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My self-summary
As we wander through life, we lash out, become irreverent, irrelevant, content with the status quo, accept the offerings advertising pundits. Modern society homogenizes the individuality, gelds a fertile mind, and proceeds to shortchange the personal identity of future generations by offering only an ever more structured norm, and packaging is as greater security. I know there are a rare few who yet posses a real understanding of individualism, creative license, and the power of intellect. I’m not content with the pabulum of complacency, nor will you be.

I’m irreverent, question authority (always!!), talk in gonzo terms (thanks Hunter for the great word), able to recognize brilliance, wit, and have the semblance of intelligence. I rail at injustice, seek the unknown, and embrace that which is in motion. However, as a general rule, I try never to forget that conservation of energy is ever at work, meaning that which you embrace may in fact have more momentum than you yourself. Live this life not in a foolish fashion, but with cunning and beguile. Temper that with love and respect. Give your time freely to those who will accept it, and hoard it from those who will turn it solely to their own purpose.

I’ve a pedigree of sorts, been to school, held jobs, volunteered, traveled, been proud, been ashamed, understood the “smile on a dog”, been loved, been reviled, but always I’ve been true to myself and those about me. There are many here who may have done more, but none who have are the same. If the rambling bit of philosophy contained in the paragraphs above makes you smile or nod a bit, I suspect you are indeed someone I’d like to know.

I am sil, llllllllllll, and y
What I’m doing with my life
Mmmmm….. Like you, I’m not to crazy about these questions. Or perhaps let’s be honest, and I’m truly not too crazy about the answers, but seek some constructive change.

I work far too much, with play dates to few and far between. It’s time to stop being so damned serious and enjoy life’s offerings! I enjoy being silly and just cutting up in general, and want to practice this a lot more. As one ages it is possible to become younger yet again, if not in body, but in spirit.

My professional avocation is as a consulting engineer. I’ve come to enjoy what I do, mostly because I’ve been at it long enough, and I am sufficiently proficient that the answers are usually clear. It is still a job, but more often than not it is an enjoyable job. It is flattering that others now seek and respect my input, and this lends validation to my work-a-day existence. However much I may enjoy my work, it is not my profession which defines the essence of whom I am and ignites my passions.
I’m really good at
Damn **&%^%#$@ questions….

I’m pretty good at whatever I set my mind to. Every now and again I achieve true brilliance, which like a fireworks display quickly fades leaving an afterimage burned upon the retina for a brief time.

WHAT I LIKE TO DO…………is another question altogether. Sailing/racing beach catamarans (there is a reason this is 1st on the list), flying (but I cannot sustain this for very long :), cooking (if we can get along in the kitchen, the rest is cake!!:), carpentry (I can build it!), running (I’ve done 26.2, once), reading (just for pleasure, not for self improvement, that is necessary, but not enjoyable), music (my ipod playlist is eclectic, and going to be pretty unrecognizable to most, even you), photography (came close to making this a profession, it’s now a hobby, but always a thing of passion), driving a stick shift (automatics are ok, but it’s like having tea with Aunt Mildred, vs going to the circus with crazy Auntie Sasha),…..there is a lot more here, but there is enough written for you to grok the gestalt.

WHAT I’D LIKE TO DO (IE THINGS I’VE NOT YET DONE) There is a long list here, mostly places to go and things to try. Talk to the dolphins, travel to China and Viet Nam, live in the south of France, sail around the world, watch the sunrise in New Zealand, own a house on the Big Island, swim on the beach at Phuket, have time to read more books, spend time to share it all. Perhaps not as long a list as yours? Perhaps some of the items will match? That could be cool!!

But it is probably more important than much, if not all of the rest. Love dogs. I do, unabashedly, without reserve, or inhibition. Like cats, and all other creatures, but dogs are a specialty! ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
My cute ass. No wait, that’s my ex. Ow the ‘ell should I know? This is a lame question, as I’ve never asked anyone, and people don’t tend to que up to say “you know, the first thing I noticed about you was……” Perhaps you’ll tell me……No?...I didn’t think so!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read, but never seem to find the time. I have not read anything memorable lately, but I like sci-fi, mystery, adventure, and anything well written. I’ll read anything at all if it is well written. I really admire anyone who can write well. Pure escapism. Steven King, Robert Heinlein, John D. McDonald, Larry Niven, Garfield Reeves, among many.

As for movies, I’ve a big tendency toward comedy, but also enjoy action/adventure, mystery, drama. Not into sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or similar. The Pink Panther and Princess Bride are two of my favorites.

Food? Spicy is betterer, bestest. Oh yes please, more spicy. Mexican is good, Thai delicious, true Italian is not spicy, but can be wonderful. I love to try new things and am always willing.

I also enjoy cooking, although it tends not to have as much international flavor as my taste buds might enjoy. Strangely enough I’m not worth a tinkers damn when it comes to grilling. At 9:30 I’m usually throwing the still raw steaks back onto the dying embers and periodically checking them with a flashlight until someone convinces me to just give up and just put them under the broiler.
The six things I could never do without
Books, books, books – I cannot imagine the world where the written word is no longer printed on paper, although it approaches fast…. (ok halfway there!).

Imagination will take you on paths your feet might travel, but never would without your imagination.

Intelligence, for it ensures there will be an occasional flash of brilliance.

Love & Respect of animals and all living things is pretty basic, but surprisingly a lot of humanity does not seem to recognize this precept.

And lastly something selfish, the oceans, seas, streams, ponds, and all things wet are a balm for my spirit and soul.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I am always thinking, over thinking actually. It is both a strength and a weakness. But to pin it down a bit more……..,

Places I’d like to see and travel too probably tops the fantasy list. (Lets exclude sexual fantasies for the moment)

People who are close to me probably tops the reality list.

How to improve this, that, or the other is a continuous ongoing process.

The meaning of life. I know this is ridiculous, but I’ve yet to get it figured out, and don’t expect I ever truly will.
On a typical Friday night I am
No typically here. If I’m lucky during the summer I’ll be at the beach sailing, grilling and drinking beers with the usual crowd. Sometimes working, out to dinner, alone pondering the complexities of life, reading, surfing the internet, hiking with the dog, off for a weekend camping trip. An then there is all the stuff I’d really like to do, but never really get to.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m not fessing up to anything here. But once I know you, the “full disclosure” policy is in force. I really believe that all things, past present, future, good, bad, really ugly, humdrum, extraordinary, or any which way it comes, should without reservation be shared with ones partner in life.

No reservations. No holdbacks. It is just that the practicality of this exchange takes a span of time to complete. If we were machine entities, we could exchange a lifetime worth of information in a few milliseconds. However as flesh and blood entities, the timespan to share life stories spans, strangely enough, a lifespan. Go figure?
You should message me if
You damn well feel like it! Life is short enough, and procrastinating about matters of the heart is inadvisable.