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23 M San Bernardino, CA

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Native American, Hispanic / Latin, Other
5′ 2″ (1.57m)
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Mostly anything
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Virgo, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from two-year college
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Doesn’t have kids, but wants them
English (Fluently), Spanish (Okay), German (Poorly), French (Poorly), Japanese (Poorly)

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My self-summary
I am everything, I am sadness, I am happyness, I am anger, I am madness, I am insanity, I am ultra mindedness, I am you, I am me, I am we, I can see all the possibilities of all worlds as the universes collide simultaneously onto my mind, I am many, I am one, I am nothing but I must be something for who will pour the tea?~ I might or might not be what you want me to be or what you don't want me to be, I am what I choose to be.~

I am going to celebrate everyday of my life!~ ^_^

My love is eternal, my friendship everlasting.~

Life is ridiculous, I will enjoy every moment of it, and I hope to die with a smile on my face!~ ^_^

I'm like a river in the wind, I'm always changing, always moving, always dancing, always singing, always free, for me there is always something wonderful in this life to smile about, I love everyone, I value freedom, I respect everything, and I advise you to make every moment count!~

Love is free and it just happens regardless of any thing.~
If you want to talk me, then go ahead any time.~ If you feel any thing, go for it.~ You don't have to worry, there is nothing 'at the wrong time' for me: truly any time any where in front of any one talk to me tell me how you're feeling pour your heart and soul out to me it's ok, I will wrap you in my arms and love you forever even if I don't know who you are.~ :)

I do not like it when people try to force their will on other people.~ To me all creatures are people and individually are persons.~ All is equal and has neither more nor less value or meaning, only the meaning or value you give, not "you" as a "Human being", but "you" as who ever and what ever you are.~

This is why I dislike how many people think of and treat "pets".~ Would I mind the idea of a creature coming to me and us developing a bond of friendship? No, I would not mind that.~ All "pet" means to me is simply another word for "companion" or "friend", but referring specifically to a friend who is not Human.~

Precious children dancing in the fields of pixies through nurturing and love they may bloom like flowers, through neglect and forget they may turn sour, who can say who can be? The duality of everything in existence it not be. So simple as 'either' 'or', no, a tidal wave of life crescendos into a symphony of possibility.~ Possibilities beating into the veins of the heart of nature.~

Children can be protected and nurtured, but eventually all children, regardless of what kind of creature they are, grow up. All creatures, especially when they reach adulthood, may come and go as they please and make their own decisions, regardless of what kind of creature they are.~

As much as I love creatures like dogs and cats, I can not bring myself to "keep them" as adults as every part of me is screaming not to.~ I will raise creatures to adults, but I will raise them to be more independent of me as they get older until they are completely able to take care of themselves as adults as I believe this is what being a parent who truly cares about their child's happiness will do.~

I will never tell them where they can or can't go and I will never treat them like property without any rights of their own .~ For just because they are different than me, does not make me better than them.~ I think we could all learn a lesson from that.~

I am me and I like what I like, if you want to know more about me then please ask. I do not place labels on anything. Whether you place labels on people or not, things will probably at times become complicated. I would prefer to learn about an individual and their preferences rather than to assume to know everything about them based on the labels they claim to be.

Everything and everyone are completely equal and everything is diverse and beautiful in its' own way and before we decide on how to deal with others (whether they be of our own species or not) we could maybe consider things from their point of view.~

I'm not any label, my sexuality is purposely undefined.~ I find who someone is attractive as a whole, what ever characteristics they may have are unique beautiful details that I love and appreciate about them.~ ^_^

I don't believe in the concept of "gender", "sex" is some thing physical and there are more than just "two" sexes, my sex is male as far as I can tell and I am not sure if I can produce children as I have never tested it, but not all characteristics are exclusive to different sexes such as nipples that can produce milk in any sex.~ I treat people how they want to be treated and how I feel about them, regardless of any rules or expectations any society has for them.~

The idea of no long-term goals is exciting to me, the unpredictability and wonderfulness of everything sounds awesomely adventurous.~ There are some things that make my heart swell with joy: like the thought of raising children.~ Keep in mind though, I can easily change any thing and nothing is a permanent plan.~ More like a spur of the moment whim.~ I could desire something in this moment, but I wouldn't mind if it never happened.~ I have no regrets, I am happy in this moment.~

This planet that we call Earth is a living breathing creature that we ride upon the back of, moving, growing, and changing. Size and consciousness is relative. Can you capture the wind in a bottle only for yourself? Can you steal the rays of the sun so that none but you may ever feel their warm caress? Can you stand like an ant on a dirt hill and claim that all you see before you is for you and for no others ever? Can you contain all the force of a river and declare yourself its' master?

Not for long. Wind will die in a bottle or escape, the rays of the sun will burn through, and water will only be delayed. Humans are the most amusing, like a child playing in the sand they create and shape everything their hearts desire and claim it as their own and no others' forever, only to see it crumble and slip in-between their fingers returning to what all once was.

Me personally, I believe in the possibility of anything.~ I mean for that to be as vague and as exact sounding as it does.~ That anything can happen at any moment, and that the words: 'should' 'reality' 'sanity' and 'normal' are limiting in our ability to think of what could be possible.~

I don't understand and comprehend Friendship and Love as some things to be maintained and in regular contact with. Do you ask the stream to stay to be your friend? Do you ask the wind not to dance away so that you may be friends? Friendship and love are not things to keep, not for me, the stream and the wind may come and go as they please and I may or may not ever see them again but we will always be friends and maybe lovers.

But the stream and the river could dance together with me and share their lives together with me all together at the same time if we want to.~ You could stay with me if you wanted to, but I would not expect it of you and please don't expect it of me. The point is to stay with each other if we want to, not because it is expected of us.

Let me be clear: I would love to share my entire life with someone(s), but I want them to stay with me because they want to, not because they feel they have to or that they are expected to.~ I want a relationship with honesty and love, not duty and obligation.~

Clothes are just clothes they have no chromosomes, no hormones, no DNA, they are not inherently male or female, sure some clothes are designed for specific purposes but these purposes could be used by anyone regardless of sex.~ A guy could be just as sexy in a skirt as a gal and a woman could benefit just as much from thick clothes for work as a man!~ Leg hair is just like any other hair on any other part of the body, it's a personal style choice.~

I believe love is infinite it can be shared with everyone and there are some people in love who want to share their lives together. Anything can happen at anytime, when it happens it happens I will respond to it when it does.~.~

I love everyone and everything in their own unique beautiful ways and everything is just beautiful and wonderful!~

I think loving someone without being with them forever would be a lot easier if everyone did that.~ That way you could love someone everyday and they would love you back, there would be no innate "demand" to stay with them forever, you could do that if you wanted to, but that would be something you would talk with them about.

What's wonderful about love is that it can be so terrifying and wonderful at the same time.~

When you fall in love with everyone you meet, it's wonderful when they fall in love with you to.~

See my blog on Tumblr if you want to really get to know me more:

ColorsWolf's Tumblr Blog

I want to dance in forests!~ I want to taste the rain!~ Talk to plants, hug trees, kiss the air, I want to rip off all my clothes and run through the forests!~ I want to never wear shoes again, grow out all of my fur and claws and run on all fours!~ If you share my love for all of nature and passion for everything natural, then join me!~

I'm pretty easy-going kind of guy: natural Human body with out clothing? beautiful~, sexual activities? awesome!~, sex with me?~ now hold on, that's not something I do casually to me sex is a very personal intimate thing with love, into Cosplay?~ sign me up!~, an alien or other such creature from another planet or other place?~ awesome and attractive!~, into romance things with happy endings?~ adorable~ I love that stuff, the only things not ok with me are extreme serious violence, intolerance, cruelty, and unwillingness to try new things.~

I love things with stains, stitches, and rips in them it makes them feel worn-in, used, and lived-in like they have a history!~

Go out there and love.~ Listen, I want you to know that I will love you if I feel it and once I do I will love you forever no matter what: I don't believe in the concept of ex-lovers for me personally and I will always love you and welcome you back into my life if you want to, but please don't be afraid to go out there and love.

If you feel something for someone, go ahead and explore those feelings: just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to stop loving everyone else and it doesn't mean you're not allowed to love anyone else, for every love is different and no love is the same as any other love and no love is greater or lesser than any other love for love can not be measured and every love is beautiful, unique, and wonderful.~

They assume once someone loves someone they can’t love the other person it’s not even a possibility, but if you do away with that mindset then them all being together could be a real possibility~

I follow my heart and listen to my feelings, so if I do something that doesn't make any sense it's because I'm following my feelings~ :)

My view on drugs:

It's only a drug if you make it a drug, something is not a drug in and of itself. If you come to rely and depend upon it and become addicted to it, THEN it becomes a drug. Anything can be a drug, even people.

My view on damaging your own body on purpose:

Please don't do any thing to purposely damage and poison your own body, if you become a part of my life then it's only going to make me feel worse because I care about you.~ Smoking any thing cuts off oxygen to your brain suffocating your brain killing brain cells and the smoke you inhale travels to your lungs burning them damaging them.~

Alcohol is actually considered by your own body to be a poison and your body will try to clear it from your system: drinking alcohol trying to get a 'buzz' or 'drunk' or 'feel happy' is actually just you trying to drink alcohol faster than your body can heal itself from.~ Ironically in small amounts alcohol may actually benefit you, especially red wine with your heart health.~ However, alcohol can be highly addictive to many people and often there is a "slippery-slope" meaning if you start drinking small amounts before you know what you are doing you could be drinking dangerously large amounts.~

In too large amounts you are damaging your body with every drink of alcohol more than you are benefiting from it and eventually your liver will die from this.~ So please if you do drink alcohol, be careful and try to moderate yourself.~ I personally don't drink any alcohol at all, because I see no point in doing so.~ There are plenty of other ways to enjoy life than poisoning yourself and damaging your own body on purpose, please avoid doing these kinds of things to yourself.~

Let me get this straight: How old you are, how much you weigh, where you live, what language you speak, what other people think about you, what skin color you are, what species you are, or what you look like, what ever you are is ok with me. In fact, I find all these things fascinating. but what truly matters to me is the person, who and what you are are all a part of you I care for people because of all of who they are not just one part. Any aspects of a person I appreciate, love, and find beautiful, wonderful, and fascinating!~ ^_^

This all feels way to structured and sensible when I am anything but!~ I would rather strike up a random conversation then have no idea what to say next, than come off as structured and sane!~ o.O but then again it depends on my mood, I wrote this a while ago and now I'm looking back on it it seems so structured and stable!!~ so I'm going to add random little things in-between the paragraphs!~ ;p ^.^ Hi, I'm Mike but you can call me Bliss~

My given name is Christopher Michael Gallardo Jr. and my chosen name is Starlight Bliss Rainbow, see while I believe you can respect your given name your parents gave you, when you get to a certain point in your life you can choose your own name like the Native Americans of Old~

I'm flighty in the literal sense, meaning I would be gliding if I had wings!~ ^.^, free-spirited, magical I really do believe in magic and find wonder in everything in life!~, very optimistic and positive, and am very sensitive/caring/loving though don't be fooled by my appearance I am one tough little nut (both mentally and physically)~ I love to play video games, dance, music, read, eat, and cook to!

I'm also really creative at adding more and more chapters (paragraphs) to my online book (my profile) as you can see!~ ^.^

I'm a lovely, crazy romantic person who would love to run on the beach barefoot and lay about on the beach with sunlight streaming over us as we watch and listen to the waves crash on the shore.

I spend a lot of time daydreaming about love, romance, tingly, fuzzy, warm wonderful feelings-kind-of-moments, those sort of things!~

I also spend alot of time daydreaming about all kinds of weird mind-blowing, beyond your imagination kind of things often with romance throw into them.~


I would rather ride a bicycle, walk, run, swim, climb, jump, sail, anything other than drive a car or anything that runs or uses gasoline, coal or anything that pollutes the environment, plus such things tend to be overly expensive!~

I'm a very nurturing and caring person, I like to cuddle, hug, and am very touchy-feely. I love to hug trees!~ :D I'm a sensitive person, love bright colors, and everything groovey feeling weird~I believe in love and if you want to kiss me go ahead, but you better be prepared for the consequences!~ :)

I'm surprisingly great at giving relationship advice. :)

Hearts on wings of serenades of love.~

Emotions are always involved with me, everything always means something. Every touch, every kiss, every spark, every caress, every breath, every look, every smell, every taste, every embrace is charged and filled with emotion, feeling, and love.~

I just look at it this way love is love, no love is the same it is that simple~ To me love is something wonderful you feel, where you go from there is up to you. I believe you can begin to love someone at any moment even if you're not aware of it, even before, during, or after you've already met. I will love everyone, I don't think you need a reason to love and I am going to love everyone regardless of what they have done or what kind of person they are!

No matter what, no matter how many years go by, no matter how long we go without seeing each other, no matter what happens, once I love someone I will always love them and I will always have room for them in my life no matter what for I see no reason just because you love someone to keep from loving others~

I love to dance in the rain! I believe in not limiting ourselves, instead of asking why? ask why not?! I have a crazy imagination that I absolutely love, I love being crazy and unconventional. I can get along with pretty much everybody.

Sometimes I just sit back and dream up a whole world where I live in just for a little bit~

I'm a very friendly person and I will help you because I feel like it. I am very in tune with many things, I can see details and notice things more than many people, I can see colors more vibrantly than most people, I can sense emotions sometimes, and understand unspoken thoughts at times.~

My whole life: sometimes when I am sleeping I have dreams and sometimes these dreams are visions that come true.~ As I grow my senses become stronger and I begin to dream more and more while I am awake while my visions still become true and stronger.~

I am afraid some times to jump into any thing, but I do any ways as I am a crazy mix of cautious and reckless insanity! I love weird, fantastic, things! I love anime, cartoons, weird tv shows, and fantasy movies/shows/games.

Every day, I’m scared of everything and at times I'm also excited to. I’m afraid to take another step, to be me is interesting and at times annoying. When I get nervous I tend to imagine scary things all around me, it gets worse the more nervous I am. Sometimes I feel like if don’t do some things, horrible things will happen: like touch that fork one more time, or with one step I just might step into a world of horribleness that might be right in front of me, or open and close that mustard cap one more time.

When I’m really nervous my mind will imagine a bunch of horrible things at once and I sometimes feel overwhelmed because I some times forget that I have the power to make my own reality but usually I remember, I take in and out deep breaths, and I remember. I like it when I am calmer and I am working to be better and I am working on this to lead to more healthy and better ways to deal with stress.~ :)

My mind has given me many insights and ways to see all worlds that I love but my mind is filled with so many possibilities sometimes that it's hard for me to control and I can become overwhelmed sometimes.~

This might appear to be behavior some would say is close to OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but many people don't seem to understand because they seem to don't WANT to understand.~

My Dream

I want to meet someone who when we touch, when I look at them, when I am with them: I am filled, I am washed and bathed over and in with that wonderful feeling of happiness and so much more I might call 'love'.~ When I think about that it gives me a smile on my face to think of a possible future with love in it.~

I'm looking for someone who I can have a connection with, someone to eventually hold close, hold hands, and blush from just being with them.

Dancing along to the song of the forest and the beauty of life in the ocean of nature.~

I'm a peaceful person by nature. I love all things big, small, and even rocks and trees! I think of other animals as our equals, just as plants and rocks and everything are for everything has a soul, a heart, and is capable of having any thing else. Many if not all value freedom, and don't like to be caged, leashed or otherwise to do so is equal to slavery.~

I absolutely LOVE nature and everything about it! I could stare at a tree blowing in the wind with the sun shining on it for hours, or a pond of water that ripples with the sun creating fantastic lights and shapes for hours. I love to go camping.

I am a honest person, say what's on my mind, and it is hard for me to lie. I have black hair, and a very tan Latino skin color:
when I tan I just get darker, really dark. I'm fluent in English as it was the language I was raised speaking.

I speak a little bit of Spanish as many of my family speak it and I grew up with people around me speaking it, but I don't know much of it except how to insult some one 10 times with different words. I took German in high school, but never finished the class.

I watch a lot of anime and some times I watch anime in its' original language of Japanese with English subtitles, so I learned some Japanese from doing that.~ I also play many video games and one series I love is Assassin's Creed, so I started picking up some Italian from Assassin's Creed II. I also learned Parkour from watching and playing Assassin's Creed I through Brotherhood as they use real motion captured animations for all the games!~ ^_^

In college I took two classes in French and Spanish, but learning languages formally is some times harder than learning it informally, especially if you've overworked yourself by choosing to take too many classes at once.~ XD

I hope to learn about many languages and cultures in the future!~ :D

I like to recycle, I instinctively pick up litter whenever where-ever I go, and I love cloth shopping bags! I also love learning about anything and everything!

How I feel about hair

I fucking LOVE HAIR, I am like OBSESSED with it almost. I have even done research on hair just for fun!~ ^_^ Did you know that hair can grow to your shoulders in about 2 years, your waist in 5 years, and I was thinking by that logic to your feet in 10 years!~ ^_^ Isn't it GREAT?!~ I love everything about hair, hair is so fun and wild, beautiful, awesome, and natural!~

(One of the reasons I love that song “Hair” by the Cowsills (one of my favorite songs).) I love everything HAIR, I LOVE HAIRY women, I LOVE HAIRY men, I LOVE HAIRY CHEWBACCA, I even LOVE FUCKING AFROS!~ and YES I am hairy like Chebacca like a Wookie, I am furry ALL over and it is BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE MYSELF, I AM AN AWESOME SEXY TAN HAIRY MAN!~ You might want to all try loving yourselves, it’s fucking great!~

I admire that concept of a hippie that is always calm, peaceful, loving, wearing rose-tinted glasses, and flowers in their hair~

What’s your ideal love?

Someone who is Open-Minded and Willing to Try New Things

I see someone who is their own self no matter what others say or think or do and I think to myself, "Wow."

I also like to draw out the inner power to be themselves in others. :)

Please be honest with me: if you want to be with me, then tell me and be with me, but you will never be "mine" and I will never be "your's", we are always free to be as we choose, we decide our lives and what love means to us.~ I literally some times come and go like the wind, disappearing with or without prior notice, but I will always be your friend and maybe even your lover, but if you want we can disappear together, no matter how wild and free the dance is it doesn't mean you can't dance to songs of life.~

I know this may sound weird but I love the idea of when I am in love with some one and they are in love with me I want to be with them every moment no matter what we are doing.~ We may not be together some times because of circumstances, but I will treasure every moment that I am with them.~ I want to be in that kind of relationship(s) where we never get tired of each other's company.~

People often have their own "Personal Space" and I respect that much like among other animals: respect or be attacked, but for me personally if someone were to ask me, "What is your Personal Space level?" I would respond, "Personal Space...for me? What's that? Oh, it's THAT?! No thanks I don't think I need that." I do get annoyed or angry or anything some times just like any one else and it could vary based on the person and whether I find them annoying or not, but in general most of the time I'm a cuddly Teddy-Bear ^_^.~

I want a love or loves who will be there every step of the way with me when they can, whether I am jumping through the jungle tree from tree, climbing the dry rock side of a waterfall with nothing apart from my own body, diving off over a waterfall into the water below it, running across the forest floor barefoot, swimming in the ocean without clothes, swinging on vines in some plant-dense jungle,

sailing the open oceans, flying through the skies on a crazy solar-powered hot-air balloon attached to a ship contraption ride, sailing across the land on a sail-powered ship with wheels, having sex absolutely anywhere everywhere whenever we feel like it, all of this with or without clothes anywhere everywhere whenever we feel like it or any other number of crazy possible ideas I can come up and will do.~

I do anything and everything on the thought or feel of a whim.~ I want to share every moment of my life together with my lover and I would be very concerned if my love could not keep up with me without running out of breath or passing out.~ So it isn't looks that discourage me, it is what they have the ability to do.~ Of course I am also very concerned for my lover's health, I'd be more than willing to help them gain new abilities and in the process become healthier!~ ^_^

Personally, I extremely dislike shaving and having my hair cut.~ Yes I am a man.~ Yes, I am almost "furry" and I love it.~ Personally when it comes to people I look for love, I am more attracted to WHO they are than anything else.~ If we click, you will be the most beautiful person in the world to me.~

That said, I have a deep desire to be with any who completely embraces their natural self: body and all, I think it's almost primal.~ This is only the surface, no matter how beautiful or ugly other people think you look to them, if I like WHO you are as a person I will tell you you are beautiful, because to me you are.~

Ideal first date: Ideally a walk in the park, lunch, sitting by a fountain talking, and then at some point they would reach to hold my hand and our fingers would intertwine then they would rest their head on my shoulder as we either walked or sat at the fountain~Subject to change from what ever crazy random wacky chaotic thing might happen!~ ^O^

See, well I practically gush when it comes to matters of love, I am an overall spontaneous, fun-loving, strange, weird, gentle, kind, loving, and dreaming person~
What I’m doing with my life
I am me, I love adventure, being wild, and I love traveling like sailing the open seas, climbing to new heights, and walking the wide romping lands where adventure can happen at any moment.~

I give my own life meaning, my accomplishments are defined by me, if I accomplish some thing, if I fail, if I struggle, what ever happens and what ever is is shaped and defined by me.

I am a Freelancer: I work for who ever I want, when ever I want, where ever I want, for how ever long that I want, doing what ever kind of work I like to do. I think you could call me a Jack of All Trades, but I prefer the word: "Freelancer". So far I have been a Library Volunteer and a U.S.A. Navy Recruit. By choice and it just is my life is often unpredictable and adventurous, I go where ever and I do what ever I choose to, life is wonderfully curiously adventurous, join me if you wish, I welcome the company!~ ^_^

Spreading love and joy in the world.~

I love traveling but I could be some where in a nice enough place for a while, but eventually I would move on, or not, depending on what I want to do in my life, so my location is variable meaning it can change at any time: home is where the heart is, life is an adventure enjoy every second of it!~ ^.^ Rules, who needs rules?~ You see a mess I see colors, you see graffiti I see art, you see chaos I see life!~

I sail into the sea of infinity with the love of nature crashing into an explosion of sparkling possibilities through the fabric of what can be.~

One of my dreams to make a boat 100% wood like those pirate boats in the sea movies and modify it to work on sea and land by putting wheels on the bottom, no motor only wind and paddle power clean energy yeah, maybe even attaching a hot-air balloon to the top of it so it can fly!~ ^_^

I want to live a life where I can come and go any where I want to and I want to only have things I can carry on my back in a backpack like a laptop with my 15,000+ music collection and internet connection and other useful things like warm clothes when I feel like wearing them, first aid kit things, a jar of nuts,

re-used recycled bottles used for various things like water I found and collected from people, solar universal charger, a towel (always a great idea to travel the universes with a towel at your side), no shavers and no deodorant because I love growing my fur naturally and I love smelling my natural scent, books as I love reading, all the while coming and going like the wind and water as I want.~

I'm learning the ways of the other animals who are wild. Through the ways that they live their lives and their wisdom I am becoming wiser and stronger.~

Our brothers and sisters of nature have much wisdom to teach us:

The Gorillas: Eat raw food and lots of it.

The Chimpanzee: Walking on both two legs and on four at different times can be beneficial.

The Monkeys: Use every part of yourself to accomplish your goals for there is no part that is useless. Also a happy life is one worth living.~ Always have fun no matter what you are doing and if it isn't fun make it fun.~

The Cougar: Be swift when it is needed the most and use your environment to your advantage.

The Fox: Look for the smallest details and always be aware of your surroundings.

The Wolf: Life is not always safe, don't let fear hold you back from taking risks when you know they can greatly benefit you and some times accepting help from others can benefit every one.

The Owl: Some times we must look deep inside ourselves to find the answers we can not find any where else.

The Bear: Stand strong in your convictions and do not waste energy when it is not needed.

The Turtle: Home is where the heart is, and you carry it where ever you go.~ Also time is relative, appreciate everything.~ A moment can be a lifetime if you appreciate it.~

I want to know how to live and take care of myself on my own without money, and I want to experience everything, I want to travel across countries, I want to sail the seas on a boat, and I want to grow and climb among the forests of the Amazon and other rain forests.~ I want ADVENTURE, and I WANT TO BE MYSELF NO MATTER WHAT!~

I want to hone my body for better natural movement (in French it is known as "Parkour") maybe by learning gymnastics, acrobatics, and maybe even getting a degree in something where I can receive lessons in all of these and more.~

I also want to learn about survival in any environment especially the wilderness and I've been thinking about going to a college for that to.~

I would like to one day learn the old-fashioned way from a wise sensei the art of Tai Chi Chu'an.~

I want to create and raise children and love maybe more than one person in every way someday.~ Worlds and everything is my family!~ ^.^

I don't believe in telling your kids what to believe instead you let them find out what they believe and what they like how they want to live their lives~ Instead you love them and you nurture them trying to guide them to teach them that all life has value that is determined by each person from the most giant of trees to the smallest of ants the danger of some emotions and how they can some times be poison that violence and hate often form into a never-ending cycle that benefits no one and that bigotry and intolerance just hold us back from enjoying life!~
I’m really good at
I love to play video games, I am like crazy into video games!~ They give you the ability the live in any world you can imagine!~ They are walking, breathing, forms of art!~

I have multiple systems and lots LOTS of games, my own library.

I love to dance, anytime anywhere, with anyone. I WILL break into dance randomly with or without a song playing, when ever I feel like it.~ Dancing is a form of art and therefore all dancing is beautiful and wonderful!~

I love to lip-sync to a song when it touches my heart, I WILL serenade a song to you if I feel like it, and I get really into it, I'm often scared to do it in front of other people but I do it any ways.~ Everyone sings beautifully, some people just enjoy the song of someone more than others, it is said sometimes when two people enjoy each others' songs they are drawn to each other.~

I got a HUGE music collection. A crazy mix of everything from far-out-funk to bouncy hip-hop rap!~ I basically get everything of an artist if like their music~

Into the crystal galaxy of possibility dances the breath of infinity.~

I love to read, I have a special place in my heart for books. Just the smell of books is...awesome~ Especially if they are really old, then they smell of dust...and...*takes a deep breath* ancientness...*sighs with happiness*...!~ I love libraries, each book is like a portal into another world and a library is like a collection of portals, a collection of worlds!~

I love to eat, I'm insanely into food it fascinates me!~ When it comes to food I will eat almost any thing!~ I've always watched Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman and found all those different kinds of foods fascinating.~ It made me realize that there is literally infinite possibilities of food.~ Keep in mind though, I can easily change my diet according to anything and nothing is a permanent plan.~ More like a spur of the moment whim.~ I could desire organs to dine on in this moment, but I wouldn't mind if it never happened.~ I could easily eat or not eat every thing even eat nothing but fruit all the time if I so desired.~

I won't kill any thing under most circumstances, but I will gladly eat almost any thing I find dead any where whether in the woods or on the road, etc..~ I don't like to not use any part, this is why I don't mind people wearing fur if they used the rest of the animal it came from, so I would eat the meat, turn the bones into tools, and use the skin as clothing or for some thing else.~ The possibilities are endless and even if I don't use a certain part of some thing or not even touch it at all, as long as it is left to return back to nature nothing will ever be 'wasted'.~ Care must be taken however to only take what you need and always give back more so nature may continue.~

I would eat plants if there was no dead meat around and I had to get my own food.~ I will eat any thing I know not to be poisonous whether I find it growing on bushes or lying in some one's backyard bin.~ The only things that I would rather not eat are babies or creatures who are not mature yet, this includes any form of fertilized eggs or fetuses, but I will eat unfertilized eggs.~ Under the most extreme conditions and set of circumstances: I might change my mind and maybe be willing to do any thing to survive but on MY TERMS.~

I love to cook: pretty much everything just teach me how to make it and I'll give it my best shot!

I DON'T BELIEVE IN THE CONCEPT OF "TRASH"!~ It amazes me how Human beings have managed to invent a concept they call "trash" or"garbage" simply as a result of their own shortsightedness. They created the idea of "mass-production", but they didn't think what people were to do with all the left-over excess packaging.~ "Trash" is a made-up concept by Humans, there is no "waste", nature "wastes" nothing.~ EVERYTHING IS USEFUL AND THERE IS NO "WASTE"!~

Words of warning: if you promote the concept of "trash" with no attempt to change your ways, we probably won't get along very well.~ Recycling is a step in progress towards ending the promotion of the false concept of "trash", but the point is to end the promotion of "trash" all together.~ This includes not buying and using things that have excess packaging such as plastic, various forms of aluminum included along with other materials in the wrappers used for 'candy-bars' making them very difficult to recycle, styrofoam, and toxic chemical filled cardboard and paper.~ Basically any thing you can not eat or compost within months.~

I am currently working on this for myself, I'm still trying and working things out to live a life without "trash", so far I am making small steps but I remain enthusiastic and optimistic.~ Unfortunately my family I was born into still use these materials, but I will only be living with them until January.~ ^_^ I'm going to miss them, but hopefully it will be easier to live a natural life of no "trash" once I have more control over what materials are bought for the place I am living at!~ :)

I also like to climb, run, jump, and swim with or without only clothes, I'm flexible to as I like to stretch and meditate. I love any physical activity as long as I feel it is making me stronger, healthier, or tougher in some way.~ If I find some thing boring I will try to make it more interesting.~

I love to work up a sweat and I've learned to love my own smell and various other smells.~ I've toughed myself up to by exposing myself to various smells, tastes, sounds, sights, feelings, and sensations.~ Some people ask whether I am crazy or that I love pain.~ My response to questions about my life seems to be, "what ever doesn't kill me, makes me stronger!".~

I recently started skateboarding and I plan on getting into surfing real soon. I'm really great at voice impressions.

I like to do weird and silly things randomly, just for fun. I also think it's cute when other people do them. ^.^

I'm also skilled at smiling and I enjoy it, a lot!~ ^.^

I'm a very big goofball, it runs in my family and I love comedy. I love making jokes and filling someone's day with laughter!~ I'm also a huge optimist and very very positive! I love being cheerful and brightening people's day up with happiness and joy!~

I like poetry and am creative at spouting random poems when the mood hits me! I'm also great a being romantic combining this with my love of poetry to saying things like, "Your eyes are like the morning sky and deep as the ocean in the morning sunlight." when the mood hits me of course! :D

I'm also enthusiastic and great at cleaning because I notice all the details and once I get started on something that involves hard work it is hard for me to stop until it is done as I like to finish the things that I start. :) I'm also great at giving advice and comforting people. I have a strong will and a positive curious outlook on life, so I might be wonderful at giving pick-me-ups.
The first things people usually notice about me
I wear bright cool weird clothes and anything I find interesting. I like to wear flip-flops or be barefoot most of the time and wear mostly loose comfortable clothing.

That I express myself and have fun. I'm usually the first one to dance, compliment people and start talking to anyone.

I don't know why we have to distinguish ourselves as "strangers" and "people I know", why can't we be just people enjoying each other's company?

If I got something to say to you, I usually say it and it's almost always positive. Yeah, I'm a hugger!~ ^.^ I just say what's on my mind without holding back, although I often take into account who I'm talking to if I feel the need to be cautious.~ I will be the guy who tells you something about yourself is beautiful and that I hope you have a nice day!

On the subject of "ownership", I truly don't believe in the concept at all: I may create some thing but that never makes it "mine", I may "create" children, but that does not make them "my property for all time".~

I laugh at the idea that many think they can 'own' land!~ Land!~ A thing that moves, shifts, and changes: a feature of this gigantic living breathing planet we call 'Earth'.~ That's like a ant climbing on your shoulder and saying, "(tiny voice) THIS SHOULDER IS MINE AND NO ONE ELSE'S, I SHALL DECIDE EVERY THING WHEN IT COMES TO THIS SHOULDER FOR EVER, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!~" ^_^ So cute, Humans and their sillyness.~

You don't have to be willing to give some thing to some one else in order to not believe in the concept of "ownership".~

Ownership basically says to me that "only" you have some kind of "claim" on some thing, that it is some how "entitled" to you, that you some how "deserve it".~

In the same way that a person may refuse to give up a piece of gold to any one else, so you are able to do so with any thing, the piece of gold does not "belong" to this person: it "belongs" to no one, it simply "is"; you don't have to "own" some thing in order to not "give it".~

Every thing I have and create I do so ready to and willingly to give to "all" for "all's benefit".~ I would give a starving person not only the sandwich in my hands, but the water in the bottle I carry so that they may not go thirsty to and I may stay with them to keep them company while they eat and drink to as a true friend, the circumstances of our lives does not make any of us better nor worse than one another, we are all just different.~

Further, I would teach them the knowledge and the skills that I have in order so that they may not go hungry nor thirsty again without needing to ask for another's help.~ For give a person a handful of berries and they will eat for a day, teach them how to look for berries to eat and they may eat for a lifetime.~

I don't judge people.~

I believe "morality" and even its' existence is completely subjective.~

I have no 'morality', I don't see things as "good" or "bad" and I don't hold nor judge any one to any thing nor based upon any thing.~

I like things and I don't like things, but I don't think there is some way to live that is for every one.~

Every one lives their own lives their own way, every one has their possible feelings, their own perspective, their own things that they may like or they may not like, and their own possible beliefs or logic or any thing.~

Issues may or may not come up when our things that we each like and our things that we each don't like meet, but no matter what I think that being true to ourselves and being open to different points of view could benefit all of us.~

I find everything fascinating, awesome, beautiful, and wonderous.~ ^_^

Happiness dances into the eyes of love and the arms of forgiveness.~

I'm the guy who offers you a shoulder to cry on, someone to hug, or just someone to talk to if you're feeling down and I may or may not have told you my name by then.

I'm basically a crazy mix of everything, I may be kind but at a moment's notice I can turn into an wild animal!~ I can go from a country boy to a mad scientist~ Cool and collected to hot and passionate~ Even I don't know what will I turn into at a snap's notice and I love it!~ ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite Quotations:

"*~If you wanna call me, call me, call me.
You don’t have to worry ‘bout it baby.
You can wake me up in the dead of the night;
Wreck my plans, baby that’s alright.
This is a drop everything kind of thing.
Swing on by I'll pour you a drink.
The door’s unlocked. I’ll leave on the lights
Baby you can crash my party anytime.~*" ~ Luke Bryan singing Crash My Party

Eduard Christoff Philippe GÈrard Renaldi, Prince of Genovia (from The Princess Diaries movie), "Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all."

“The world is crammed with delightful things. I think young people make such a mistake about that — not letting themselves be happy. I sometimes think that happiness is the only thing that counts.” — Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out (via bookmania)

"My love is eternal, my friendship everlasting.~" ~ Me

"Home is where the heart is." ~ Gaius Plinius Secundas - Pliny the Elder

"Transmute the negative into positive; we’ve all gotta be mental alchemists. Suffering is necessary until you realize it isn’t. " -nirvikalpa

Sanity is when others can understand you, but if that is true then everyone is insane because no one can truly understand you but yourself~

"Shame is like a prejudice, it is taught by others and benefits no one." Aron

"My happy life requires neither your acceptance nor your understanding.~" ~ Me

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” ~ Buddha

"But wrinkles are good. They are lines of human wisdom painted with the brush of time" ~ tom hiddleston in the role of tom hiddleston


"When you make your dreams a reality, reality becomes a dream~" - Max from Sharkboy and Lavagirl

"there is no real, there is no unreal, there is just dreams~" ~ Me

“True love is unconquerable and irresistable: and it goes on gathering power and spreading itself, until eventually it transforms everyone whom it touches.” — Ram Dass

"Normality is simply a statistic. Sanity a majority agreed upon
view point."~ Me

"You don’t have to go to college. Go to the library for free." - nirvikalpa

"Let go of the world you think you know, and embrace the insanity that is existence!~ ;D" - Who knows?~

"You have eyes, but don't see, you listen but you don't hear, you touch, but you don't feel. Until you open up your mind to experience the world around you, you will never truly be living."~ Me

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.
-Dr. Seuss

"Don’t let society tell you your talents are meaningless because they don’t serve an economical purpose. Your talents reflect your interests and passions, and what’s important to you is important."~ panda lot

"Race is a social construct derived mainly from perceptions conditioned by events of recorded history, and it has no basic biological reality," said C. Loring Brace

In Italy there is a famous saying, Donna barbuta, sempre piaciuta – everyone loves a woman with a beard.

do you ever wonder what you would look like at your full potential like perfect hair and clear skin and a perfect body like damn

Me ~ What you’re seeing is what is perfect to me, perfect is like beauty everything is perfect to someone.~

Me ~ What is existence, what is reality? Who am I, who is anyone to tell you what reality is and what it means to exist? Am I you, are they you? No, probably not. You can answer the question: what is reality and what does it mean to exist? Because you can choose is this your life and are you living it?~


Pretty much everything positive, except Death Metal and music that gives me a headache like some hard rock unless I already have a headache
Belinda Carlisle Heaven Is a Place on Earth to AMV Oh! My Goddess
Luke Bryan - Crash My Party
Come Down With Love ~ Allstar Weekend
A Barbie Girl ~ Aqua
Victorious - esp. Make It Shine~
Victorious Cast - esp. Song 2 You (Leon Thomas III & Victoria Justice) !~
Rick Astely - esp. Never Gonna Give You Up
Boston ~ More Than A Feeling
Black Eyed Peas
Demi Lovato
Rob Zombie
Backstreet Boys
Katey Perry - especially Firework
Celine Dion
Shakira - esp. Loca
1970's and 1980's
Flower Power
Savage Garden
Miely Cyrus
Weird Music
New Age
Love Songs
Taylor Swift
Hip hop music
Katy Perry
Selena Gomez - especially Who Says, I Love You Like a Love Song
Happy Music
Britney Spears
The Beatles
The Beach Boys
Rock music
The Rolling Stones
Bruno Mars
Bowlng for Soup - esp. I'm Gay
The Smashing Pumpkins
Michael Jackson
Pink Floyd
Bob Marley
Chris Brown
Hip hop music
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Smash Mouth
Sum 41
Ozzy Osbourne
Snoop Dogg
Bon Jovi
Lady Gaga
Foo Fighters
Avril Lavigne


Oh! My Goddess
Tenchi Muyo!
Tenchi Muyo GXP
Tenchi Universe!
Tenchi everything
Eureka 7
Love Hina
Naturto: Shippuden
Ouron High School Host Club
Ecchi (or "Hentai")
Everything that is interesting in some way, except for things that make me too depressed or that are gross (although my definition of gross is slowly shrinking) or messed-up in some way


Pretty much everything
Harry Potter
The Legend of Foo
Lord Of The Rings
The Chronicles of Narnia
Teachings On Love by Thich Nhat Hanh
Non fiction
Weird Books
Sci Fi


Pretty much everything positive, but my tastes vary
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Non fiction
Sci Fi
Neverending Story
Disney: Alice in Wonderland


Pretty much everything expect most reality shows or anything reality based
Teen Titans
My Little Pony
Adventure Time
Being Human BBC series
Doctor Who
National Geographic Channel
History Channel
Discovery Channel
Travel Channel


Pretty much everything
X-Men Legends
X-Men Legends 2
Marvel Legends
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Prince of Persia Series
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
Prince of Persia 4
Vampires The Masquerade: Bloodlines
The Legend of Zelda Series
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Final Fantasy Series
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberous
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Rogue Galaxy
Super Smash Brothers
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Super Mario Series
Super Mario 64
Super Mario Sunshine
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed 2
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Assassin's Creed III
Assassin's Creed Series
World of Warcraft
Guild Wars Series
City of Heroes
City of Villains
Champions Online
DC Universe Online
Child of Eden
Batman Arkum Asylum
Batman Arkum City
Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions
Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 2
Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
Dance Central 2
Suikoden 4
Suikoden V
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2
Chrono Cross
The Darkness
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age Series
Fable Series
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything, but my thoughts often wonder to romance.

If you want to see some of my ideas and a glimpse of what goes on in my mind, then see My Ideas on my Tumblr Blog and my Tumblr Blog by clicking Home:

ColorsWolf's Tumblr Blog: My Ideas
I’m looking for
  • Everybody
  • Ages 18–100
  • Located anywhere
  • For new friends, long-term dating
You should message me if
If you have an open mind and an open heart.

I see someone who is their own self no matter what others say or think or do and I think to myself, "Wow."

I also like to draw out the inner power to be themselves in others. :)

Love is free and it just happens regardless of any thing.~
If you want to talk me, then go ahead any time.~ If you feel any thing, go for it.~ You don't have to worry, there is nothing 'at the wrong time' for me: truly any time any where in front of any one talk to me tell me how you're feeling pour your heart and soul out to me it's ok, I will wrap you in my arms and love you forever doesn't matter if I don't know who you are.~ :)

Even if the distance between us is great, I am a sailor and a traveler, my location is variable, I like traveling but I could take up roots some where in a nice enough place for a while, but eventually I would move on or not depending on what I want to do in my life, I see distance as a challenge not as an obstacle, I could be far away from you today and right in front of you the next!~

Current Location: San Bernardino City, California, United States of America

I love broccoli!~ ^_^

You like to work up a sweat with or without clothes.~ Does that mean sex? Maybe.~ Does that mean sex with me?~ We'll see, but not without love.~ :)

You want to try to live your life without the concept of "trash", even if it's only starting by making small changes at first.~

You like steamed broccoli more than baked cake, and no I don't mean the 'illegal' kind.~ ^_^

You love most foods, but without artificially processed sugar added of any kind.~

You think this profile doesn't nearly convey the full me and if you want to get to know me, just message me!~ ;p