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35 F New Haven, CT

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Yesterday – 11:43pm
Native American, White
5′ 6″ (1.68m)
Body Type
Buddhism, and laughing about it
Taurus, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from university
Art / Music / Writing
Rather not say
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Doesn’t have kids
Likes dogs
English (Fluently), Tibetan

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My self-summary

FEB 14th, 2014 I will dress up, I will wait & I will see if any man loves me... (after that I will probably close my okcupid account - for all the laughter and tears, thank you.)
4/7/2014 tick tock no baby and time is running out

And as of late...I have just discovered my X husband probably cheated on me while we were married SO, now I rally dont give a fuck if I want and expect everything I am NOT settling for less.

Two predictions were made by enlightened lama's about me
1. Padma Karma "You are going to die an angry old woman or you are going to die knowing one." to which I replied "No I'm not." I would like to be right this time and I think he wants me to be right too as its a lama's job to help a student find happiness like the Buddah.
2.Khenchen Lama "You will teach yoga and dance." I would also like to see that happen.

But, we are not here to talk about predictions even if they are about marrying who you want to marry, loving greatly and doing great things with your life...
We are here to read a profile so read on if that's what you want.

Profiling means a great many words like a checklist. A great many words linked together like jewels of a necklace. A necklace of joys in finding you a kindred. As I am looking for happiness I hope that this site works. It hasn't worked so far. This saddens me because I am looking for LOVE not just "dating". Yet here I am... so for the fun of more than stringing a set of words together my self summary:

I am fixed on 'happiness' as a lasting result. This has brought a great many heartbreaks within the dating process. I am not suprised because my list of expectations don't change. Dating doesn't change only the faces change. LOL. So, "WE" in the dating pool of people are at the mercy of a system. "WE" are pushed and pulled like ants alone a path that tells us what we need or who we need or even what we should, could, or would be doing instead of living in the moment. "WE", while dating realized, there are lots of nice people even if we remain single. "WE" practice being Mmm...otivated, OUTgoing, "Interr"dependent. Yet here we are again dating on a website w/o a promise to find that happiness or "LOVE" as some might dare to say. An ideal relationship is that which someone shows a weakness that might be the other's stregnth making life a little easier. A relationship in that you learn something and possibly end bad habits. How you share time with someone who has compatable ideals making the fantasy of hearing "I love you" from someone who means it is a truth (this yet to be realized.) And so for lack having yet found you "Mr. rolling-over-early-in-the-morning to kiss me on the cheek" as soft sun lights my shoulder and is complimented with an awesome "I love you" and "see you later tonight" fleeting from your lips here are some...


you are Wolverine
things you do with greatness and modesty, your gentleman behavior, the time you take to get to know me w/o judgment, your "legs" (lean, cut, balanced, and strong), trailblazing your life, survival Skillz, you read the word NO with respect - need i only say it once, you thrive on monogamy, me seeing fathering potential does not scare you,
you bring flowers,
you share your food,
you give hugs as good as my mom,
you can keep an "India" promise,
you are braver than me
a "tight butt", you have one. :)
a really tight butt (still smiling)
the tight butt you want spanked as I walk through the kitchen that you are making food in
you "sweat" (hard word and honesty makes this happen)
your smile appears because you have no expectations of me,
your sense of humor is greatly appreciated
You like me as a nerd because I get off on smarts,
Basically I should already be a MOM according to society which means you will be forever making this up to me showing great respect and chivalry, "you're late!"
Lying is a turn off. Lying to yourself, lying to others even in jest its like a slap in the face. (This happens too much & I catch liars in the act all the time.)
You know that multitasking is an excuse to not do one thing at a time well.
Few men, VERY few men survive cuddling and so I often consider giving it up as a favorite pasttime though i love resting to the sound of a steady heart.
*see also journal 4/2/2012

laughing in public & smiling back at kids who walk by becomes me. If narcissism is keeping drawings of myself in my apartment from art students who would sooner discard their homework. If genius is in the theory of relativity then we are already friends. I dance daily. Meditating matters to me. I don't own a car, a house, a television, or an iPod. The Bianchi glowing in the dark makes me smile everytime. Perhaps, so do you. SEE One or two battle scars decorate this body. I respect a man who can hear me out, stand his ground, and still think I'm a beautiful person (inside and out.) MY HEART LIVEs IN INDIA where the lessons of integrity are golden, cleanliness, a balance of quiet and sound existed easily, humble offerings happened abundantly, safe adventures became common, beautiful moments gave way to more beautiful moments, kind people guided, and seeing potential in compassion lived.
GRADUATING College IS a BIG DEAL, ... a 'REALLY BIG' DEAL, ... a REALLY BIG FUCKING DEAL, so much so that celebrating often sounds like something you can do, "celebrate with me."
GETTING MY DRIVER'S LICENSE 11/30/12 IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT especially considering I thought i was going to die 8 months ago. This is a long way away from the ER.
I am realizing more and more that I enjoy being alone because biking, walking, reading, eating, grabbing a beer, exploring meditation etc. though sometimes lonely "is a path" and sometimes that loneliness disappears into a space of content that i wish for even you the reader. I am hopeful that in enjoying alone time that I am making space for you. I am also hoping that you can do things without me so that your cup is full when we spend time together.


Once having had my future told to me when I was 9 & a variety of vivid dreams since (understand clairvoyance) not much surprises me. One thing might surprise me though, your consistent compassion. Most men if not every person I've met has the capacity to be like the Buddah. If you are "He", who makes himself available to sit with me nightly in meditation might make me the luckiest woman alive. Walking calmly into my life with your smiling eyes with good intentions means everything. I want to affect the world on a small and grande scale as a student of the Buddah. "I want to be filled I want someone to fill."

in conclusion this list exists
(...because i think, because I am human, because the president is trying, because if someone loved me they would be here right now giving me a hug, because i have nothing, because as americans we have grown lazy, because habit says men and women can't be friends, because maybe this is an alien gameboard, because i have bedroom fantasies unrealized, and because i dreamed i can have anything i want and you want to spoil someone, because sometimes I want someone to prevent tears, because sometimes i just want to yell at you so you really understand how much pain I went through to get from point A to point B)

Note: A friend insisted I go online. He's did a rough daft ans some of the typing. And the photos are current as of November 2012. I wanted him to type "I'm indebted to his patience"; but instead, he's typing "She is New Haven's best-kept secret." Ask him for an endorsement--perhaps4romance on this site*
*we once defined dating and that has been journaled here too.
What I’m doing with my life
I’m really good at
DANCING TEACHING (if you want to learn contact:

Seeing potential in people and things. People watching. Gardening. Seeing potential. Listening.


Learning. Finding beauty in the world. Acting like a kid. Being vulnerable. Setting standards for myself. Seeing potential. Networking for friends. Giving. Following through. Charming even the most staunch stranger w/ a friendly hello. As a "jack of all trades" life has been interesting, i adapt.

Watching and Listening to you beg.

I dance. (this is my passion)
I {[dance}] (this is my passion)
The first things people usually notice about me
That I dance (if you want to learn how contact me at

My Freckels, my smile, my candidness, my posture, your behavior around me, a glowing aura or the twinkle in my eyes.

{Electric blue hair as of 2010- back to brown and loving it}

(My friend doing the typing says they notice my J-Lo booty. He's always laughing about how clueless I am out on the town when men see me.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
"what's your favorite book...besides my journal aka diary full of hopes, dreams, ideas, venting, and creative writting, "How to make Every Man Want You.", Refuge Certificate given by Patrul Rinpoche, "TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE: a blissful journey" (awesome!), The DMV Manual, Healing the Shame that Binds You, "The Four Nobel Truths", "Feeding Your Demons", "the way things work", "I want to be a Jedi", Black's Law dictionary & USC; parts of college and tax paraphenalia, ALL dr. suess, "Art and Fear", "the idiots guide to sex", Shel Silverstein's works, "Moosewood Cookbook","Generation t-shirt", " The Birthday Book", Calvin and Hobbes collections, ART of WAR, the illiad, Bridges Of Madison County, 2001 A Space Odessy, Night, Dubliners

Movies: "what's playing now?!"
The Incredibles & almost every Disney cartoon
30 minutes or less, shrek, sweatin' to the oldies (LOL, Richard Simmons is a Great Person), the short I made, The Life of Dilgo Khensye Rinpoche, Utube short - How to kiss?,
"The Fighter", "Peaceful Warrior", "Singing in the Rain", Aeon Flux short flix, "Conspiracy Theory", "Willow",
"Goonies", "Dirty Dancing", "Batteries Not Included",
"The Princess Bride" (quoted often),"Hamlet", "Momento"
"Man on the Moon","Pleasantville","A Night at the Opera","Ratatouille","Slumdog MIllionaire", "Hitch","The Matrix", "When Harry met Sally""Emperor of the sun", the Assassin Next Door. Pretty Woman, THE NOTEBOOK, Breaking Bad, etc.
like movies they are a great way for us to spend time not in front of a tv.

Music: Anything that makes me move, songs that cause goosebumps, and most anything live.

3/2014 "in the box" :

Food: (1) Mom's cooking (2) Sushi (3) Indian (in no particular order) (4) MY Home Made Soups (5) The meal we eat to celebrate (6) I'll attempt just about anything short of human flesh. I've tried escargot, bull's testicles, & blood sausage. Top that!
The six things I could never do without
1. The Three Jewels
2. DAnCe - ten toes, ten fingers, a healthy heart and lungs, a smile "the human body is soo cool"
oh btw if you want to learn how you can contact me at:
3. enjoying a beautiful day of BASICS: sun, fresh air, clouds, water, sleep, food, home, clthz, people, spce, freedom
4. Color
5. all six senses but most especially SEEING
6. love with consistency: in the form of a hello, a smile, a hug, a phone call, email, or message, an adventure, great monogamous sex, a gift, flowers just because, that unmistakable yes moment shared when making eye contact, learning something useful, learning something new that you taught me with compassion and patience, no expectations, freedom "to be" even with flaws
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to dance MORE... I drafted a studio if you would like to build it contact me I am so happy to show and tell

This profile. Uckgh! (perhapsforromance's words)

How to's, building positive momentum , yoga/yoda/ygrt, duct tape how my mother is sometimes right, old inside jokes with my dad and potential.

sometimes more frequently i don't think. i see
On a typical Friday night I am
dancing, movies, tea, museum, live music, working, playing, eating, meditating, creating, taking a long walk, sleeping, reading, going on your favorite first date, any number of chores, happily creating dreams for the future... dancing in the arms of a good lead!
I’m looking for
  • Straight guys only
  • Ages 21–50
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating
You should message me if
"Hi My name is (insert your name here) Would you like to go out to dinner?"

You are 1. looking for a friend who

2. Appreciates life, good food, great adventure.

You 3. understand that Thursday="Date Night" ... meaning you're being evaluated for Friday.

If you've at least 4. read this profile closely enough to know what my jobs are.

5. i taught a dance class 12/13/13, and all day I have peed pink urine 12/14/13 ... you can help keep me calm, happy, meditating

6. or must DANCE / need a good dance partner.

or that you 7. see potential in yourself that meeting someone new only enhances your life.

8. you don't believe the bullshit story you tell yourself about who you are... meaning you are like a ready instrument not too tight and not too loose

9. are female and want to work on dance, business, or friendship (same below)

10. are a guy who wants to collaborate ie. I know you a musician friend and I know a great venue = CONNECTION

11. you don't drink coffee or daily consume sugar, basically you're squeaky clean and would like to meet someone who tries to do the same

12. you are not embarassed to be seen with me, "everybody's joke." I have played the fool, the scapegoat, the cash cow but never the blushing bride of my jornaling.