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23 M Pomona, CA

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Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, Hispanic / Latin, White
5′ 1″ (1.55m)
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Graduated from high school
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My self-summary
It seems that no one ever reads anything on this page, so what's the point.

Here's a little bit about me and my views on life, if you actually care..

I'm actually pansexual, not bisexual. I've only been in relationships with women.
People always ask me what that is, well there is this really useful thing called Google. Or you could actually read on.. And people try to make jokes about pans, well its really not funny.
I wouldn't knock anyone because of their physical being. Meaning I don't care what's between your legs, its what's in your heart and mind that counts. With this, sex is not something that's very important to me. I'm more focused on what you can offer me emotionally and mentally. I don't think people should be attracted to others solely based on their body or looks. I believe we can't help who we have feelings for and physicality shouldn't be a deciding factor on acting on love. We should love hearts not parts. Basically, I like people for their personalities and how they treat me. For who they are not what they are. Yes I will date someone who is transgender, I see that as no difference. This does not mean I'm a hoe and a player and "talk" to everyone. I'm just open to dating anyone. I've become choosy of who I let into my life. And once you read more you may think I'm pretty picky.
***A lot of straight women and gay men are put off by this. I know some people give "bisexuality" a bad rep. But believe me everyone is different.
And if someone is interested in you, you may worry about them leaving you for someone of the same gender as well so why think its any different because they're open to all genders. A lot of people think men who are bi are really gay, you are wrong. A lot of people can't even "tell" I'm into males. When I'm around the gay man scene they all think I'm gay. Though I'm not flamboyant. But when I'm around the straight scene they all think I'm straight. Though I'm not super masculine. It just goes to show that people shouldn't assume ones sexuality.
But if you're that close minded I guess I don't want you in my life anyways.

Obviously I'm a very open minded person. And not just with sexuality. I'm open to trying new food and listening to new music as well. I enjoy meeting people with the same kind of mindset.

I love kids, I have a niece a nephew and a godson that mean a lot to me. I do want a family of my own one day. So with this yes I will date someone with a child, as long as its not a complicated situation. Meaning the other parent isn't involved, because if we are serious I would like to eventually adopt the child or children as my own.
I have a dog that's my best friend, he's been there for me when no one else was. He's my baby, my son. And I spoil him with love and affection.
I'm a nice guy, sometimes I'm too nice. I'm also pretty shy for the most part, I lack conversational skills. I have a hard time keeping or starting a conversation. Not because of any particular reason, but the fact that I can't think of what to say. I have a bit of social anxiety.
So if I view your profile a few times, or even just once, I may be interested in getting to know you I just don't know what to say besides hi.

I have strong morals, beliefs, or non beliefs for that matter. I don't believe in god or religion, that doesn't mean I won't accept you for being a believer and a follower. I just disagree with you. But I won't try to shove that down your throat so I appreciate it if you do the same and not try to make me a believer. It won't work.
Some of my views on life are very strong, and I like to take a stand on them. I go against society a lot, and I'm not afraid to stand out, be different, and not give in to what society expects from me. I believe our system is flawed in many ways. From education, to health, to justice, everything is really messed up. And I feel that if they really wanted us all to further our education, there'd be more funding, more programs, and school wouldn't be about memorizing facts for a test, but actually learning something that youll remember later in life.
If you know who anonymous is, we will get along well. There's a photo I really like, it states that you work your life away and follow what society tells you to do, but you believe you are free. I feel that people are too focused on doing what society expects of them, and they lose sight of true value. They place value on material things and have no value on human life, love, and things alike. This in turn creates them to spend most of their time at work and driving to and from work, and not enough time with their loved ones. And they don't see that its creating massive flaws in relationships.
I don't approve of those that I love abusing drugs, heavily drinking, or smoking cigarettes. I have my reasons and I've experienced first hand what it does to people. So if you do any type of drug, yes including weed, or smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol excessively(everyday)then the furthest we can go is a basic friendship. I understand there are occasions for drinking and that's fine. I am okay with hookah and e-pens.
I don't have facebook, they have major privacy issues imo, so don't ask. I really don't like social networks for this reason, people steal your photos, get your information, stalk you. Be careful what you put on the internet, and don't trust everyone. But alas since I'm socially awkward with much anxiety, and pretty quiet and shy, these are the things I can use to help me meet people. Yes, that's why I'm on here. A lot of the people that I've met online have been more genuine and loyal than the ones I've met in person.
I've been single about two years now, for a lot of reasons. And you're going to have to be super amazing to change that, or at least prove me wrong. So far no one has. Everyone in my life has turned out the same, so I've really lost hope in any kind of romance or love. The good people that I have met have not been local, which is a problem for me. Personally, I do not think I can make a long distance relationship work. I'm not saying that they don't work period, but its not for me. I'm very affectionate, that's something that I need. And I wouldn't be willing to relocate, I love my state and I love my family. I couldn't be without them for too long.
One more thing, don't forget everyone has their own battle. There's a reason they are the way they are. Try to be understanding and accepting, you never know what someone is going through. Do not be the person to push them over the edge. Be the person to reach a hand out and make them feel like they aren't alone. Listening without judgement is the best quality someone could have.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to help others see that they aren't alone.
I’m really good at
Complex math.
Baking cookies.
One thing I have that is more of a curse than a blessing, is a strong sense if smell.
I think I'm part wolf.
The first things people usually notice about me
How young I look. I think it has more to do with my height. And my babyface.
My long straight eyelashes.
My smile/dimples.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Tim Burton.
Family guy.
I listen to everything.
I enjoy sushi.
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What causes things to happen.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually sleeping because I work early Saturday mornings.

Though I'd like to be out having a few drinks at a bar, dancing at a club, chilling at a hookah lounge playing with the smoke, or having fun at Disneyland.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a license but I hate driving.
I’m looking for
  • Guys and girls who like bi guys
  • Ages 18–30
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends, short-term dating
You should message me if
Something about my profile caught your eye. I'm more than my photos and the words on this page. Get to know me as a person, you may like who I am. And if you don't, well I'm still willing to be here for you if you ever need anything.

You're open minded.
You support the lgbtq GSA community.
If you're looking for a good friend. I'm pretty understanding. I like to listen, and try to help. I've been through a lot so I may be able to empathize with you.

You like bike riding, hiking, working out. I'm looking for a buddy to help push me to begin a consistent exercise routine.

I almost always reply. So if it seems that I didn't, my message may have not gone through. I use the app on my phone. If you don't hear from me for many days just message me again. :)

I'm nice, just not to those who are ignorant and close minded. My attitude towards you depends on how you portray yourself.