40 New York, NY
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My self-summary
So, this is where everyone has been hiding. Since I don't have a puppy to walk around Central Park I figure this might be the next best way to meet someone to get excited about, and hopefully a bit less messy.

I am not one to throw all the particulars out there for the world to see so, for now I'll just say that I've been told I'm as much fun as Christmas morning. I can be a bit playful at times and am not afraid to go my own way which, is a mix that I am quite proud of.

The rumor is I might have the tall, dark, handsome thing covered. I definitely have the tall and dark thing covered, the handsome thing I will leave up to you. One last thing, to me, it's the little things that really matter the most, both in people and in life.
What I’m doing with my life
Finance by day, but working on my superpowers at night.
I’m really good at
6th sense, male intuition. It really does exist.
The first things people usually notice about me
I guess that would depend on the person.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Really? Too many to list
I'm not afraid to admit that I am a fan of one, Mr. Harry Potter
Read a lot of work related books, YUCK. Presently reading, Blink. . fairly interesting
I'd have to say that Huck Finn might be my favorite book of all time though.
Music, pretty much runs the gamut. . . alternative to classical and much in between, w/the exception of country, just not too big a fan of, "the guy shot my dog and stole my girl"
The six things I could never do without
Here are just a few:
Travel w/a great "plus 1", love active vacations, the ocean
Christmas, snow on Christmas, snow, powder days, theme intended
How many girls use internet dating for nourishment and libations
my sports equipment, fairly athletic across the board, golf at the golden hour, a big bowl of cereal, a really good story
beauty (in all its forms), quality people, really good music, cashmere (it's just so damn good)
Shake Shack(so good and not cheap) & Trader Joe's (so good and so cheap)
I find linen to be very underrated (it wrinkles so nicely & it's rather cooling)
flip flops (my last date yelled at me for wearing them)
change of seasons, they all rock, My Mom (she rocks too)
spontaneity and amazing chemistry
That one great girl, the exception to the rule that just makes it all come together.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why girls seem to love white pants so much in the summer
Why has everyone moved to Bklyn. . . does Manhattan have herpes or something?
How IG has now made everyone a model. Airbrushing and enhanced pics are for covers of magazines not an OKC profile.
For such a fashion conscious city, what's up with all the "active wear" ladies?
Why everything tastes better in a wine glass?
How I'd like to know who the FIRST person was (boy or girl) to send a naked picture to someone over the internet.
When did going for a walk among the trees become "hiking"
Does anyone know how the hell to fold a fitted bed sheet?
Why people think texting is a suitable replacement for phone calls.
How internet dating is like fishing w/dynamite in a bathtub, and
how can there be so many single girls left in this city? You all are so good at online shopping is online guy shopping much different
Do people with 1pic profiles really think those looking at them think their profiles are real?
The upcoming ski season & Christmas
My strong belief that lust at first sight is essential
How internet dating seems to be ruining dating dynamics.

I can be a bit cerebral at times thinking about the world around me and how best to improve it. On the other side of the coin I am always thinking about ways to have fun and get the most out of life. You only get one shot at it.

Bonus points if you are spontaneous, unique and a cut above the rest, or if you simply might like to frolic.
On a typical Friday night I am
It could be anything, but no matter what it is it's usually a good time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a bit of a private person and I believe that less is more when it comes to an online profile. Half the fun is getting to know all the intricacies about someone, not reading about them online. I'm happy to send out additional pics if requested to those I might have an interest in as I know mine are a bit inscrutable.
You should message me if
There are obviously a lot of beautiful girls in the city, but without inner beauty or what I call, "quality" it means very little to me. So, if you might be the exception to the rule, believe that the fairytale is still possible and you are willing to come along for the ride.

P.S. You'd make a great "plus 1" for adventure travel. A fan of artistic/creative as well athletic types, they don't usually go hand in hand though which is confusing to me.