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29 F Kirkland, WA

I’m looking for

  • Everybody
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  • For new friends, short-term dating

My Details

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Sep 19
5′ 7″ (1.70m)
Body Type
Mostly anything
Other, but not too serious about it
Working on university
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Strictly monogamous
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My self-summary
Write a little about yourself. Just a paragraph will do.
This profile is a bit messy at the moment. Feel free to skim it and read any bits and pieces that may catch you eye.

I started a twitch stream gaming channel recently. You can come watch me play games and chat with me. Check it out and follow me:

I [was] at PAX and a helping out as a Enforcer.
Please come say hi to me if you see me at PAX. I could use a hug. :S Thanks!
For Friends...
Totally looking for more girls and guys into cosplaying, SCA or LARPing. I so want to make friends, do crafts, play video games and get a cosplay or be involve with the SCA. check out my facebook account under the name, celebnaur, for more info since I'm not on here that much currently.

Been in a long term relationship with Harvix. Due to a "No Contact Order" from the court (that will last a long while) we broke up.

I am not interested in getting involved with someone romantically (thus Seeing Someone/Available but this may change under certain circumstances). But I am up for friends and hanging out.

(It's Domestic Violence awareness month. I would highly suggest reading impact statement to find out my side of what happened between us. It is very scary and real.You can find my jounral entries about this and my "Victum Impact Statement" here:
As I have been taught in DV support groups, abusers or controllers are good manipulators and very much focused on self-preservation. :S I don't' want other ladies to experience the same behaviors or hardship. )
Also, I want people to be aware, there is no excuse for abuse, like power and control, or even more, scary life threating behavior and domestic violent:

(Sorry about me jumping around at all. This is a bit tricky)
I will summarize, since I may have been a bit too specific before (being how I felt frustrated and shaken) , that there were some serious communication, and honest issues with me and him. And... abuse. While, I feel regretful for not being as supportive and possibly fine with "not having his company at more events", as I could have been (he lead me to believe he was going with me to them several times), I tried very hard and cared very much. I believe I was largely impacted by issues of trust, security and communication... and unwillingness to compromise or... make some effort to smooth or empathize with situations on his part. I do feel that with all my communicate and effort, that largely the issues were on his part, the choice of ignoring equality, reason, not take accountability or communicate. I don't believe that it could have been largely based on his mental disorders, emotional control, relationship inexperience, lack of treatment during his childhood ,blah blah, etc... after all it was his choice to communicate by being physically abusive. (If you want to fine out more about what happened to me to can read my Victum impact statement: It's is what I gave the court and prosecution, it's publiclly available.)

The DV support groups and my metal health therapist friend has been very informative and comforting. Much of what I have already described on here to you, was some of their responses and information they gave to me. They also let me know that it wasn't my fault this all happened, and it would have happened to anyone in my shoes. (Trust and Communication is very important. )
I am not the type of person to kiss and tell ether but I was told by fellow PAX workers(a video game convention I work at) that it was my job to let people know for their sake. To let people know for the welfare of others, so they can be a aware, and know what to do if it happens to them.

I still care, a lot... and I am pretty darn sad.
He was taking anti-anxiety and depressant pills, they were messed with his system. His job was giving him a hard hard about his communication. He had recently been diagnosed with a bunch of disorders. Just whole bunch of stuff building up... It makes me feel guilty for how unversed I was with Autism too. (I have been studying a lot more of it recently though)
When others usually are only able to briefly glace over a few details of these situations, it's hard for them fully understand the full scope of it and what it is like. (I am pretty sure some of you may have simply bitch slapped this whole thing to the moon and said forget it. Maybe it's because I wear my heart on my sleeve and believe that relationships are a learning and growing experience. ) When you build and invest all this time with someone... Let just say there is a lot to it. I don't find me wanting to control it. I want to help and I try to do the right thing.

"If you had a good friend and something happened to them where they became mental unstable, would you try to help them and still care about them or would you try to no longer be friends with them?"
I don't find it that weird for wanting to care about him still....

(Sorry for this being rather long and babbling, if you think I am. It is a rather traumatic experience. :S)

Also, I have always been and still fully interested and completely will to negotiate and listen to what he has to say, what he wants, etc. I have been completely willing to do what he wants, or make a compromise with him. I was worried about equality, support, fairness, security, trust and communication. I have always been trying to do things so were happy and successful. my expectations were based on those values of equality, if anything it was due to his way of handling his way and miscommunication due his autism, obstintance defiance disorder, bi-polar, and maybe borderline personality disorder. Not saying i dont have my flaws ether but i know i took responsibility and accountability towards it and know put tons and tons of effort in him and us.
Its up to him to if whether he is willing to accept and forgive and understand how autism and not knowing about it can interfere with expectations on someone, etc.

things are in limbo with us right now...
We have been together for a long time, and their is clearly still being love between us, but with all the behavioral stuff and mental disorders ... plus me feeling rather distress from all of it... I need to do some recovery and look for some people to hang out with to keep my mind off all of it. Mainly I need to go out and have fun.
I've been going outside, trying to get signed up for more college classes, hanging out with friends, hoping to do some fencing classes (hopefully?) and I plan to get some more DV therapy and some legal help.
Never dealt with this kind of thing before so I also a bit freaked out. I am already a sensitive type that sucks at emotional heartbreak as is. I want to get out of this depression and stress.

So, I WANT TO hanging out! Meet new friends and maybe new possibilities... Do stuff to get out all this stress.

Hopefully this page isn't too overwhelming, or abrasive. Not my intention. Regularly, I am laid back, nice, geeky, adventurous, creative, determined and bit analytical. But should throw in sensitive as well.

sorry for me to complain, but most of the time I've had just dealt with drama and heartbreak on dating sites. A lot of blindly bias people too.

bleh, some profile organize and declutter is need on here. itz messy and long. XD I haven't been on here for a very long time. It's me adding to it and stuff pilling up over time. I am slowly picking, erasing and editing it over time... I am thinking about deleting a bunch of it and starting over. Currently Some of this stuff on here is kind of irrelevant and has not been updated such as everything after this bit.

So please pardon the length and it's a clutter. I don't really expect anyone to read this old long thing.

I like to relax and take it easy most of the time, but I also enjoy a little bit of SPICE now in then. (so, I do like to get out, try something new or different now and then.) When do get out I enjoy DESTROYING worlds and blasting alien scum! O.o hahaha ...but that's always been in video games and RPGs. As yes I am huge geeky girly tomboy gamer! I would love try get back into Boffer fighting, more role playing, camping, travel, work/school, friend gatherings, and costuming (as I really know how to sew, do crafty things, etc.)

I strongly advice getting to know me in person rather than relying on the match questions and the personality things they list on here. ^_^ As I am caring, goofy, laid back, trustworthy, and friendly... but as a warning, I am rather socially awkward, may be rather oppinated at times and am easily emotional (both good and bad). But Many things may change depending on my mood and at times I have more than one answer or it may change (but not usually so quick and I usually give people a heads up.) I'll more than likely just redo a lot of my profile now and then. XD

I am creative, caring, and unique.
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
I was working as a freelance website consult then as a 3D Editor at Microsoft.


Completed a degree at Bellevue College for Animation and graphics, went to Digipen for a BFA or fine arts degree in production animations. Both colleges I did really good in, maybe averaged about a 3.5 from the two of them.
As for going to Digipen, the game video game school, I decided it was time for a break.

I moved over to Bremerton for a while.
I was planning getting a degree as a Nursing assistant (that turned into a mess waiting for the clinicals though. ) but I would like to work earn apprenticeship or be a helper at the ship yard as a fabric worker, plastic fabricator or painter. I had a lot of fun with several different events with friends up there, less stressful, full of forests and scenic drives, also a another best friend has moved up to Kitsap... so on. I've lived in Redmond and Seattle area most of my life though. Miss being in the seattle area.

I've worked at a movie theater, then as a QA Tester for VMC, Nintendo and Microsoft.
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
--Coming up with fun things to do!!
--video games
--art, graphic design and everything having to do with it
--making up stories, worlds and characters
--Technology, web design, scientific stuff, space
--cosplay, sewing, costuming
--advice and helping people
--honestly, trust, consideration and loyalty
--organizing items and keeping my place clean’ish
--parties, planning and hosting events
--Having a great Long term Memory. (To where I can sometimes remember exactly what people said, clothes they wore, etc.)
--Not judging others until they do something wrong
--finding reasons to be self driven and goal orientated
--Rambling off subject (I usually prefer I bring my self back on topic unless my short term memory stops me. Curses!! ;p )
--Getting easily distracted when getting ready to go out to places =s (working on that but watching people play video games is so much more fun ;P ) (Sooner the notice in advice the better. Or me just having the space & time alone helps the most.)

You can find out more, good and bad, when you get to know me. For the most part, I like having things go happy and fun whenever possible!
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Honestly? I guess I'm interesting, honest and unique. My hair, eyes, long pointy ears I sometimes have on.

-Many say I'm very caring and kind
-I'm very laid back and open minded
-Sensitive (both good and bad)
-I'm both trustworthy and skeptical
-I'm late a bunch... but I tend to go with the flow or avoid stress
-mindful of how I treat people
-sometimes I don't realize what did or do until it's too late =S
-Learning ways to be more sympathetic and understanding
- loyal, even if I get upset
-I'm the type of person to make friends with socially awkward and quiet people =)
-I tend to speak my mind a lot, and at times may rant on a bit
-my partial-dyslexia =S
-I'm a bit out of the big media/4chan/web loop, but I love learning about all sorts of things so share away. =)

No one has ever really points out stuff about my appearance that often. maybe my eyes? Many say I'm rather cute. Some say I have nice butt and boobs. XD haha A lot of people have pointed out my new glasses.

Personally, I prefer the stuff about the effort or work I put into things when it comes to people noticing me, me like my art. :) I do enjoy hearing what people like about me or what they find interested in me.
Complimenting peoples seems to help heal situations, and you also make others feel good when you tell them you appreciate stuff about themselves. You never know what a difference you may make…
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
Video games:
Legend of Zelda, Mincraft, Portal, Descent(old PC space fighter game), World of Warcraft, Star Wars Old Republic, Guilty Gear, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Half-Life, Marvel vs. Capcom, Phantom Brave, Breath of Fire, Golden Sun, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Katamari Damacy, Soul Caliber, King of Fighters, Gauntlet Legends, Blaze Blue, Halo, Diablo, tons of mmorpgs and few multiplayer shooters games.
indie games like world of goo, braid, things on xbox live arcade, etc. retro video games from beginning nes, snes, and playstation one days. I've been playing since I was 6 years, same as my drawing. I still have my NES, SNES and N64 from that time.

Tabletop & Other gaming: Tabletoprole playing games such as Exalted, Amoral, Dark Heresy, Werewolf, Chuthutech, Amenia, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Dragons and Dragons 4.0. trying out peoples custom role playing systems. Miniature games like 40K Warhammer as like the Tyranids (they remind me of Aliens or the Zerg XD) I also enjoy board games and card games like Magic the Gathering, Munchkin.
Then historical reenactment, SCA, LARPing, archery, marksmanship, airsoft, etc.

Movies and TV: Princess Bride, Legend of the Seeker, 13th Warrior, Stargate Universe, Tron, Wizard, , Fifth Element, Harry Potter, Stargate SG-1, Kyle XY, Merlin (UK tv show), Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Smallvile, Supernatural, Labyrinth, Neverending Story, 300, Blade Runner, Eureka, Aliens, Hong kong action movies sush as Legend of Drunken Master, SilverHawk, etc. , Star Wars, Star Trek:TNG, old battlestar, the Science channel, food network, history channel, Scyfy

Music: Depends on my mood and I'm willing to give a lot a try. Ususally, I like alternative rock, rock, 80s rock, unique techno, trance, ambient, video game music, live acoustic guitar, piano and live music. A bit of jazz. Coldplay, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Live, Enya, Jimmy Eats World, Adiemus, Metalica, Nirvana, Robert Miles, Juno Reactor just to name a few.
I am comfortable at small venues, but have I made exceptions for events like Freak Night, other thematic or costume based events, and friend’s parties.
I have mixed feeling about 89.5, but I've been enjoying it a lot more recently. XD Currently heard: "Usher ft. Pitbull & Hyper Crush - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love (Hyper Crush Remix)" Enjoyed it! :)
Also, I enjoy listening shout radio and Pandora from an iphone in the car.

Books: Wheel of Time or Robert Jorden. H.P. Lovecraft, Plato, Orson Scott Card, Frank Herbert, Dalai Lama, Neil Gaiman, Tolkien, Piers Anthony... And then I only know a bit about the authors: Douglas Adams, William Gibson, Isaac Asimov. =S

Anime: Orphen, Avatar (tv show), Chrono Crusade, Trigun, Princess Mononoke, Darker then Black, Claymore, Slayers Try, many others. I ran a anime club in Redmond and Kirkland several years ago. You could more than likely tell I enjoy watching anime since I like cosplaying. i am lot more low key about the anime scene, but I still have a variety of anime I’ve collected. Ask me what I've seen sometime.

Foods:chai tea, BBQ Rips, mushrooms, spicy foods, salad, sushi, Pho, tempura, Mexican, Indian, pasta, speciality hamburgers, specialty pizzas, Grilled Corn on Cobb (like at fairs), shakes, peanut butter, soups, stew, Oreos, fruits. Most of all, I love home cooked meals! (I try to avoid fatty fast foods.)

For animals, I like foxes and kitties, lemurs, red panda, hedgehogs, hawks and owls. I want to own a fox, hawk, or hedgehog someday! ^_^ (I am not the type to have lots of pets. <.<; Two at the most. )
I also enjoy drawing (using various mediums), as I am a bit of professional artist.
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
--creative ideas and stories
--nature, fresh air, and enjoying the company of a pet
--friendship, fun things to do
--the Internet, computers, geeky stuff
--owning a sword or some medieval related item
--love, cuddles, hugs
--might as well add love and some great sex to it as well, when I don't feel yucky,
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
----Warning: This section needs to be cut down, reworked and updated.

(or not thinking about it and instead thinks about it out loud)
-Pyshology, Physics
-why something is illogical or doesn't make sense (this is kind of out of habit)
-Story ideas, Character names, World creation
-Ways to solve problems, issues, conflicts & help people
-What to go out to do next with someone...
-future, present and past
-my inter-working, my inner self, new age stuff
-Creative projects
-astology and science (id love to hear more about particle excelerators and quatum physics)
-quotes and some poems
-new things to do that would be fun
-trying to find ways to fix things if I screwed something up or rather dig myself out of holes. I have a hard just sitting still if there is problem, mostly (as far as I know) if no one bothered with a solution (or one I’m alright with. As I like seeing people happy. and seeing others enjoy themselves makes me happy ^_^)

I really dislike drama or tension as it easily agitates me. So, I am focused and driven on being more positive and less cynical about issues that may happen with relationship or anything! I want to be more supportive and sympathetic especially to a loved one.
And I also, I really like it when a guy is assertive about caring about me and my feelings too (super plus!) =) Dont be afried to show me off in good fun! XD

It's important to me to have the company of a caring ear that won’t get worked up, bothered or doesn't mind me venting to calm down now and then. As, I don't really like venting, but when I'm emotional, it's great to be able to do it without worry. So, I want someone who is okay with that, and isn't going to get so worked up about me simply wanting to get stuff off my chest (like my bra. hahaha, just kidding :P) I don't want them to take it so personally or think I am some how blaming them (or they can tell specificly me what it is for them and mostly handle it well), and not coddle me ether. (I really dislike being coddled. Assured and hugged is fine. But coddled is... really uncomfurtable and kindful disrepectful. >.<) A hugs and cuddles are wonderful and work great with making me feel better. =) (or maybe sex to handle the tension and relax us may work too XD hehehe ^^;)

I don't like to always be contacted constantly ether sometimes. It doesn't give me any space and it's a bit uncomfortable. If we are having fun, being goofy and enjoying our comfursations, that little different, It would much more preferred. =D (There are times where it is reponsible having confursations about important relationship stuff and solving things however. <.< )
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
----Warning: This section needs to be cut down, reworked and updated.

Normally, I could be at home on my computer, playing video games, watching movies, or anime.
But I also enjoy going to any of the local malls like Southcenter, Silverdale, Tacoma or Bellevue/linkin square.
Hang out at the local card and gaming store or being with a small group of friends maybe gaming or role playing.

I also enjoy (which isn't always on a Friday):
Rock climbing, hiking, roller derby, historical reenactment role playing, traveling, practicing martial arts or meditating.
Taking random walks or drives to clear my head
Exploring the rural woods or the city life
Thinking of sci-if story's, graphic designs, character ideas,
Drawing, costume making, web page design and layout, working in Photoshop, 3d modeling or using any graphical program...
Going camping, local fairs or events, helping out people, helping people with their computers, sharing videos and music with my friends,
Volunteering at local sci-fi, anime and video game conventions. (I've been volunteering Penny Arcade Expo, a video game convention, since 2006. I was a promoted to Gold Assistant volunteer recently. ^_^ It was really tough work but it made me happy!)
At college working on homework
Maybe at a large/small party
Perhaps a variety of other things? :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
----Warning: This section needs to be cut down, reworked and updated.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit.... I like dressing up in costumes? Kinky role playing? Eatable body paints? mew? :3 I'm open to trying to new things.

If you want to know about my kinky side, best way to do that is to activity get to know me, especially talking in person. I'd like to know I'm safe with you. It takes me a while to get me out my shell. :) And I prefer to keep my sexual life private.
I will say I like aggressive men when it comes to this kind of stuff. *blush* But still be respectful of course! ^_^ (It can be a little awkward >.<)

Some other things you may want to know:
--I have adhd but I'm still very together and stable, and for the most part people tell me that they have a hard time telling. However, It effects me mostly in tense and emotional situations. So, its been pretty tough for me in loving relationships. Heartbreak or insecurities really destroy me. Depression and anxiety has been known to hold me captive and chained. I am working on doing whatever I can to fix this! It's been a constant downward struggle for but it's going to stop. (As I noted before, I have some serious regrets for someone I loved with all my heart where my anxiety got in the way. How I acted was not how I wanted myself to be.)
-- I have found that really lot of my bad quality show up a lot less when I am in a situations where I am not worried. Like if I have anxity from people leaving, I tend to be VERy oppsitent. If there are chances heartbroke (after I have strong bond someone), I tend to be defencive but if people truelly mean what they say to me, like about love, trust, caring about me and my feelings.... That melts away... like with comfurt. :) I really want to get better with sympath and being supportive. ^_^
-- Also, with learning, sometimes I need a few examples. I'm a kinetic and visual learner. Relax, it's nothing against you, but sometimes with learning new things it just doesn't click with me as quickly as it does with most people. Acceptance and differences is part of love. :) And while saying all that, It's also my responsibility to be understanding with people about it.
--I'm not the greatest at grammar, wording or even some daily conversations. If your going to insult me about it then I more than likely don't want to hang out with you anyway.
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
----Warning: This section needs to be cut down, reworked and updated.

If your looking to play video games together, get out of the house now and then maybe to visit the zoo or arcade or mall, talking about Lovecraft or storytelling, role playing games, boffer/Nerf fighting, shopping, ren fairs, camping, air-soft, sci-fi tv shows, going to see some movies or get some tea/coffee... I'm down for many things.

Lover wise (for mostly guys):
--If you honestly find me attractive or cute... ;)
--For the most part, you truthfully, believe you are understanding, laid back, accepting, trusting, and loyal. ;)
--Your worldly, driven, playful, Fun, goofy and/or optimistic in your own way...
--Are (some-what) organized, but are mostly producive and contructive with your life. I like video games and I like guys into video games, but I like it when the guy balance there time with them self such as they have other projects they work on besides video games. I like knowing they always have other things they do with their time, and maybe plans other things to do with me. Anything... maybe I'm not interested in going to nightclub, airsoft or snowboarding today (as maybe I'm moody) but maybe ask another time... :)
--I would like to give gifts (really thoughtful ones too) and even pay for dates for my guy here and there, but currently I'm looking for a job so, so you would have be cool with being the only one to who sometimes paying for both us currently. =S
--Have a creative eye or artist eye, enough to give interesting opinions about any old thing
--You don't like conflicts in relationships. (Yes, differences happen but what’s important is that you’re dedicated and how issues are resolved. Example: talk about solutions, you don't just suddenly drop everything, and break off everything; you work together with me to solve things, etc. Breaks, space and alone time are all fine ^^ I just want to make sure we are in fact clearly am aware and understand issue so we can do things to solve it. ^_^)
--I won’t be interested in you if you just want to have casual sex...
--Seeing what I just wrote, I am looking for someone who has some similar interests as me (I down for trying others, and to educated or introduce you to mine if you’re interested. however I'm not really a sports watcher >.<, .) It would make me really excited if you like or are interested in learning about the stuff I like! XD
~A plus if you have great hair, nothing too short or really long though. XD Are thin, young looking, aren’t afraid to be cute, goofy or enjoy some feminine things (as I am a bit of a tomboy), are strong willed or assertive (shy is fine, as I'm there too). =)

I am bi curious so I like cuddling with both genders and I'm mostly open minded. (There are things I will say no to. =/ If anyone treats me inconsiderately, then I typically say no to lot more to things then I actually mean. >.< Anyhow…)
For girls, friendship, and maybe something like short dates, but usually I just like have relationships with men. I tend to romantically connect with men more plus I really want to be in a loving and committed relationship. But, again, I'm open minded. =)

--Note: I currently prefer to stay single for the most part, but none the less please feel free to message me if anything I listed I was interesting. I don't really want out of my shell but maybe I'll change my mind...-- (((You may have already guessed I'm on the rebound =( but If you’re looking for more details, see my journal. *glump* I have mixed feelings on what I put on my journal though. =S ))))