33 Austin, TX
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My self-summary
The name translates to traveling without destination* it fit better when I was trying different majors every year, but it never completely stopped fitting.
*possible poetic license applied

I think I'm maintaining a healthy mix and athleticism and geekiness, mostly Soccer and computer related still but keep up with politics, thrift and football more then I want to.

I also need to redo this several years old profile but haven't yet built up the care to do so, feel free to ask about anything ...
What I’m doing with my life
Started college thinking I wanted to be a programmer or something revolving with computers. Then decided I'd be happier as a monkey of moderate intelligence who wears a suit, so I ended up with a Business Admin degree. Eventually I'm hoping this leads to getting in the room decisions get made where I think I do my best.

Right now I'm making no use of that business degree doing time in contractor hell, occasionally working long hours, or driving thousands of miles, with other weeks not doing much. Actually mostly enjoying it, giving me a lot of newfound confidence learning new jobs within a week and being correct with things you've never seen before is an great feeling. For the first time I've been doing a consistent job in one place and that's been pretty good too.
I’m really good at
Soccer, computer stuff, strategy, keeping a cool head, random knowledge, working on roofs. I have enough of an ego to believe that I can be good at most anything, but enough of a brain to know that's not true.

Might still be good at Racquetball (took the class), was decent at Tennis was one of the better non-studying Chess players until I stopped and still occasionally have good poker runs.
The first things people usually notice about me
Wouldn't know, but I've gotten occasional comments about my calves and having 'bedroom eyes.' Also I'm at my conversational best while distracted, lately it's been boring stuff about me being smart and stuff, bleh.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Taste in music would be eccentric, ranging from Irish puck rock to Classical and stuff I can't explain why I like it or what the it is. Mainly centered around rock but includes anything with good rhythm. For a general list I have a lot of Great Big Sea, Flogging Molly, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Bond, Cake, Holtz, Tally Hall, Susumu Hirasawa, TMBG, but largely just random obscure stuff that can only be discovered through the Internet. I'd be pretty amazed if someone could score over 30% doing a 'name that tune' with my playlists.

Been trying a lot of new food lately and been enjoying most of it, right now it's just Thai I haven't found anything to get along with.

I read a lot, however, at some point though my schooling I completely forgot how to read books comfortably for enjoyment, I've probably averaged 2 pages a week on the last couple books I've read. Fond memories include "The Elegant Universe" and "America: The Book." H.P. Lovecraft and Douglas Adams are next on my 'need to read before I die' list. Most of my reading now is currently done online, digging for actual news, learning new things mainly science and current event related, or some awful humor site.

My only usually see TV is The Daily Show and [s]The Colbert Report[/s] sometimes making arrangements to watch NHL playoffs and certain Soccer matches. Am a bit of an animation geek watching Venture Bros, Archer, Gravity Falls, Bob's Burgers, American Dad and Steven Universe. However for the most part part it's usually left on a science channel or cable news as background alongside my mp3s, IM or phone conversations and several other programs/projects on my computer including 30+ tabs on my web browser.
Seems I multi task.
The six things I could never do without
Activity - otherwise life is boring and you get fat.
Music - silence bothers me and music is great.
Vision correction
Computer - do need to try that week/month away from it thing at some point
Mobility - not proud of this, but I tend travel nearly 1000 miles a month, mostly work
Cell phone - just so damn convenient, on the other side I've gone with a dumb phone for the last 5 months, 1st couple months was proving I could survive without one while learning its totally worth $200+ for a good one. The rest of the time has been laziness and a reluctance to give myself nice things.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Dreams of how to make a real difference, why people put up with hour+ commutes, what I should do to improve my minuscule slice of life, coming up with complex solutions for simple problems and what's for dinner.

Included so far is 3 ideas for saving the country/world, only they require 100grand, 10million or n-trillion dollars to attempt, something tells me ideas to earn such cash would be more useful.
On a typical Friday night I am
Stuff happens, or not, I try not to put any special features on individual days so open to different things on any day, in the meantime I'm very susceptible to peer-pressure to do something more fun then TV & games or sitting in the car.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I regularly come up with creative solutions to problems, but when presented with a blank slate or form all that creativity disappears... so this site showcases me at my worst :)
You should message me if
You want me to message you, because I'm a wuss* and enough of a feminist that being willing to take the initiative is a positive.
*mostly the previously mentioned missing bit of creative ability.

Willing to help me join a new group to go snow skiing with, gain a greater appreciation of the lake, or will make me go to the beach this summer, I missed the past few years.

Mainly, if you think something fun or interesting could come from it.