60 Beverly Hills, CA
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My self-summary
Not bad at all. I'm pretty current and stylish (for a corporate type, anyway). I'm (even) well educated at good schools and well traveled. I'm equally happy, however, to work with my hands instead of my head. I can often be found cooking, doing carpentry and home improvements and playing with power tools. I'm proud to be a very hands-on and attentive father, and I'm very close with my children. (ages 16 and 21. My son is off to college (whew), and my daughter is already driving her own car, visiting colleges and taking AP exams.
The six things I could never do without
my children
my mother and siblings (who would better have arranged my Match than I did)
Books, music and laptop for my alone time
intellectual stimulation
physical love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to reboot my personal and professional life now that I'm almost an empty nester.
Why our society is devolving into becoming more stratified and less equitable.
You should message me if
Since I'm stumped to say anything that doesn't sound generic, I'll try alliteration. You should message me if you are: simpatica, smart, sensual, stylish, slender, serious, strong, serotonin stable and (considering becoming) smitten with me.