32 Seattle, WA
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My self-summary
*Note- I have to step away from meeting people in August/September 2013 because I don't have time and energy to devote to all the awesome people on here. Wouldn't it be fun and productive if we could somehow have a big OKC party at a park or somewhere open? In a celebratory environment where people traditionally find friends serendipitously?*

After being born in, living in and attending undergrad in the
south, I moved to NYC for graduate school and for growing outward. After 6 years there, my interests, relationship, and studies brought me to Seattle. Traveling and exploring new places and ideas are a core, even unconscious, part of my being. The places I have lived and traveled and the friends I have been blessed to have across the world are a giant part of who I am.

I love learning about plants and looking really closely at how they
grow. I tend to surround myself with friends who are programmers or artists but would prefer to meet more people whose careers or interests contribute to the well-being of others. I tend to find it difficult to open up to others unless they ask me questions.

A perfect week is one where I accomplish work goals and have time to work hard in my yard, stay up late with my roommates in the parlour, and spend time with my loved ones. I also love hiking and exploring around our mountains and valleys (but who doesn't?). I just bought a road bike for the first time and am excited but intimidated.

I am queer and tend toward poly relationships but usually appear conventional and straight. I have an open relationship with housepage. I'm currently using my okcupid profile in hopes of building a friendship or two with people who complement, challenge and love me. I'd love to find someone who I can watch cheesy sci-fi with in between deeper conversations and cuddling.
What I’m doing with my life
I research the interactions between humans and outdoor, "natural"
environments using qualitative analysis, reading, writing, editing,
and technology skills. I'm forever thankful that I have a job doing
exactly what I love to think about and do.
When I'm not in a cafe on my laptop, I am learning Ikebana and thinking about taking up capoeira. Most of my time and energy goes towards undoing the habits and tendencies I developed as a busy New Yorker. I am becoming a more caring, relaxed, and communicative human being as well as one who doesn't procrastinate or try to please everyone. I also think I need to be less serious. I used to be way sillier, I don't know what happened!
I’m really good at
drinking coffee
noticing plants
pretending to be a spy
making comfortable environments
making friends
utilizing playgrounds
balancing on my knees on an exercise ball
The first things people usually notice about me
My short stature and curviness usually make me difficult to forget.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read all five of the A Song of Ice and Fire books in 2012 and am searching for a new fantasy series that is equally engaging. Two fiction books that have influenced my thought and tickled my imagination are A Stranger in a Strange Land and One Hundred Years of Solitude. I just read Watership Down for the first time and loved the idea of rabbits who create art. I'm reading Post-Postmodernism: or, the Cultural Logic of Just-in-time Capitalism but it is slow going. I am usually reading a fiction for my bedtime reading and a nonfiction in the critical social theory realm. I read and write about at least five scientific research articles a week for my job.

Life is Beautiful is the movie I think of as my favorite because of its beauty and honest reality. But, I watch a lot of netflix movies in our home theatre and enjoy stimulating documentaries, sci-fi, bank heists, spy thrillers, travel or exploration themes, and anything British. I just watched Homeland and House of Cards.

When I was a child I listened to a lot of Simon and Garfunkel and they are a classic for me. Early to mid 90s alternative was the soundtrack when growing up and certainly cherished now (Seattle flannel 4ever). Currently I find myself drawn to electroacoustic experimental even if its undanceable, modern composers, alt-country, trance house, and the occasional latest pop electronic dance hit.

And alas, I can't get away from the comfort food found in vegetarian versions of southern cuisine!
The six things I could never do without
I surround myself with plants and am endlessly fascinated by their complexity. Five of my close friends keep me grounded or in flight as needed, I am so thankful for them. Access to free information, ability to take care of my health, and a home I am proud to share are necessities.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to accomplish a current task, the paths I've taken to bring me to this point in life, patterns of thought, plant identification, optimal transportation routes, an exercise plan that will keep me interested, whether humans will ever spend as much time and energy figuring out cool new ways to improve the lives of those in need as they do figuring out cool new ways to make useless technology
On a typical Friday night I am
looking for a novel experience.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I spend too much time and energy weighing and filtering what I say.
I feel like every time I pass by a dog on the street we exchange a meaningful glance, more so than the dog will do to the person it passed just before me. But this is probably just because I'm really short.
You should message me if
You want to check out a talk at Town Hall or a Seattle event that tickles your fancy. You are looking for a group of people with which to develop a friend base (consisting of open minded individuals who appreciate technology, the outdoors, and being silly). You want to help with whatever project is going on at my house (a vertical garden from bottles, the garden, art projects, etc). You volunteer or work with an organization that provides a social/health/environmental benefit to others. Or, you want to date someone who is in an open relationship with the intention of becoming their friend and lover (if the shoe fits so to speak).