30 Brooklyn, NY
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My self-summary
First of all, RIP Mr. Stardust :( :D

Kind of a hipster by default, mostly esoteric, full of trivia, somewhat artsy.

Laid back but engaged. Not laid back as in, despondent or too-cool. I like putting people at ease, finding out about them, and being witty and silly at the same time.

I'm a mature non-awkward romantic nerd, looking for sweet witty people to watch movies, get tipsy, make out, have tremendous sex, tremendous cuddling and/or tremendous conversation with.

[UPDATE: Not looking for casual sex. I'm looking for a kind, hopefully funny and adorable person to spend mega-pleasant, cute dorky time with, for at least a little while. I'm super positive, open and excited about sex, but I'm hesitant to rush it. Let's Netflix on an early date and then chill on the next one.]

I have a longer profile for longer-term stuff, and you're welcome to ask about it. This one's mainly to meet more people and be sillier. I'm honestly happy if this just leads to some laughs at a dive bar and a few more single friends.

So basically this one is, hey you seem cool, let's go drink.

And make out.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Art/film school kid, so this is a whole thing. I'm versed in art house, foreign and indie but my bread and butter is classical/escapism.

I like people who rant about things I don't know. Ideally you'll tell me about bands and I'll you about movies.

BTW the Sobotkas are in this new Prius ad and no one is talking about it, what gives.
You should message me if
my summary connects with you. Bonus points for talkative or nerdy or tomboy.