36 Toronto, Ontario, CA
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My self-summary
My deal is this: I'm in a solid long-term open relationship with a remarkable woman (mk4935) with whom I continue to fall deeper in love. She dates other people, I date other women. We support each other in this and feel it's a more honest way to live. It is not necessary that you meet her, but it is mandatory that you accept and respect our relationship.

Atheist because I find it easier to explain things without adding supernatural elements to the mix.

Feminist because - DUH! - women are people, but I'll elaborate. Pro-sex work, pro-porn, pro-choice. Pro-legislation that protects women in all of these things.

The first thing I would devote more time and energy to if I had it is climbing. I started rockclimbing about three years ago and it has become a favourite part of my life. I love the individual challenge of the sport, the meditative aspect of training your attention on every part of your body to complete a move. [For the climbers out there, I have sent a few 5.12s, but most days I stick to 10's and 11's. I boulder some. Need to do a lead course.] I would love to find some climbing partners at about the same level, but happy to show a newbie the ropes too.
What I’m doing with my life
Doing roofing repairs for a trusted local company. Learning how to live and eat more ethically and healthily. Planning trips to Montreal, Algonquin, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Japan and Belize in the next year.
I’m really good at
Making breakfast. Most mornings start with eggs, bacon, hot cereal, fresh grapefruit juice, coffee, steamed veg. It's the most efficient 20 minutes of my day.

Being thoughtful. I studied science in school and was aiming to be a physicist for a while. It trained me to be open-minded, to remember my own bias, and to look at things from as many angles as possible. One of my favourite quotes is something Stanley Kubrick said about chess: "What chess teaches you is that you must sit there calmly and think about whether it's really a good idea and whether there are other, better ideas."

Sex. :P Seriously though, I love sex. Seems like most guys only care about getting their dicks into vaginas. I care about getting mine invited back. ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
This used to say "I'm actually not all that noticeable at first, I'm usually pretty chill," which is still accurate, as long as I have a shirt on. :D (in case i'm not being clear: I am still pretty chill without a shirt, it's just that I have abs and pecs now. Which are noticeable. I would say. Not to brag... Am i bragging? Sometimes just saying "I'm a straight white male" feels braggy enough.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Top of the must-read list for me is a classic from the 1930's, Dale Carnegie's "How to Make Friends and Influence People." It's like a book of social interaction cheat codes. I like stuff like that, things that will improve my ability to live life by reading and applying. Timothy Ferriss' "4-Hour Work Week" is another example of something like this. I am not always the best at applying the advice but learning the principles involved is good for understanding.

Magazines: I subscribe to New Scientist and Cooks Illustrated. I love these not just for their content, but also for their approach to their subjects. CI takes a scientific approach to cooking, and an unnamed founding member of NS is reported to have said that "our philosophy at New Scientist is that science is interesting and if you don't agree you can f*** off!"

Movies: Nothing stands out at the moment. I like the odd documentary and there are plenty of good ones. I'll watch anything with Cameron Diaz.

Shows: Doctor Who, Orphan Black, The Good Wife and I still watch TBBT. (I'm invested in the characters and it's 20 min of predictabl... Whatever. I don't have to explain myself.) Just started watching Masters of Sex and I really love it.

Music: Oscar Peterson and Daft Punk are the only things I've purposely listened to recently, though I did turn the volume up the other day when "Under the Bridge" came on the radio. It's one of my favourite songs.

Food: I love going out to eat at places where they are passionate about the food they serve. Two of my favourites are Canoe and Farmer's Daughter, where you can get a seat at a counter overlooking the kitchen and talk to the chefs.
The six things I could never do without
A subtle alarm clock.
A proper breakfast.
Something to climb.
Indica and a memory foam mattress.
Sativa and a bike fit for zipping through traffic.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My mind is constantly churning, trying to make perfect sense of the universe.
On a typical Friday night I am
Climbing or sleeping, probably, but I'm always up for live jazz, a new restaurant, or just getting high and going for a walk in the park. ;)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've never liked this section. I have few secrets. I like it better that way.
You should message me if
I'm looking for someone I can spend the occasional evening/night with, maybe once every week or two. You must be ok with my open relationship, and I prefer that you be seeing someone else besides me. I don't want to be solely responsible for anyone's sexual satisfaction.

By the way, If you have zero romantic interest in me at all but want to go climbing, I would likely be up for that.

Thanks for reading!