32 Flushing, NY
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My self-summary
My recent Google searches :

2x2 Rubik's cube solution
Almanac beer NYC
And Then She Fell rush tickets
are porcupines safe as pets
area of a circle Excel
bear down or bare down
bicycle helmet reviews
braggadocio spelling
brindle greyhound [image search]
Carl's Jr. Killed My Grandma
clotted cream recipe
Colette Patterns
conditional formatting rows and columns Excel
crème brulee spelling
Daisy Adair
dark pumpkin sour beer
dashboard design
decent mezcal
define strong female character
dingleball toe socks
disapproval face
diy dehumidifier
diy smartphone projector
download Google search history
Elsevier publication guidelines
Elysian Lost Abbey
embed video Survey Monkey
ET Modern NYC
extra wide bias tape
firefighter races
fit to a T origin
format date on start bar
Frank Abagnale, Jr.
fuckboy definition
giant table and chairs
golden ratio
good slutty online dating username
Harold and Maude showing NYC
hipster baby names
Hitachi wand
how to dispose of sulfuric acid
how do I get my girlfriend to propose to me
how to play bagpipes
how to pluralize 'ze' [no reasonable amount of Googling answered this. Transectional feminists: please advise.]
how to sew button holes
how to sew faux fur
how to sew zippers
Illuminati wiki
Italian wall lizard [apparently they live in NYC]
Jazz Standard
Jimmy's No. 43
journal impact factor
King Charles spaniel mix [image search]
laconic definition
Loeb boathouse rowboat rentals
Mercury retrograde meaning
movies with strong female lead
MTA bus time
Nana to Kaoru
Nick Wooster style [image search]
nude boater calendar Huffington Post [you're welcome]
NYC subway bicycle rules
obstinacy vs obstinance
Paddington Bear [*swoon*]
petrichor definition
poly meetups NYC
Postmodern Jukebox tour
prime mover
pulaski at night lyrics
Pyrrhic victory
Radiolab on droid
right click open link new tab Chrome [this feature is life-changing]
Ron Swanson dance
Ruby Warrior [awesome]
Sackboy [image search]
sex robot WKYK
Shadow KYAnonymous
should I donate to Wikipedia
skate brands iconic
social justice warrior
sociopath test online
solar scarification
Spem in alium
Spock stuck in reaction chamber
Star Trek movies
Steubenville rape case
straw man argument
stream Radiolab
stream This American Life
Taylor Swift music video
the Sopranos final scene [wtf]
transectional feminism
tv shows with strong female lead
twins from Shining [image search]
typography trends 2015
US states where anal sex is illegal
user research MA salary
vch healing time
Vicki Arnold tutorial
what day is Halloween 2015
what the fuck should I make for dinner
what the hell should I watch on Netflix [you're welcome]
what to do when you lose your cell phone
when does Spock die
who is the most hipster Harry Potter character
whole wheat pancake mix crepe recipe
world record data transfer speed
Zoc Doc
Zombie Boy tattoo
What I’m doing with my life
Experimenting, writing about experiments, then telling people about said experiments.
I’m really good at
flirting with old ladies and deciphering autocorrected text.

I'm really bad at
navigating the subway. I used to think I was smart.
The first things people usually notice about me
I naturally smell like sugar cookies.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Exclusively grocery-store paper back novellas, and only the jacket covers.

Music: My music preferences are too embarrassing to list here. I'm going to go publicly answer a bunch of sex questions now...

Podcasts: The Heart

Movies/Shows: Dark comedy, rebellion-based space westerns, and anything with a law-breaking protagonist. And Buffy.

Food: Most anything edible (and some things inedible).
The six things I could never do without
inter-library loan
the internet
alone time

I can has counting.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Devious applications of science that was originally conducted for good.

How intrinsically linked my life is to the internet, and how I will never live another moment that in some way isn't.

Whether it's fair to like someone just because s/he/they/ze remind(s) you of an unrequited love.
On a typical Friday night I am
Losing my composure over things like Cheerios commercials and people's personal stories on Chopped.
You should message me if
you're liberal, feminist, intellectual, strongly opinionated, and poly/open/ethically nonmonogamous;

you want to explore and eat all the food in Flushing;

or if you're techy and/or work in one of the following fields and want to talk shop/skill exchange/network:

behavior analysis, consumer research, data analysis, design, human factors engineering, information architecture, UR/UX, etc etc