51 Toronto, Ontario, CA
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My self-summary
I'm an avid skier and mountain biker. I enjoy most outdoor activities. I'm intelligent and well educated. I'd like to find someone who shares at least some of my interests, is smart, outgoing, compassionate, kind and honest.

I love to cook and get together with friends for a great meal and a great evening. One of my best vacations was a week at Big White. We'd all ski until we reached our respective dropping point, then we'd regroup in our condo's hot tub and talk about our day before opening some wine and cooking dinner together. Perfect.

I like to travel. I like photography. I like to build and fix things (sometimes things that i broke by trying to figure out how they work - I've never outgrown my boyish curiosity).

While I've been known to do romantic things, I'm not what you'd think of as a traditionally romantic kind of guy; valentine's day is not my favourite day of the year. But I can be romantic in my own way and I am a very caring guy. If on honest self-assessment you consider yourself to be high maintenance, then we're probably not going to be a good match; I can tolerate your flaws but you've got to be able to tolerate mine too.

Ultimately i'm looking for someone who wants a long term relationship. But you can't learn enough about someone on a website to know if they are that someone. So as long as you're open to the possibility that something long term might develop, I'm cool with that. And if it doesn't? Well may we both end up with a new skiing buddy.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently in a career transition, making a return to law after several years in IT project management. And in the winter I'm a weekend ski instructor.

When i'm not working I like to play (bike, ski, golf, kayak, etc.) or build or fix things.
I’m really good at
Skiing, cooking, fixing things, and (or so I've been told) kissing.
The first things people usually notice about me
It might be my dimples (that's what people seem to notice on-line).
The six things I could never do without
My skis
My bike
My dog
A good sharp kitchen knife
A peugeot pepper grinder
A car that's big enough to carry my gear and able to get me where i need/want to go.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Climate change
On a typical Friday night I am
Really depends on the time of year. In the winter right now, i'll be driving up north to my weekend ski instructor job. Other times of year i could be out with friends, or having friends over for dinner, or on the road to some weekend adventure.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Some women say that they've found being alone to be an empowering experience and that now they're ready to share their life with someone; not that they need to, just that they want to.

You won't find this on men's profiles especially mine. I do not find being alone to be empowering and i do need someone to share my life with. That said, i'm prepared to wait for the right person
You should message me if
Despite having learned that you probably (OK certainly) won't be able to tell if there's a spark before you meet someone, here's a list i'm starting to compile of little things that might just indicate a greater potential for sparkiness (and some of these are silly). And i should add that I'm not expecting you to be a perfect match 'on paper', but if you read these and thing "I'm *nothing* like that" then we're probably not a good match:

- Do you prefer sporty sunglasses or those oversized girly fashion glasses? Might just be an indication of what you like to do with your sunglasses on.
- Would going to a home depot be an enjoyable or traumatic experience for you?
- Are you comfortable not wearing make up?
- Do you like, i mean really like, kissing your partner?
- Do you regard your car as more than an appliance? i.e. do you appreciate the feeling of driving a nice car (and nice could be a VW by the way)?
- Do you regard weather as an impediment to outdoor activities? You shouldn't if you're with me.
- What, if anything, do the letters MEC mean to you?
- Could you spend 3 hours at a country auction waiting to buy that one thing that caught your eye?
- Do you feel that a club sandwich should be made with *real* roast turkey (ie the stuff that's left over after thanksgiving rather than the stuff you can buy at the deli counter) and not have cheese on it?
- Do you consider yourself to be smart? Doesn't matter how many (or any) degrees you have after your name, but would you feel intellectually intimidated at an event where a good number of the people were say, lawyers, doctors, university profs, etc.
- And as for how you look (a dangerous topic i know), do you consider yourself to be fairly fit and trim? I'm not looking for an anorexic super model type. And i'm not looking for a body builder. But the terms "thin" "athletic" and "average" don't seem to have any really objective standards around them. So if let's just say if you've got a healthy BMI then we're probably in the right ballpark. And i know that I have to fit into your ballpark too, so i can tell you that i do have a healthy BMI and I'm 5'11" and 170 lbs, +/- 5 lbs (depending on how much outdoor exercise i'm managing to fit into things).
- Snow sports. The one thing i can't imagine giving up for my partner (besides my dog) is my love of skiing. So you should either ski or snowboard, have an interest in learning to ski or board, or have no qualms about being a 'powder widow' for 3-4 months of the year. But i'd much rather share my love of the snow with you than simply have your tolerate it.
- is the phrase "great greasy spoon" an oxymoron?
- And finally, tell me what are the ingredients in a martini.

And one last thing. I get quite a few emails on this site (I assume you do to). So if you don't hear back from me after a first email, or even if we've been 'chatting' for a while and then i seemingly disappear into the cyber-void, please don't hesitate to send me a message to give me a little nudge to get communications going again. Like you, i've got a busy life beyond online dating and sometimes things just get lost in the ether.