26 Chicago, IL
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My self-summary
Habitual cyclist • Occasional swing dancer • Incessantly curious
Logan Square

If I weren't a front-end web designer-developer, I would undoubtedly be in the field of psychology. Exploring the complexities of others, and helping people develop are passions of mine. Those willing to expose their vulnerabilities are the most attractive.

I'd love to find someone that felt at home wrestling, climbing trees, singing songs, cuddling, playing tabletop games, keeping up with the world, and exchanging witty banter. (Bonus points if she's got a nice booty. Hah.) The sort of people I hang around have nerdy get-togethers, rather than big parties. Here are some other concepts you may find enjoyable:

Intersectional feminist • Secular Humanist • Analytical • Responsible • Snarky • Sex-positive • Liberal • Unconventional • Designer • Beer snob—though I've never been interested in drinking
What I’m doing with my life
I’m really good at
Dating profiles. Obviously.
The first things people usually notice about me
When we're all comfortable-like, you notice these things: I tease a lot, which requires remembering a decent amount about what you've said; I work to channel my anxious tendencies into being thoughtful (and dope-ass gifts); I'm a bit of a perfectionist.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I find it's much easier to connect to well-rounded characters, especially when their stories are interactive or I'm allowed to peer into their thoughts. Video games are more fun for me than film, but it helps if I can discuss the movie with someone afterward. And cuddle.

Comics: Saga, Y: The Last Man, Ms Marvel, Astro City, Sex Criminals, East of West, Watchmen

Tabletop Games: Netrunner, Abyss, Kemet, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Star Realms, Terra Mystica

Music: Kendrick Lamar, Warpaint, Danny Brown, Janelle Monáe, The National, Childish Gambino, Eisley, Tegan and Sara, Kayne West, Purity Ring, Social Studies, Portugal. The Man, Queen

NPR Radio Shows: Planet Money, All Things Considered, Ask Me Another, This American Life, Invisibilia
I spend a lot of time thinking about
• The staggering amount of people that strongly prefer to date someone of their own race. Oh well.

• When fingering someone, it's generally accepted as a poor time to mention puppetry; but: come on…

• Why so many girls I like are into Lord of Rings, Doctor Who, and/or Harry Potter—not that I'm against either franchise in the least. (Ravenclaw all day, son.)

• The difficulty of knowing who has a nice butt online.

• Is my profile too long? Probably.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
• There have been a number of times wherein I've gently swung around a dinner knife at a toaster saying, “Accio bagel”. Or maybe it's more of a flick and a swish?

• When I’m getting ready in the morning, I put my left shoe on second, so that I always start off on the right foot. (Yes, I start each shoe-wearing day with a pun.)

• I like exploring others' fantasies as much as the rest of their minds. And it's exhilarating when someone feels comfortable around me to allow that.
You should message me if
Are you a grammar nazi? I use semicolons in texts.

Want to talk about everything? Let’s do that over milkshakes.

Are you nearby in Chicago? I live in Logan Square.

Do you have a nice booty?

I prefer meeting, rather than talking forever, as you'll never really know what someone is truly like until you experience them fully. And why wait ages to see if there's chemistry in those first few moments?

Treat yo’self.