38 Northampton, MA
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My self-summary
*spending the winter in the Berkshire mountains of Western Massachusetts*

Somewhat recently moved to Edinburgh to begin a PhD program. Looking to meet some like-hearted people who love life and don't take themselves too seriously.

I'm a contradiction and i prefer to deal with situations as they come rather than following a rigid set of ideals. i like walking, and spending time with people who know what they want and are also open to exploration and experience as a guiding principle. i think there's a world of difference between sensuality and sexuality and appreciate both. i thrive on intellectual connection and love silence and simplicity in equal parts. i think poetry might be the highest expression of the human soul. i can't go to bed angry. i like slow mornings that revolve around espresso.

i'm on here as someone who's used to having a wide range of friends with different interests and I'm exited to meet new people and learn new things and of course new experiences.
I've traveled a lot and, honestly, i'm trying to keep at home more, as the glamour and romanticism of travel does wear off from time to time -- rather than trampling around crowded tourist traps, I now much prefer visiting and staying with a friend and just going to a neighbourhood café together and spending hours soaking in the local daily atmosphere.

I think/feel a lot about migration and displacement and hybridity, and find most beautiful things to be bittersweet in nature.
What I’m doing with my life
For the most part, trying to get out of the way and allowing the universe to unfold however it needs to -- luckily, i've learned that this often leads to a full and exciting life full of wonder, good people, and deeply meaningful experiences.

These days that means reading a lot of academic articles, interviewing people about things I'm passionate about, cooking amazing dinners, improving my Spanish and wading into Gaelic in order to better know the Scottish landscape.
I’m really good at
improvising - in the broadest sense of the term
The first things people usually notice about me
People who's eyes are too close together would likely notice me eyeing them suspiciously.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: Can't say I'm able to devote tons of time to reading for 'pleasure' when my full-time job is reading for my dissertation, but when I do take a break, I've recently enjoyed "The Song of Achilles" by Madeline Miller, and "Die Wise: A Manifesto For Sanity and Soul" by Stephen Jenkinson.

MUSIC: i listen to a lot of music sung in languages i don't understand, however i hate crappy-fusion-world-music and can often feel personally offended if subjected to it. i think people who name-drop obscure musicians are obnoxious.

MOVIES: i haven't owned a tv in 10 years and i watch movies seldom, when i do its usually a documentary or has subtitles. i did a film degree out of highschool and worked in the commercial tv/film industry in toronto in which i had to work on countless productions whose focus was some combination of well-lit-tits & over-excited-guns. i quit because it was unfulfilling, and i value my time too much to watch anything similar even for the sake of irony.

FOOD: i have lots of views on food and i find people's feelings on the subject to be fascinating. when most people meet me they assume i'm vegetarian, but i'm not, however i lived in a vegetarian intentional community without a problem. i'm much more interested in people who are passionate and well informed in their views than people who happen to think the same as i do.

DISLIKES: Richard Dawkins, sport hunting, people who stop in the middle of a busy side-walk to text, everything on the wrong side of the road, oppression, un-channelled creativity, jazz, the ads on spotify, shitty olive oil, running out of oregano, dull kitchen knives, people wanting to engage in small talk in the early morning, taking my shoes off at airports
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to live a fulfilling life. Donkeys. Why johnny marr never did anything memorable after the smiths. St francis. Southern spain. Imagined road trips. Preachy atheists. Anselm Kiefer. Why americans don't have passports. That woman in the gas station in Taos with the sparkle-eyes. Ship wreck ballads. Istanbul. How post-modern continental philosophy is really just a bunch of old white men masturbating each other and being quoted in every dissertation from here to the moon. The influence of early medieval Islamic imperialism in Spain and its manifestation within colonial american rituals of possesion in the 16th century.
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i'm suspicious of people whose eyes are too close together
You should message me if
Hows aboot you should *not* message me if:

- you treat animals badly
- you treat yourself badly
- you're passive
- you're passive aggressive
- you've internalized dominant-culture gender norms
- you're looking for someone/something to complete you
- getting your way is more important to you than finding creative/collaborative solutions to life's challenges
- "i don't care" is a position you often take