27 Cincinnati, OH
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My self-summary
I am most happy when I can give back to others, that's why I like knitting and baking. Seeing someone's face when you give them a cupcake or a handmade scarf is something I love and would never give up.

I have a B.A. in Theatre Arts and work for regional theatre. I love watching a show go from a simple idea to a fully realized production and I adore being apart of that creation.

I'm stubborn, but eager to please. Sounds odd, but that's me.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm the education production coordinator at a regional theatre. Long title means more work, or so I am learning. I developed this position from a internship I had there for the past two years, so I am actually pretty proud of myself and where I am headed professionally.
I like kids and I like theatre. So I love bringing theatre to kids that may never have another chance to see a play. I love plays for young adults that treat them like actual intelligent beings and opposed to talking down to them. But I digress.
I am busy and I like it that way.
Getting paid for what I love and went to school for kind of rocks my socks off.
I’m really good at
Knitting, baking, crafting, paperwork, etc.
The first things people usually notice about me
I used to be quiet and very self-contained. Sometimes I still am around large groups of people. One on one though, I love meeting new people and finding out about them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many movies to ever attempt to count. Name one. Odds are I've at least seen parts of it. I don't really care for dramatic movies. I prefer to laugh. Dark comedies are always fun. Science Fiction and Fantasy are old favorites of mine. I like comedies but they have to be more witty than grotesque.

TV shows, just to name a few;
Doctor Who, Sherlock, Project Runway (guilty pleasure #298), etc.

Into the more popular vlogs/show on youtube,
vlogbrothers, Crash Course, Sci Show, Sourcefed, My Drunk Kitchen, Mentalfloss, etc.

Getting more into indie music lately. Generally my music taste is on a song to song basis. Though I have developed a pretty constant disdain for rap and country. I dig Walk the Moon and Bastille right now.

I devour books. They feed my soul. I go for the oldies often. I reread books like some people rewatch their favorite movies. I stickie note the sections I want to reread and will spend a few hours just reading those sections.

I was raised in a meat and potato family, but I am slowly but surely expanding my pallet. I love cooking shows and dream of one day being able to attempt some culinary feats.
The six things I could never do without
vlogbrothers (youtube in general)
yarn, a knitter's crack
family (Ahhh yeah I went there. I have three sisters so kind of had to.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sometimes I like to think about consciousness. About the complexity and vastness of my own consciousness. I wonder about my own understanding of the world and how my brain works. Then how differently and alike everyone around me thinks and feels. I think about the billions of other consciousnesses on this planet. The vast force of imagination, creativity, compassion and hope that we have at our fingertips. I'm amazed at our potential and disappointed that the only true barriers we face in this world are our own self imposed limitations. That some people choose to live a short sighted life frightens me. The depth of emotions and empathy that I feel cannot be exclusive to me. Others must be capable of it too. So why choose to live in the shallows?
On a typical Friday night I am
awesomesauce. Well, working actually. But I strive to never forget to be awesome at my job so still true.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't respond well to subtle interest. If a person likes me I like to know it. It's not about PDA, its about an observable apparent affection.
You should message me if
Just do it.
I love messages, meeting new people, etc.

I try to always respond to every message. It's a deal I made with myself to make this worth it.