31 El Cerrito, CA
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My self-summary
Long profile... I have many sides, and many facets of interest, I could never fit them all in this profile! So here's the 30,000 ft view.

I have a wide array of interests and skills: music, philosophy, technology, religion/spirituality, psychology, and how all those things combine.

I'm from the Bay Area, and I totally love it here. I am here in this life to enjoy whatever comes.

Personality wise, an introvert at heart with learned extrovert traits needed to survive. I'm often observing and listening instead of talking. If you begin getting on a topic I like I will easily become excited and talkative, bordering on inability to control my inside voice. Scorpio Sun and Moon, Cancer rising if that means anything to you.

Positivity, independence, uniqueness, intelligence, gratitude, good healthy communication, and long hair ;-)

Extra special bonus stars if you are musical, and/or also would be into home-made food and health products, like toothpaste, soap, brewing kombucha, or growing your own herbs and veggies at home. Because they're fun productive things I'd like to do together.

Negativity, superficiality, impulsivity, typical stuff like petty drama, and one-dimensionality.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a musician, I play bass in a progressive rock / punk band with the guys in my pictures. If you like music, you can bet I want to share stuff I like with you and hear what you're into.

I like getting out in the fresh air, away from computers and such on my time off. Getting exercise which includes pick-up ultimate frisbee, yoga, and hikes.
I’m really good at
My random list:
Listening to people.
Talking to people.
Enjoying and creating music.
Being loyal to friends.

Also, known positive Scorpio traits:
Not easily fooled.
Passionate when the heart is involved.
Makes time for themselves.
Has a quiet, subtle power.
Doesn't give up easily.
Good at things that require deep thought and understanding.
Loves hard and has a good heart!

oh, ps... tantric sex, and sexual massage, and yes this means I believe sex is sacred
The first things people usually notice about me
I think this depends entirely on the person, but just guessing, I'd go with hair or eyes. Or that I'm the one playing bass.

I'm Italian and Irish, so by my looks people guess I'm Jewish, or Middle-Eastern. I recently heard there may very well be some Jewish in my ancestry as well, unconfirmed, but I guess that may explain why people tend to guess that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Currently playing punk/progressive rock, my band I was with 2010-2013 I have rejoined again this year, for a limited time. Future project will most likely be my own collab group with some friends. I'm giving myself a long time to come up with new material and see what it turns into.

As far as listening, and enjoying, I'm a musician at heart for all music, and of course I like things that are close to my influences. I like variety, creativity, and lots of bass, :-D it just has to be good I guess. I like cherry-picking music from profiles here to listen to.

other topics, just ask
The six things I could never do without
Keys, wallet, phone, check!

Other than that, my instrument, real friends (the ones you see in person, not just on FB!) And by the way I have amazingly talented and creative friends! Just thought I'd mention that cause it makes me happy.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think deeply, slow thinkers keep right! Seriously, I do need someone who is very mentally stimulating. Someone I can express my mind to.

Music occupies my mind a lot.

How to not think TOO much, gotta know when to give it a rest.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing a show, or going to a show, or something completely different. There are so many possibilities!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
A lot! I know myself really well, and if I know you a bit I am an open book, so if asked I will not hold back.

My gifts are shared with those I care for, trust, and those who show a genuine interest. When I love, I love hard.
You should message me if
If we match in the 90's (or even the high or mid 80's) its probably a good idea. ;) Feel free to mention anything that sparked your interest.

If you think I'm sexy and you actually DO want the shirtless bathroom selfie, please inquire. :-P (lol no takers yet)

All other water signs encouraged, and also Aquariuses, Tauruses or Virgos.

Before I go on... making friends is great too! If we have a lot in common but not a real spark, I'm definitely down to have awesome friends. They are invaluable in life.

What I like/want in a partner:
Someone who has a strong drive to do their own thing!
Can be fun and exciting but also mellow and cuddly.
Undeniable physical attraction.
Someone who I would always want to have around my good friends.
Someone to compliment and support my strengths, and someone who I can also do the same for.

Things you'd (hopefully) understand: