50 Asheville, NC
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My self-summary
I am interested in developing intimate, fulfilling, life-enhancing relationships. Connection is much more important to me than mere sexual gratification, not to say that's not important to me as well.

I have such a relationship with my son's mother. Though seeming incompatibility has driven us apart at times, we are learning to see passed our ego-based ideas of what's wrong with each other, to unclench the tendency toward judgement, and to cultivate understanding, and nurture that which brings us together. The model of compassionate non-violent communication is proving invaluable to these efforts. And living apart helps too.

We decided from the getgo to be polyamorous, as that model allows us to be more naturally ourselves than does monogamy. For me, it's less about being promiscuous than having the freedom to feel attraction as it happens, even to share it with each other. But more importantly, we both desire a broader base of connectivity than the nuclear family affords us in this society. It is this desire which informs our decision, more than any other.

I participate in capitalism, as a business owner, though I wish we had a different model to operate within that was less deleterious. I drive a car and use electricity generated by burning coal, but I strive to be as sparing in these uses as I can. I remain hopeful that our species will adapt to the growing understanding that burning fossil fuels is bringing our world to the brink of mass extinction through warming and ocean acidification and deoxygenation (to say nothing of the rapacity and indifference with which we are ravaging our ecosystem, wrought by the unfortunate idea of our dominion over the world which has led us to not respect the right of all the other animals and plants to live, equal to our own). I hope that this necessary transition away from fossil fuels will happen in time to avert such calamity, even though it doesn't seem to be; as a parent, I have little choice. Though I often despair over these things, I am encouraged by the groundswell of awareness around this, and also by the seeming viability of the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. Woot!

I eat well. I am very fortunate to have access to grass-fed dairy, meat that's humanely raised, and organic produce. I have modest income, but to be able to afford quality food makes me feel rich.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a parent to a 6-year-old son, whose brilliance of spirit, intelligence, and heart fullness makes me very proud. His receptivity to the vast swaths of understanding I attempt to impart makes being his parent very gratifying.

His 11-yr-old sister, whose dad isn't in her life, is less responsive to me, often viewing me more as an interloper than a parent, but I am doing my best to help guide her growth.

I have a wood floor business, have had since '97. I ply it by myself, and have gotten very good at the work, especially sanding and finishing, which, surprisingly, has made it quite satisfying. I won a drawing for a trip to Germany last summer to participate in a 3-day seminar by the company who manufactures my sanding equipment, and the things I learned there have improved my work to an astounding degree. What fun!
I’m really good at
Problem-solving, mathematics, work. I love physical labor.
Homemaking. Teaching, it turns out.
Pretty good in the kitchen.
The first things people usually notice about me
tall and lanky I reckon
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
All the stuff I know how to play on the guitar is '60's and '70's rock.
I eat most everything, but am picky about where it comes from, am pretty spoiled on Warren Wilson meat, grass-fed dairy, organic produce
You should message me if
you think we might like each other.