27 Ithaca, NY
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My self-summary
Updated 1/15/16.

I love intimacy. I love seeing others as they truly are, with their guard down. I like revealing myself and feeling accepted for my naked, true self. To be seen and to see, deeply, through the heart, is what I want from romance, love, relationships and sex.

Note: I'm polyamorous and currently have two partners. I do not consider myself "poly saturated." :)

Over the course of 2015 I traveled four months out of the year, made many new friends, visited several different eco-centered communities and fell very much in love. I moved three hours to the east to live with my new partner, and currently my husband is living with my fiancé and I.

I've been with fallen_paladin for six years. He's highly introverted, whereas I like a lot of attention, cuddling, talking, and sex. It's not in his nature to keep up with me. He really is my Paladin, and I am his Priestess.

It has been a huge relief to the strain of my relationship with fallen_paladin, as well as an exciting adventure to me to now be in love again and living with my fiancé, MobiusCastle.

Note: I have zero interest in a casual-sex relationship. I crave connection. Feeling understood is THE aphrodisiac for me.

I'm self-centered in that I'm centered and interested in my self. I am giving, in that I love to give of myself and my talents, which I do best when I center my focus around my own well-being first. I wish more people were selfish, in the sense of actually seeking the truth of themselves. (I also enjoy playing with language.)

I love authenticity and honesty, even when the honest truth is that you have an emotional problem with short people and you're madly in love with your sister. Whatever your truth is, I've lived and loved with someone crazier. The hidden parts of people are the most fascinating parts.

I enjoy reinventing myself and exploring unconscious realms. I love tracing my emotions back to the first memory, the first time I felt that way.

Consciousness Alchemy (psychology, hypnosis, shadow work, etc) fascinates me.

I'm a board game designer and illustrator. It's what I do for fun. I grew up playing video games and board games – designing them comes naturally.

This profile is like an analogy of me, where "me" is my ego. My ego is an analogy of my real me. My "real me" is an analogy of the universe. These statements are an analogy for the nature of the universe – expounding on each reality through another analogy.

[About Polyamory]

Polyamory is loving multiple people at once, completely transparently. It is about being your full self with more than one person.

This beautiful short comic shows the different relationship types very clearly, easily and quickly (please do check it out!):

After you've looked at the above comic image . . . I believe I am somewhere between polyamory hierarchy, egalitarian polyamory and relationship anarchist. It depends on whether or not we're looking at me in practice, in emotions, or in philosophy.

[Before You Write Me]

Please read the "you should message me if..." section. If you don't qualify, your message will be deleted.
What I’m doing with my life
Lately I've been getting to know myself on a deeper level than I realized was possible. I've been using an array of emotional processing techniques that delve into established physical and emotional patterns.

Consciousness Alchemy finds the root of these patterns and allows you to see and connect with the root . . . It allows you to accept and forgive yourself in ways that self-help books, talks and documentaries have not allowed me to do. (At least, not on such a scale.)

[Things I Am Doing]

Consciousness Alchemy.
Writing my life as a novel.
Designing and publishing board games.
Traveling 2 to 6 months out of each year.
Facilitating consciousness alchemy events.
Sewing myself organic cotton clothing.
Buying local, and eating organic.
I’m really good at
Consciousness Alchemy
Dancing with abandon
Expressing myself
Board games

Why I Like Board Games So Much
I get asked about this a lot. I found a great video on youtube that says exactly all that I want to say on the topic:

If you're interested, ask me about my online diary.
The first things people usually notice about me
The ribbons in my dreadlocks. They're organic cotton and they're purple!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Feel free to skip this section. I think the novels and music someone loves are more interesting after we've exchanged some messages and gotten to know each other.

Steven Brust's books, especially his "Vladimir Taltos" series
Flatland by Edwin Abbott
Karen Miller's "Kingmaker, Kingbreaker"
Naomi Novik's "Temeraire" Series
Erica Jong's "Isadora Wing" novels
Carol Berg's books, especially "Flesh & Spirit" and "Breath & Bone"
Jean Auel's "Earth Children" series
Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead"

"The Mastery of Love" by Don Miguel Ruiz
"The Hand-Sculpted House" by Ianto Evans, Michael Smith and Linda Smiley
"Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn
"The Continuum Concept" by Jean Liedloff
"Conversations with God" (the trilogy and the books that follow) by Neale Donald Walsch
"Sugar Blues" by William Dufty
Joan Grant's "Far Memory" books, biography and "Many Lifetimes"
"The Art of Happiness" by Dr. Howard Cutler and the Dalai Lama

Note: I'm not a TV person or a movie person. I like to read and to go out and get active.

Anime Movies
Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle
Ghost in the Shell: Innocence
Full Metal Alchemist

I listen to music I can dance to, relate to, meditate to or have sex to. I like things ranging from Japanese music, to folk music, to gypsy punk, to modern pop, to oldies to lots of stuff.

Mostly I like good conversation.

Indian classical is the only music I can listen to for hours without becoming annoyed or depressed by the music. Unless I'm dancing, I love, love dancing for hours!

Pomegranates! I love fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and all the incredibly creative things that can be done with them. I used to make gourmet specialty health foods as part of my business and lifestyle. However, now I aim to eat more simply.

I tend to eat thawed organic raspberries with raw goat milk for breakfast, then for lunch I might have a smoothie with frozen blueberries, strawberries and raw goat milk.

For dinner I'll have a big salad with spring mix, sauerkraut and/or avocado, nori and/or dried olives, minced apple, minced almond and/or flax oil, green powder and/or a blend of spices such as coriander, cumin, thyme, fennel and black pepper.

These are just examples – it changes with the season.
The six things I could never do without

My Six Favorite Activities

1. Public Speaking
2. Consciousness Alchemy
3. Board Games
4. Dancing and/or Sex
5. Swimming in the ocean
6. Reading and/or Writing and/or Editing
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why aren't people selfish enough? Your world revolves around you. That's great! It should!

Taking care of your needs, getting what you want out of life and being compassionate for yourself is sexy, healthy and beautiful.

It is a lot easier to help others and be compassionate for others when you're really good at helping yourself and loving yourself.
On a typical Friday night I am
. . . facilitating consciousness alchemy, designing a board game, out dancing with friends, traveling and visiting clients and/or family, attending a potluck, playing board games, sewing clothing, sleeping, or reading.
You should message me if
If you want to be friends:

1st Tell me: What is the most positive radical lifestyle change you've ever made?
2nd You don't smoke.
3rd You enjoy board games, yoga, spirituality, raw veg cuisine and/or consciousness alchemy.
4th You're willing to meet as friends with no expectations.
5th You're always interested in becoming a better version of yourself.

These must also apply if you want to date me:
1st You're polyamorous and aware that I have two long-term, lifetime partners already and want to know them and have a friendship with them as well as being with me.
2nd You're physically fit. (Flat stomach!)
3rd You have at least a 80% match with me.

Optional bonus: You include a link to your test results from this quiz in your message:

Note: You don't need to read my anything past this point in order to know me well enough to write me a letter. :)

Board Games I've Played: Ranked
Roughly organized with games I most want to play right now (January 8th 2015) towards the top.

* = own
*** = WANT to own

Race for the Galaxy*
Lewis & Clark
Heir to the Phoenix Crown*
VivaJava: The Coffee Game***
Power Grid*
Stone Age
Carcassonne: The City*
Castles of Burgundy
Le Havre*
Apples to Apples*
Dominion* (I own Intrigue, Prosperity & Alchemy)
Red 7
Voice of Conscience: Ruby Deck*
Voice of Conscience: Emerald Deck*
Aye, My Overlord
d0x3d! – A Network Security Game*
Sid Meier's Civilization: The Card Game*
Love Letter*
Pounce* (Standard deck of cards game)
Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Decisive Desserts*
Uprising: A Kingdom Torn Asunder*
Voice of Conscience: Sapphire Deck*
Uprising: A Kingdom Torn Asunder*
Priests of Ra***
Notre Dame
Through the Desert
Blue Moon City
Chicago Express
The End of the Triumvirate
Caylus Magna Carta*
Lost Cities
Traders of Carthage
Guggenheim* (Requires only pen & paper)
For Sale
Ticket to Ride*
Fantasy SG*
7 Wonders
Piece o' Cake
Diamonds Club*
Buffy the Vampire Slayer*
Starcraft: The Board Game*
Stratego LOTR*
Chinese Checkers*
Last Word*
Kanasta, Rummy, Spades, Hearts, etc, etc, etc*
Magic The Gathering
Lunch Money
Four Square
Catch Phrase
Scene It
Arkham Horror

Games I've not played but have particular interest in playing:

Terra Mystica
Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game
El Grande
Puerto Rico
Tigris & Euphrases
A Game of Thrones
San Juan
Games I've played and wouldn't want to play again: Risk (dice-based and dull), Monopoly (overly long and dice-based), Chess (overly long and monotonous), Cards Against Humanity (unpleasantly graphic about some of the worst things in humanity and choked full of references I don't get and don't want to get), Fortress America (too many dice, aesthetically unpleasing), Zombie Dice (dice-based), battleship (boring, mostly luck)

Note: I've played dozens more games that I don't recall the names of.

PS: Yes, I'm vegan. I don't like to make a fuss of that in particular though because I know LOTS of vegans, and I'm not like most of them. They just don't get that just as many animals are harmed in the production of plastic and cars as in eating meat. Stopping suffering is much bigger than avoiding animal products. It's about shopping less in general, about treating your fellow man right, about taking good care of yourself and your possessions.

I don't want to be mistaken for one of those women who goes nuts just because someone eats an egg in front of her or something. I mean, if I threw a hissy fit every time somebody did something bad for the planet I'd have died of a heart attack a long time ago.

PSS: You can increase the accuracy of your rating with an individual by going to "the two of us" tab and then going to answers "she cares about" and then answering some of those that also are important to you. That can make a huge difference in just 10 questions.

Other notes:

My lifetime partner's profile is here:

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." -Gandhi

Including a link to your test results in your message to me definitely gets you kudos.

My quizzes (made in 2009, updated 2013)
Preferences & Perspectives Quiz

How Taboo & Kinky Are You? Test (2010)

"Justice is often just rationalized revenge." ~ Me