62 Brecksville, OH
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My self-summary
Well, I am tainted! I dislike dating sites. In fact I’m not sure I can stand men any longer lol. You either like me or you don’t. Let’s chat, meet and go from there. Anything I say on here like anything you say on your profiles means nothing. Couple of caveats: Be smart or have an abundance of common sense. I don’t care about your motorcycle...I’m sure it’s fun. I don’t like lazy people and people that don’t listen and/or are not good communicators, so if you don’t have that skill, don’t write. If you don’t have a photo, don’t write. If you are barely able to live off off of what you make and can’t afford to fix your car, don’t write. If you think I’m going to take care of you, don’t write. In fact, if you don’t have a good to excellent paying job, own a car, and own your own place, and able to furnish it, don’t write. If you have tats all over, don’t write. If you have a full beard, don’t write. If have had over 20 sexual partners, don’t write (in fact you better go to the doctors and get checked), If you’re not willing to share your life, don’t write. If you don’t plan on getting off all dating sites if and when we decide to have sex, then just plane don’t bother me. I have a license to carry and if you are in my home and harass me, I’m not afraid to usher you out. I only meet at public places and I don’t date boys my son’s age (20s and 30s), so guess what, don’t write. I have good moral values, and I’m a good person. I have my standards. If you live in PA, IL Southern OH or more than 45 minutes away from me, don’t write. If you are moving in the next few years, don’t write because I’m staying close to my kids. If you have a lot of time on your hands and will get upset if I don’t see you every nite, don’t write. If you don’t like family, don’t write because mine is important to me, and of course that includes my kids. If you don’t want to give equally in all ways, just stay where you are. If you can’t stand dogs, don’t even say one word to me. If you were married more than once, don’t write.

About me... I work hard and I play hard. I like to have fun and enjoy life and laugh. I’m looking for a long term relationship (eventually), but first get to know one another and go from there. I’m nonjudgemental. I have conceptual ideas of what I’m looking for as listed above. I don’t want a long distance relationship, I don’t want to endless message without making plans. In fact my new rule is: back and forth messages over 10 times. I’m done. Blocked. Don’t need the extra work. I have other things to tend to to make my life remarkably enjoyable and that is not one of them.

I like to travel and learn about new things so if you don’t like to learn, don’t write. If you are one to sit on the couch night after night like it’s your job, don’t write. If you believe in an open and honest relationship and not afraid of growth and sharing, WRITE. Oh it also helps if you like to give foot rubs too! :)

Everything else is negotiable as we are all different and have different likes, desires, needs and wants. I’m flexible that way! LOL

The end
What I’m doing with my life
Working, spending time with friends and family, pursuing interests...aging as I speak LOL, but I actually feel young. The body changes but the mind still remains young!!! I'M LIVING! I enjoy traveling and seeking new adventures. Like communicating with interesting individuals and learning about topics that intrigue me. (I will never stop learning,) Presently, functional medicine is a topic that interests me. Our medical system is so messed up, but that a discussion for a different time.
I’m really good at
Cooking, giving massages, caring for others, pulling events together, computer applications, business communication, prioritizing responsibilites, kissing, listening and I have a unique intuition. However, I don't always share my intuition with people unless I know them well. I could sometimes feel and know what others are feeling when talking to them. It's a vibe thing, but I'm very aware of it. We all have that ability, just have to be opened to it! My interests and what I'm good at are very diverse and as mentioned above, I'd be happy to share more if we meet!
The first things people usually notice about me
my smile (I've been told, but never actually took a survey.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Forensic, "who done it" type of fiction books
Health, vitality type of self-help books
I enjoy drama, comedy and sometimes horror movies (have to be in mood and not going home alone)
My favorite food is Mexican, and Italian
I'm not a slave to any television show on TV right now. In fact, I'd rather read and be out and about. I watch what I want to when I feel like it. Like Animal shows and house makeovers, style makeovers, Discovery Channel (loved shark week--yeah, I know, weird), news and late shows at times.
I like all kinds of music except twangy country western and enjoy dancing. Like a variety of music...into Christina pPerri, rhianna, Sara Barieles, john legend, mraz, urban, and some rock n roll, but loving whats out now (well most of it). And lets not forget the rock and roll oldies. Still near and dear to my heart. The Stones, Beatles, Chicago, Three Dog Night, Led Zeplin, and on and on. We are living surrounded by talent and art.
The six things I could never do without
Mindfulness (in the moment)
Knowledge and exploration
Communication (that means listenting too) and quiet
Exercise and Nourishment
Love -- family, friends and just one special person
Nature, water, earth, air, and the beauty of it all
Nonconforming for the sake of conforming (that's why there are 8)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to attain balance in life while juggling responsibilities and necessary tasks to include the joy of sheer FUN!!! Anticipating what is next and hopeful for someone to enter my life that is accepting, flexible, understanding, honest, and would focus on enhancing life rather than controlling it. In this world we only have power over ourselves. Above all happiness and what I could do next to achieve even more. I thrive on it. LIfe is not to live, come home, and work--life is to relished find the beauity and positiveness in everything we do.
On a typical Friday night I am
It changes weekly...just depends on the moment!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Okay....I use an oven bag to cook my Thanksgiving turkey so I do not have to baste. Really? That's funny, like I would mention it here for everyone to read!
You should message me if
You are an honest, sincere, caring, fun loving person who is not afraid of a growth and change. A mature person that has evolved and knows right from wrong, that's a plus. For visitors who keep on looking but don't message, what are you doing? Take a leap and message me, if I'm interested I'll message back, wait too long and I'll assume you really are not interested, just looking and one day "blocked." Does that sound mean? I'm soory. Life is too short and that's a peeve of mine. I don't take this too personally or seriously. It's not life or death. It's a matter of meeting and maybe a connection. And for the 20 somethings that write and try to convince me that we may have commonalities...Im flattered, but I'm not Mrs. Robinson! (although you won't know who that is.) On the flip side if you are older than 63 or even an old 60...don't bother as my life will tire you out. I dont like to sit around much...not in my personality. But, cunoodling and watching a movie...that's nice! Good luck with your dating endeavors and be happy!