40 Santa Clara, CA
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My self-summary
I'll be the reason you look down at your phone and smile...

...right before walking into a pole...

I'm looking for that quirky, smart, funny and vampy woman that seeks adventure but also wants a partner to take on the world!

I keep myself active by balancing a medical career, real estate construction projects in Palo Alto, furniture making and of course as much international travel as possible! Come with!

I am a big fan of art, architecture, good design and cultural exploration. Backpacking or rail travel is awesome. I occasionally like the high life but am not looking for the diva partner. No princesses please.

I want someone that sees joy in life and yet is compassionate to the hardships of others. We can talk about this more sometime. I was in military special forces as a combat medic and diver for 11 years during my youth.

I still occasionally volunteer medically in international conflict areas. War-zones actually are what interest me because the medical need is immediate, but that's very rare. I keep balanced by being a big goofball whenever possible.

For now, let's introduce ourselves and see what comes of it!
I’m really good at
Finding interesting and unique experiences.
The first things people usually notice about me
Tall, blue eyes, quirky personality, good humor, hard worker, odd perspectives...quirky life path, charmed.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Plan A, B or C.
You should message me if
I am completely flattered to be contacted so often by residents of SF, north or east bay, Santa Cruz, or out of state but honestly...I'm leary of far outlanders. SF is amazing place but being a chivalrous guy means I drive a two hour round trip just to say hello at a coffee shop. I lived in SF for a year and loved it. I also resisted leaving th city borders so understand the resistance to come south. If you don't regularly and often visit outside or the 7x7, well...

Other than Los Angeles (I'm expanding my company into silicon beach there) and southbay, logistics to meet someone more than 15 miles away are going to be hard. I am very chivalrous man, but also busy. Don't contact me from 30 miles away or 400 if you aren't prepared to meet midway. No offense, but really I am only keen on someone that eventually would like living in this area, wandering Europe in 2 years when I retire or maybe LA beach areas. Logistics are a pain in the butt for busy people to connect. My career is medical but I am also drawn to startup culture in tech. We could definitely travel or explore the world, but here, LA or roaming Europe is where I want to make "home" with a partner.

Thanks and best wishes!