is dead in the hearts of men that continue to commit evil including the ones that perjure themselves when they say they have an intimate relationship with Jesus that they are born-again but do not/are not

- seriously if you really are 'born-again' holy fuck you don't talk about that shit, rarely ever because it's embarrassing that you ever had to be cured of your addiction to evil in the first place -

and secondly, or concurrently, you don't *really* know with absolute certainty because even if you stop sinning seemingly like altogether you have this sneaking suspicion that god might have made you outwardly a robot and inwardly 'hid' a part of your consciousness from you

- even Jesus seems to say that despite their protestations that God performed miracles around them that they taught His word Jesus will say to them something to the effect of away from me you evildoers i do not 'know you ie. i do not have an intimate relationship with you that you claim to have/have had with me; i love so-called atheists;

if God exists, he may have worked through many so-called atheists to raise and support me; if God doesn't exist, I still owe a debt of love to everyone;

I have no right to commit evil; I ought not exercise free will in such a manner;

if God doesn't exist, I owe to so-called atheists every benefit i have received from their human existence that i cannot repay

who fought for my rights; i mean, God but even on a pure 'human existence' level

who made my clothes, who did God tell me that I would possibly marry and that is was beneficial that he listed himself as an 'Atheist' on OKC:P

who transported my food,

who contributed to the making of the incestuous porno of game of thrones that goes on to win a lot of 'awards'; and goddamn i support and so does god the legality of the porn industry; morally it could be an obstruction like homosexual relations but legally same sex marriage or whatever is it seems approved by God

travel wherever the Spirit tells you to go, and fuck whoever His Spirit tells you to fuck but don't write a shitty ass middle class dream of a book about it

i read smut as a child in retrospect it seems i feel less guilty about it since God says it was beneficial for me to read it to well be 'educated' but not anymore; it seems there's no reason anymore for me to read romance novels with vampires in them nor watch films based off of such novels

a purported 'Christian' of all people ought to know why a person hates a absolutely moral possible being, who is an actuality if 'forrealz, but hey don't they wouldn't call themselves 'Christian' if they really knew God it seems because well God doesn't like the goddamn term, we hate and practice evil until we stop hating and practicing evil (in its entirety)

we say all sorts of stupid things against the word of God saying it's not found here or there but really how would we know God seems to say that his word is found in all sorts of places but is He the one leading the investigation or are we leaning on our own assumptions: well now that it seems i no longer lean he tells me his word can be found in the qur'an the book of mormon but some translations are poor altered and such added to well falsehood displayed around the original quoteunquote word of god

or maybe just me, maybe i'm the only one who ever made false assumptions and spoke against the word of god presuming it was not to be found where it was in fact permitted to be existing - my god, perhaps

end note:

i actually haven't 'watched the film; if God tells me to watch the film if He exists and He tells me to watch the film i hope i would, though seemingly it falls under the genre of 'whoredom, or maybe just me the biggest whore of all

I have done awful things. It seems I cannot fathom their depth nor gravity. I was always failing. I never was where I ought have been doing what I ought have been doing.

Even now, I think about everything I lost that I don't have with me now to glorify you. Everything including you. I never ought have 'missed people.

Missed them in passing.

It is strange, since the year of my leaving:

I was smacked with the idea that I don't have a 'type' unless you call sinless a type:P

That I had been cruel most of my life, though I pretended not to be. That morally I never had taken care of anyone as I ought. I knew it before but denied it, instead of contending with it as some perspective of reality.

Now I spend time with whomever it seems beneficial to spend time with, I don't understand it. I don't expect I ever will.
What I’m doing with my life
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I spent most of my life with a heart sinning, unrefined, in need of sanctification of my motives as they were not pure.

Now that it seems that they are I still feel lost but perhaps a different kind.

Apparently, it is a possible reality to stop sinning entirely if one heeds the voice of God at every instant asking his Spirit what would be beneficial todo as led by His Spirit.
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
I think we were made for good, but having failed and not really being able to fathom anything in its entirety I would say an absolute moral force is good, so good is good, and perhaps that is all that matters and remains as it is
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Someone once called me Copernicus, maybe it's because I'm the Son-centric model of the universe

A draft for a personal ad:a real-ass personal ad, entitled

I'm a bitch

I'm a bitch, I was a bitch, I was a bitchass cunt bitch I was a bitch I am a bitch Was I a bitch I am a cunt bitchin' cunt bitchin' ass bitch bitch cunt bitch

It seems people notice what God reveals to them or what their own heart reveals to them which is nothing at all.

I would rather them not 'notice me perhaps at all unless beneficial.

Then God can also make some 'circumstance not originally beneficial and derive benefit.

Even though the attending effects of evil may be curtailed or mitigated evil is an affront to good.

And it is as if that affront always remains as it was when it was elicited.
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This is like 'noticing' first things, though arguably one's human faculties notice nothing with absolute certainty nor in entirety and if one does not recognise love, what else? And when one does, oh, Hell and again, no certainty other than Reality and yet it seems to escape me; Denial of truth, is such a radical thing, stubbornhearted and delusion is a possible thing if past error exists or one's mind is constrained by a lack of omniscience

Confessions of an idiot:

It seems the purported idolatry of 'myself' as God is dead. So god is dead in terms of 'god' being my old self, in its entirety though it seems the past drags here lingering for my sins trail behind me, though apart from my 'new past.

God is dead in the hearts of men who do not honor him by not sinning at all anymore if they ever sinned at all, as if sin could be qualified by the word sin, beyond multitudinous as it may or may not be including referred to as.

We never know what people are saying taking offense unnecessarily if we think we do. God may give revelation, but one cannot cast judgement upon a man as it is not necessarily one's role nor the time nor the place, etc.

If God says take offense then take offense if God says release it release it take no more be not angry in depth or degree, intensity more or less than required. How can one be so fairly measured without entirely being led in every sense of movement/graduation by the voice of the Spirit of God instant to instant.

A (personal shittest: errors of mine own commission or omission ihope never again) review.

It seems a film 'God's Not Dead' has caught my attention and it seems God is telling me that He thinks that parts (or all of it is unnecessarily abrasive, heavy-handed, one-sided, and misleading in its characterizations of 'people' including those who are 'Christians' (portrayed as flawless, dude where's your shit?) 'atheists' (my gawd, because 'Christians' aren't as evil) and those who worship Allah (oh my gawd, plz not straw mannin' it again since only 'Christians' practice tolerance/adhere to any justifiable ideals). Ugh. What have I learned it seems about so-called 'Christians' from 'watching the trailer 'reading reviews and its 'wikipedia article?

1) They commit the error of speaking evil by repeating the lines of an ill-written script

2) They are holier than thou, portraying themselves as reasonable whilst enacting unreasonable behavior; I felt like I was 'watching or 'reading about some witch-hunt against so-called atheists or whomever like they were attempting or in actuality 'taking retaliation into their own hands by going after the archetype of the pretentious philosophy professor insinuating all sorts of crap like seriously why was the dude fucking asian who stood up and said 'god's not dead OMG and everyone else 'pandered' for a grade shit haha what a fucking affront what a fucking affront WOW haha did so-called 'Christians' call everyone else cowards? holy shit - what the hell was that production? it was such a feeble attempt at sticking up for god who btw needs no fucking defense and doesn't tell ppl to stick their noses in shit they shouldn't get involved in

3) They are unnecessarily combative; this includes 1) & 2) their rhetoric and reasoning when it's not of God really sucks, putting God on trial? WTF? oi vey, not that again the DUMASS wagon, bc seriously God seems to be tellingme that NO ONE heeding God would have gotten involved in this film; it's a terrible fucking witness and the fact that so many 'Christians' went out and watched it is like a fucking indictment on them NO did holy spirit tell you to go support a film with behavior that makes hatred towards the idiocy of so-called 'Christians' justifiable? Hate the goddamn sinning idiocy and love the goddamn idiot. Yea whatever. Except everyone always hates the idiot until they stop hating (Good).

Oh P.S. in the trailer(?) what was that? Jesus is God? WTF what is this fukin idolatry of Jesus which is what the term 'Christian' is used abusively as, OMGfuk

*diesfor the shit (the error) was all mine
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
Being guarded by mercy seemingly that's more than six, or one, or less
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.

Metaphor for living.

Re-entering a production of sorts. Performances scheduled, performances to attend. Whom I might meet. Who we might meet. Strange encounters. Past sins. Seeming memories. Recollections not always or perhaps ever what they seem, other than perhaps metaphorically, and even then some kind of partial envisioning

Even if we die consciously when our bodies seemingly fail. Even if there is no soul of ours that lives on still with regard to duty it remains here: love.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Thinking of my past iniquities. Regretting them considerably, however much 'considerably is, well perhaps if I had given 'enough of a damn I would never have committed them in the first place.

One Summer Again and Again

As quickly as they come they go
They're too busy getting drunk to really flow
I've got nothing else they need to know
Drivin' around fast but they go slow, ever so slow
Because they don't give a damn, no
And I go back to shopping alone with only you
The words you wrote playin' overhead
Falling here in the undertow, not enough
Let it go
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!

Uh, it seems god told me the above song is fr or flawless robotic which means he wrote the words :P haha is baby Holy Spirit? AHHA:P*dies robotic means the creation of it was robotic, ie the soundscape is as he desires it at leaston the surfature of presentation the inward heart of those whom he worked through not so (not flawless, not pure)

yep, god hits me everytime:Pholyspiritisalwaysonpoint marksmanship par excellence and .. yea i still believe i guess gimme a sign lol and explain it to me if you will:)they're aroundallthetime

I am as transparent as shit. Shit is quite transparent seemingly if it is what it is. What is shit?

Shit and shit and shit and shit

Ok, a la the rose:

1st Shit: poo
2nd shit: stuff
3rd shit: resultant of what God does with stuff including poo
4th shit: glory of God afterward

These days I admit whatever is beneficial to admit. Though I do not fathom it, how it has been writ, how it is writ, the effect of my admission and how things fall in or out of place surrounding or in accordance with it.

Every word is like a juncture, part of a flow, a tirade for evil or for good.
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