37 Philadelphia, PA
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My self-summary
Thirty something Vespa riding lady with a penchant for pop, psych and prog. Yea, that's a whole lot of P's. I'm a bit of a self proclaimed geek. I collect records and comic books (a special love for Vertigo) and have an unnatural love of all things Star Trek. I'm a teacher and an urban farmer and a lot of other things in between. I founded and run a nonprofit that works with youth through the medium of urban agriculture and could not be happier about it.

I live in South Philly with my wonderful partner sereeres and our four (don't judge) almost wonderful cats.

I think I'm a very very very lucky girl.

I apparently also like parentheses.
What I’m doing with my life
Riding motorbikes, pulling weeds, working with under serviced youth, video games, playing with my records, reading books, running famer's markets, rocking out in pajamas on the couch under a pile of cat.

In all seriousness, I started my non-profit a little over two years ago and it is pretty time consuming. Ideally anyone I meet would be down with getting their hands dirty in the soil. Let's grow things!

(Or please be distracting enough to get me to stop working for a minute. I need that too.)

I also manage a food cupboard in the city three days a week and I recently started contracting to teach gardening and nutrition to high school students.

I love what I do.
I’m really good at
Making jokes that only I think are funny.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, or rather I'd like to think it would be my eyes. Secondly, probably my ass. It's still holding its own. Oh and the tattoo that covers my entire arm. There's that.

Also, I am pretty sarcastic. Most people find it endearing. Some don't. If you're overly sensitive we're probably not going to mesh well. If I'm picking on you, it's likely because I'm into you.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This is the fun one. :)

A) I read ALOT. Margaret Atwood, Jaqueline Carey, Patrick Rothfuss, Jonathan Lethman, Nick Hornby, Isabel Allende, Brandon Sanderson....the list is kind of endless. I recently discovered Emily St. John Mandel and I'm kind of in love with her books.

B) Labryinth, Lost in Translation, Like Water For Chocolate, Her, Down By Law, One Night on Earth...I should probably disclose my absolute love for Jim Jarmusch here. I also have a huge love for Doctor Who. I have my own mini Tardis.

C) I used to have a big long list here but I'm cutting it down to a few favorites. Tom Waits,Big Star , Mountain Goats, Queers, Sebadoh, Astor Piazolla, , Caravan, Elvis Costello, Loudon Wainwright, Buzzcocks, Cheap Trick, Nick Drake, Pernice Brothers, Neutral Milk Hotel, Flamin' Groovies, Guided By Voices, The Replacements.

Music is a big thing in my life and my record collection will blow your mind.

I spend ALOT of time on Spotify and am always up for exchanging playlists. The new Discover Weekly feature is kind of spot on.

D) anything not spicy.
The six things I could never do without
my animals, my records, my Vespa, my relationships, garden pruners, lots of blankets.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why this song sounds like that song, obscure pop music, my students and the Philadelphia school system, food systems, why the cat won't stop staring at me, other people's stories and how I can be a part of them, scooters, scooters, scooters, space travel, growing vegetables, compost, worms, soil, time travel and how to find beautiful rides outside of the city to escape into.
On a typical Friday night I am
Most of the time home...sometimes out. Fridays don't mean as much as they used to when I was twenty-one.

I'm serious about this. Although I can on occasion still go out and be like a rock star, my preference is quiet nights at home or small gatherings with people I really care about. I'm not so much into the bar scene these days.

This should also be the part where I mention that I'm really not into heavy drinkers. At all. A beer or two here and there is fine but if it's an every day thing for you, we are not going to click.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My partner of close to seven years and I practice non-monogamy (and have since day one.). I guess that means you can call me poly or polyamorous. It's not always the easiest thing in the world (Though truthfully it's not too difficult these days either) but we've learned that with a whole lot of talking and trust and honesty (I mean honesty like woah) being able to love on other people enriches our lives and ultimately makes each of us better people.

It's really not that weird. Dating me is just like dating anyone else except it requires a lot of communication.

I own a pair of footie pajamas and I wear them frequently around the house.

I named my cats after a comic book character, a beat author, and two different Star Trek officers.

I'm rough around the edges but I'm about as soft on the inside as they come.

I play tabletop RPGs. (D&D, Call of Cthulhu etc. Would love to start playing Pathfinder but I have had trouble finding a good group around here.) I also used to play board games quite a bit but my nerd resources in the Philly area seem to be lacking these days. Terraria for days. Fallout forever.

Look, I realize I'm into nerdy stuff but I'm super fun too.

I have a never ending crush on Paul Westerberg and I probably always will.
You should message me if
You just know you should.

You know of a good record store and aren't against flipping through stacks for hours.

You know secret places in Philly that I have yet to find.

You have a scooter or a motorcycle and you want to go on long long lets get lost rides with me. I really love motocamping and would love to find someone to go with me. I went to NC for a few days last summer and it was the BEST.

You are into gardening and you want to teach me more. Or you want to learn with me.

You're intrigued by urban foraging and wild edibles.

Sploosh. (You get that reference and it still makes you laugh.)

You aren't allergic to cats. Seriously, it's a total cluster inviting people over and having to pump them full of allegra. The fuckers shed. A lot.

You are honest. You know how to communicate and how to listen. You want to talk about everything and anything, even the hard stuff. You're intelligent. You're not scared and when you are, you're brave enough to admit it.

You're about as exhausted by OKCupid as I am.

Although I'm mostly looking for new friends (edit: ok, scratch that. This used to be true, and although I am not adverse to new friendships, I am *finally* at this amazing point in my life where I'm actually really ready for a relationship in addition to the one I am already in. I mean, I'm poly right? Let's find the good stuff in that.) I am in an wonderful and loving open relationship and I'm not against the idea that someone else can also capture my eye. If this doesn't scare you off, then you should most definitely message me as I am a pretty rocktastic sort of girl. I am hesitant about getting involved with anyone not already vested in the idea of an open relationship. This stuff takes a lot of work and I'm not interested in being a petri dish while you figure out if this is or isn't for you.

I'd like to connect, fall in love but I'll settle for making out and Netflix.