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My self-summary
Do you remember your first day in high school? Likely there were hundreds of new people all around you; you didn't know the majority of them. Did you look around, point randomly at people, and say "That person will teach me to skate; that other person there, he will be my dance partner; him over there, he will be my boyfriend; and those two over there, I will snub them always, because I feel like it"?

Of course you didn't. That isn't how friendships nor relationships develop because you have no idea when you first meet someone; yet that is what so many people try to do on these social networks. Rather, there is a much more natural and slower process. Often it starts with eye contact. Some people will smile back; others will look the other way and ignore you; and occasionally you'll get the "what the hell are you looking at?" evil stare in return. Just the response to that initial contact could make a big difference on who you choose for friends, and who you dismiss. It starts there, you get to know the person; some will become acquaintances, others good friends, some best friends, and occasionally a lover in there. But do you know which is which?

If I email you, it is simply to make the cyber equivalent of eye contact. If you initiate contact, I'll treat it the same way, as a glance indicating a potential interest to know something more about me, but no preconceived implications beyond that. What happens after that? Only time can tell.

Most of my spare time gets consumed spending time with family time, doing stuff with my teenage daughter, playing pinball, and recently too much business travel. There are a lot of other things I enjoy doing, but just haven't done much of them due to time constraints, but I'd be game for re-acquainting myself to them as my schedule is finally starting to lighten up. These include hiking, cycling, geocaching, swimming, day trips, dance clubs, goth clubs, swing dancing, alternative 80's music, tropical islands, tiki culture, happy hour, poker, horse racing, comedy, burlesque shows, and some board games.

However, don't let my personal activity set limit your interest. I'm also looking to explore new activities, rather than doing the same things that I have been for the past many years. If you have a fun activity and looking for a companion or partner, I am interested in expanding my horizons.
What I’m doing with my life
After 18 years in the Maryland area, it was time to move on. We relocated to Seattle area from Maryland about 2 years ago, and we're absolutely loving it here. I am now leading the software development at a medical device company in the Seattle area.

However, if there was a winfall of cash that I didn't need to work anymore, I would gladly give up all that technical mumbo jumbo in favor of relaxing in spacious tranquil surroundings and traveling anywhere and everywhere.

In the meantime, I'll work in the daytime and enjoy evenings and weekends in our house on a wonderful rural property just 15 minutes outside of Redmond, where we can enjoy morning sunrise over the cascades from the porch; relax in the serenity anytime throughout the day, or wind down in the evening with a cocktail and watching the most incredible view of stars from the comfort of our hot tub. I think I finally found the cure to stress!

At least a couple of times a week we'll venture into the city or the country, as we start to enjoy everything the pacific northwest has to offer.
I’m really good at
Being a Daddy, pinball, being punctual, computers, sarcasm, logic, witty humor (which is a fine line with 'really bad jokes'), planning*, scheduling, coming up with never-ending streams of ideas, doing the "little things" that make the people around me like having me around, being punctual, sex, and snuggling.

Everything else, I'm probably just average :).

Oh, and please don't misinterpret my skill at planning. While I can do it quite well, I'm also very capable of adjusting plans last-minute if circumstances dictate, as well as taking part in spontaneous outings. Just cause I'm good at something doesn't mean I always do it that way! :)
The first things people usually notice about me
I look "normal". Looks can be very deceiving :).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Physics 401, Programming 909 in ... wait, somehow I get the feeling this isn't quite what the question was asking.

Movies: I'm always up for a good comedy or movies that kinder to the intellect. I'll pass on stupid comedies (like National Lampoon crap). I also like many musicals. Live/Broadway is preferred, but I also enjoy the movie versions.

Music: Usually whatever anyone else puts on the radio. I tend to give control of the dial to whoever is accompanying me, which results in a rather eclectic mix of music.

Food: Almost anything except seafood. I especially like most Asian foods, including Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and Japanese Hibachi.
The six things I could never do without
The numbers 0 and 1

I used to have snooze button on that list. But with reduced stress in new surroundings, snooze button is suddenly something I could do without! :) So I removed that and added pinball ... cause I'd go insane without it!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
New and creative ways to think.
On a typical Friday night I am
Unwinding, in whatever form that may take.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am married and in a polyamorous relationship; if we start hanging out together, expect to meet my wife as we insist on openness and honesty, as our friends are our family, and vice versa.
You should message me if
You want to make eye contact


You are responding to my initial eye contact with a smile back or an evil stare


Something in my profile intrigued you, and you'd like to explore more through a simple meetup, perhaps for coffee or your favorite beverage.

I am open to a range of relationship options with you if we're highly compatible (whatever that means!). Whether it be as platonic friends, date buddies, friends-with-benefits, or a long term secondary relationship. My availability is typically at most a couple of times a week; but also don't mind friends that I only see once or twice a month. We're probably not the right match if you're solely seeking a primary partner or someone to be with on a daily basis.

Please note, if your profile has you listed looking for someone "single", I will respect that and not contact you. However, if you have some flexibility and are interested in connecting, please feel free to contact me first and I'll respond.