30 Austin, TX
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My self-summary
***I believe the best profiles are the ones that truly reflect the individual. Therefore, here are the quintessential traits/values/beliefs that define me. If they resonate with you, feel free to send me a message. If not, best of luck on the site.***

I am the oldest of four (one brother and two sisters) and am extremely close with my family. They will always be a top priority, and I will do anything for them. If I had to choose to spend a weekend with a small group of friends I knew very well OR a large group of friends I knew fairly well, I would choose the small group. Regardless, I am always trying to deepen and enhance all my relationships.

Some key paired traits: I am a natural listener (probably my strongest trait along with empathy) and enjoy thoughtful discussion; I am easy going but always try to communicate open and honestly; I like meeting new people but have to have my down time; I am drawn to people that are strong and confident, but need to be with someone that loves to laugh and finds the humor in life.

How I Spend my Time:
-Learning/Creating: I am constantly trying to learn new things. Specifically, learning about things where there is the opportunity to create (cooking, gardening, art, writing, etc.)

-News/Reading/Writing: I am an avid news consumer. I listen to NPR every morning and read various news sites daily (Huffington Post, the Atlantic, and The New York Times are at the top of my list). I also try to keep a couple books in the mix (usually one fiction, one non-fiction) and increasing the amount I read is a perpetual goal. Lastly, I try to write as much as I can and hope one day to write fiction (although it might be tough, since I hate most of the things I write…yeah, it’s a work in progress).

-Watching Movies/TV Series: This is my primary source of relaxation and a decent amount of my time is dedicated in this noble endeavor. Top shows include The Wire, Mad Men, The West Wing, Breaking Bad, Girls, Californication, Game of Thrones, Homeland, Friends, Seinfeld and many, many more

-Athletics: I am pretty active and my top activities are running, yoga, soccer, volleyball

-Gaming: I love playing all types of games. It’s not that I’m extremely competitive, but it’s more that I enjoy doing things in social settings that are mentally stimulating and can engage a group of people. This does NOT include video games; not a big fan.

-Night Life: I might go out one night per weekend, but at least one night I am usually keeping it low key.

-Trying to extend that feeling right after a yoga class to my entire life
-Traveling. Yes, it’s cliché, but it fits into my desire to learn and I truly enjoy it. I always have some sort of trip (big or small) in the works.
-Reminding myself to appreciate the little things
-Striving to learn more about life, myself, and others
-Searching for a job/career that awakes my soul
-Thinking I have it figured out and laughing at myself when I realize I don't (a daily occurrence)
-Generally loving life and living off my optimism