41 Westland, MI
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My self-summary
i'm a single mother of four: a twenty-one year old son, my older daughter is nineteen, a nine year old son, and a daughter who is six.
i will say it again because some people don't seem to get this :) i am a single mother of four children :)
i am an english major; i chose english lit because it allows me to study cultures, philosophy, religions, history, psychology, and sociology :)
some of my hobbies are camping, writing, walking, bicycling, and reading. i love to travel.
i listen to most types of music.
so let's break down the good, the bad, and the ugly--you can decide which is which ;) i'm very open-minded and easy to talk to; people usually feel very comfortable around me. quirky is not a crime and life is much too short to argue :) i am a very busy person. this does not mean i do not want to take the time needed to get to know you; it means i am a goal oriented, big picture type person who considers motherhood a top priority. if we are on the phone, i will interrupt our conversation to discuss something with whichever child who wanders into the room. especially if it is the first time i have seen them that day because of our schedules; i won't be rude about it, but they deserve a few minutes to tell me what's on their mind :) i try to be on time, i honestly do, but my family and friends have nicknamed the schedule i run on *camille time* because, well, with four kids, a job, school, family, and friends--all of which are important pieces of my heart--things tend to pop up sometimes. i am not a religious person, but i have heard it said that the gods laugh when plans are made and i have mostly found that to seem very true :)

I’m really good at
looking at things from multiple angles
having fun
The first things people usually notice about me
my smile
my kindness
my sense of humor
The six things I could never do without
my kids
my computer
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the world around me
On a typical Friday night I am
doing homework or hanging with the babies, occasionally rapunzel escapes to let down her hair :)
You should message me if
i can't see my likes list. feel free to say something as simple as hello; it seems a bit unrealistic to expect anything to begin with something other than an introduction, seeing as in the real world none of us would walk up and approach each other by spewing paragraphs of compliments and information about ourselves, hahaha (not that there's anything wrong with that approach, either)...or maybe it's that i'm horrible at small talk. in any case, the crappiest thing i will do is not respond, and my only reasoning for that is i have yet to master a way of saying *thanks but no thanks* without feeling like i'm sounding condescending :)