39 Cairns, Australia
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My self-summary
a nomad… i have travelled 6 out of 7 continents. when i'm not tripping over myself in a rainforest, swimming in the company of sharks, dolphins or piranha, shooting (camera) wildlife, scuba diving in oceans, rafting down rivers and skinny dipping in lakes or waterfalls, getting lost on the slopes of a lesser known mountain, living with tribal societies, hanging off cliffs or jumping off airplanes, i'm a student of anthropology and economics, an environmentalist, (think- plant trees not vegan) mediocre mountaineer and organic farmer. yes i know its quite boring work really, a space shuttle technician (IT guy) i'm certainly not. one more thing i am maybe is a wannabe minimalist... less is more

a bunch of folks ask me, why i do what i do,
there is something about the earth that touches my senses differently, its an emotion i cant really put my finger on, i feel differently when i work the land for a living over sitting at a desk in a box with a keyboard, its as close as i could get possibly with being at peace, farming though it doesnt pay much, provides me with that greater sense of equanimity which i consider worthy of my life.

a distant second could be playing with my dogs.
What I’m doing with my life
2015 november climbing in indo-tibetan himalaya, feb march - was Diving in maldives & lanka

dec jan, i'm just finished climbing in Antartica, set foot on the south pole and was travelling through patagonia, and the southern hemisphere.

2014 in september and october was Diving & Climbing in remote Papua, was traversing canyon country climbing rainier & denali through may & june,
2013 Africa, (the serengeti made me a wildlife photographer), climbing in the caucasus & in remote tibet.
2012, Andes and the Amazon,
2011, Himalayas and before that - growing trees, working on renewable energy projects & living it up,

really well; oh also, pottering about with studying my subjects, getting back to being a student after 20 years is not easy, but it is very interesting, reading a little, cycling a little to keep off the extra weight and observing the world sometimes from behind the lense of a camera, worrying about finding the right somebody to make babies with, (a woman who will be attractive yet simple and complete & leave me alone - yea rite quit dreaming) - life sorta floats on...

why am i on cupid ?

The problem I had to contend with and still am is there's a paucity of genuine people out there I'm socially awkward and my success & or failure has led me to live a life of relative anonymity and isolation I don't have too many friends and at my age it's harder to find people who agree with my sensibilities.

That's why some friends forced me to get on Cupid. Here I find people have bigger problems than me or are just plain "dumb" euphemism for immature, silly or stupid. It is what I call my piece of online therapy. Schadenfreude Works for some...

perspective, A lot of the heavy lifting is deciding what you are about, getting your ideas in order and going from a general idea to a specific objective. For me, that’s always been kind of a mysterious process, partly intuitive, partly from what you see and experience. i think i have it partially figured out.
I’m really good at
being irritating,

i like to sip coffee with strangers, i have hope though, that i will learn a thing or two from complete strangers, i hope to encourage folks to slow down to share, to tell stories, to laugh, to inspire, not just when its politically correct but anyplace and anytime with anyone.
The first things people usually notice about me
my hair, its long enough now, the dimples when i smile,

my madness

why do you climb these death defying mountains she asked, to be as close to my natural instincts i replied, what do you mean, climbing upwards is a natural human instinct and to live between fear and survival is nature at its best and has been part of human nature thru millenia. To get as close to it, to embrace it passionately, to love it, to savor it, to survive it is the human condition i prefer...

messner says, mountains offer us a chance to experience what it was like a hundred thousand years ago when humans were wild animals and not dependent on society.

to expose myself, to climb a mountain, to dive deep into the sea and to see the other side, gives my life perspective.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
plenty, let me give you a taste....

movies by; guy ritchie, martin scorsese, christopher nolan of course woody allen and danny boyle -

authors; V S Naipaul, Robert Pirsig. Walter Issacsson i've handled profound things, but well its not necessarily part of my eclectic tastes -

music; floyd, straits, sting, jazz, pop -

food; indian tandoori, argentinian asado, african nyama choma, south east asian stir fry, russian shashliks and so on and on -

but dont go by the stereotypes, i prefer intelligence & character in my food and entertainment, no song and danceathons for me. i love spice in food.
The six things I could never do without
a) nature
b) reading
c) stimulating conversation
d) exercise - swimming, walking or weights
e) farming its more like loving...
f) my phone, computer, camera etc (yea the gadget club)

After all Schopenhauer did say "one can choose what to do but not what to want"
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the next big mountain, geography, what to eat, experimenting with my life, chaos and the universe, funny/profound things folks say or do, cultural differences, travel plans & how to leave this world better than we found it, did i say what to eat...

maybe i save my sanity by making the nakedness of the mind as sensuous as nakedness of the body, there's no luxury in restraint, i'd like to think its mind over matter...
On a typical Friday night I am
sipping scotch single malts on antartic ice

relaxing on a yacht, an island or a air plane far away from u

i take calculated risks with my life and it would help if you appreciate that for “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have and the decisions we waited too long to take.”
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
pssssst, i get turned on by tall women with long hair and fabulous bodies (yea rite - who doesnt)

too much mindless chatter over the internet and phones turns me off

i was married (we were together 10 years, many of them happy, now divorced)
You should message me if
if you are kind, laughingly self deprecating, appreciate art, are curious about the possibility of a mutually respectful and appreciative relationship, you feel an emptiness you cant put your finger on and think a coffee or a walk with me may help you figure some perspective or a new direction to take... also if you speak humor & sarcasm (i'm fluent).

disclaimer; seems most women near where i am, hang out on this site for picture gazing, idle chatter, trolling - nothing more, in any case, i'm looking for cool new friends and maybe a intimate friend. an ideal person i would like to get intimate with is a level headed, strong, independent woman who could have kids with me, bond emotionally yet leave me alone, in this place, i may not want to rush something if we dont connect, i'm happy being friends, am not looking to jump into bed or marriage & have no immediate special plans for the future...

its hard enough in life anyways when, you dont want the attention you get and dont get the attention you desire. SO, if your not upto taking this further (no phone call / meeting / pictures or getting to know more about each other) and want to waste away time chatting on cupid (only), please give me the go-by. there are other idiots here (desperate young thrusters) who shall - may i say, keep you suitably entertained.

why ?

oh well ok, here we go, i dont see it going anywhere and dont understand the point in engaging this anonymity after a while with a nameless faceless person who i have no clue about, or if i'm going to engage any mutual value from. its just very uncomfortable for me, its like talking to a woman in a burkha, no eye contact, no voice, no face; very dehumanising, cant explain it more. I prefer not to meet anybody until i know who it is and what it is for, which is not possible without exchanging a few phone calls, some personal details and maybe pictures or some such - a mutual level of comfort. its not like i expect too much, i know 99% its going to be very hard finding someone i want to make a part of me, but thats not my only intent in the first place, my intent here and now is just to know if there is a possibility of mutual respect, to the degree of making some transparent conversation, it happens sometimes, doesnt mostly...

& if your ok with dating a guy who travels, truth be told this site okc has yielded nothing so far...