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My self-summary
Self summary...

[some inner editing must be done before You'd continue reading. details, what were not mentioned previously
- from and currently living/studying in Budapest
- loves travelling, so would probably change all time the "Where"
- tends to forget to finish sentences and not just in writing...
about the others? You'll find out later. If. Can continue now: ]

I am not good at it - or at least not in deciding what to sum up about me.
I am small. Though I need big spaces. Like the World, the Universe, the souls of others, and hugs.
I am hard at making decisions. And I am a really "depends-on-my-mood".
And my life could be described as a list of assosiacions. At least I would do this way. :)
I am "blessed" with (not) having the worst memory ever... :P Really, it is confusing sometimes, that I act like an 80 year old lady would without getting her cavington pills...

I am fond of colours. In all ways. On walls, paintings, in clothes, flowers, even voices. And in people.
I believe in people, in the "elemental" humans, living with the same souls, in several parts of this World.
If I should choose a "religion" I would say that I have faith in Pangea of souls, of people. Living in one continent of feelings, and dreams. In their creations, bridges, and gods.

I am keen on dancing. This is a very important part of my life. And even if I am not an expert of dance - tried and was member of danceschools, but competing is not my world -,
It is a special, an own expression of my feelings, meaning about World, and the world within me. I feel myself one with the universe, and it is a teraphy for me, solving any kind of problems.
My real side can be found - seen - felt dancing...
In music gypsy music and folk world I really could find myself. Like on a wave I just get on and

I believe in love. [On the ryhtm of Katie Melua's same titled song. :)]
Not only for people. For *one human*. But for the whole World, for the Life we live in. I am madly in love with Life.
We are all lovers here. And make love with/in every movement of ours, phisically or spiritually. Because love starts in ourselves. Not for *someone*, but for Everyone, and it concentrates more and more to S/He, as Time requires.

Important: This summer I'm working in the State of Minnesota, that's why I've got Annandale in my personal informations, but I'm Hungarian, living in Budapest.
PAST. - summer of 2010.

"I am the one worse leaving..." :)
What I’m doing with my life
living it!
Study. Work. Lose and win. All day.
(Trying to) Get to know the World.

I like to travel as much as my possibilities let me.

Atm: On my way. Home.
I’m really good at
smiling? :) and confusing other people, with or without it.
Dancing, laughing, living...
talking a lot, mostly when it's not really required. :P

The first things people usually notice about me
Smile, I think. "It would be weird seeing you without a smile" my friend said once... :)
And I hope and more, want not be noticed by the height, because it might be the first what one's eyes catch, but not something what will be remarkable in the further descriptions of a person.
So WILL NOT add being tiny as a first thing...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'll never be able to write anything what would be perfect for that question... I am not a favouriting-type...
It's a random thing, titles come and go in my head, but the scenes... And even if I would start typing... I could not do it without leaving anything out of that list...

I like movies and books with smell of life, I guess. Autographs and biographs from other people's. It's not because I like "secrets" of others, more that I like to see / watch how lives of different people can be and maybe comparing. When I read and see them, I feel like having a conversation with others, about others, about themselves. In an other, special way.

I could not say that I have special / favourite authors, and I choose quiet randomly.
Like I travel, I read. In different places, about different topics, from different stories and people.
I search for myself in every book. Even if it is about the Sun.
The six things I could never do without
Oxygen, kilometres, emotions, dance- especially at concerts, pen and one more [secret].
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Not thinking - but living. :)
On a typical Friday night I am
Reeeeelaxing! On the bed, at the floor, on the dancefloor, in the cinema, on the street, in the embraces of my freinds, talking, walking, running, smiling! What just comes to my mind and for what I have time.
Sometimes just daydreaming about having that night out... :)
Like in exam periods - when studying for exams. :P
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ha-ha! (Won't tell anyone!)

Seriously... I don't like admitting, it says that I'm being full of secrets... And I don't think about myself that way.
You should message me if feel like it!
And if you want to get an answer to it! : )
...or if i seemed interesting to you, but anyway if you did, it does not matter if i write it or not... ;P