30 Silver Spring, MD
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My self-summary
It's good to be back in the DMV! I grew up in this area and recently moved after four years in New York City.

My free time is spent singing, playing piano, and composing. The composing is mostly working on the same few songs. The few songs are getting pretty good though.

I haven't gone on many 'dates'. I'd much rather try something newvwithout all the pretense. I generally can have fun with anybody which is nice. I enjoy seeing live music and eating crazy food. I enjoy all music genres when it comes to live music and all types of food.

Music to see live:

-DC has some cool jazz venues.
-I saw my friends band at the Filmore in Silver Spring recently and had a great time.
-Anything with a salsa beat. Latin music is fun.

Anyways, I am open to try anything. Let's make some plans.
What I’m doing with my life
Project manager for residential remodeling company.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I checked the most played songs in my iTunes library. It turns out I'm really into the Beatles, Charlie Parker, Stevie Wonder, and a lot of 90s hiphop and r&b. A few composers had a high number of plays with Mozart, Britten, and Holst topping the list. There were a few songs that had a surprising number of plays. Tupacs "keep your head up" had a bunch.