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Agentlemen down to earth man. Looking for a sweet girl friend. Someone funny who cares about joy , friendship , laughter ,togetherness compassion. honesty love and faith. Cute and beautiful inside.
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ed by a greedy investor name bagwell? His 40,000 dollars was his life savings. Anger built up just thinking about how his stock was worth so much one day and then poof. Worth nothing. How manipulative were these lawyers and bankers. Playing e to look over his grand fathers possessions. How he loved his grand pop. Never a mean word was spoken from the hard working man. Patient and kind. He cherished those memories of grey hair grand pop reading him stories during sleep overs. Markus loved King Arthur and the Knights of the round Table. He made grand pop read that over and over. The cottage small yet neat had book shelf to the left and right of the fire place. Leather bound books and ivory pipes. The smell of the tobacco brought back memories for him. Grandpop would whittle wood on the porch and carve the most interesting figures out of hickory and cherry wood. Markus still had a bear and a horse his grand father painstankly carved. It was small and so beautiful. He called his bear “bo” and the horse “majestic” Thumbing through a photo album Markus found a picture of a younger grand father with a pick and a hammer mining. The faded black and white picture made him smile. He missed his santa like grand father. How could his grand father be so loving and warm and his father completely opposite ? The picture he discovered had a note and a map drawing on it. “Dear Markus” I have kept the location of the mine a secret . If you are reading this note then I am no longer living and feel you are old enough for me to share with you. The cave location. This map should help you locate it. You stumbled across it when you were 8. The entrance way I filled in and a cherry tree marked with a cross you shall find. Follow my instruction to a t and you shall find heaven and hell. Wear the silver cross in my desk drawer. Do not go into the cave at sundown or night. An evil prescense guards a fortune to be had at all costs. I kid you not my grandson. Arm yourself with dagger, bow and arrow, holy water and a wooden stake and mallet. sharpen the stakes. A necklace of garlic will also do you right. I love you. God Bless Grand father Xavier. “what” This sounds crazy. garlic necklace, a cross. bah. I don’t believe in monsters and am afraid of nothing. Crosses. Where was jesus when they stole all my my fortune. Where was jesus when father beat me like a horse? Crosses . No thanks Grand father. I will take my chances tonight. Must get back home and prepare myself for the discovery of a life time. He walked the 40 minute journey back to town. He gathered a warmer leather coat , put on his high black leather boots and filled a burlap bag with some bread and cheese a canteen of water. Strapped an axe and shovel to his back and walked the forty minutes back to grand fathers estate.
the map wasn’t difficult to decipher. It was a decent drawing his grand did. showing the barns and cottage. The farm where he grew tobacco and produce. The lake and stream where they fished many years ago for trout and salmon. The 20 acres on the south side where briar bushed and over grown. A dark forrest of almost all black trees and muddy wet grounds surrounded him. He remembered how muddy his boots and clothes chasing after the rabbit. The cherry tree seemed to be the only tree in the forrest that showed any form of beauty and life. Strange yet their it was. Green Grass around it Beautiful Carved Cross just as the letter spelled. Out. 12 paces to the east. 7 paces to the north. 4 paces west. 5 paces south. An he felt into a covered patch of leaves and branches. It scared him just as it did when he was 8. the drop into the cave was only 5 feet on his face. He had to crawl for 15 feet before he could stand up . That erry feeling he had at 8 rushed back to him. Dark and damp. His lite a candle. The cave was immense large and stalagmites and Stalagmites hung from the roof and floor all over the cave. It also smelled exactly like he remembers. A noxious putrid odor of quarno. Bat droppings. Disgusting it almost made him throw up the bread and cheese he ate on his walk . The cave seems to have 6 additional tunnels. He spent very little time in the cave as a boy. He remembered only really the bats. How crazy they looked and as if they were going to eat him alive. He chose a tunnel closet to the opening he came into. Why not. The note mentioning. A fortune to be found sounded tempting. Tempting enough to have him stomach bat shit and a sinking fear that he was not alone in that vast cave. Presence what did that mean and why the cross and stakes and garlic. That sounded strange grand pop. What good would a stake and hammer and garlic have for bats? He walked deeper into the tunnel when a gust of wind blew out the candle. What the fuck. He fumbled for his matches. What pocket where they in. Christ its dark in here. He froze for a minute. Yet lit the candle as quickly as he could. Thank God for light. Where did that breeze come from. Again a sinking feeling of someone watching him came made the hair on his neck stand up. The tunnel was cold and winding. Where does this lead to. A fortune. What was here grand father. Markus tripped over something. And stumbled on a dusty path. The candle he picked up and looked at a skeleton corpse he had tripped over it and the skull wound up 3 feet away from its body. Holy fuck. Who’s skull is that. The cross
still around its neck. Markus took the gold cross and put it on as if his life depended on that cross. A sound shrieking and loud protruded from and area of the tunnel. More bones were scattered all over the place. Markus turned to get the fuck out that cave. Went
a blunt punch to his face knocked him nearly unconscious. Blood all over his white shirt. As he came to conscious. Stood a intimidating 7 foot giant of a creature man. He nearly shit his pants. “ Who dares to disturb my sacred lair” Your scent is familiar young man. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you. And make it quick. I was sleeping a beautiful sleep. Your human scent stunk up my dreams. And take that cross off now or I’ll tear your head off as I have so many before puny human.. Markus did as this creature asked. The cross he put in his leather coat pocket. Took a handkerchief out and wiped his bloody face. My name is Markus. I own this cave and 20 acres my grand father Xavier Mercantioux passed on to me as an inheritance. Please don’t kill me. And what are you? “What I am is not your concern. You are trespassing on what is mine.” Now prepare to die. You bore me human. So scared and greedy. Many have attempted to rape this cave. They all met destruction at my hands. No one steals from me. All that this cave has to offer it stays with me. 300 hundred years of guarding. Now prepare to die. Pray to your God. Say what you want. In one minute I will devour you like the many before you.
“no, please. I am sorry. I had no idea that what my grand father wrote was true. I don’t believe in monsters . If I may be so bold. What are you? I live a simple life. A pursuit of riches. Lord help me. I am too young to die. Never to see marriage or the eyes of my baby. I swear if you spare my life. I will be your loyal servant . I can help you . Surely you could use my help? What can I offer you in return if you spare my life creature. “ Shut it human, You make me laugh. “ Anything I need I also steal. What have you to offer me. In return for your rude intrusion into my world? “ My grand father wrote of a fortune in this cave.
Yes. I too heard stories of something deposited here in the 1400s. I have searched for 300 hundred years. What makes you think that you could assist in discovering that which has alluded me for 3 centuries. “ ok. 300 years wow that is a long creature” “ I UT the map my grand father drew. It has additional information that made no sense to me. A riddle perhaps we could decipher his riddle you and work together to find what you have spent 300 years looking for. You need me. So what say you creature . Partners. 50/ 50. “Brave man.. bargaining for what you have to offer. I should rip your ugly head off right now and end this banter. Yet I like how brave you are. I will take you up on your offer. Let me see this riddle. The creature read the riddle and it made absolutely not fucking sense to the creature. “your grand father was a smart man. This riddle I give you 3 days to break. 3 days human. Now leave and think hard and fast. For on the stroke of mid night if the answer and location is not giving to me. You die. A painful bloody death and I get soul forever human. Do not toy with my generosity. Get Out! Do not disturb me during the day. Now get the hell out. Before I lose my temper. And tear your heart out of its chest. Ugly human..

Chapter 4

Markus rain like the wind. out that tunnel out the cave and all the way back to the cottage. He bolted the door immediately. Dark and cold. He couldn’t believe what had happened. Was it a dream. no. He still had blood all over his shirt and a swollen face that looked like hell. 2 black eyes . yet he was allowed to go free. Map and riddle in hand. He read it over and over. 3 days.. What the fuck and I going to do. That fucking riddle made no sense.

Harken one to the barn of tall.
ladder north to what hay shall fall.
look above the post notched with t
there u shall find more of thee.

what barn of tall. hmm. grand fathers estate had 3 barns. 2 for horse. one for farm equipment. He rushed to the barn.

The tallest horse barn had a ladder that lead to a hay loft.

There it was a notched t just like the riddle spelled out.

Above the t. a leather parchement rolled and ties.

Fuck another riddle. I am not that good at riddles. Was much better at chess.

In a field on south by west a stoned of grey and black by best
six to the north
3 to the south.
there you shall find
another pouch .

Markus looked at his grand fathers map. South by west was his grand fathers prized tobacco fields.
There is was. Christ a large boulder of rock. grey and black. In the middle of that tobacco field. Fucking weird. six steps to the north.
3 to the south. In a hole in the oak tree he found a pouch.

Grand pop. This hide and seek riddle shit was fun.

The browne sweade pouch had another leather parchement riddle and a brass skelton key in it.

He was exhausted. What was that key for?

Another riddle.

Once a good friend Mastrovious you swine.
In a box in the basement
Hides something that is mine.
The spot is marked with clue of blue.
careful you seeker it doesn’t kill you.

Mastrovious. What isn’t that the last name of the nijole woman he met yesterday. Strange. The coincidence of meeting her on the street and now his grand father talking of something that belonged to him in the basement of her house? No way.

She would never let him in. He had to think of something extremely clever. After invading her bedroom and stealing the stupid gold watch. Fuck that watch. I have 3 days to give the evil creature what he demands or I am dead. Game over. Gotta sleep.

4 glasses of bouban and Markus slept a restless night. Dreams of hellish figures and aspirations appeared before his eyes. A sleep like he never felt before. Haunting images of ghosts and bats. Screams and that giant of a creature laughing. Tick Tock Marcus.
2 more days and I shall own your soul and bleed your useless life away from you.

He could see the towering creature. Is blood red eyes and sharp fangs. Muscular and so dark skinned. Like black leather. White skin and blood red lips. He never saw such a brooding and fearful man like him ever. What was he. Where does he originate from.
How many people have lost their lives at his hand. There were baby bones and animal bones scattered all over that cave. Cob webs and insects crawling through the eye sockets of countless skulls. 2 more days. sleep. sleep. Help me God. Help me Nijole.

Yes. I must talk to her. I will give her the watch back in return for a visit to her basement.

Surely she will say yes. I saw her eyes so in love with her stupid Gold Watch.

Markus woke. A restless sleep. Head ache from bourbon and still a swollen mess of a mug. He looked like shit and smelled even worse.

Forget the pleasantries. I need to talk to Nijole. He ran the entire distance to the Mastrovious Estate. 10 am. Saturday Morning. The butler answered quite confused.
“ hello sir, I need to see Nijole” My name is Markus. May I talk to her”

He catches a glimpse of Nijole. Walking through the house escorted by Jasper. What the fuck. “Hello Nijole, I need to talk to you” Embarassed Nijole pardens herself and walks to quiet talk to Markus. “ What are you doing here. You are embarrassing me. I have company. Can’t you see that. And what the hell happened to your face ? Get caught stealing? You look like a wreck.

Please meet me at the park at 12. I need to talk to you. It is extremely serious and important. Tell me you will be there. Meet me on the bench near the lake?

I will go now if you promise you will be there at 12. “ Ok I will be there at 12.

Good bye Markus..

Jasper confused. “ Who was that strange man and what does he want from you? Protective. I must break our date Jasper. I have something important to do . Please forgive me. I shall see you tomorrow night. Say 7 pm. Pick me up. We can see a show at the theatre mullaix?
Jasper was annoyed and disappointed that Nijole broke their date. Yet what could he say.
He was smitten like most men. At all that was her. Her beautiful , the way she smelled. Her long brown silky hair .

The park bench conversation was fast and awkward for Nijole. What are you talking about.. That riddle from your grand father talks of something in my families basement.
My father will never allow the likes of you in our home. He is courting me with his business partner Jasper in hopes that one day Jasper and I shall marry. How am I to sneak you into our house? The butler , the maid, the cook, all will surely rat us out . They all have seen jasper and now of my fathers wishes. My father will kill you if he see you in our house. He is extremely temperamental over me. Daddy’s little girl. Always.

Hush for a moment.. Surely there must be a way to sneak into the house. Today.
My life depends on me solving this riddle. I will give you the watch in return for entrance into your basement? Please Nijole. I will ask of this favor and leave you to your charming Jasper. psst. I see you with more of man than that skinny snake. He loves money more than you. Its obvious. Didn’t even put up a fuss when another man took you from his date today. “Never you mind Markus.” He loves me and is a respected gentlemen and scholar. Owns his own business with my father. Speak not ill of Jasper.

“Ok, I am sorry, you are right.” I am under a bit of distress lately. Tomorrow is Sunday. Aren’t the servants off from their chores by evening. “ Yes. 5 pm. They are pardoned from duty. Ok Good’ When they rest we can visit your basement. I will make it quick.
Ok. Meet me at my house at 10 of 5. Go through the back gate and hide in the wood shed. I will see you tomorrow Markus. Bring me my watch. I will help and then you must never show your face to me again. This is my one chance at a real life. You best not mess up my relationship with Jasper.
“I promise Nijole. “ 10 of 5 wood shed be there. And by the way did I mention you look amazing. Good bye Markus. Men are ridiculous.

Chapter 5.
Another night of bourbon to put Markus to sleep. His dreams were again haunted by The Creature. Dark shadows surrounding his bed as he slept. Poking at his head, grabbing for his throat. A night that was very uncomfortable . Cold Sweat and rapid heart beat. The creatures power was over whelming. It infected his mind, body and soul. Constantly making him nervous and paranoid. Prayers to Jesus were not answered. He felt more away from his faith now than ever in his 18 years. Funny how men turn to pray in crisis. The creature read his thoughts. Saw in mind this beautiful woman and was too fascinated by her endless charm and grace. Bring her to me Markus. Be my guest cause I will own both of you. Devour your body and soul in a day. Ha ha.. ha… Humans. So tasty.
So easy to pluck. Unlike him to sleep a good portion of the day away. Markus woke at 2 pm. Tired. Exhausted. Thoughts of The Creature haunting his waken moments also. He realizes that he has seen hell on earth. The stories he listened as a boy. The references in the bible about abominations were so very much real. He wanted nothing better than for all of this to be a dream. Yet it wasn’t a dream. His life was a chaotic wreck. It is scarry to realize than in one day you may be dead. No happy thoughts of what travels life would allow. What great love to cherish. Nothing. Just the void of being nothing. At the hands of satans helper. Fuck that shit. I will solve my grand fathers riddles and give The Creature what he so desperate wants. In return for my devotion he will spare my life. He did promise. Yet so many a liar bastards. How could he trust this monster. He knew nothing about him and felt such dark black energy unlike anything he felt before.
God help me. I am drowning. Wish my grand father was still alive . At least I could talk to him. He would know what to do and save my life.

Markus gathers up some belongings in a leather back and walks the miles back to Nijoles estate. The small castle was fenced with wrought iron and lots of gargoyles all over the place. Ugly marble creatures. Kinda looked like his creature. He couldn’t look at them. They scared him. Nijole cracked open the wood shed and grabbed his hand. Hurry, My parents will be back from church service soon. Be quiet I don’t want to raise any suspicion or alarm with the help. She led him through the kitchen and down winding steps. Cob webs and a moldy odor permeated the basement. wine racks and barrels of wine filled half the space. Dove tail boxes and old bottles were also apparent. Quickly Markus what does the riddle say…
Once a good friend Mastrovious you swine.
In a box in the basement
Hides something that is mine.
The spot is marked with clue of blue.
careful you seeker it doesn’t kill you.

Both searched for anything in the basement that was blue. 500 vintage bottles of wine.. This was going to take forever.. And it could kill them. Something blue. Grand father. Why not more clues than that.

they opened crates and boxes. Found old antiques and stuff that her parents kept there forever. In the corner of the basement was one isolate oak box with his grand fathers initials on it. x. s.. He got excited. Nijole come here I found something.. Bring the candle opera. he used his knife to pry open the box. It was filled with straw packing material. At the center was a blue wine bottle with a cork in it. Lets open it. Perhaps there is a clue in the bottle. Nijole cautioned that the riddle warned that it could kill them. What if it were poison gas. He tied the bottle down to a round table. Noosed a rope over the ceiling beem and tied the cork. Move back Nijole. don’t stand close. As the cork left the bottle a Mist of blue green filled the area. Don’t breath that air Nijole. Put this handkerchief over your mouth and lay on the floor. Disgusting Markus Im get my outfit dirty. I hate getting dirty. Yet she appreciated the jesture and snatched the cloth quickly. Both laying on the floor for 5 minutes. Ghostly energies carrying knives swung their blades back and forth. Then began to speak. What. This is freaking me out thought Markus.

They revealed another clue in this Treasure seeking journey.

“ In the third passage deep in the cave. 57 paces.
something was saved
27 layers to left of wall.
dig for it yet watch your fall.

what.. Nijole raised her head and the aspirations were gone. She had never seen ghost before. Her heart still beating quickly. she notices that she was holding Markus’ hand.
Stop touching me Markus this is insane. What cave is were those hell hounds talking about.
“I can’t talk to you about it. It is too dangerous for me to involve a lady like you.
Thank you for allowing me the entrance to this basement. I gotta leave. I have very little time and must get back to my grand fathers estate.

What was your grand fathers name? Xavier.. Yes how did you know that ? He was at my 5th birthday. My dad and he had a falling out and argued on the back patio over something. I remember my father never mentioning his name or seeing him ever again.

Birthday party. Wait a minute. He took me to that party. I remember you. Spoiled rich girl with a million gifts from friends and family and still you complain to daddy that you wanted a pony. When in your stables your parents already had 4 horses to pull the carriages. You cried for a half an hour and threw such a fit. I want a pony. Daddy where is my pony. I told you I wanted a pony. Shut up Markus. If you were a little five year girl you too would want a pony. yet you had horses all over your estate. You wouldn’t have understood. A girl wants what she wants. I still do. And I want to join you on your grand fathers estate. This is the most excitement I have seen ever in this boring town. Lets go las, Off to this cave. And by the way you owe me my watch. Reluctantly he handed her the watch in thanks as he promised. No sense in coveting the watch when in a day if they don’t give the fucking what he wants then he will lose everything.
She took one of horses from the stable. Markus strapped the brittle and leather saddle on. And they rode back to his Grandfathers estate. It would be dark in a few hours. The cave would be no place he wanted either to be once the sun went down. She held him tightly as they galloped quickly back to the cave..

Chapter 6.

Nijole, tried to remember what Markus’s grand father and her father squabbled over.
She remembers something about her father asking Xavier questions about ancient folk lore of buried fortunes from the 1400s. Supposedly somewhere in this town. It was believed by town folk that Xavier discovered its location while studying ancient manuscripts in the municipal records department. Xavier loved ancient history and genelogy. Loved to know what had happened in their town and who of interest and importance helped build it to what it was today. A picturesque quaint town with
upwardly mobile wealth being built yearly . At the center of that wealth were two gold mines and a silver mine that the currently corrupt mayor had half owner ship in.
Silver and Gold. How the world loved those two metals. Forever. Markus loved Gold.
Nijole preferred silver. The silver wear in their estate was quite impressive. It was
recovered from a Spanish ship that sunk of the coast of the Baltic sea. The Spaniards were shipping it Russian royalty when it sunk at the hands of pirates. At least that is what the town folks say. Her mother loved the silver collection also. It only came out during balls and special celebrations at the mastrovius estate. She held on to his impressive chest. her legs wrapped tightly. she loved the rhythum and stride a horse gave. He felt similar to a strong horse. She tried not to notice. Yet she also like his scent. A mixture of body scent and what appeared to be cedar and a touch of wild flower.
Markus also liked her strong long legs up against his. her beautiful hands felt warm and comforting hold him as they made their way. It would have been a beautiful date if
certain death and a creature weren’t involved in this day. He felt protective and strong in her presence. The weakness lost in last nights slumber had left him. He didn’t like that she was putting her life in his hands. She had not idea of things he heard and saw in the cave a few nights ago. At that moment he made a vow that this was going to turn out ok and that he would win the hand of this amazing woman. Or die trying. Alive for the first time in years. Was it a crush or was he falling in love with his destiny. Snap out of it Markus. Love is for woman and children and old folks. All of which I am neither.
Who needs love. Love is frustrating and never turns out like you plan. yet her arms felt wonderful. She too had lilac and jasmine scent. Fresh like a spring picnic in purple garden of flowers. He breathed in and smiled. What was that about Markus. You ok.
Oh yes dear. I am very fine. Are you comfortable. Yes. thank you….. hmmmm.. Galloping away. over hills as the horse approached the cottage.

Oh Markus, your grandfathers property is beautiful. Love that cozy cottage. Did he live there with your grandmother all his life?” Most of it. Their were some years when he studied at university in London. Archelogy and Ancient Religions. He always read a lot.
He did quite well as an archeologist. He met my grand mother on ancient civilization dig in Transylvania when they were in their 20s. Made all the papers quite an amazing collection of artifacts and treasures. he was famous for that discover. They both were compensated well by their investors and the Lloyds of London. It was that money that helped my grandfather buy this estate and marry my grandmother. he also was allowed to keep ¼ of the discovery as per his contract with Lloyds. Never saw what he kept. yet my father said it was his most valuable possession he ever found. I believe it is what these riddles are all about. He didn’t want it to go to my father. He knew my fathers immaturity level and impetuousness so I believe what we are looking for is something he hide when he was 25 years old. These riddle should lead us to that which he hide. Are you prepared to go on this journey. I assure you it is dangerous and from what I saw 2 evenings ago. I really wish you would stay in the cottage and allow me to search the cave. Absolutely no, Markus. You need my help. I don’t want you going into the cave alone. What if you need my help and I am not there. What if something happens to you.
Hmm. He enjoyed what she had said. Forgot all about the fact that some demon creature tall as house was there. Potentially hungry and angry. Yet the creature gave warning to not disturb after dark. Surely they will find what they are looking for in 2 hours. He packed Plenty of oil lamps and torches to light their way. Some water and two daggers his grandfather had on the mantle piece above the fireplace. The silver dagger handles were beautiful yet sold crosses. The steal blades were sharp. His grand father asked him to not touch them when he was a child. When his grand father wasn’t looking he would push a chair to the mantle and hold one quickly and then put it back as to not be discovered. The knives now weren’t so heavy and felt right in his hands. The cave opening was endered by Markus. He asked Nijole to carry one of the knives and put a cross of silver around her neck. She loved both. Silver was her thing. Why a cross Markus. Kinda of superstitious isn’t it. He smiled yet the smile was also laced with fear and concern. What markus tell me. Please. What did you find in this cave 2 nights ago.
I wanna know before I enter. Is it wild animals like wolves or a bear. I don’t like spiders. So I may scream if I see one. They laughed. Trust me. If all we find are spiders that would be heavenly. Oh Markus you are funny. Let’s go. Lets find what your grandfather alluded where is the riddle the ghosts provide. He pulled the riddle out.

“ In the third passage deep in the cave. 57 paces.
something was saved
27 layers to left of wall.
dig for it yet watch your fall.

The cave was impressive to Nijole. Vast and ancient. Wow. This cave goes on and on.
“Hello” her voice echoed. shh… sweetness you must not do that… We have to keep our voices down…. Really silly. What are you afraid of.” Who or what is in this cave..

Ok I will tell you. yet you have to believe me. It sounds insane yet two nights ago. I was nearly torn to pieces by an immense demon creature nearly 7 feet tall. He granted me 3 days to help him discover a secret treasure he had search for nearly 300 years .

“That sounds crazy Markus. How much did you have to drink that day. You expect me to believe that you met a 300 year old demon creature in your grandfathers cave. Please.
Stop with the tall tales and lets find what we are looking for.

from the left to the right they walked into the 3 tunnel. markus held her hand as he counted out 57 steps. Quietly. Yet loud enough for her to hear. 27 layers
That must be 27 brick layers high. Ok. give me my hand pick from my bag.

Stand back love, Im going to hit these bricks and try to remove some. 27 layers up was just above markus 6 foot 2 height. The oil lamps glowed and lite well the ancient bricks and dirty cob webs. Nijole let out a scream. What shh…. Are you ok. Sorry, a spider was in my hair. and I can’t stand spiders. give me a torch. She lit one and burned the webs and spiders that were all over the tunnel ceilings and floor. That’s better honey. There is a brick marked with a cross. Im going to start there. Wait Markus. the ghost warned us. Just a moment. Lets wedge those wood planks we saw as we entered the cave. Make a roof . they wedges the planks higher than the cross marked brick 15 planks across their heads. Make shift roof as Markus banged the brick with his pick axe. Brick pieces clanked and fell to the floor. On the third hit the cross marked brick pushed throw freely. The ceiling then collapsed above them. Slightly dusty yet not buried in what was a ton of ceiling bricks. Good thinking baby. Glad you are hear or I may have met my demise underneath all those bricks. it took a few more bricks to come loose to discover that the wall was a bricked up entrance way to a room carved in the tunnel wall. Wow that must have taken a long time to build. Brick by brick it took about an hour to remove the clutter and walk into the room. There in the center of the room was a chest like you would find on a pirates ship. 36 inches long by 24 inches high. Old and ancient. Wooden chest. Wrapped in chains and a lock. Markus excited. Pulled from his pocket the bronze key he found in his grandfathers book. Open it Markus. Lets see whats in that chest. I don’t know Nijole. It nearly 630 and it will be dark in 10 minutes.
Don’t be silly Markus. We nearly died in the entrance open it. Ok give me the key cry baby. I’ll open it.
She turned the lock. Pop. Markus took the chains off and pryed the wood chest top open.
As he opened the chest. A great light lite up the room. Again. Blue and green mist swirled around the chest. Yet this time no ghosts. When their eyes adjusted to the light.
They discovered a huge black diamond. Set in a large chunk of gold. Wow. Is that a black diamond. Nijole asked. I think so. The stories of mystical black diamond have been told for centuries there it was. Beautiful. Shinny glistering all around the cave.
The two thieves realizing that they were millionaires both their hands on it. Like it was theirs to touch. Rumours were true it had magical powers. And whomever possessed could yield those powers. Whatever thought they were having. It appeared magically in the cave. Nijole thought of Silver coins. Markus of gold coins. 100 of each appeared around their feet. No fucking way. That was amazing. They took their hands off it. It was too powerful for them to handle.

With riches at their feet. Markus handed Nijola a burlap back and they filled two bags with coins. Quickly bella. We have but 5 minutes and we must leave. Markus carried the black diamond and gold base and nijole carried out of the cave the gold and silver bags of coins. Hurry. The sun goes down.

As they were leaving an ominous roar from the cave made them run faster. “Quick Nijole get on the horse. We need to get back to the cottage. And bolt the doors and windows shut. Before it awakes and find us with this diamond. I promised him I would help find it yet I have one more day and think of what we can wish for in that time. Really Markus lets just take the coins and leave your grand fathers estate. Leave the black diamond her. Its what he wanted right. I don’t know Nijole. My grandfather hid it for a reason and never used its magic to make him rich and powerful there must be something that he feared. Also the creature would use against mankind. With it undiscovered the creature remains here looking for it. Can you imagine if that creature had control of it and destroyed our entire town and all its people. God only knows what someone evil like it would do. We just can’t take that chance and must find the truth my grandfather knew. My grand father hid it and that is what I will do. We must also think of a way to destroy this demon. Perhaps my grandfather knew how to use the jem. There are a few diaries in the library lets look through them.”

Chapter 7.
Markus rummaged through his grand fathers meager possessions desparately searching for the diaries he came across. Where did I see those brown leather bound diaries. There were two of them. He searched the book shelf no. He searched the roll top desk. No. He went into his grand fathers bedroom and remember he saw them strapped underneath the bed. He discovered them while picking up a coin he dropped. Yes under the bed. Nijole helped turn over the mattress and bedding to discover the beautiful written diaries of Xavier Markus Fontenbleu. So that was Markus’ last name Mercantiox. His grandfather and my father were business partners . Interesting.
“ I Xavier Markus Mercantiox of sound mind and body will document all that I have discovered in our Swiss Gold Mine. 1842. Xavier was a younger man . Managing 100 miners blasting and digging out a fortune of Gold ore. The ore that put their town on the maps. Deeper and deeper the miners blasted and hammered , hammered and chisled gold nuggets. A vast amount in a cave that was roughly 200 feet by 400 feet . A tunnel supported by beams kept alone have discovered what you have been guarding and I mean you
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
Making people laugh and be themselves.
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Blue eyes. Perhaps my arms and body? Im in decent shape. Strong.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
Trying to read more. Love old leather bound books. Always have. Lol. Music. Love music. Cold play. Metalica. Johnny cash. Mumford and Sons. Feist. Depeche Mode. Rock bands. Chilli Peppers. Billy Idol. Pearl Jam. Sound Garden. Stone Temple Pilots. Elvis Costellos greatest hits. The cure. Simon and Garfunkel. Ottis Redding. Singers who can sing from a moment in time they let you see their pictures in song and lyrics. Bruce paints a picture in song. Neil Young is talented. Keep me searching for a heart of gold. and Im getting old. Simon and Garfunkel. I haven't listened to since college yet they harmonized well and were talented. Broke apart too soon. Cat Stevens is also a fav. Its not time to make a change just sit back take it easy... you are young thats your fault so much you have to learn. Take your time... think alot... think of all the things you've got. You may still be here tomorrow yet your dream may not. deep. keep dreaming people. Music has always been my thing. And Movies. Im a walking dictionary of Movies and Musicology. This year I want to download more music. Japanese and India music is interesting. I'm also into photography. Love black and whites. Comedies. Fishing. Getting real dressed up and eating at a classy restuarant. Good conversation with a classy woman. I also like wearing a suit and a tie. Little bit country little bit city. Leather bound books. I like to find someone who is similar to me in taste. Not really into strictly mall shopping ladies. Vangogh paintings. BBC comedies. Two and a half men before charlie left. Comic Books. Auctions. Antiques Road Show. Seinfeld. Family guy. Used to see a lot of concerts. Nothing cooler than checking out a cool concert with a cool woman. blue jeans. comfortable shirt. great band. few beers. its all good. write to me. I can make you laugh and am a good man, lover, friend, person. Hopefully I meet someone who believes in God. Is kind. Kisses well. Gets Me. I get her. We laugh alot. Respectful friendship that develops into love.
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
Prayer. Cell phone. My family. Laughter. Music. Hope
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
What the next 30 years will be like. Disney marvel makes good super heroe movies. Lol.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Honestly. My life is very quiet over the past 3 years. Been single. dating a little, yet Id rather meet an amazing woman who is funny so I can surprise her with amazing dates. Rather be out with a sweet woman than sitting home like a loser on the weekend. I don't even go to the movies. I can't sit there alone. Thats creepy. lol. So write to me. become friends. if you are as bored as I am then make friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Lol yeah right.
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 24–50
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For long-term dating, short-term dating, casual sex
You should message me if
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If you have your life in balance and are beautiful inside.