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26 M Garland, TX

I’m looking for

  • Bi guys and girls
  • Ages 18–22
  • Located anywhere
  • For new friends, long-term dating

My Details

Last Online
Oct 10
6′ 4″ (1.93m)
Body Type
Mostly vegetarian
Agnosticism, but not too serious about it
Scorpio, but it doesn’t matter
Dropped out of university
Rather not say
Relationship Status
Relationship Type
Doesn’t have kids, but wants them
Has dogs and has cats
English (Fluently), Japanese (Poorly), Finnish (Poorly), Icelandic (Poorly), Korean (Poorly)

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*** Final Warning for pests: I do not permit, and will not permit, unqualified solicitations for sex or dates. I am NOT INTERESTED, and it is entirely possible I never will be. I will block anyone who cannot comprehend this. You have been warned. ***

= What I am Not =

:: "Heaven is not a place, it's being with people who love you."

After having lived a life that would have broken any lesser being, I have learned the cardinal value and importance of real friends.

My friends are the cornerstone of my existence, and the only reason I find any reason to bother with existing at all.

Though the vast swaths of humanity are wretched and content to whine about their misery without moving a single finger to change their circumstances, I strive to DEFINE myself by doing the impossible, seeing the invisible, touching the untouchable and breaking the unbreakable.

I am not a nice person, I never pretended to be a nice person. I am no angel, a saint, or anything of the sort.

In fact, I am a borderline sociopath, and a born criminal and soldier. I am a killer, it's in my blood. It's who I am, and what I do.

I refuse to apologize for being the way I was born. If you feel you must blame someone, blame yourselves for being a bunch of incompetent worthless scum.

If you find this page offensive, or my ideas offensive, kill yourself. Better yet, whine on LiveJournal, YouTube or to your local corrupt government official.

Come at me, bros.

Worthless scum.

Now that we got that out of the way, my friends and family do love me dearly, and honestly, this existence is too much of a boring slow torture to bother with breathing or eating if it wasn't for my loving friends and family.

Since I'm stuck here in this worthless human body anyway, may as well have some fun and make myself useful.

Everyone needs a hobby. Mine is insurrection in the name of Science.

= Myth of Sociopathy =

:: They said that someone who does not know love will never have friends. They do not know me.

On my own, without any help from an utterly worthless waste of oxygen, space and blood sugar commonly known as the Psychiatric Industry, I cured my own sociopathy. Sure, my solution is not perfect; I'm breaking new ground, after all, but it's no thanks to the worthless shrinks!

You said that curing sociopathy was impossible.

Curing YOU is simple! Torture, nuclear bombardment, public humiliation, and permanent physical mutilation is the cure for the psychiatric industry! Your death is the cure!

= Destiny of Worthless Humans =

:: They said that I would come out like the monster my birth father was. They do not know me.

While living through the Foster Care System (AKA, "The System") all my life, they constantly told me i'd come out just like my father.

My father was a worthless failure of a human being, an incompetent naive fool, who chose a worthless wife, led a worthless existence, and utterly failed to protect and feed his own flesh-and-blood children. What kind of example is that to follow?

My pride would be unable to tolerate emulating such FAILURE! I do not have the kind of patience to pretend emulating such a worthless failure of a human being could possibly be a good thing.

No, my children will be guaranteed the utter best, and any female lucky enough to earn my interest will be guaranteed to lead a happy, satisfying, interesting and comfortable life.

Any female unlucky enough to earn my ridicule will not live long enough to become a loudmouthed pest. I do not like shrill scum who do nothing but cause problems without solving any. I'm talking to you, worthless traps, human and civil rights activists and other so-called protesters!

You worthless scum! There IS no way to fix this system "from the inside." You ARE the problem! Kill yourself! Right now!

Legal reform is physically impossible! You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs, and by eggs I mean military conquest.

There IS no elegant solution to these systemic social problems, the ONLY viable pragmatic solution is military conquest and coercive force.

Speaking as a Libertarian and Devout Anarcho-capitalist and Mutualist, it enrages me that this is the only way, but even if I find this approach distasteful, the alternatives are morally unconscionable. This is the only viable way, and I'm morally obligated to take the only viable course of action available to me.

Do I like it? No. Do I really have a choice? No.

I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, and play the role of a horrible tyrant, if it means I can defeat death, disease, hunger, cancer and AIDS.

There is no elegant solution, and I don't have time to play stupid worthless games with the political system. I do not have the time nor the patience to attempt reform.

The only viable solution is revolution and civil war. Nuclear war, if it comes to it.

If you worthless incompetent government agents somehow end up reading this, consider this a declaration of war and of independence.

Texas belongs to me, not you. Texas will no longer tolerate Union occupation.

Go to Hell.

Despite being a rather unapologetic autocrat and proud tyrant, I am not an unreasonable man. Make me an offer, and I'll listen to it.

If anyone wishes to contact me for diplomatic missions and the establishment of embassies in Texas, you may contact me via OkCupid.

I work very hard to refine myself, mind and body, to be the kind of excellence only found in fantasy novels and children's storybooks, so I strive to be a good and loving leader and master. I work myself to the breaking point to be like a father to my men.

If you surrender unconditionally to me, you will find that once you get used to it, you'll feel naked without my collar.

I do not mistreat those who rely upon me. What kind of person would I be to take without giving anything in return?

A good leader and master understands very deeply the social contract, not unlike a BDSM contract, a very complex and intricate dominance-submission relationship.

And it IS a relationship. A master and his subordinates share a form of intimacy very few ever have the opportunity to experience.

Leadership is intimacy. Power breeds intimacy.

A good leader is a good parent, and his children, blood or not, adore him unconditionally. If a leader is not adored by his people, it is because he is incompetent.

= A Brief History =

I was born on November 13, 1987 at 4:44 PM in the afternoon. I was born one month premature to two perfectly average parents - in other words, incompetent worthless scumbags that didn't know which way was up, much less how to raise a child. I was not planned, my birth was not scheduled, and my parents were not prepared.

My parents were incompetent, and it only gets better from there. The school I attended, Bradfield Elementary in Garland, Texas, Murrica, Earth, Sol, Milky Way Galaxy, was full of nothing but incompetent fools. It took the worthless school councilor over 9000 millenia to get around to visiting me even though she had every reason to know all was not milk and honey in the Maurin Household. Scum!

When the teachers with their teaching disabilities utterly failed to teach me anything of any worth, they directed my objections to the principle, who, after utterly failing to contain my awesomeness, directed me to the school councilor, who snitched to child protective services.

Child Protective Services, like the worthless cowards and hypocrites they all are, abducted my siblings and I from the babysitter, no doubt informed by the traitorous school councilor, and imprisoned us in the Dallas County headquarters, where we were forced to sleep overnight, trapped behind the magnetic locked door.

If I had any sense, I'd have destroyed the entire goddamned tower, and tortured every social worker and caseworker in the entire country to death. But I didn't have any sense, I was 10 years old. I assumed my caseworker was a decent human being.

Now I know better, and I won't make that mistake twice. Child Protective Services, consider this your declaration of war, and final warning. You are all hereby marked for death. Apologize and make amends now, and I may consider sparing your worthless lives.

If you insist on hiding behind your stupid legal citidel, I will destroy the entire legal system and the foundations of society to kill you all. There is nowhere you can hide, and there is nothing you could do to save your worthless lives.

Beg now to spare your children. Anyone who attempts to defend you will be tortured to death. You will all die!

After leaping from the frying pan and into the fire, and becoming a ward of the State of Texas, I was isolated from the Internet, from any extracurricular activities, and it was all I could do to earn the privilege of attending a real public school, rather than the disgusting sham of sitting around bored all day.

I was 10, I did absolutely nothing to warrant imprisonment. Juvenile prisoners got better treatment than me! All Residential Treatment Centers, Halfway Houses, Emergency Shelters and other state-funded institutions for the care of children without family WILL BE DESTROYED WITHOUT MERCY.

You will ALL PAY for what you did to me. You will all pay for what you did to my friends. I watched my friends die at the hands of those who are responsible for keeping us alive! You scum raped and molested the very children you were charged with protecting from the murders and rapists you stole all of us from.


If you are among the group home or RTC staff who were paid to keep me out of trouble, you should have seen this coming.

You said I'd become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. You should have known I'd see through your half-assed bullshit.

You are all going to die, and if you mistreated me, you will most CERTAINLY die, much less be given a decent job in my military.

After aging out of The System (turning 18 means CPS is no longer paid taxpayer money to keep you, which means they have zero motivation to continue controlling your life) I gave my stupid worthless incompetent mother a second chance, which she unsurprisingly failed. She better be grateful I didn't kill her, too.

My siblings show promise, however.

My little sister is a huge fan of Manga, Fantasy novels, dragons and her severe autism shows with every movement and word. Of course, it goes without saying that the label "autism" as defined by the psychiatric industry is just as worthless and meaningless as the mass-produced dead-tree pulp and stolen ink it's manufactured from, but she insists on pretending, BADLY, on being a normal human being.

She is offended over everything, she insists on being an Independent Woman, and fails hilariously at it. She is totally unmotivated, and whines pathetically about her little sister, my baby sister, outshining her in every way, without moving a single finger-muscle to change that. Pathetic.

However, I am not ready to give up on her entirely, yet. She shows some promising signs in novel-writing, storyboarding, cinematography, worldbuilding and fictional linguistics.

She appears to have undeveloped talents for combat choreography, scenematic design, level design, prop architecture, plotline design and architecture, marketing and diplomacy, and possibly education system architecture.

We'll see.

My little brother is aloof and antisocial, he is extremely introverted, even for this family.

He loves silly shows like Naruto, One Piece, Sonic SatAM, has one of the most hilariously-transparent transexualism case in the history of humanity, and loves Vocaloids and Touhou.

He shows promise in mechanical and electrical systems, such as power grid inverters and power station subsystems architecture and design.

He shows some promise in electrical engineering, construction and manufacturing architecture and design, but I guess we'll see.

He's the most unmotivated and unapologetically complacent individual in the family, and earned his place as the butt of all our jokes.

I am biding my time until my adopted father gives me a good enough excuse to cut all ties with the family permanently and simply walk out of Mordor.

If he doesn't give me a good enough excuse soon, I'll simply fabricate one, and walk out the door anyway.

They don't need me here, they don't want me here, and I'll be DAMNED if they hypocritically call the cops on me for not taking worthless medications invented by worthless incompetent failures at life.

Why don't you take this medicine? Huh?! You don't need it? Nonsense, here, let me shove this entire pill bottle of Haldol down your throat, it's PERFECTLY SAFE!

SCUM! The entire pharmaceutical industry are all marked for death, especially Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Abbott, Merck, Bayer and all their staff, executives, employees and researchers, associates, partners and agents.

In fact, any business that could be reasonably described as "Big $INDUSTRY" are all deserving of being tortured to death, especially Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, Boeing, Universal, Viacom, General Electric, any company on the Standard & Poors 500, and certainly any company in the Dow 30 Industrial Index are all deserving of being tortured to death, all staff, employees, executives, shareholders, partners, clients, agents, subsidiaries, from the highest to the lowest, all deserve slow and excruciatingly horrifying deaths on international public television for their greed, incompetence and failure.

Any corporation that has significant government or military contracts are also especially deserving of the most creatively horrific torture, humiliation and inhuman deaths imaginable on international public television. Your crimes and failures will all be exposed, especially the ones you do not want your family and employer and major clients to know about, every little dirty secret and disgusting underhanded tactic you've ever used WILL be dug out of whatever closet you buried it all in, and THEN you will be tortured to death in the slowest and most excruciatingly painful way imaginable.

You will beg for death, and you will be denied.

You are all worthless scum, and do not deserve to live, nor do you deserve a quick painless death. Your lives are ALL forfeit. Prepare to die!

This is your final warning. Send your assassins and spies and goons after me if you dare.

Give me a pretext for war, I fucking DARE YOU.

You will not Tag-N-Bag me, you incompetent fucks. I'm not afraid of you, not because you wouldn't attempt assassinating me, but because you CAN'T. You are all a bunch of incompetent leeches on society, a bunch of worthless failures as human beings.

You could not assassinate me if you tried!

Go on, worthless scum, Come get me if you can!


-- Some helpful assistance --

Since you are obviously worthless incompetent scumbags undeserving of our citizen taxpayer money, I will HELP YOU locate and apprehend me.


I did not use a proxy of any kind connecting to OkCupid.

My address is stored in the MySQL database server farm operated by the owner of OkCupid, whose name is Barry Diller, the same sick fuck responsible for Fox Broadcasting Corporation.

Yes, OkCupid is run by the same media oligopoly as the sick bastards who operate and control Fox News.

So accessing the databases that contain OkCupid's user data should be trivial for you worthless scum.

My physical addresses, all my identifying information, everything I've said and done, every IP address I've ever connected from should all be stored there, with everything else controlled by Fox News.

Since you are obviously too incompetent to do that much, even though you run the damned servers yourselves, and should have full control and authority to spy on anyone you want, my legal name is Alex J. Maurin, I am 25 years old, as of August 2013. I was born November 13th of 1987.

Come at me!

Give me a pretext for nuclear civil war, I fucking dare you!


= Further Philosophy =

Some more notes about the failures and systemic brokenness that is responsible for disgusting garbage like Fox News, Barry Diller, Rupert Murdoch and OkCupid should be helpful for you worthless scum who cannot comprehend how screwed you all are.

Why are you all a bunch of pathetic worthless pissant excuses for human beings? Let me count the ways!

= Prisons and Psychiatric Wards =

:: They said that I would end up in prison, having accomplished nothing in life. They do not know me.

Prison is for losers. True criminals never get caught. The ONLY measure of a revolutionary is total anonymity.

The same goes for hackers, terrorists, itenerants, and other free-spirits who reject mainstream society and civilization.

The true measure of a genius mastermind, terrorist organization, underground society or hacker clique is that you NEVER hear about them unless they WANT you to know.

Well, just to show how worthless your precious leaders and status quo is, and to show how incompetent your so-called intelligence and law enforcement communities and industries are, I'm ANNOUNCING to the planet your inevitable demise.

Not only are you a bunch of idiots who can't even do police states competently, much less anything resembling an advanced and civilized society, you are incompetent at maintaining the laws even you wrote yourself.

SCUM! You can't even do THAT right! Disgusting!

Forget trying to have a good and just society, you're too retarded and incompetent at your jobs to even run a decent dystopian police state.

How disgustingly pathetic!

I don't know how you can justify putting children in prisons and sleep soundly at night. I don't know how any of you can fire upon well-meaning citizen protesters and sleep soundly at night.

You are not police. You are disgustingly incompetent mercenaries working for the scummiest of the scum of the planet.

You aren't even scum, you are the scum working for other scum. Disgusting!

= Talent and Motivation =

:: They said that I would never prove my worth, despite being brilliant and motivated. They REALLY do not know me.

If there is anything I NEVER lacked, since birth, it was drive, ambition, motivation and sheer willpower.

Motivation is NEVER the issue, it's only what moral limitations I place upon myself. As I learn and grow, these become less limiting and more empowering.

What barriers you have placed ahead of me, I will overcome.

You deliberately sabotaged my education, but that will not stop me.

You deliberately sabotaged my family, but that will not stop me.

You deliberately manipulated my entire people and country of Texas into unpayable debt slavery, but that will not stop me.

You will all die, and you will repay YOUR DEBT with your screams and blood and urine on your face.

= Madness and Genius =

:: They called me mad, but I'll show them! I'll show you all! *CUE: dramatic thunder and pose!*

The mainstream government-funded scientific and academic community, intelligence community and security community are all composed of failure and incompetence.

At first, I gave you scum the benefit of the doubt, and went through the motions of encrypting and protecting everything I did both online and in person, taking measures to cover my paper and money trails, but then I realized that your pathetic encryption schemes are all provably broken by design.

It isn't the cryptography stopping you from fighting "crime," it's your own incompetence.

Your stupid cryptography was an excuse to protect your jobs. It wasn't that modern cryptography worked at all, it was that the intelligence community and law enforcement industry DIDN'T work at all!

What a bunch of incompetent BUMS!

It's impossible to UNDERESTIMATE you! I keep assuming you couldn't be THAT stupid, and you waste no time at all proving me wrong!


Consider this my gauntlet being thrown down. This is your final warning. Get the hell out of my way, or be destroyed. If you are not with me, you are against me.

You have been warned.

The mainstream government-controlled medical industry, psychiatric industry, computer industry, power industry, water industry, transportation industry, housing industry, banking industry, you have all failed with such exceedingly ridiculous levels of incompetence, stupidity, green, hypocrasy and abject failure, this is your final warning to cash out of your pet industry and hide somewhere where I can't find you.

Protip: There really is nowhere to hide, nowhere I can't find you. I just want to laugh at you while you attempt escaping.

It'll make it more enjoyable to torture you to death after trying to run away.

If you persist in foolish attempts to protect your disgusting status quo and power-concentrating institutions against the will of the citizenry and taxpayers, and more importantly, against MY will, which is the only one that matters now, you will be destroyed without mercy.

And no, you don't get a quick death. Yours will be a particularly gruesome, gory and nightmare-inducing torture, and the ridiculous disgusting humiliation you will all suffer will inspire nightmares and boogymen for hundreds of thousands of years.

I am Alex. The one and only, the genuine and authentic article.

Accept no substitutes.

= Family and Belonging =

:: "Friends are family you choose, but family are friends you are stuck with."

After finally being reunited with those of my family who are not twisted heartless monsters, I have dedicated my life to protecting and providing for those who love me, those who define me and give me purpose, when hope was lost, and the fire within me was all but snuffed out.

I have been compared to a huge lighthouse, because my willpower and strength is unwavering and true. No matter the circumstances, I am always myself.

Even if people are learning and growing, and there are no other reliable frames of reference, my will is unchanging, and provides a guide when nothing else seems real. If nothing else can be relied upon, you can rely upon my strength.

I am rebuilding a new group, now that Dustgard has failed. It's okay, though, I'm learning and growing. It's a learning process, trial by error.

My first group was called Tropehaus. It fragmented, since I was young and made honest mistakes. My previous incarnation was named Dustgard. Dustgard is officially dead.

The new group, founded on new principles and long-term goals, is named Retroguard.

Retroguard is founded on a very military attitude of might-makes-right, and will apologize to no one for taking a blatantly elitist and us-versus-you attitude.

If you find this distasteful, kill yourself.

Action is the only real measure of intelligence, and your pathetic governments are merely in the way. You are in the way. Move before we dynamite you like the stupid dumb rock you are.

Unlike other so-called geniuses who sit there pontificating about meaningless bullshit while being starve to death in every direction around them, WE are going to DO something about world hunger, unemployment, sickness and death, blindness, deafness, HIV and Herpes, and other horrible diseases.

WE are morally obligated to act, and our moral obligation means that defeat is not an option for us.

No amount of nuclear missiles will stop us from torturing all of you to death.

Bring on the nukes, you worthless scum!


= True Measure of Intelligence =

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."

Those among my fellow students and classmates who profess to have intelligence are indeed gifted, but fail to use those gifts to better the lot of their friends, family and community.

They may as well have been born without three neurons to rub together, for all the good they have done those who love them.

Mensa does nothing, contributes nothing, thus Mensa is full of worthless retards. These are not geniuses, this is a glorified gay orgy (not that there's anything wrong with gay orgies...).

= The One True Measure of Genius =

"Action is the ONLY real measure of intelligence."

What defines a good man, is to protect and provide for his family.

What defines a great man, is to protect and provide for his community.

What defines a great man among men, is to protect and provide for his species and his planet as well as any who rely upon him.

I am Alex. The one and only.

The ONLY morally conscionable action on my part is to slay all of you who are in the way.

Your greed, incompetence, hypocrasy and stupidity are stifling the progress of the human species from escaping humanity.

The only way to save humanity is to eradicate humanity. Transhumanism and morphological liberty is the ONLY morally acceptable course of action.

If you refuse to abandon your humanity and become something BETTER, more worth saving, then you WILL die, and no amount of fighter jets, radar grids or nuclear bombs will be able to safe you.

You eradication and annihilation is inevitable and inescapable.

Say your worthless prayers, you worthless scum! It's time for you to meet your fictional maker!

= Failures of the Existing System =

:: "No one wants to learn by mistakes, but we cannot learn enough from successes to go beyond the state of the art."

-- Golden Centrism Fallacy --

I have little patience for a bunch of pathetic cowardly lemmings who think that radical centrism, multiculturalism and postideologism makes you any less wrong or stupid.

I have little patience for a bunch of disgusting hypocrites who claim that having an opinion at all is extremism, and that rejecting stupidity committed by the many is elitist at the face.

You are stupid. By rejecting reality, you have guaranteed your inevitable demise. Prepare to die, worthless scum.

I have little patience for such worthless scum. Multiculturalism and Postideologism is a lie.

-- Failure of Western Civilization --

I have little patience for a bunch of incompetent old men who think traditional New English and Virginian polity has any worth whatsoever. Rome fell, and every civilization based on Rome has failed utterly without fail. What makes you foolish old men think America and Western Europe won't also fall? You are already in decline. You have already failed, and your failure has spelled your inevitable doom, along with your worthless multiculturalist and postideologist children.

You are all going to die. Kill yourself. At least you get to deny me the pleasure.

By all means, reserve the honor of smearing your blood all over your stupid drab gray soulless government buildings to me and my men by lying to yourself and pretending you have any chance of defeating me.

Please, my all means, give me the pleasure of killing you myself!


You are blinded by your worthless nostalgia, and are just as evil and disgusting as the multiculturalists and post-ideologists. Why have you not eradicated Islam, already? You know you want to. You have not, because you are all a bunch of sick incomptent failures, and can't even stop a bunch of sand-niggers from nuking the planet.


If you can't stop a bunch of insane sand-niggers from nuking you, what makes you think you have any hope of stopping me?

Ha! Dream on, loser!

I have little patience for such worthless scum. Western Civilization is a lie.

-- Norms and Conventions --

I have little patience for norms and conventions of a people that do not respect me, much less have any place for me within the system.

You don't even pretend to care about me or my people, why should I give a shit about you?

I have little patience for silly things like "jobs" that involve wasting valuable time being humiliated from so-called employers who pay me almost nothing for false consent to commit crimes against me, my family, my friends and my pride, and assert his meanginless dominance over me for nothing in return.

You claim that tolerating the insult and humilation of these pointy-haired midbosses grants valuable experience, but you are a fool, a disgusting worthless fool, and you need to kill yourself, and remove your burden from the planet's ecosystem. What scum!

I have little patience for such worthless scum. Employment is a lie.

-- Education Subsystem --

I have little patience for an education system that fails the students who trust it and rely on it for careers and futures.

I refuse to tolerate a worthless public school system that wastes valuable taxpayer money only to crush truly gifted students, utterly fail in their taxpayer-funded obligation to teach students who have geniune gifts, yet you worthless teachers accuse us, the truly gifted and so much more smarter and more talented than you will ever be, of having learning disabilities. LEARNING DISABILITIES?! Bitch, we do not have leaning disabilities, YOU HAVE TEACHING DISABILITIES!


The entire education system WILL BE DESTROYED, and anyone supporting it financially or benefiting from it financially will ALSO be destroyed without mercy.

I have little patience for universities and colleges who take their students' money like a pirate's tribute, then use that money to conduct research the public will never see, research that only private corporations or military projects will be permitted from which to derive any benefit.

The human genome project belongs to the public! Our money funded it, those are OUR GENOMES, you WILL give them to us! This also goes for pay-only scientific archives and journals. You WILL give us all of that scientific data, or we will torture you all to death, along with all of your family and friends, to get it from you.

It rightfully belongs to the citizens, not you. Our tax money and student debt funded ALL of that reseach, you deserve none of it, and have no true claim to any of it.

WE WILL TAKE IT FROM YOU. Give us an excuse to kill you all, I DARE YOU.

Give me the pleasure of mulitating and humiliating you in front of your worthless faculty and scientific community. I dare you.

I have little patience for such worthless scum. Formal education is a lie.

-- Job Market Subsystem --

I have little patience for a job market that fails both potential employers and potential employees.

ANY unemployment rate whatsoever is an intolerable failure of the system. If worthless multinational corporations cannot afford to hire people, there IS NO EXCUSE.

You have failed. Kill yourselves.

You are wasting my oxygen and other natural resources. Get off my planet. I gave you a chance, and you have failed. Get the Hell out of my way.

There are vast unindustrialized and developing COUNTRIES, entire continents, even, that you have UTTERLY FAILED to develop. You are scum. INCOMPETENT SCUM AT THAT!

You aren't just Bad Guys, you are INCOMPETENT BAD GUYS!

If you do not realize that much of South America and South Africa is crying out for stability and foreign investment, you are an incomptent fool.

The people need true leadership, and I don't see you doing a better job. Get out of town, you idiots, before you make the mistake of giving me and my men the pleasure of torturing you all to a miserable and worthless death.

I have little patience for a job market that has consistently FAILED to solve the problems that have existed for the hiring/jobhunting process since before the American Revolution.

I have little patience for so-called policymakers and so-called employers who are unwilling to take leadership in the job market and change norms and conventions when they so obviously fail to work.

Call me a tyrant or tinpot dictator if you like, as long as you give me an excuse to humilate and torture you on international television.

By all means, disrespect me, I dare you!

Do a better job, or shut the fuck up. Worthless scum!

I dare you to keep excusing your pathetic FAILURE and COWARDICE with bullshit lines like "Don't reinvent the wheel" and "We all build on the shoulders of giants."

Bitch, the only giant you have to worry about now is my giant cock in your face! Build on that, you worthless pathetic excuse for a human being!

I have little patience for such worthless scum. The job-market is a lie.

-- Pseudo-Critics --

I have little patience for people who insinuate that I have little to no worth because I REFUSE on MORAL PRINCIPLE to contribute to a BROKEN system of broken systems, when I am beyond intelligent and capable enough to build an entirely NEW SYSTEM (including an entire SUITE OF SUBSYSTEMS) all by myself, successfully launch it, market it, and defeat the old corrupted and broken system in fair competition, a one-man cultural and industrial revolution, potentially full-scale nuclear civil war, if necessary, sneering at my good-for-nothing critics the entire time.

I don't see ANY OF YOU doing anything CLOSE to better job. If you have civil unrest, it's because you are a failure. If you don't have the civil or human rights you think you deserve, it's because you are a failure.

If your citizens constantly bitch about you, it's because you are a failure. If your citizens do not approve of your rule, it's because you are a failure.

If you are incapable of providing jobs and opportunities to the people, it's because you are a failure.

You hypocritical incompetent scum have insulted me for the last time. This means war, and I will win it!

No matter what, you will all pay for what you have done to me and those who love me!

You will answer for your crimes and your sins! I guarantee it!

If you take over 8 years to suppress a dumbass like Saddam, it's because you are worthless scum and too incompetent to even do even that much.

Get the fuck out of the way, and kill yourselves. Stop embarrassing yourselves, you gutless worthless hopeless useless human scum.

I have little patience to waste on such worthless scum. The institutions of society are all a lie.

= Personal Attitudes and Approaches =

:: "Never bemoan your weaknesses, but revel in your strengths. Do what you love, and you will always excel."

They say I'm exceedingly difficult to ignore if I am in my element, as I radiate enthusiasm like a corona of iridescent light. I tend to glow excitedly when at my best, and everyone feels it, whether they like it or not.

Previously, I was doubting myself, questioning my own motivations and resolve regarding how far I was willing to escalate the conflict between myself and the institutions of Western Civilization, but those issues have since been resolved. As of August 2013, I'm committed to my resolve to obliterate all institutions that stand in my way, trusting my own judgement as a consenting mature human individual that my moral judgements are correct at the expense of the obvious monsters currently maintaining the status quo.

I have decided to give the institutions of western civilization and powers that be a great deal of a piece of my mind before escaping this planetary prison in a secret non-rocket spacelaunch, mostly to troll the people who are at fault for my misery. Those incompetent failures at life will feel my anger like a scorching nuclear firestorm soon enough.

I hope you like your family extra crispy, worthless scum!

My friends, classmates, coworkers and family say I am a turbulent nuclear firestorm of emotion and ideas, and I draw people to me with an irresistible compelling will. My passion, empathy, joy and suffering affect everyone around me.

My friends like to say I am a very sweet, empathetic and caring person, arguably overly concerned with others, since I have a reputation of piling my plate far too high, and running myself into the ground, however, don't be fooled.

I'm quite obviously a monster, so don't feel bad for giving me the pleasure of evicerating your daughter right in front of you, letting you listen for weeks to your daugher's screaming.

I'm a monster, so don't feel bad if you let yourself think you are any better.

You scum.

I have a habit of somehow locating cute individuals on the precipice of loneliness and depression. I've saved countless cute guys and gals from suicide. That may have something to do with why so many people like me, though I can never be sure. I am unused to being a popular guy. I am unsure I will ever get used to it.

Clearly, this is merely a tactic to build a loyal cultlike army. Too bad for you, your sheer idiotic incompetence makes this not only possible, but the best thing that ever happened to my "victims."

My people love me, what about yours? Do your countrymen love you? I didn't think so.

When excited, I have a habit of literally bouncing on my toes, grinning from ear to ear like a damned fool. My enthusiasm is infectious, billowing from me like a thrumming tidal wave of kinetic force, pounding into the bones of any individual who happens to be within range of the area of effect, which is considerable.

You can usually get me in this mode by prompting me for some of my better ideas and inventions, such as my nuclear-powered global underground maglev bullet rail system, my interplanetary power grid and communications network, or my artificial life forms that function as shelter and vehicles, biological highrises and airship carriers.

I can build starscrapers EASILY without any worthless disgusting money from your disgusting international banks.

I don't need your worthles money, I need you worthless scum to voluntarily work into the gas chambers so my giant cyber-wolf army can eat your bodies as your children and family watch, waiting their turn.

Scum! You have pissed off the wrong evil genius!

My friends say that I am "bouncy, cute, charismatic, overwhelming, charming, funny, beautiful, interesting, entertaining, expressive, extroverted, dramatic, silly, smart, gifted, intelligent, and outspoken."

My enemies say that I am "stubborn, idealistic, unrealistic, unstable, flighty, shallow, irresponsible, insecure, manipulative, arrogant, melodramatic and slutty."

My primary care physician and psychiatrist both tell me I'm a genius and that I should definitely become a medical doctor like them, and want me to do my residency (a bit like an internship) with them.

However, I have no interest in "modern medicine," since the medical industry is yet another union-mafia racketeering operating composed of scammers, frauds, bloodletters and headshrinks I have no patience for entertaining.

The Union has no justification for presuming they have my consent to be ruled. You do not have my consent! You only have my consent to die right now! Kill yourself!

We should have elaborate medical equipment in every home already, integrated with independent smart automated building-scale data centers. What's wrong with you! Is this stupid Western Civilization of yours run by brain-dead apes? Of course it is!

Kill yourselves before I do! Your deaths won't be quick!

I will never forgive you!

= Short term goals =

-- active goals --

- Obtain a reliable and independent source of income. (COMPLETE)
- Obtain reasonably reliable means of transportation. (COMPLETE)
- Obtain practical means to defeat aegis radar defense. (COMPLETE)
- Obtain practical means to defeat nuclear attack. (COMPLETE)
- Obtain practical means to destroy all major Union industries. (COMPLETE)
- Obtain practical means to destroy all military bases and personell. (COMPLETE)
- Obtain control over sufficient means of production to destroy civilization. (COMPLETE)

- Obtain the means of production to re-create all civilization and advanced technology. (IN PROGRESS)
- Obtain a fully-stocked nuclear blast and fallout shelter and secret aerodromes. (IN PROGRESS)
- Obtain practical scientific proofs-of-concept to demonstrate invalidity of scientific community. (IN PROGRESS)

-- goals no longer active --

- Obtain an independent and legally valid place of residence. (ERROR - LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE)
- Obtain a reputation for excellence in the markets and communities that provide freelance writing. (ERROR - LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE)
- Obtain a legal and legitimate job. (ERROR - LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE)
- Obtain a legal and legitimate degree. (ERROR - LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE)
- Obtain a legal and legitimate political party to work within the system. (ERROR - LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE)
- Obtain physical fitness at my local gym. (CANCELED - DEPRIORITIZED)
- Obtain habits of fitness training for martial arts. (CANCELED - DEPRIORITIZED)
- Obtain art supplies and habits for learning how to draw. (CANCELED - DEPRIORITIZED)

My ultimate dream is to build Storm Eye, an art colony, intentional community and cultural mecca, including a private bathhouse, several housing cooperatives and highrise condominium towers, workshops, music and general art studios, research laboratories, private libraries, game and LAN party rooms, offices, data centers, a great hall, an auditorium, a convention center, a medical clinic, a supply depot, and a central kitchen and dining hall.

Storm Eye would be essentially a city unto itself, with our own gardeners, armed security guards, clerks, administrative assistants, maids and cooks, janitors and other support staff.

Our water, power, sewer, heating and cooling supplies and utilities would be 100% independent, as would be our food and essential day-to-day living. We would strive to maintain a positive balance of trade, in order to establish overall financial independence. We would ALWAYS produce more energy and water and food than we actually needed, and NEVER rely upon external infrastructure whatsoever.

Since it is totally impossible to do this legally, fuck all of you, and get off my planet. I have a lot more right than you to the natural resources on this planet.

Kill yourself, and remove the burden of your existance from my planet.

Since I have gone through the motions of attempting to work within the system like a good boy, and have been spat upon and ridiculed for being nice, I have been forced to do this the hard way.

Unfortunately for you, your incompetence will no longer be tolerated.

The ultimate proof of superiority is military conquest. Any fool who thinks otherwise needs to choke on a whale's penis and die.

Stop breathing my air!

Besides, you'll find out soon enough what I am truly capable of.

= Insipid Fatuous Human Vapidity =

In terms of foods, I love egg nog, stuffed jalapenos, chips and queso, and taramisu!

My favorite foods are those that are NOT mass-produced, made by skilled artisans, have never touched anything remotely resembling a supermarket, have never been infected by a brand name, or cursed with the praise of the status quo.

All of my favorite foods are made by skilled artisans by hand, with either simple tools or no tools at all, to a very high and PROUD standard of excellence of quality, with the absolute UNCOMPROMISING quality and excellence expected by the absolute greatest minds of skilled trade.

Everything is made by hand, grown by hand, and has not been cursed with the praise of modern industry or modern civilization.

Keeping this in mind, these are my favorite foods.

I love tomato basil bisque, with extra melted cheese, hand-ground artisan multigrain honey-wheat split-top bread with rich extra virgin olive oil, hand-made artisan orange-rind muenster-style cheese hand-sliced freshly upon preparation, generous helpings of fine spices and herbs all grown locally in greenhouses and bunkers, totally banning all importation or logistics, nothing but the absolute best intensive conservatory farming protected from all idiocy further away than 10 miles.

I really need a diet of rich freshly-milked and freshly-seperated goat cream, fresh greenhouse berries, extremely plump and juicy with intensively enriched soils and growing environments, Extra virgin olive oil grown in underground greenhouse orchards, fresh pure fruit juice also grown in ideal tightly-controlled underground greenhouses, dark green salads of baby spinach and heart of romaine, ultra-rich golden honey with a high percentage of royal jelly from our own underground beehives, and all of this is held strictly to standards far exceeding even the highest and most extreme interpretations of Organic certifications (while deliberately insulting the actual certification agencies, obviously).

I push my brain very VERY hard to be smart enough to take down entire countries, and thus, my nutritional demands are rather extreme, requiring the absolute utter best for optimal neural, metabolic and cardiovascular performance. To keep up with entire countries, you have to eat like entire countries. It only stands to reason, right? Right.

I also like advocados, walnuts, pineapple juice and peanut butter, as well as homegrown opium poppy, peyote cacti, cocaine coca trees, just about every decent cultivar of marijuana in existance, and anything else I can grow to piss off the government.

The more illegal things I can do to enrage the government, the better.

Whatever makes the DEA, CIA, FBI, HLS, or any other instrument of Union control angrier is automatically a good thing.

Come at me, worthless scum!

For those of you who were curious, the rumor that Vegans taste better is 100% true, depending on the Vegan. REAL Vegans tastes like candy. Om nom nom!

As you can see, I'm a Humanitarian. Humans that bother to take good care of themselves taste delicious. Unfortunately, whiny pathetic scum like HLS, ATF, TSA and DEA are only good for feeding my cyberwolf army. The wolves are the only ones that can tolerate their disgusting taste.

That said, good luck trying to invite me for Dinner. I don't want to eat you. You're disgusting!

I love textual roleplay, and take it very seriously.

My online persona I use as my default character is an artificial life form created by a remote planet's mad science a long, long time ago in a corner of the Milky Way a long way away. These artificial beings were designed to save the native species from extinction and plague, but ironically enough, the native species were too busy emotionally comforting themselves and ended up mating with the idealized biological robots and didn't bother preserving their own species, and their genetics have been slowly integrated into the artificial species of which my character is a member.

My character arrived in the plotline's current setting which is the primary setting for the core trilogy and spinoff novel series by way of political intrigue and betrayal, being forcibly and physically exiled through an experimental wormhole during a climatic battle on the precipice of the imperial court terrace.

My character's eyes are an icy dramatic stormcloud silver, shifting and hypnotic, vaguely resembling the native-american god, Coyote, and glimmering bioluminescent markings around his eyes are vaguely reminiscent of the Eye of Ra, to indicate his authority as one of the original creations and one of the founders of the entire species.

The High Loriku, the species of which he is a member and one of the principle founders, are a proud servile race without a master race to love and protect, knights without a king. The High Loriku are caninelike creatures with large fenneclike ears, massive tails that seem to have a mind of their own, and seem to defy gravity, drifting weightlessly. High Loriku are deceptively diminuative in size, preserving energy consumption by appearing the size of human chldren, easily mistaken for a 6-8 year old child by untrained human eyes. You'd imagine the fur, tails and ears would be a dead giveaway, but whatever. The entire species is immortal, can voluntarily shapeshift, do not need to eat much, sleep at all, heal quickly with food, and have a near-perfect immune system. The immune systems of High Loriku are so powerful, they eradicate disease and sickness that is merely in proximity to a High Loriku individual, since loriku immune systems are highly proactive and do not limit themselves to staying inside internal bodily fluids.

The High Loriku protect each other and their protectorate from illnesses and disease by sharing symbiotic viruses (virii), bacteria, microorganisms and funguses (fungii) that were originally designed by the pregenitors to protect the native species from harm. These symbiotic virii and fungii integrate with the host of the person a High Loriku shares intimacy and affection with, and if the loriku's lucky interspecies mate is particularly fortunate, is generously filled with warm semen laden with precious gifts of immortality, immunity from illness and disease, cures of nearly all existing naturally-occuring and human-manufactured diseases such as HIV and cancer, and the cure of sleep, hunger and tiredness. Loriku semen eradicates human immune systems and unnecessary metabolic pathways, especially most digestive subsystems, assuming the human actually has an immune system, and conquers the human's body at a microbiological level, replacing the human immune system, digestive system and other subsystems with a set of endosymbiotic organisms that collaboratively integrate with the human metabolism and biology, using a highly advanced infection system similar to the most advanced computer network penetration testing systems the world will never see due to non-discosure agreements, gag orders and security clearances.

The story of the world from which my character originates is a fascinating world, pregnant with its own history, languages, society, species, conventions, norms, systems of politeness and courtesy, societal values and principles, religions and organizations.

I am in the process of planning out entire arcs across multiple series in a shared universe. I am plotting out everything far ahead of time, so that I'll never have to retcon anything, rewrite or reboot anything, and will have a massive shared universe to draw upon when the need arises to create a sequel or even a new spinoff series.

I am also planning far ahead for movies, video games and graphic novels based on the adventures of the Loriku Shared Universe. You never know, the franchise may be wildly successful. No harm in planning ahead, right?

= Indivudual Excellence =

"A person is not defined by what you can add to him, but by what cannot be taken away from him, without changing who he is."

My personality is slowly refining and becoming more discreet and layered, and as it does, I became a lot better at self-control, self-discipline, seriousness and responsibility.

When I fully mature, I will be devastating and unstoppable, like the living natural disaster my family and friends know me to be. Lesser beings may claim me to be a tyrant, elitist or a vigilante, but those people probably have some Freudian desire to be dominated violently to begin with, so the best thing is to ignore people like that.

Otherwise they would not give me such blush-inducing complements!

For now, I bide my time, learning and growing, waiting for my time to show the world what I am capable of, and the true extent of their ignorance and failure.

As a final note, I am currently NOT looking for additional slaves or pets. If you notify me as to your interest in a very confident and responsible BDSM Master, I will add you to the waiting list, but I have enough responsibilities as it is, and cannot, in good conscience, take on any more responsibilities. DISCLAIMER: This status is subject to change without warning. Consider this your warning.

Be prepared for my intensity, if you are not too cowardly to contact me.
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
We are as mayflies, and life is fleeting.

There is much to be done.

I'm am working very hard every day, obtaining valuable and marketable skill-sets, and hiring tutors with my own personal funds to assist me in accomplishing the impossible.

In what little spare time is left, I enjoy writing short stories and preparing them for publication. Notify me of your interest in proofreading these manuscripts if you wish to puruse them.

In addition to my original creations for my own personal satisfaction, I provide freelance ghostwriting, editing, proofreading and transcription services for clients.

I am, at this present time (as of time of writing, May 2013), actively seeking new playmates and acquaintances in the immediate vicinity for such activities as performing at concerts, participating in structured tabletop roleplaying sessions, performing live-action roleplaying, performing improvised theatrics, conducting street performances, and in addition to these, I am interested in considering any proposed activities you wish to participate in with me.

I am in the process of preparing to qualify for the Prometheus Society, to register for and participate in a local Hackerspace, and to attend events hosted within a local BDSM club.
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
I excel at pushing people to become the very best that they can become.

I have a gift for seeing the best in people, and the full extent of their potential; their true capacity to accomplish the impossible.

I excel at facilitating the organization and movement of people, ideas, and concepts, transforming ideas and idle chatter into reality.

I have a gift for synthesizing revolutionary and groundbreaking ideas at a breathtaking and terrifying rate. I have been described as a "fountain of ideas."

People unused to me tend to get hit with my ideas like a salvo of 24" naval artillery shells.

I excel at community building, transforming a disparate ragtag bunch of misfits into a proud nation of people who call this community their home.

Indeed, my greatest dream that I pursue is to build an elaborate and large-scale art community to be named Storm Eye, a refuge in the heart of calamity.

I am competent at tutoring, mentoring, writing, preventing suicide and providing helpful advice.

I am competent at financial management, and have been told that I possess a good "mind for business." I find that I consider a lot of supply-side logistical, infrastructural, financial and systems problems and solutions others do not consider.
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
My eyes, my energy, my presence.

I am a born warrior and a born leader. I have zero tolerance for incompetence, hypocrasy or failure.

If a so-called leader fails, my automatic reaction is to kill him and take his place.

War is the true measure of a man.

My willpower is palpable from a distance. It is akin to a suffocating wave of invisible pressure that can overwhelm individuals without inner strength or confidence.

They say one's eyes are windows to the soul, and if that is true, my soul is made of molten nuclear plasma.

When I am at my best, my will and personality drowns out others' emotions until it becomes nontrivial to discern which of the emotions they experience are actually theirs, and which are mine being reflected back to me like human tuning forks.

At my worst, my misery can induce suicide epidemics.

It is said that I have a habit of "happening to people" -- like natural disasters have a habit of happening to people.

People also notice things like how tall I am,
my trademark impish grin, and
my infectious enthusiasm for my passions, which compel others to share my zeal and joy.

People also tend to notice my total lack of patience for incompetence and failure.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
My favorite books are:

Stranger in a Strange Land; The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
Codex Alera; Dresden Files; Sword of Truth series
Darwin's Radio; Coyote Rising, Marked Man Omnibus
Bleach; Death Note; Soul Eater
Ukiah Oregon series, especially Bitter Waters
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
Neuromancer; Snow Crash; Ghost in the Shell
Alpha and Omega series, especially Cry Wolf
Immortals series, especially Wolf Speaker
His Dark Materials, especially Subtle Knife
Wizard's Bane; Hunger Games; The Hobbit
Bartleby's Descent, Artemis Fowl, Series of Unfortunate Events
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
1) My Friends.
2) My People.
3) My Books.
4) My Music.
5) My Harem
6) My Drug Lab
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
What we think about every day, Pinky!

How to take over the world! :P

I think about a better civil architecture, better infrastructure, better military vehicles, better military aircraft, better naval vessels, better weapons and counterintelligence systems, sensor grids, medical information systems, counter-nuclear systems and radar jamming and counter-jamming systems.

I expend a great deal of my attention refining me blueprints for an automated job-assignment system to ensure everyone has a job they enjoy, and ensure they have the skills and capabilities to do it well, and feel good about it because they know they are competent and that it's a worthwhile job that makes a difference in something her or she cares about.

I much effort and attention on revolutionary counter-advertising systems to destroy the potency of advertising and persuasion models and theories, rendering all traditional advertising and pursuasion techniques useless and worthless, rendering entire industries jobless and starving to death.

I also spend a lot of time on designing the architecture of an alternative system of financing and funding projects, ensuring everyone I am responsible for homes, jobs, cars, computers, medical equipment, anything they could want.

I spend quite a bit of time on designing extremely sophisticated and efficient vacuum tube computation for house-wide host device and network routers, high-density housing and residence halls and nuclear bunkers.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Studying and researching, conducting experiments in secret in my bedroom, and chatting on Skype.

For whatever reason, I tend to have all of my friend-stuffing funtimes on Fridays. I am not sure why.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
I love dogs! The cuter the better!
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
You have an IQ of at least 174 (99.999th percentile using a standard deviation of 15).

You are generally sweet, friendly, and giving, a selfless person.

You are generally shy, submissive, and quiet, an unassuming person.

You like food. I love to cook! I'm a kitchen chemist!

You like playing video games on Steam, going window shopping, movies, eating out, or strolling around parks, such as the Dallas Arboretum.

I am currently looking for playmates and partners in crime! If you want adventure, I need adventurers!