31 Berkeley, CA
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My self-summary
I love ideas, but can never stick to them..

I understand reality is something I don't get to experience.

Sometimes I have trouble with scaling, and at other times with specificity.

I thought I was a feminist but my friends tell me I'm just indescriminate.

Also I must admit here that I'm tad dyslexic, whitch makes me automatically into a business owner.
What I’m doing with my life
Being annoying!
I’m really good at
More so with the broad strokes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like chalenges and learning, most art I used to dislike i'd somehow failed to understand. These I'm trying to move away from value judgements when it comes to visual media, or media/expression in general. Globalized capitalism doesn't seem to care much for outliers, so I feel the need to just try and lend extra support and be unnaturally positive about any and all manifest diversity, the less they're getting paid the more badass it is that they're actually doing it. My goal is to empathise with even the most unenthusiastic attempt to actualize ones self. Everyone who tries runs the everso slight risk of justifying humanity. It's an only an exercise but it's my responce to jerks who don't want us to like each other and especially not ourselves. Not that I'm opposed to globalized capitalism. Conformity is also an enabler for what i see as the greater good, I like vacines, social networking, indoor plumbing and Bart Simpson, just so many things are the oposite of what they're labeled. We benifit individually, and as society by obscuring certain information from ourselves or each other but philosophically I almost feel it doest matter how much we win or loose, as long as we have understanding. The dont loose count philosophy, its a product of the fact, that I find life to be difficult and that for me, suffering is more endurable if i've named the cause, particularly if I have i dentified the correct cause.

I belive our existence is far more meaningful, or at least entertaining than that of humanoids wandering thousands of years ago, possesing identical brains but not spoken launguage. In the evelutionary sence it's anybodies guess as to which of the two social paradigms my genetics would have been best suited. I suppose it would have had to with the economy, we'll if you call it that, and weather or not the were currently taking slightly manic half starved vionaries with dislexia on, and feeding them, doing their laundry, iviteingvthem partake in the mastodon feast, all in exchance for "guidance" visionaries provided, but even then it was more like entertainment, and then of course for what little bodily warmth the pretended he provided, when he really actually endothermic, (but the emotional security, very real confidence tribe would gain having a dependent who was inferior in nearly every measurable physical and intellectual capacity, now thats were the real gains were made, they speculate as to the exact phycodymics as far as tribal culture was comcerned, but it's just obvious, your a tribesman comparing youself to a guy who otherwise would have been somebody's lunch if it weren't for your protection, makes you feel adequite, capable, plus a scapegoat always comes in handy, a dd mystic visionary or shamen and your triblet and you like halfway to discovering fire) or in the unfortunate case if economy was exsperincincing a saturation of these runts, that nowadays fill the sociatol roles, of, boheims, achemics and clearks, and you would have just wound up getting used a human inflatable love doll, down at the quarries and then roasted on the spit.

Mortality dictates a large but inexact sum of avalible information just isn't worth obseving but there's no limit in the oposite direction either.

The majority of neorotransmitions are said to be inhibitive, ingnorence is an evolutionary preservitive.

At what point does ones (bordering on the divine) thirst for information no longer have to justify itself to its sex crazed but othewise insensate ancestry.

I concluded theres little meaning besides what we imagine, but seemingly life takes place outside our imaginations, and that reality is to some degree predictable.

The more exceptions to generalizations (that expedite selection processes in mamilian life ) one successfully ignores, the further the creature will be from shared reality, but once again dont get ocd about the real of the real, those unwiling to ignore exceptions, to them life becomescompletely indecipherable, Go Fish.
The six things I could never do without
Alcohol, Tabacco, Firearms, are also dangerous.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
signature blend of self loathing narcissism
On a typical Friday night I am
Who knows, worlds most distractable!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Trying to look good on the internet, so I can look good in person, so I can look good on the Internet.
You should message me if
I'm on here to make new friends.