27 Stevens Point, WI
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My self-summary
What really matters most is not what you own, but what surrounds you. This philosophy is really important to me & I'm constantly trying to minimize my possessions and maximize the distance my feet travel. Furthermore, I'm an advocate for feminism, multiculturalism, poverty alleviation, non-violence and honest equality and freedom. I don't believe in hierarchy and I do my best to be empathetic, while attempting to find the light in everyone I encounter.

I'd rather be the breeze moving through many mountains, than the tallest mountain in the world. Life always leads me back to paths unknown and when it comes calling I'll go; with or without another.

I'm not looking for an end goal or accomplishment, but rather experiences and moments. I've got my sights set on seeing more of the world, but most importantly learning from it. I'd like to save up enough to travel continuously for at least 6 months while volunteering and/or teaching.

The oceans tend to beckon me back to their shores often. I'm at peace when I'm close to the seashore. In the waves, I'm vulnerably at home.

Here's what I'd like to learn more about:

Photography (like a third eye, documenting what you can't see with your own view)
Playing an instrument/writing music
Nativescaping/farming/caring for the land
Budget world travel (through workaway, volunteering and such)

I am motivated by a healthy lifestyle and I like to cook and share plant-based and/or local food with others.
What I’m doing with my life
Running 5 miles at midnight. Being frugal to save money while planning my next adventure and in the meantime being grateful for the company of friends, new and old. Sitting on porches and eating from dumpsters. Trying to form a riot girl band.

Making my way across the country as a biologist and teacher. Conversing with strangers and sleeping on their couches and floors. Reveling in New England summers, Southern antebellum life, living on the edge of a volcano and hitchhiking in the middle of the sea.
The six things I could never do without
A way to get sticky stuff off of my hands.
You should message me if
You are interested in getting to know each other better and desire to spend time cultivating a meaningful friendship. If you're looking to hook up with random people quickly please don't bother me. I'm not judging your life, that's just not mine.