32 London, UK
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My self-summary
Don't take anything I put here too seriously. Most of the time when I decide something about myself the opposite winds up being true eventually anyway.
I'm a musician. I mostly focus on contemporary classical music but I play around with lots of different things and I'm always looking for new ones. I like lots of kinds of art (in the broader sense of the term). I'm pretty active- these days a lot of cycling and some running. I'm unapologetically sweary. I like early mornings a lot but I'm usually bad at them. I'm nostalgic and silly and laugh loudly. I'm kind of inarticulate but I try really hard. I adore animals. I'm fond of ledges, both as real things to sit on the edge of and look down at people while drinking tea or metaphorical things to leap off of.

If asked, my friends and partners would probably tell you that being on the receiving end of my affections means a fair bit of lighthearted mischief and strangeness.

relationship/sex stuff: I'm nonmonogamous and I care about doing it right. I adore my two totally amazing partners, ferneyhough and ShinyName and I'm feeling pretty full-up on committed Relationships for the time being. I am interested in pretty much anything else- in particular more casual-type dating or friends with whom I can enjoy sexy funs but obviously friends with whom I don't get naked are also awesome. I like people, and I like making connections and seeing where they take me.

I'm mostly into women, but I'd be quite into finding a guy to hook up with now and then in a friends with benefits kind of way. Are you an awesome* dude? try me.

*(feminist, understands privilege and queer politics, generally gets it.)

While we're here, I may as well mention that being poly, people I sleep with need to be down with regular STI testing and be able to talk about it like adults. And talking about everything like adults, for that matter.
What I’m doing with my life
Navigating all the strange little adventures that lie between stumbling off the plane in London a few years ago and becoming queen of the universe.

For work, I teach music lessons now and do some freelance performing. I've been working towards a career in music performance since I was 14, but I realised in the last year that although I love making music but I don't really love the career and I'd rather just enjoy music without trying to turn it into a living. At the moment I'm working on going back to uni to study for an arts admin degree- not quite as romantic, but I think I'm going to like it.

I tend to measure my success in life with how often I find myself in weird and interesting situations that I could not have predicted the week/day/hour before. Also, it's an unofficial goal that at any point in time, me from 5 years earlier would be astounded and impressed to see what I'm doing now. I do pretty well I think.

I've recently adopted cycling as my default mode of transportation and I can't believe how fucking great it is.
I’m really good at
terrifying question. I suppose music-y things of many kinds, for starters. Lesser but still perhaps notable skills include making food, knitting, rocking the hell out of bedhead and wearing awesome boots.
The first things people usually notice about me
head covered in indigo-to-turquoise fluff. that I am wearing an awesome T shirt. goofy (or sexy? according to some probably-not-entirely-objective sources) Canadian accent.
People often tell me I read as younger than I am. I am choosing to believe this is my youthful energy and charming good looks rather than any lack of emotional maturity (...) it probably helps that I dress like a teenager.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: many! but especially anything by Murakami, Ann-Marie MacDonald and Sarah Waters. It is dangerous to give me a good novel, if I like it you may not see me until I have finished it.
Also, I am a huge Edward Gorey fangirl. I like to read him aloud to cats. If you let me I will probably read him aloud to you.

movies: I like lots of things but I tend to like in particular strange foreign films. I wish this didn't make me sound super pretentious, I'm promise I'm not. I just love me some surreal.

food: I'm easy to please. I lovelovelove a lot of Asian food though. Kale is magical green magnificence. Olives. Spicy things. Tofu. I like to be fed by other people and seem to have a talent for making friends who like to feed me. I'm not a bad cook myself though. I'm a huge craft beer fan but I like a good cocktail now and then.

music: This question intimidates the hell out of me but I'm giving it a go. Among many, many others... Thelonious Monk. DeVotchKa. The Herbaliser. John Coltrane. Kronos Quartet. Zuco 103. Besh O Drom. The Beatles. Thomas Truax. Kimmo Pohjonen. Molly Lewis. Malcolm Arnold. That 1 Guy. Jorane. Mary Halvorson. Socalled. Septeto Rodriguez. Music my friends make. Music my friends and I make together. Dutch jazz. Live music I discover in playing in cafes when I just intended to go have a drink. "Experimental" music. Music I find in dusty corners of other peoples' CD libraries. I found a CD on the floor of Brighton station once and I liked it.
The six things I could never do without
- my bass clarinet.
- people to play music with.
- tea. I take tea far more seriously than your average person.
- my beautiful fat professional passive-noise-canceling headphones and something great to plug them into.
- long rides on trains or buses or my bike. or really, whatever else is available, as long as I'm moving.
- somewhere fun to escape to
- REALLY good bedsheets.
- the inside of a really good pub and some friends to get drunk with
- people who don't take this section too literally or seriously
I spend a lot of time thinking about
all the strange little interactions and connections between humans and reality and time and minds and desire and moments and coincidence and beauty and struggle and luck and and and.
also, probably sex.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm assuming this question is actually asking what I like to do when I go out regardless of day- usually hanging out with friends/partners in one of my favourite pubs or queer spaces. Sometimes going to see some music.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
this is probably a good place to mention that if I'm at all into you I'm usually (ie: if you get me drunk enough, sometimes not, but also sometimes still yes) intensely bashful and awkward about any advances made or received until the ice has been broken. Or ignore them and play it cool. You're invited to find this cute, because there's not a damn thing I can do about it. I do get over this fairly quickly once you kiss me, so that's something.
You should message me if
you want to be my friend.

you have something you want to show me or teach me.

I also enjoy random banter from pretty much anyone. tell me something.

I like messaging back and forth but I also like meeting face-to-face. I've had great success with okc both platonic and romantic, and I've found the best way to achieve either is to meet up without any expectations and see what happens. Although, don't let that stop you from specifying if you've really got one or the other in mind.