34 Kent, OH
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My self-summary
Warning ... i am prob too nerdy for you =( I keep running into girls that are like "yo sup dawg i wants me a nurrrrdy boi" You don't really want a nerdy guy you want some super model that knows something about video games. With that said, you may proceed

Look at your profile
Now back to mine
Now back to your profile
NOW back to mine
Now notice that we are not in any pictures together doing super cool things
But you can fix that by going out and doing super cool things with me!

I enjoy playing video games / board games / card games /watching sci fi movies / anime / going to cons (always fun to hang out with tons of other nerds and escape everything for a weekend!)

I am pretty big into fitness and staying in shape (mostly prepping for the zombie apoc) and would like my future significant other to have a similar outlook. I am also super into helping anyone looking to lose weight! I myself dropped 100lbs over the past few years going from a gross 310 down to a not so gross 210 ... i have a lot of work to do before i am confident in my zombie out running / fighting abilities but it is a work in progress!

I am pretty sure you are saying to yourself "dang how is this amazing guy still single?!" I know, i too ask myself that question quite frequently
What I’m doing with my life
I currently work in the technical support field and in my free time i like to sculpt steel and make art.

I am also a freelance prop maker! I make a lot of video game / anime related props ... It is a lot of fun! currently working on flamethrower gloves! talk about fire bending ^_~

Sometimes i like to get suited up in armor and beat on people with sticks ... AKA SCA =D

Picking up archery soon ... I have always wanted to learn but never really had the time / money to so i figure it will be my summer project!

Sometimes i workout ... and pretend that zombies are chasing me and then i realize that if there were zombies i would be perfectly fine because i have a plan for that ... i actually have multiple plans for that and then i go back to lifting cause muscles are cool! kind of like a fez.

Just got a new car so i have been spending some time just driving around to new and interesting places!
I’m really good at
Working with my hands be it building, back massages, metalwork, sewing, or using them for other various things that hands are used for. I am a great cook, pretty decent craftsman, and great at being fairly blunt (not sure if that is a good thing sometimes!)
The first things people usually notice about me
Not really sure to be honest ... maybe i will ask you what the first thing is you noticed about me! =D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book - anything Lovecraft, metal smithing books, Warhammer 40k, Emergency, Survivalist books. I really wish i had more time / drive to read because i really need to get back into the groove

Movie - tron (old and new), Thor, Iron-man, Hobo with a shotgun, super troopers, the big lebowski, and really really bad so bad they are funny movies

Shows - Dr Who/ Tru blood / Dual survivor / Community / Mad Men / Deadliest warrior / Castle / Supernatural / Sons of anarchy / Ancient aliens! I watch a TON of discovery channel documentaries also anything with Louis CK in it ... also if you are a fan of his you score a good number of points with me!

as for cartoon shows (or anime for the savvy) some of my fav series are Fate stay night / Berserk / Claymore / One piece / Fairy tail / Avatar / Vandred / Outlaw star / Cowboy bebop / Trigun / Samurai Champloo ... anyways i could really fill up the rest of the page on things i have seen and like in this category!

Music - Africa by toto i mean come on serious it's THE best song ever made ... but really there is a ton of stuff i like but some of the things that come to mind are Modest mouse/passion pit/KMFDM/MGMT/E-nomine/ Anything from the 80 and 90's pretty much!

Food - i love to cook and at the moment i have been on a large sushi kick (i have been trying to learn to roll sushi too!)
The six things I could never do without
Obviously the basics of life such as food air water i could NEVER do without but things i would like to not have to do without are

1) tools
2) bacon
3) chili
4) 5 C's of survival!
5) pillows
6) conversation
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Steak ... yeah i spend quite a bit of time thinking about steak and if cows write in their diary about how when they grow up they want to be a delmonico or ribeye

Ron Swanson
On a typical Friday night I am
I spend a little bit of time at the gym then i am on my computer, at the bar, or in the garage (mostly in the garage!)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I try to model my life after Ron Swanson

and sometimes i click on the "hey this person is like the person you are currently looking at" section on the bottom right hand corner ... just to see where i end up ... for some reason it only shows me people of DRASTICALLY different age groups than the person i am looking at ... "oh hey i saw you were looking at a 27yr old. How about i show you this 18yr old bisexual girl who is only into girls and lives in canada!"
You should message me if
I don't have a laundry list of things that you should have if you want to message me ... pretty much if you are interested in messaging me go for it! i am also looking for artsy friends so if you just want to chat go for it!

Also if you are not going to ask questions to reciprocate a conversation don't bother ... i hate having one sided convos. Also if you reply to any question with "I am boring" that is going to be a killer too cause who wants to talk to a boring person? also chances are you are not as boring as you think you are!