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27 Washington, DC Woman


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Last Online
Jan 23
Asian, Middle Eastern, Black, Native American, Indian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic / Latin, White, Other
3′ 0″ (0.91m)
Body Type
Rather not say
Strictly other
Judaism, and laughing about it
Graduated from space camp
Art / Music / Writing
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Seeing Someone
Relationship Type
English (Poorly), Catalan (Poorly), Other (Fluently), Spanish (Fluently), Sign Language (Fluently)

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réalisé compris the society of the living facade of being however liminally in actuality, being, supporting being


it seems my x's hang around in all cities and towns and wherever they are from, well there's one that i'm back in touch with, we'll see how his manners are this time around, i'll let you know if i ever sign a license, and yes for those of you who do know it's that lawyer guy again, there's only been one 'lawyer guy, or 'major one in my life so that simplifies things a bit at least referentially to the public private eye

hegemony, or die tryin' =)

it seems i've found an intellectual match for me in terms of texts not a person per se and it's abroad so if i survive i'll be 'much headier with economics and strategic aspects of so-called policy, just give me 6 years of leave, enjoy

sigh, cus' the US is the meanest boy in the hills and even if it ain't on pills it acts like it's on pills, some bitter, bitter pills justifiably and not, but that don't mean you'll find me stuck in a terminal with my passport all ripped up, 'all ripped up, all ripped up

to expatriate, but not really, or to not expatriate, is it so dangerous


really, i'm not feeling like a freedom writer, or harvey milk or somebody amazing and it's gonna be so much fighting before gettin' to the point of becoming some elementary school teacher in the US, or a teacher anywhere, with only being a little better off financially if not quite a bit worse healthwise, enduringly it seems, to almost barely surviving financially here with seemingly more public political mongering in education system ranking, for what benefit and cost, in all omg, he gave me a makeup, and breakup matter heart song, argh, so knowledgeable

for my latest, recent heartbreak, how much foresight, foreshadowable,

the worst headline of the past 1.5 years -- or, aka the one whose gut reaction of mine, after reading was something like: i want to die
something something 90-year old man two pastors arrested for handling out food in public in florida

America, the Goddamned Beautiful (Racist Bitch, this one is for you:

i may leave for elba soon, but this will be my track, if i ever make a return, a political return, of all types and kinds, dear god don't let me die before marriage rights are passed and marijuana legalized in all states laws

for individual crimes or morality cannot be prohibited, excluded from or by the law for freedom whose permission is morally sanctioned and god, if 'homosexuals are going to hell, well escape hatch mine alone, we're all fucked, i'll be teh first to say it seems at least me, and 'most everyone 'didn't get the message, or we did but didn't give a flying fuck, and god help the wayward preacher who meets me in my political war path


and really, the highest gauntlet(ieofcriticism has been rightfully thrown, anything much else would be overkill, leave it to a jew

i'll tell you the steps lead to beyond the through me

and some days are dying more than others, but they're dying all the same, not really at all

and it's been a long time since i haven't seen my reflection in a rear view mirror, and it's walking it's clearer

give it all up before you die, or maybe not afterwards

sung to america

absolute hierarchy, within recursos

power domination

is maintained through chickenshits

by The Chickenshit, remember this:

for now, later

you'll understand when you gether

SO I'LL BE WAITING FOR CHICKENSHIT TO FALL FROM THE SKY, in the meantime (non-redudancy, ethic sic)

the state of politics (or, what did the chickenshit say to the chickenshit, you're a chickenshit, really they don't have much time to evolve (clean up, advance in positive ways in politics do they if they, the chickenshits are too busy callin' each other out on being chickenshits

bc brocard, maxim, adage, proverbial words of wisdom dictate: chickenshits call other people out on being chickenshits, a REAL chickenshit, the Chickenshit, would call them out on cowardly invective manners criticizing accordingly, respectively the issues instead of taking contest into a devolution of such petty insultery as to lend itself to deteriorated, deleterious, delirious, ridiculous jabberwocky-ing

i actually don't mind all the destruction, it seems because it allegedly drives the point home that people are evil

but then the dynamic environment in say 6-10 years, i'll be in the political trench warfare of the mess, and really it's not fun cleanin' it up, but no matter how bad it gets, there's always somebody left to deal with the aftermath, ere here

some lives are worth more than others

i fell, but it seems i wasn't swept away

with the tide

benzoate memo going out for the time better for bass better for visuals, adjusts quality settings

God Loves America and hates me (how I know)

'some 'actor is using his caveat emptor to nominate his protesting the fact that some meth drug dealer of an action figure toy is being pulled from toys r us, barbie's WAY worse 'he says barbie is in a clique of similarly body typed people; your role model; most children's stories are in a similarly colluding f-ed up mentality and life career state just try, try try and u'll make it what lies make it where with what strength, and how come the selfish damn hen didn't share the bread in the end, and the government sells its lies of efficacy including efficiency, deceit lies peddling, no wonder a show about selling illicit hard drugs is so popular, people relate because their crimes of morality, forsworn to duty in being alive still might not involve the DEA yet are as morally reprehensible; popular the veil that rules around here and god hates me

enough to let us all live here, breaking what because bad lawless authority approaches weren't enough against crimes presented the presiding authorities we vented crimes ourselves and delved and delved, go watch every level of substance, even ones with less redeeming factors and use your profiles to exhibitionistic yourselves, go, go into the throes of your own violent tells, i'm sure the dea, and the so-called critics, reviews, reviewers of awards placed often misplaced now

#telled the mercy, fallin down

NOT TO MENTION THE GODDAMN STATISTICS of SOMEWHERE AROUND 1 in 5 people being molested under the age of 18, i don't really believe them, they're probably slightly higher in 'my estimation

everyone's so busy molesting everyone my gawd

the 'powerful the weak, including men against women, TALKING ALL SHIT whatever, oh you're so powerful, you have so much power and so you take it out on people who are weaker, so remember it's even worse when the tables are turned in such a way, blah blah STFU BITCH

and he hasn't fucking decimated the entire world yet

us, first of course

domestic & global education: u.s. centered ethic

i've probably logged the most hours of sleep in lieu of class instructional time, most in nirvana retrospect was well spent, ha

how can i make such a claim, or proclaim to make one?

someone once told me not to be overly hard on myself, 'i was
'resting perhaps handling well survival in some ways took a toll on what focus i had but i made up for it somewhat on my own independent time, which not all students have the privilege of doing in 'initiative quick succession, curving also helped curb the disastrous effects outwardly effects

here i miss a lot of sunrises and sunsets, but if you don't it's worth it to collaborate and winter signifies the end of life for some who won't it seems survive

perhaps, survey to reconnect with businesses, revamp curriculum bases engaging multimedia involvement, innovative ways if simpler tasks are being increasingly automated we still need people for the analysis and overview, verification quality confirmation effects, how benchmarks can be improved and better programs, life skills all around, teamwork creative collaborative efforts, collaboration team, interrelated pulling in engaging varying levels of skillsets collaboration sound, to connect, and rewarding advanced skillsets with advanced pay, reengaging the community of all members today, even jobs requiring any measure of advanced respective skillsets now are not properly compensated, develop measurements to increase value, reallocating to major drivers, responsibility rewarding autonomy not constrictive monotony

make standardized-testing more real-world concepts based and applicable, highly relevant use-based material,

allowing for high levels of interdisciplinary study including problem-solving advancement in subject matter areas, that exhibiting students with more talents and interest can pursue (particularly in technology related areas and the arts) while strongly balanced in other core developmental areas as well to provide a structured and sound, in-depth knowledge varying accordingly to proclivity of independent and interdependent study, basis in identified core matter knowledge areas

yea, i hear teachers, parents, students don't give a damn

teachers aren't compensated enough, for the goddam responsibilities and duties of the failings of society at large (politicians, legislators, policy makers, all kinds of bureaucrats, notwithstanding educators, so-called experts this moral indictment falls on you unless every idea and implementation was flawlessly conducted as much as you could under the presiding circumstances and socioeconomic conditions, ... , parents

the duties shift in a strange moral imperative sort of way when 'others fuck up

autonomy and relevance needs to be primary values in a teacher's life, a teacher is an artist of instruction, and the qualifications may vary from 0-35% in a well-performing academically school district seemingly, but really the system despite all the retchings and adamant wailing needs to be readapted to suit the needs of americans engaging in life today which may include future employment

lifelong experience-building, and an enriched education needs to be available for every american at every level

schools and programs can provide a lot of more hands-on experience for critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving tailored to interest, talents, and needs for people whose capacity and abilities may vary, supportive of their growth in all aspects (mental, emotional, etc.) to develop the life skillsets they'll need to be operating in the present, future american, and global atmosphere and landscape, anticipating readapting as technological pace and other advancement areas require readaption

and even lower wage level jobs need better, advanced compensation and benefits and teach a more broad overview of the company structural venture, facilitation in the development and investment in the employee not as 'just some low-wage worker, how else is america ever going to leave its enslavement policy behind here and abroad

help the employees, create increasing value that will justify efficacy and efficiency in overhead expense, you're really helping yourself then and creating value, real value for stakeholders, perhaps for a more vested approach offer stock options for quality performance and retention over passages of time

one does not remain competitive in any market by resting one one's past successes and laurels, threatening loss of market share is a looming reality if advancement is not implemented

we need to assist people in gathering the necessary skillsets including informationally expert knowledge and connecting it in their resolution-seeking

the self-summary* if i had to muster one for now:

born in jersey lived there most of my life, other than several years in northern va, a few in arkansas, 6 months in cali, mostly though oftentimes it seems i could be found visiting, temporarily residing in other places here and abroad for 'more extended jaunts; i used to think i was solidly born into the middle class, realised it's more lower middle class and ppl can't retire comfortably in the lower middle class, not to mention any other lower class with rising health care costs and property expenses, life expectancy is increasing i hear like a healthy male age 35 is expected to live until his 80's and 90's that means for me planning for several careers in a lifespan, livelihoods are important and it seems need to be more adaptive but overworking ppl isn't the answer and neither is not helping them in developing advanced skills, tapping into their creative potential and autonomy; responsibility and advanced pay: quality of life needs to be a real thing, really for more ppl not a theory that ppl just talk about, even 'wealthier ppl overwork themselves and need to reallocate their resources, even in tweaking it can help support real dynamic expansiveness

cut to the 'chill laid-back (well u gotta be chill in politics, and ready to yell at ppl if necessary but i try to avoid it in general, cus usually there's no reason to) me:

most of the time it seems i'm pretty chill, and don't go out that much too busy readin' shit in preparation for a career in politics someday when i won't say 'shit anymore i have six years at least 'til possibly my first public office so imma gonna make the most of language 'til then (no i don't have even a certificate in ebonics but sometimes american english formalised gets a bit, well i like to opt for whatever might suit so bear wit me here) eh, i'll probably have to make it 'myself before then gotta have those funds to pay ppl to work with you on campaigning (a decent salary, benefits (insurance), and liability insurance) first gig: maybe mayor of DC (but i need to finish college it seems and law school and work with DC public schools before then to be a more effective public advocate, defender) ugh mayor of DC has so many negative connotations it's the backyard embarrassment of the gov't DC is never really cleaned up, then if i survive perhaps the highest office in the land and yes most of my potential political collaborators would be slightly horrified at this profile: let's say i can be more formalised in appearances i guess i'll have to be someday, public favor, respect worldwide

currently i'm studying 'independently mostly u.s. and world geography and in 8 months i'll be done it seems with a basic review, in 2-3 years i'll be done with state, domestic, and international concerns if i am

and yes, sometimes i think it would be easier if i were caucasian; i also plan to start my own party in 6 years The Independence Party, no offense to the Dems and Reps but they are kinda in some diss war and i can't be pandering too much if you're with them you have way more pressure to behave how they want

why politics? i never expected or understood it much, if at all i guess why was beethoven a composer van gogh a painter eminem a rapper? maybe they felt some sort of duty to the genre compelling them no better art to practice nothing better to do with the talents they had, i guess i always wanted to be a singer, but things get added on concentrated and emphasized in different seasons of your life varying dynamically it's about keeping up without whining about it, and shit hopeless cause seems that way round here but it don't mean u aint' still got duty to fulfill

politics is actually an art that draws on all other arts if you think about it because your job as a politician is to care for the well-being of other through supporting their rights and livelihoods, how can you do that if you don't know about everything else like how ppl live what they practice and how they make a living including in the traditional arts though arguably every occupation can be an art

if this all ever comes to pass then i'll probably have my own campaign website someday, and have to be famous, and so if we lose track of each other we can connect there again perhaps if we do; also, i'm not accepting private contributions (too much sway involved when other ppl give you shit) so i guess i need to pay for shit myself it's gonna be expensive HAHA sigh we'll see i need mountains moved the fuck outta the way, so yea but anyway you do what you can for now . . .

i don't like to show off, serves no purpose i don't think usually anyway so i dance, sing, whatever other shit on the dl, mostly for now, other than serving time in the prison of my own weird life while thinking about other ppl in whatever prison, sadly here

*and yes, i'm aware that most of my current present potential political collaborators will be shaking their heads at the linguistical idiocy of the above haha oh well :) whitepapers legislative policy material are a 'comin to towwwwwnnnnnn, give a while

& yes i'm pretty easy to track seemingly since my info's so public, not to mention by nsa and other entities but hey ex-prisoners (and you never know if they forreals did the crime though it seems some of have done the time, narks, political aspirants and whole menagerie of characters hopefully with a highly developed sense of humour not crass but you know up there, well it takes all kinds apparently and i don't think congress is in the position generally to be moral arbitrator and i update things below haphazardly seemingly adding and redacting, revising so it may be worth another go around its pieces fit together however they do, lacking perhaps you


the proposal to flat tax all income levels by 'proportion shows me 3 things about the person who makes it and supports

1) they have never met a really poor person before disadvantaged in many ways from the start

2) if they have they don't seriously have concerns about their life or their livelihood

3) they don't understand, and egregiously do not practice affirming the right to life

4) they will never hold the presidential office unless someone with a precision akin to nero takes over the american government; the lesser of the two evils in terms of presidential candidates lately in america has been a bit like dictatorships run with power cartels, all sorts of lord, lording largesse relationships, ah but one can't radically clean up maybe so but patiently conquering the territory, isn't that how the saying has gone and goes, so as not to be overwhelmed

and nobody cares anyway

until some people get pissed enough, so the wait

in-between, 'enduring, really not really motivating lacking results quite the way

if the american people sufficiently cared those who would protest would protest, and so those in congress and those without such positioning are equal, but perhaps those in position have less redress, or more

those who ought protest in whatever way or speak out

but most people never seem to experience outrage when they ought at their own arrogance and egregious behavior enough to stop it seems if such is under their control so really external force of some kind will determine when some people get pissed enough, so the waiting until then


if the world doesn't end before said 'time of getting there allegedly if it ever really gets there to some turning pivotal moment of independence say but however in name in reality well that's something is it still something

the poor-cide seems to make all of man almost seem very poor indeed in deed, most everyone most their entire lives rarely cessation to sinning unseparate in separatism leave taking leave of one's leave, leaving such upheld liberty oh the evidence is bare there if it's there and whatever form inadmissible or admittable in any court of affairs, conscionable in the earth, or in more formalised ware

but who has done their part, and those who say they have all their lives depart conjectures there, they speak the hypothetical alone in such flair, flare

but we helped but how much apportioned to your stare how much tell me but they can reject ok then let them assume the position of refusal but really what is utmost within the control of you seemingly and how does that go, has it always gone went, does it, will it now rear its vent

keep answering like a man, not a man presume nothing dear and undearly friend who is it you are still colluding evil again here escapable perhaps not what is this though how much to what extent can you control perhaps dispensation falls on unworthy a soul, perhaps not under our control perhaps the desire was never mine perhaps it was desired only once in my life perhaps i don't know once you initially fall is evil your lot always and anon i wonder at it, son

and as for the holocaust

well, it seems murder essentially was permitted but murder can project itself directly and indirectly

i don't actually think that people in say places in africa or anywhere really where genocide occurs are necessarily more evil inwardly, outwardly their actions seem to show themselves as quite cruel hmm passive resistance what kind the resistance as such or what occurs or occurred america lagged while jews died we lag as others die americans too

then we have this terrible reocccurring habit of getting involved on those rare few occasions sometimes on a larger scale of well 'armed conflict

rare is the man who will conscientiously object to going off to war

rare was the man who refused the draft or refused the army's orders in nazi germany

rare was the man who hid refugees who had opportunity risking the life of not only himself for 'colluding against measures, placing the opposition enemy on thyself and family if it were the other way around well it seems i've heard one jew admit he likely would not have taken the risk

all this unjustifiable murder, and the world's coffers and this proportional tax rate supposition of ted cruz who is this person anyway who am i well men may hate me as well if they hate themselves and everyone including god if he exists as an absolute moral force but it doesn't negate that reason is spoken through me kindly hit take notice he wants a proportional tax rate, what to further inequity the disparity at a even more larger exponential gap rate, where is his conscience leading him, or perhaps it is unheeding, perhaps combination would be better more simplified with the flat tax and then up to a certain level untaxed, you taxed and levied the poor and something in yourself did not stand up sufficiently enough as irate, perhaps it was a media error another classic endeavour of proposed policy misrepresentation

man would rather see another man die

rare is the man who is alive who has not neglected the poor in his giving, not ever neglected his children, or his parents in every instance

rare is the man who is alive who harbors no arrogance, ever no illwill no murderous desire toward himself or any man, who has never cursed himself, his neighbor, and god with his arrogance

who has always been where he ought have been being provisioned through in what is beneficial, what builds up others according to their needs in encouragement and support of all kinds, in mercy as the spirit of god leads him to mete, rarely has a man met duty, and for how long, replete

rare is the man who has not caused unnecessary suffering to himself and his fellow man and everyone including God, ever who has never been a vehicle of emission of evil

all these things as much as it is under his control

no, it seems man cares not for their own aliveness, their own life, nor for that of others most always here their attitude as such remains they retain arrogance, harboring it not removing it they do not follow a column, pillar the fire in every step, action task performed every instant every second with your leading, not they who curse everyone with haughty eye and they say no man can reach such heights ah perhaps they are right not with a past like mine but even with a past like mine here then how is it am i deluded or has my heart been refined entirely this time, no longer needed is the fire that burns away though the reviewing of my errors ways errors thinking errors of the way to go continue every day, murderous the hearts of men those who do not defend and speak up for the rights of the poor and needy as they ought, murderous are the hearts of they who speak against and if those in need are bestowed upon mercy well but for it to be broken through others attending and those who are attending rebel then indirectly the death if it comes is on their hands as well blood expelled at death rate toll, unjustifiably now

and those who are entrusted to uphold the law, not manmade law conversions and interpretations of 'god's law but of the law in conscience and position authority held and that is of spiritual as well, then stingier and more selfish are they who have higher responsibility and use it to promulgate death passively or not yet

given overall revelation, special yet

tell me, who has not failed in aspect in this respect oh but it was not quite as egregious, well then your denial proves your guilt rather than proclaimed innocence not on trial perhaps but moral indictment doth make existence in taint let and who lets and who can indict when evidence remains unexhumed in such light cover of the day wherein dark of this day

light remains

are you not humble yet, are you not humbled yet, really

entirely as sufficiently required here

are you not humble yet, are you not humbled yet, really

entirely as sufficiently required here

do you see

and not see entirely

to fulfill duty inwardly and out

for duty to be fulfilled, inwardly and out

but most never gave a damn anyway though they might have been outwardly compelled in toned down so to speak in pursuit of evil ways

& why i have no desire in mention religion in singularity in 6 years

reasonable objective, ah well perhaps Reason guides reasonably but please let's not discuss in a realm of politics that which we cannot prove, hankering wasting lagging unnecessarily respect the matters at hand high level priority immediacy urgency, what the beneficial is which yet cannot be proven either but we try hopefully reasonably collaborative guided

religion & i need a budget slicing team (the breakdown) & omf whatever

so it seems i have listed before but sometimes i list nothing or just itself plainly judaism - and laughin about it

because really um my conversion story is kinda effed up in a way and i'm not a hereditary jew and some hereditary jews may think god is evil because he permits evil to move through the hearts of men a lot or a little even in saying that i don't know maybe they know who god is if he is in a way anyways if i say something or someone overadamance presiding is evil or not when they are evil or not it doesn't make it so

heuristics fail

with feints and seizures

pressures faints leisurely choices


adaptable refraining properly containing or vapidly bought into unnecessarily strafing in fear chafing, wasting away

so back to conversions, again

and no, i will not be telling this story on the official campaign trail references will be curtailed to my former days including the season i had for crying in public and shortly afterwards

it was some day, it seems and well maybe it seems the spirit of god told me i was a jew, it was a weird moment because considering their position with god i mean him choosing to display his power through them, responsibilities provisioning through, etc., well the higher responsibility the fuckups are well more extensively arguably if neglected egregiousness

so i guess i have no other formality than that i mean i like to sometimes say seems on one level that if god told me i was a cow and told me to say i was cow like really communicated, commanded that i say so i would hope i would obey and if meted by absolute force i suppose i would

let's say perhaps i've thrown some loyalty but really as for the cause of my indiscretions well when i was younger anyway i don't think i really deserve any position or title though i may be 'qualified to an extent for a chosen position, i hear the jews can fuckup however much they want and still go to heaven which may go for me as well but anyways i know that alone i deserve hell or so it seems if either exist in reality, or will

but i'll still be amazed perhaps more at heaven for everyone, in mercy though the mercy seems to befall and given today considering lacking merit still confounds me, maybe just me for evil me evil now really seemingly entirely dead me well yea

so textiles industry in the us wat? what? it exists yes like the loch ness and the easter bunny and big foot or Le Sasquatch as some would be preferring nomenclature wisedly

25% increase, if we can design the machines (that would be less costly to operate) like take allegedly the route of tata motors example with talent to produce clothing with better quality (style and durability and practicality) then we might have a chance to compete in the international markets, i think designers are burnt out amongst other things but perhaps it would indeed be worth a gander in attaining market share, more so in the fashion industry sector, it seems like right now all the 'steps are sporadically mismatched in some cases, home-grown industries that are sourcing material domestically and doing everything here would be interestingly achievable, perhaps we have conceded defeat already, or rather nobody or very few give enough a damn so perhaps collaboration has been ill-afforded and founded in toxic conceits as of now, perhaps we could reduce in terms of environmental emissions concern by not transporting materials being made into products all over the place, some more think abouts

american apparel is one kind of interesting example, but no offense and i'm not up to date i'm not fond the times i have checked of the materials and styles so if american clothes were appealing to americans as buyers then perhaps we'd have a chance go at all

now the government sector, for the team, i need a committee actually a cutting expenses and generating revenue committee supporting small business and types of ventures in areas, markets where we can perhaps competitively gain market share: shrewdly insights

as for beforehand and after one gets into some office, i guess one has to already take-in the field

anyways, i was thinking (and you know i don't think) say 100% overhead cut 20%, so it's down to 80% then take 10% and revamp through reassignment of duties, responsibilities to social, work programs that will actually be supportive of livelihoods of americans (70% remains as is to avoid a complete riot and the downfalls of inexperience with an increasing turnover ratio though division of labor will adapt accordingly because it seems it takes 5 people these days to do one person's job in the government, so we shall attempt to slightly reduce this proportionately, with this initially), then, also use 5% to hire talent, who can be leaders as well in visionary, technical, and technological capacity, then use the 10% that was dropped to convince the first cut to leave by paying a part of their salary anyway if they do, then if you find more efficiency and it comes out to savings of another 5% then overall you've saved costs by 10% and exponentially more in the coming years of growth expansive strategy

oh, and since i'm so behind on the times apparently sex selective abortions were really big in india in 2005 like heard the sex ratio was like ~800 i was like ok interesting, and you can thank the media/news for my strategy cartel as well, i'm beginning to think i'm an m&a overlord

allegedly tata utilised some of these strategies to attain market share in industries hitherto dominated by 'more developed countries, and they were manufacturing rovers apparently back then and exporting them to the uk with their engineering talent in their own manufacturing facilities, and the whole indica thing allegedly was initially a fiasco of sorts but after redesigning and listening to customer complaints apparently the first india-made car was a success, then the steel industries as well, pliable and lightweight, sounds like a viable planning, implementation advisory setting

public utilities still suck there, i guess less intervention, more on that to come, because people evil

religious bigotry

oh and if god or gods or true exists in context brilliance attends idiocy reasonably, and it seems i forgot God or truth can speak in whichever language he wants so don't condemn an entire 'other religious text (or else risk condemning truth of God therein laid, or truth if it is made stayed, man's actions are not perhaps altogether bereft are they bereft internally if not outwardly entirely when 'most hearts it seems are not refined in all motives and what judgement with absolute certainty can man possess lacking omniscience good duress all throughout history the time existence really

since i have 'signalled a discussion (and you not 'catching it doesn't mean u ought have on prescriptive 'dying for the terminally ill permitted in oregon currently, i guess social welfare is next oh we done fucked up quite a bit somewhat, and if you really poor you wud know it ain't generous as it seems to those who were never quite starving, malnourished and so my review continues but my strategies will remain to be seen

i have a headache G-D seems really angered #some dumfuck spewing hateful speech in the news amongst all teh other crazy shit

when life is painful, death is imminent (oregon, to go away and how many hundred there and elsewhere by the date

when it seems there's someone who was more deserving of life and less deserving of any pain then you will make a choice to stay for life

also, if you're compelled to despite any choosing

The Choose

and no amount of pain even if it feels like it could kill you with its weight can ever change that, and sometimes weight crushes, and i suppose that's some way to go

more could have been saved, if we weren't so busy killing ourselves and others but no one cared for life and death anyway, but you always even now most don't it seems

is life compulsory under the law for the terminally ill well, perhaps, but ppl don't care anyway

even if they ought, pain always seems to be overwhelming the lot in the fray

they didn't care to kill their arrogance away and have it removed, entirely then perhaps they would choose life

but wasn't i the weakest anyway

all this news: seems to show streak of cruelty sustained, such a hideous way condemned duty refrain

oh, tell me aren't the methods questionable, tactics directive talent acquisition, information directive, gather, cull perspective moral ethics, lines cruelty drawn redrawn sometimes every moment every day ties, sometimes they stay the same and ought adhered same...

treason has many faces and just one today

from the biggest leaker vice shut down bc reverbrates through the intelligence community; some public slap in the face, a response

but when ur all used up where will u stay but it doesn't matter much not even a little or not anyway to you; yes, it seems all have done things they ought not (u.s. with teh biggest responsibility, fault) but there leaves you, progress advance or detractions felt in the hearts of men disloyal and true

some men give thir lives part of their lives to keep this thru; what a debt accrued

‪#‎whitehousekindofhouse‬ and more

perhaps other ppl from other countries sing about us and themselves, too but us because sometimes we seem and may be the biggest flooze from LA

relevance in teh traks chosen alluding to more than just economic forces and influence and beyonce (who was born in texas?) is #1 for 2014 (the singer to the trak below) god bless america for dominant positioning we don't deserve it but it helps not only in terms of economic drive but in everything where mercy moves, glory of God variants or if god isn't real that which may be true the truth the variants of the truth and evil some ppl can't get past appearances of genre some ppl aren't true like that whether it's in their control or not, usually inconsistencies are present and that which is 'flawless outwardly on surface is robotic external forces inclined for good and/or for evil, choosing and/or not

politics is like a 'beautiful nightmare, because you have this idea of how things might be and you are dealing with the fucked up present reality but if you are really called to it it's like a sweet dream, perhaps bittersweet and there's no where else you'd rather be and it's not like you want to wake up from it someday even now anyway and you realise everyone can kill you and sell you out betray you hope they won't you hope they don't you hope they haven't but really it's prevention control as much as you have and how much would be beneficial to take and if you survive external forces sustaining compelling lives and life mitigating some strife at least outwardly threats in all their forms things

examined under scrutiny falling you'll be public knowledge will come to all these things (childhood under review&cfuture collusion, collaborating include

if i keep my enemies allegedly close well i don't mind my stakes are high with people's lives mercy so i dare i was warned it seems when i was young to not be selfish in behavior but i went my own way i wanted to carve my own to success but it ended up with unnecessary mess; social investment has made me to whatever extent however much still provided in the support that was lacked in encouragement that ought have been but distracted only reminds me of such ways of terrible motive thinking actions impure like mine were for a day but thank you anyway for raising me in mercy, a debt of love i cannot repay, though i try to make the most of the opportunity have today, access and all

If I fall in love 7 billion more times

will i still only live one life

innocent cause where will you find me when i left you far behind

i fall in love political rejection reminds me of callous hearts to duty or maybe just my own

cadences of freedom native soil roam again and socrates pebbles seas i'll read you in french you never hear my voice now do you again again

i think i lost you before when i wasn't a friend neither am i again (maybe mayor of DC one day, however odious the position might seem, associating past renderings, then 'replicate effective results, strategically efforts if applicable advanced better) recorded this night credibility cause planning

Reconnoitering The Past (Or Confessions of an Academic Reject)

You really don't want to know anything about me. Including the 70 hours a week I spend parsing through material for free: everything you need for the American Presidency. I work investment banking hours for a pittance, for nothing, really but duty. I guess one has to pay their dues.

Today I am skimming the Federalist Papers, which is strategy, and here is my ode in a way to the formal essay. CHVRCHES Night Sky is playing (it plays for a while until I try to go back to find that other song but it's gone), before that Under The Tide, which describes my approaches. Paper #10 & #51, wow, essays like these can be effective in reasoning, in reasonably gaining audience so let's re or appropriate the technique shall we: well the partisanal order of business and its apparent arms or wings shall, are like antitrusting things that dismantling, would dissassemble the assembly it seems and create even more inefficiency than the reducing, in the weighing of the cost-benefit analysis the cost is more than it seems we can bear to take anyway, man doesn't much change externally perhaps by some force but it wouldn't be long for incipient starters to learn the war strategy and how to play the game, but as stated even more inefficiently, stragglers are much weakened; so the veterans. I've got a ways to go for the formalised essay, so right now I'll stick to signalling underground and aboveground.

(Ed Sheeran U.N.I. seems to play aptly into the following sequence)

This past night it seems, well it's not quite over yet per se here has revealed the shortest-lived gubernatorial consideration perhaps that ever was, well if you don't count those that ought never have been but well people were pretending while simultaneously knowing it wasn't the way to go.

Way back in my public high school days, there was a position I ran for but I lost and as a result I had the opportunity to work alongside the other members who had won. I was never very smart. I call myself rather slow. Allegedly, it seems a member of the 1% which I consider to be at the $10 million net worth mark and above poked fun at my young aspiration to be a CPA. It seems he did or did not get to the point of revealing how that was a start to a seemingly arduous plan until death at age 65 when I planned out my life close to the end of high school, which involved law school, and MBA thrown in for good measure, working for a large commercial real-estate investment firm, eventually branching off in more personal investing including expertise lended to starting a private foundation with other board members with their own contributions of expertise and philanthropy efforts in mind. Hardly, was I like Bill Gates. Hardly, seemingly could I survive apart from the academia type of life.

Unconventionally, here we find myself now. I hate it. I would preferably have taken a traditional route instead of that of some warped public artist, some kind that people just can't put down, and do. But how does this apply to you and what does this have to do with gubernatorial consideration. In a recent spat, I returned to the classrooms with mild preparation for some of the subject matter and I picked the themes picked up liminally and contextually on them, caught the conversation and then superseded the results. Basically, the broad scope, beyond: perhaps more expansive philosophical implications, resolutions and the like. After switching through a few times, I left. I would never be a good governor. It would bore me, for it would not be the highest application of talents and use of opportunities furnished in reckoning for myself and others, or because people are dying and I have a part and role that I ought contribute to their life not of aliveness, but of living in prosperity of such unknown heights that are nourishing the flourishing of such things. There's a responsibility to cause no injury, harm and according to each role to get closer to establishing in advanced steps toward that which would beneficial now. The facade of the pretense of good falling away to reveal something, real, something truly tangible and real, results in the delineation effects of real. The effects of boredom do not elude me (I am bored with 'shitty', though as stated it can be used and worked through in the aftereffects, or should I say aftermath, of its alleged existence) however it seems of late boredom does. I have interest, but it wanes quickly, when not applied properly, and these days I just go ahead it seems with what seems to be the ideal of properly, wasting inefficiency, and in these pending matters, I'd rather be, envisioning a better suit in that of a cheerleading advisor that will work alongside you no matter which party you seem to be representing the interests of, which group of people, because well anyways you ought be serving the people. Oh, and I'll do it for free. I'll be like that superstar CEO, highly recruited but that gets paid nothing except for present and future social investment, dividends of living in duty, sustained in which. I'll even have my own entourage of a team of advisors, who will be paid for their work including consulting, which will be expansively connecting, as a result of such activities. An MP I think once said something to the effect that he was declining office, serving in such a public way, so that he could focus more on politics, and was it he was retiring from politics to do more politics. So perhaps I am an incipient policy superstar. I was always fond of the economist of the heyday, admired shrewd wording with implications revealing nothing much, assurance of bases, how you hang on to every word like the POTUS but even more shrewdly. Of course, I'll have to be rich to afford public service philanthropy seemingly. Getting on anyone else's payroll seems to make like private contributions and owing people, plus if you're just a volunteer, but not any volunteer you seem less threatening and you can say what you like perhaps for the most part, but for the fear of economic-related tremblings.

And I suppose if that period of life doesn't count as some kind of service nationwide because well being President is I hear 'not an entry-level position, well hopefully I'll gain the experience, and I've done a bit of cheerleading with people in my time in the non-profit sector, personally lives. For right now though, you'll find me paying my dues. Parsing and through. And one day if I survive perhaps I will be working with you, collaborating in the techniques and approaches to some decent review of implementation. At least now I don't have to worry about residency requirements. Strategically, providing support is more synergistically of an approach; I actually don't give a damn in that sense of co-opting, it's really about helping get things done that ought be enacted, I suppose that might make a person (like a governor, or all governors) look good or bad depending on the seeming view (including view(s)) of the constituency. Whatever, it seems, and yet the formal essay still eludes me. I'll keep working if I do. Not that I do anything, really. I like collaborative efforts though I sift through shit all the time but there's sometime a usefulness to it, I take what I can and it exposes me to more acquisition terms in natural language and to the issues even if they're discussed seemingly heavily unreasonably. I feel trapped in the body. But if I succumb to some shooting, not sure if I'll really ever be free.

Don't you worry child see:

My life is so weird not really it's really perhaps applicable talent, for worthwhile things

Politics and every practicing action of art in life consists of the immediacy of priorities conveyance of the sense outward to all other themes of everything. But how does one know which task to perform at every instant and in what way, what approaches to take because that means who to leave bleeding, and for how long grieving and suffering doth make. Well, perhaps heeding some voice of higher consciousness, some Spirit directing every little action, every little thing aspects here, but rarely is the desire incipient, and rarely even the partially do, ever reach such fulfillment and role of duty, entirely complete at least in the offing. In politics, you choose with oversight of public resources who to leave to die, and who indirectly or however much directly who to send off to possibly die. But really, people don't heed it seems as they ought. And one can't really assume the responsibility unless it is taken on, but then blood on your hands is bought even if it's not your fault per se. You are taking on a job where public resources spent cannot alleviate all problematic existence of seeming suffering, and cannot meet every need. It's like failure before starting. Strange thing. It's the mess we're in here, but still serving because of duty, if you're really called to your position and even if you're not then the responsibility it entails in its duties, the position being yours now, however much prepared, equipping is required that you do or do not have as much as it was and is under your control, and it will fall to you beside you in lacking.

But really, as for me, to answer why practice the art of politics, the hardest of all, perhaps really there wasn't anything better for me to do considering the talents perhaps that are bestowed (developing the refining, increasingly in varying matters perhaps and light as the fall), and are distributed to fall away, left by the wayside after all and not in such fall.

so 8 months of u.s. and world geography and 2-3 years more for in-depth state analysis, as well as additional domestic and foreign affairs concerns (implications legislatively, economically, fiscally, etc) moving (inclined residency requirements, gubernatorial, staff pre & post marriage sometime possible, impossible without by 6 years also education pursuits both personal academic (finish up to law school level perhaps) and professional, exposure and purview to areas as necessary, oh and get really rich somehow

start party recorded around 3 am (A thousand miles...)

The Independence Party

For Better America

#‎yep‬ in 6 years we'll see how life including a real prospect of a career and support goes ('So maybe in 6 years I'll try to establish The Independence Party but we won't be looking to be garnering any strategic positions in Congress :) I forfeit it seems before beginning there :) but i odn't mind co-opting anyone :) if only informally

& for the future if it it shall be: *cue

#lolsandtearssomuchjudgementunnecessary it seems pirating fora coup detat and the rent is not and is too damn high thx to vegetarians " It’s time to write your platform, find some candidates to run for office and find them secret lovers with whom to have completely deniable love children. " wtf how moralist sexist and crazyist


piece of theorising unmanageable shit (let's hope so and not)

inflatable bubble hmm

‪#‎maybe‬ only in america,sigh:)

sad that we need protests but poor convention is not morally right either: don't attack the arts in protest, nor the seeming rich, or wealthier for everyone has responsibility higher or not, whatever happened gandhi's techniques some of them anyway, usually this doesn't involve disrupting highway service which gives everyone a headache but doesn't win anyone quite to your cause, and you must let them choose and wait for some external force of goodwill to intervene else wait for never, forever mostly hear, subjugating forces are what are used by the powers that be, the ones you seem to be combating, don't copy them or imitate unsubversively truly

an oldie from this year (or when i had a cold forgive teh informalities appearance tone otherwise a 'modern aspect review of MLK Jr's i have a dream speech perhaps in part originating from Truth

forgive me for the language i won't be using in 6 years


There should be a political think tank committee dedicated to Better Jobs for Americans, there should also be an oversight committee for Better System of Taxation as well as one for Revenue Expenditure Allocations. Obviously, stealth has its place, but I really never know what the goals are the tangible targets, and what they're executing. I mean there must have been some sort of New Deal committee and you could see well construction efforts, at least you kind of knew the layout of the plan and see, this is what we're working toward even if the target wasn't so specific and apparent to the American public. I mean the public doesn't need to know, not even the details of the major impediments and threats, to goals and targets (but really they need explicit things like the target is to reduce the unemployment rate by x% by such and such time in 8 months by introducing these programs and through fiscal spending here; the public doesn't even need to know about how much more revenue that will generate to offset the spending, etc. But really, advance and the reform of work, taxes (revenue generation) and spending. Not just fiddling with percentages and whatever promises of reduction. Tangible steps, execution, and results. Advancement leaves some sort of trail, smoke and tragedy is mostly what the atmosphere is to the mind's eye. Some things collaborate however the extent, underperforming or exceeding performance target expectations, if certain parts don't work, or don't work as well, research findings and adjust the tack, directive. Report when, there's actual tangible results to report, or adjusting initiative, rendering public support. Congress has its own headache, I expect a staff committee in the White House to focus on these issues. Where are they and what the fuck are they doing, piddling it seems, on issues such as these amongst others. Firefighting, perhaps, moping and rather disorganised and overworked and underworked.

There are plenty of things that need repair in America, fiscal spending that would be useful in provisioning work in the short-term and the long-term in terms of prospects for projects and programs. The reform and advancement will start with the work culture offering in the government system. The employment site system will adapt to reflect these new positions. In the meantime, I spend my days with 'political connecting, which really is like identifying talent leaders in the US and worldwide to oversee public needs such as these, delineating their responsibilities. There are bountiful 'irrelationships that could be strongly connected with various people and groups of people, work efforts understanding, supportive as needed (such as in the world realm of aid and development), and global activities awareness in general without unnecessary intervention. Leaders for such 'committees are needed as well as over these sets of interrelated matters concentrating on specific areas, insight of influences to others. It seems at times I come up against these walls of rejection. Someone may have the talent, or may have it acquired, or a rather auspicious background, interest, what have you but still reject the idea of taking on an oversight or observer position seemingly rejecting perhaps a position that they have been built up for. Of course, I look for potential staff members at all levels including in supervisorial roles and also philosopher-minded roles to support as sort of a vision role, then there are also the political outside consultants who can lend their expertise for a fee, who have experienced varying degrees of success in their respective occupational areas in various fields (e.g. academia, sciences, etc,.) including research and investment in educational, and vocational programs.

I understand it's unlikely for those who are exceptionally well-off and productive in their fields would be a good fit to work as a full-time political staff member, cost-benefit analysis wise. Of course in any field it seems avarice may be a motivator, but it ought not be primary in concern. But still, the search continues. If I suppose it does and is made more formal several years from now the public will be more aware of such opportunities available for service. But really it's parsing, the potential members I believe do exist, collaborating already and yet perhaps disparate in disassembling, but neglecting service when it is upon you including whatever preparations ought be taken beforehand of knowledge review and training seemingly is dastardly, and it seems without external force intervening mostly that is the state we would find ourselves in, regrettably however much or not, for ourselves and each other, everyone really or perhaps not.

In review, politics is legislation (using legislative means, and the process), upholding proper law (inviolable spirit of the law court permissible), and good policy (origination: and the same good idea may come from seemingly a few places or interact together better with synergy and initiation; enactment staggered as appropriate). A politician practices the art of politics which draws from basic knowledge of every art, such as defense, production (manufacturing technological aspects), origination of raw materials, transport, distribution channels, etc., and is responsible for caring for the well-being of people, for without knowledge of how a person's livelihood is supported by the practicing of all the arts, how can a person care for their well-being, avarice is anathema to this end. One cannot pursue an agenda of arrogance; there will always be failing in one's duty to the public whether in the form of permitting others to continue flailing to worsening effect and degree or permitting them to die, which is a passive kind of murdering it seems, whether prosecutable in the court of law or not. So with higher responsibility, and the arrogance it seems man is permitted to be harboring in his heart, politicians come to be most dangerous whether they are assigned or rather assign themselves liberty.

What is their role? That of public defender, advocate for freedom; not their opinion of freedom but that which can be upheld in the court of law, evidence contributionally linked as such one cannot criminalise all alleged immorality. But they forget these things or pretend to and do not really, when like most men with any position of any kind they cling to the arrogance over the beneficiality and munificence of reason.

considering the rate my 'friends'friendsofriends on facebook are getting married, interesting why is the divorce rate so high actually it's probably not high enough:

most ppl marry out of avarice and fear: marry other ppl whose long-term life purposes and plans do not match with theirs, selfishness of fear and arrogance also plague those couples who are compatible so it seems to look quite the same a percentage of both divorce really they ought never have married in the first place whatever and if they stay married those who are unmatched they will not reach past their confines fulfillment the duty but they chose fear to stay it seems and some marry ppl they ought not have gotten involved with at all never gone out on a date with in the first place such rebellion the fear only leads to resentment and fear more

i used to think i knew my life plans and purposes i used to think it was easy to find someone to fit those reasonably so but i was wrong on both counts those who say they believe do not hear and so barely can we agree on such fundamental freedom including politically dear

oh, religion because god was taken out of schools my god isn't it useful not to introduce every religious or 'non-religious philosophy in school tender age much to get bogged down by possible conspiracies and what not, too much contention anyway and the parents of various sects and non-sects possibly will be angry more and more division if you take out God from everywhere perhaps he wouldn't want his name to be that would be useful really if He is He is everywhere let's pledge allegiance to morality rather than an inanimate object under which god or delusion of a god naturalism really corrupt is the system let ppl pray mediate contemplate usually properly is done privately wherever place they might be school isn't for proselytizing ha it's for reasoning hypocrisy is evident when ppl 'use attempt to use god for control isn't it evident, or some symbol to exert undue control there is a difference between patriotism and manipulative technique it's called powermongering, awkward and that is some constriction restriction of liberty and not freedom at all for all

the concepts of liberty and justice are mocked in the pledge of allegiance and i sense it seems it's a very strange pledge that went against the intent of reason in the first place

mockery the freedom

in fact in god we trust can be taken off money i don't think perhaps god would be too fond of his name on money when ppl don't give a shit about how they spend it anyway for the most part it's all hypocrisy; we act like fools and then say smack on money in god we trust when we actually trust in our foolishness and try to cover it up with veneer of allegedly trusting in God but afterthought, manipulative so we can better pretend in the facade that it seems we trust in god reliant the mercy in such offence insult thrown; oh we're so POWERFUL because WE TRUST IN GOD don't you know bullshit

God's mandate or we're giving him honor and glory by such and such behavior or demarcation, right and i think i used to fall for that deceit

but that was when i was adhering to childish thinking

'politics without love, i hear, is meaningless

structurally adjusting so advocacy never ceases dumbings up of love

Politics is being a public advocate, supporting well-being and life of people including livelihoods, a public defender of sorts, someone willing to live and die for advocacy of proper beliefs ideally

But most stand for idiocy, permitting themselves and others to die by it, if not all have been in some form murdering arrogance is foolish (detractors will exploit the weakness, unprepared when you ought be, even that which comprises of the unpreparable seemingly, weakening the assessment skills and god help the man who stands by his idiocy, or let him fall to the politic
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
I spent most of my life with a heart sinning, unrefined, in need of sanctification of my motives as they were not pure.

Now that it seems that they are I still feel lost but perhaps a different kind.

Apparently, it is a possible reality to stop sinning entirely if one heeds the voice of God at every instant asking his Spirit what would be beneficial todo as led by His Spirit.
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
I think we were made for good, but having failed and not really being able to fathom anything in its entirety I would say an absolute moral force is good, so good is good, and perhaps that is all that matters and remains as it is
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Someone once called me Copernicus, maybe it's because I'm the Son-centric model of the universe

A draft for a personal ad:a real-ass personal ad, entitled

I'm a bitch

I'm a bitch, I was a bitch, I was a bitchass cunt bitch I was a bitch I am a bitch Was I a bitch I am a cunt bitchin' cunt bitchin' ass bitch bitch cunt bitch

It seems people notice what God reveals to them or what their own heart reveals to them which is nothing at all.

I would rather them not 'notice me perhaps at all unless beneficial.

Then God can also make some 'circumstance not originally beneficial and derive benefit.

Even though the attending effects of evil may be curtailed or mitigated evil is an affront to good.

And it is as if that affront always remains as it was when it was elicited.
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This is like 'noticing' first things, though arguably one's human faculties notice nothing with absolute certainty nor in entirety and if one does not recognise love, what else? And when one does, oh, Hell and again, no certainty other than Reality and yet it seems to escape me; Denial of truth, is such a radical thing, stubbornhearted and delusion is a possible thing if past error exists or one's mind is constrained by a lack of omniscience

Confessions of an idiot:

It seems the purported idolatry of 'myself' as God is dead. So god is dead in terms of 'god' being my old self, in its entirety though it seems the past drags here lingering for my sins trail behind me, though apart from my 'new past.

God is dead in the hearts of men who do not honor him by not sinning at all anymore if they ever sinned at all, as if sin could be qualified by the word sin, beyond multitudinous as it may or may not be including referred to as.

We never know what people are saying taking offense unnecessarily if we think we do. God may give revelation, but one cannot cast judgement upon a man as it is not necessarily one's role nor the time nor the place, etc.

If God says take offense then take offense if God says release it release it take no more be not angry in depth or degree, intensity more or less than required. How can one be so fairly measured without entirely being led in every sense of movement/graduation by the voice of the Spirit of God instant to instant.

A (personal shittest: errors of mine own commission or omission ihope never again) review.

It seems a film 'God's Not Dead' has caught my attention and it seems God is telling me that He thinks that parts (or all of it is unnecessarily abrasive, heavy-handed, one-sided, and misleading in its characterizations of 'people' including those who are 'Christians' (portrayed as flawless, dude where's your shit?) 'atheists' (my gawd, because 'Christians' aren't as evil) and those who worship Allah (oh my gawd, plz not straw mannin' it again since only 'Christians' practice tolerance/adhere to any justifiable ideals). Ugh. What have I learned it seems about so-called 'Christians' from 'watching the trailer 'reading reviews and its 'wikipedia article?

1) They commit the error of speaking evil by repeating the lines of an ill-written script

2) They are holier than thou, portraying themselves as reasonable whilst enacting unreasonable behavior; I felt like I was 'watching or 'reading about some witch-hunt against so-called atheists or whomever like they were attempting or in actuality 'taking retaliation into their own hands by going after the archetype of the pretentious philosophy professor insinuating all sorts of crap like seriously why was the dude fucking asian who stood up and said 'god's not dead OMG and everyone else 'pandered' for a grade shit haha what a fucking affront what a fucking affront WOW haha did so-called 'Christians' call everyone else cowards? holy shit - what the hell was that production? it was such a feeble attempt at sticking up for god who btw needs no fucking defense and doesn't tell ppl to stick their noses in shit they shouldn't get involved in

3) They are unnecessarily combative; this includes 1) & 2) their rhetoric and reasoning when it's not of God really sucks, putting God on trial? WTF? oi vey, not that again the DUMASS wagon, bc seriously God seems to be tellingme that NO ONE heeding God would have gotten involved in this film; it's a terrible fucking witness and the fact that so many 'Christians' went out and watched it is like a fucking indictment on them NO did holy spirit tell you to go support a film with behavior that makes hatred towards the idiocy of so-called 'Christians' justifiable? Hate the goddamn sinning idiocy and love the goddamn idiot. Yea whatever. Except everyone always hates the idiot until they stop hating (Good).

Oh P.S. in the trailer(?) what was that? Jesus is God? WTF what is this fukin idolatry of Jesus which is what the term 'Christian' is used abusively as, OMGfuk

*diesfor the shit (the error) was all mine
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
Being guarded by mercy seemingly that's more than six, or one, or less
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.

Metaphor for living.

Re-entering a production of sorts. Performances scheduled, performances to attend. Whom I might meet. Who we might meet. Strange encounters. Past sins. Seeming memories. Recollections not always or perhaps ever what they seem, other than perhaps metaphorically, and even then some kind of partial envisioning

Even if we die consciously when our bodies seemingly fail. Even if there is no soul of ours that lives on still with regard to duty it remains here: love.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Thinking of my past iniquities. Regretting them considerably, however much 'considerably is, well perhaps if I had given 'enough of a damn I would never have committed them in the first place.

One Summer Again and Again

As quickly as they come they go
They're too busy getting drunk to really flow
I've got nothing else they need to know
Drivin' around fast but they go slow, ever so slow
Because they don't give a damn, no
And I go back to shopping alone with only you
The words you wrote playin' overhead
Falling here in the undertow, not enough
Let it go
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!

Uh, it seems god told me the above song is fr or flawless robotic which means he wrote the words :P haha is baby Holy Spirit? AHHA:P*dies robotic means the creation of it was robotic, ie the soundscape is as he desires it at leaston the surfature of presentation the inward heart of those whom he worked through not so (not flawless, not pure)

yep, god hits me everytime:Pholyspiritisalwaysonpoint marksmanship par excellence and .. yea i still believe i guess gimme a sign lol and explain it to me if you will:)they're aroundallthetime

I am as transparent as shit. Shit is quite transparent seemingly if it is what it is. What is shit?

Shit and shit and shit and shit

Ok, a la the rose:

1st Shit: poo
2nd shit: stuff
3rd shit: resultant of what God does with stuff including poo
4th shit: glory of God afterward

These days I admit whatever is beneficial to admit. Though I do not fathom it, how it has been writ, how it is writ, the effect of my admission and how things fall in or out of place surrounding or in accordance with it.

Every word is like a juncture, part of a flow, a tirade for evil or for good.
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