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Tests they’ve taken (54)

Test Their result Your result
The Politics Test Centrist Take it!
The Death Test Dead at 77 Take it!
The AFI 100 Years 100 Movies Test You have seen 76 of the 100 movies on AFI's 100 Years 100 Movies List! Take it!
The American Lit. [cue applause] Test Bookstore Junkie Take it!
The U.S. Presidents' and U.S. History Test! Ready to serve as Governor! Take it!
The What Greek God Are You Test Ares Take it!
The How Well-Read Are You? Test Quite Bookish Take it!
The Trekkie Test Trekkie Nerd Take it!
The Name that Movie Test Not too shabby Take it!
The Which 80s Movie Scientist Test Egon Spengler Take it!
The How Handy are you Test Handiness Expertise Take it!
The Knowledge vs. Intellect Test 9/9 Genius Take it!
The which X-Men are you? Test Professor X Take it!
The Robert A. Heinlein Test Beginer Heinlein Take it!
How Much of the United States Have You Been To? Hard Core Traveler Take it!
4-Question Who would you be in the Lord of the Rings? (errors fixed 6/12/11) Samwise Gamgee Take it!
The Closet Stargate SG-1 Nerd Test. You Geek. Had a roommate who kinda watched maybe Take it!
The History of Western Civilization Test Grand Master H Take it!
The Deep and Meaningful Winnie-The-Pooh Character Test Owl Take it!
The VERY Basic Math Test MATH WIZ Take it!
The What's Your Signature Weapon Test Battle Axe Take it!
The Really Tough IQ Test Super Genius Take it!
The State Locator Challenge Test Geography Master Take it!
Which 80's Movie Character Are You? Vizzini Take it!
The Princess Bride Test You scored 89 PB knowledge! Take it!
The Are You Right For Cthulhu Test High Priest Take it!
The Facts Everyone Should Know Test Not an idiot Take it!
The EXTREMELY advanced MATH Test Mathematician Take it!
The Which Big Bang Theory character are you Test You are Sheldon! Take it!
The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test The Lord Take it!
The Which Chemical Element Am I Test Barium Take it!
The Blade Runner Voight-Kampff Test Nexus 5 Take it!
The Beatles Lyrics Test You are 96% a Beatles Lyrics Master! Take it!
The Famous (and Not So Famous) Art Quiz Art Lover Take it!
Are you really human? Non-human Take it!
The Fuck me that's a film quote! Test Movie Buff Take it!
The House, MD Personality Test Dr. Gregory House Take it!
How Long Would you Survive in a Horror Film? Hero/Heroine Take it!
The What is your REAL age Test You are 39 years old!! Take it!
The Think you remember the 80's? Test Thank the great god Balki! You're finished! You scored 28 out of a possible 30 Accuracy Points, and you earned an extra 10 Bonus Points! Take it!
The Your SESAME STREET Persona Test Snuffleupagus Take it!
General Knowledge of History Expert on the Past Take it!
The LONG Scientific Personality Test ISTJ - The Inspector Take it!
The Sorting Hat Test Huffleclaw! Take it!
The 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Alignment Calculator True Neutral (with slight tendencies toward another alignment) Take it!
The Personality Defect Test Robot Take it!
The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test Tri-Lamb Material Take it!
The Commonly Confused Words Test Advanced Take it!
Mini IQ Test Genius Take it!
The What Middle Earth race do you belong to Test Dwarf Take it!
The Shakespearian Character Test Shylock Take it!
The Star Wars Personality Test Yoda Take it!
The ULTIMATE Princess Bride Test Westley Take it!
The RPG Class Test Spellsword Take it!