27 Baldwinsville, NY
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My self-summary
Current obsession is making my life the best it can be. Because everything was fine until the fire nation attacked. ;)


I love lots of things and people, I tend to be pretty open about things, but open doesn't mean its all up for grabs.
I just want to date, not particularly looking for the love of my life, really im loosing faith in that but gaining more strength for myself and my daughter so really i don't mind.

I love having a someone, but im not going to settle I've gain a lot of respect for myself over the years of being with someone who was just all around wrong for me just cause we had a daughter.
the mistakes teach us things and in the end we're better for having made them in my option.
What I’m doing with my life
Doing Odd acting jobs, to save up money to put myself through massage therapy school (though thats in question now. Might do something completely different) and raising my daughter. Also trying to get back into directing my own short low budget films, and plays. I should sing more too.
I’m really good at
interacting with people online?
singing (at least I hope so cause all that voice training and solos
and people telling me so would all be bull shit.)
making people laugh
helping, some times to much
seeing the bright side to things
making pancakes, they do not smell my fear!

Small note I just beat Knuckle Dragger.
The first things people usually notice about me
my love for doctor who? lol

Oh and in person apparently my freckles
and a vote has been cast for my hair
and a vote for my height and then my eyes and smile

I actually asked my friends so they may be Bias.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Doctor who, a dirty job, antm, marshmallows, MOM, hank green, paper towns, game of thrones, revenge, Indian food, Island of the sequined love nun, pizza, sushi, battlestar gallactica, daria, chop hop, big bang theroy, Simspons and other nerdy stuff...
I would so date Seth Rogen....
or Jim Parsons if he wasn't gay.... no i would still take him.

this is meant to look like a jumbled up mess, seeing who bothers with it.

Oh and i am a theater person... actress in Chaos productions, pirate name Brandy Danielles.


I love helping with RFTNY cause i used to be in the plays in the summer, teaching little girls how to do lines of Shakespeare as fairies is hard but rewarding as hell.

this last few years ive really become the director being payed and taking over class without supervison.
The six things I could never do without
my lillyrose
my car
my phone
my internets?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
(serious side)
How my actions reflect on my daughter and how I look as a mother. How I can end the suffering that life tries to throw at me.

(fun side)
where i want to run away to, how awesome it would be if the doctor came for me in his tardis and took me away, and how cute lillyrose is. What different things I want to do in my life.

On a typical Friday night I am
can you define Typical?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I sincerely love the idea of a guy with a pocket protector, also if you get to know me in an open book...
You should message me if
Go for it if.

You are crazy, cause oh well the crazes find me anyway. just like lady liberty with the huddled masses i am the lady of crazy.... but also if your not insane it would be nice to hear sanity every now and again.

really though it would be nice if you have a deviantart
know what wizard rock , nerdcore, or trock is
watched the vlog brothers
and are up to going out for a small or large adventure and just as happy to stay at home snuggled up doing nothing in particular
any of these are good qualifiers


but seriously

"HI" is not a message its a passing greeting.