34 San Diego, CA
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My self-summary
I'm a dork... a complete and total dork. And I'm super random... I will discuss the cardiac conduction pathways of normal sinus rhythm and then turn around and debate Game of Thrones plotlines.

I love to laugh, have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy, and actually enjoy the little things in life- none of which (I am told) is apparent upon first glance. I'm old school in many ways, but love my career and am very driven.
Wow- now that I have actually typed this, I can see that I'm pretty much a walking contradiction... and it's all true =)

Based on numerous conversations I have had with guy friends and their BAD online dating experiences (we call these dates "decept-a-cons") I have decided to add a little Public Service Announcement (of girl friend advice) to help you guys avoid the deceptacon epidemic that has hit this site:
1. Please stop posting pics of yourselves next to your car wearing every piece of jewelry you own- and then wonder why all you meet is gold diggers and hoes.
2. The shirt off pics in the bathroom mirrors are lame. They make you look desperate. I know this has probably offended some of you and for that I am sorry but it had to be said.
3. Don't use the term "DTF" in your profile. We know you are. If you weren't, we'd think you were gay.
4. Don't post pics of yourself from 100 lbs ago! You guys love to accuse the ladies of doing this but you do it too! Also, don't post pics from your "days in the service" knowing damn well you discharged 8 years ago! Believe me, in person we know the difference.
5. Never, EVER talk money with a chick on the first couple of dates or inquire about her financial woes... Unless you're into the whole sugardaddy/trickin thing (in which case, I know a few women who would LOVE to hear from you...)
6. Always be straight up with your intentions- if you are just wanting to hook-up... Many women are into that and will appreciate your honesty. If not, expect drama.-hell hath no fury like a woman who has done the walk-of-shame and doesn't get a call back (when you acted like you wanted more). I have had guy friends fear for their pets/own lives after making this mistake.
7. Beware of the "aerial shot" (when a chick holds the camera up as high over her head as she can and looks up for the pic). Think about it, the only time this shot is ever used is for GROUP photos or pictures of large areas of land.
8. (LASTLY) Be cautious of the face shots (yes, I'm aware mine is of my face...) Because that can go either way. On a related note, I will be updating my pics soon to include a body shot (clothed! Lol). When I looked at my profile I realized that if I was a guy, I would probably think I was fat based on these pics! Lol
SIDE NOTE: never ask a girl if she is fat based on her pics. When have you ever heard a big chick say "yeah, I'm huge!"??- it doesn't happen. Go about it
subtly and do some investigation: ask her where she shops (stores are good indicators), what she does for fun, where she likes to eat, etc... When in doubt, send her a facebook friend request.
Everyone has tons of pics there and you can see if all of her check-ins are food related.
*Hope this help!*

Now, here's my info:
Hi everyone. Hmmmm, about me: I have a very busy work schedule that is constantly changing (and I work nights), so I created this account for me to see what is out there. In general, I hate the whole dating process. So many people think it's about playing games and getting the upper hand emotionally and physically... really not my thing.

I love meeting new people who are genuine, honest, and confident. I have been told that I am very funny and love a sense of humor in others (mine's random, I'm sarcastic, goofy, and sometimes have the humor or a 15-year-old boy). I have great appreciation for the simple things in my life... like when my bulldog does something goofy or a patient thanks me for helping them. These little moments mean that no matter how much my day sucks, there's always a little it of joy in it.

In general, I feel for guys that are dating out there right now. Things aren't like they used to be... women now are just as trifling as some men.

Anyway, I was very opposed to this whole online dating thing, but after being lovingly forced into it, I can see some advantages...

Random info about me:

*im a total dog person. In fact, I have a 110 lb American Bulldog.

*i love going to the range

*i can cook my ass off

*im bilingual, and also know a little bit of mandarin and a little sicilian (only bad

*im pretty old-fashioned. I think that a lot of women complain about men not "stepping up to the plate and acting like men", but many times these same women spend the majority of their day critisizing/emasculating the man that they're with. Obviously, no man's gonna want to treat you like a lady if you treat him like a b****. I believe in letting a man be a man. I'm very opinionated, and I believe in being equals in a relationship, but I also know that publically it's important to let your man be the one "ruling the roost". This philosophy has actually helped me greatly interpersonally and is probably the reason that I am still on good terms with exes. I have found that typically if a woman is willing to show her man respect, appreciation, and loyalty, a good man will do the same.

*im pretty random... I know a lot of random facts on a weird array of subjects. Everything from in-depth medical information to pimpin'.

*Relationship-wise, there really isn't a set criteria for what I'm looking for. It depends on the person, our dynamic, etc. I am certainly into taking my time to really getting to know someone (and having fun with them) before considering a relationship. I love meeting people who have a diverse array of friends and interests. Being able to hold a good conversation is my only "must"... My ideal date would be funny, obviously happy with where they are in life (or on their way to realizing their dreams), knowledgeable, a little silly, undercover nerdy (like me) and honest. I really don't care what you do for a living, what your credit score is, or how much money you have in the bank. As long as you are self-sufficient and happy, we're good =)

Anything else, just ask :)

**Please note: I'm not going to send you more pics of me. I have heard that some other women has been quick to send mass emails with their goodies out there for the world to see. For this reason, I mostly blame them for the misconception that all of us do that.... um, no. Any woman with an ounce of self-respect isnt going to start spamming pics of her vaj. So please don't email me requesting more pictures, money shots, or asking if I "like giving h***"... I can promise you that you will never find out if you approach me that way. I don't mean to be too blunt, but I'm hoping to curb some of the weird, annoying, and sometimes hopelessly sad emails that I get (and prevent you from getting carpel tunnel).
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a Wellness Director / nurse at a facility here in San Diego... LOVE my job. I was an accountant for 7 years before I made the career change.
I'm also the mother to a beautiful 13-year-old son... my mommy life and dating life are two completley seperate things, but I think it still warrants a mention on my profile.
I’m really good at
cooking!! I love to cook (it's a sicilian thing), making people laugh, nursing (I have been told I'm an amazing nurse), boxing, I'm a fantastic travel companion, and I have the ability to have fun anywhere (I think that's a skill!), anything involving accounting (interesting, huh?), and holding conversation.

Things I suck at:
golfing (worst golfer you will ever meet in your life... practically banished from Riverwalk), driving (I know, I know...)
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically: my eyes, my smile, or my chest/curves
Within 10 minutes of meeting me: my sense of humor, my laugh, and my ability to hold a conversation.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Brave New World, The Art of War, In the Meantime, The Help and Choke.
Movies: Step Brothers, The Hangover, Old School, Scarface, Bridesmaids, Dawn of the Dead
Shows: The Sopranos, The Office, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy, Hell's Kitchen, Game of Thrones.
Music: Frank Sinatra, Barrington, JayZ, Tupac, anything west coast, Phil Collins, 80's music, Nirvana... yeah, my ipod looks like a
Food: Sushi, Italian, Mexican...
The six things I could never do without
...aside from my obvious answers like my son and my bulldog?
1: my android
2: a good book to read
3: lotion (I'm obsessive about it)
4: my ipod
5: apple slices with peanut butter (my favorite)
6: a great bra
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how incredibly blessed I am.
On a typical Friday night I am
either out with my girls having a nice dinner and catching up on life, spending time with my amazing family, or relaxing at home with my bulldog, catching up on our favorite shows (she likes Grey's Anatomy, too).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
... email me and ask. Once I get to know someone, I'm pretty blunt so most likely you'll get an answer.
You should message me if
* single
* able to hold a good conversation
* you are who you say you are in your profile (pls. don't post any pics for 100lbs ago! Not cool! Guys do it too!!)
* you don't have baby mama drama
* you're happy with where you are in your life right now
* you're not looking to just hook-up
* you actually have the time to be dating someone.
* you don't have any of the following in the trunk of your car: rope, tape, shovel, zip ties, a tarp...anything that would be considered a rape kit.
* you have never been perscribed psych meds and decided not to take them because "it made me feel like a different person" (medical science is telling you that you NEED to feel like a different person, duh!)
* you have never had someone put a restraining order on you.