33 Milwaukee, WI
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My self-summary
Welcome to my profile. God I hate writing these out... Here goes.

By day I am a Network Engineer for one of Milwaukee’s top places to work. What is a Network Engineer? Basically Im the guy you curse out or scream at whenever your computer at work can't access Facebook, or shared drive, etc. Its a pretty thankless job when you think of it. No one gives us cookies or anything if the network is stable for 4months without an issue. We don't get much kudos for bringing things back up promptly.

When I am not working I'm a less technical jargon speaking nut, but I do have a life away from my computer, and all other electronic devices. I have interests, in video games, bowling, shooting pool, hanging out with friends, Packers, Fantasy Football, exploring new places & the various festivals we have in Milwaukee & Wisconsin & visiting different parts of the state. I also like exploring out of the state when ever I can. I just returned from Santa Clara to Watch the Packers play & made a stop in Las Vegas. I can't wait to go back to Vegas again. So much fun!

My musical interests vary. Mostly I enjoy rock, alternative & 80s. Though my Zune (Yes I said ZUNE! I'm anti Apple) has a wide mix of 90s dance music, rap, disco, oldies rock from the 60 & 70s, some techno, and even a country song or 2. I'm one of those people that will hear a song on the radio or walking around and most of the time can give you the song name, and artist with hearing just a couple of notes. Its quite a talent.

Television: Not much of a TV person. Especially in the Summer as I rather be outside at a festival or a beer garden or somewhere. But when I do watch TV its usually the Simpsons, anything Gordon Ramsay, football, racing to an extent (I cant sit and watch a race for 6hrs), home improvement shows, The Muppets, Big Bang Theory, Lilly Hammer, etc.

Movies: Pretty much open (Even some chick flicks). Blues Brothers, Spaceballs, Major League 1-3, Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Wedding Crashers, Just Married, National Lampoons, etc.

So what am I looking for in my next match? Great question!

The 4 biggest things I am lookin for in a relationship.

1. Someone that is able to have a conversation. There are some nice people online but it seems like pulling teeth trying to get them to say more than just one word or a brief sentence in an email. Ill admit it I'm a talker, and I always like to know what's going on or bugging someone. I am very loyal and like trying to offer advice when I can. I don't expect a 5000 word essay for a first email but give me something!

2. Trust. Need I say more?

3. Someone that is family orientated. My family is very important to me & bend over backwards if they need help. Sometimes my parents like to have the "Family Get Together" where everyone gets together and either watches a movie, or Packer game, or go out to dinner one night. Holidays they usually like to get together for a big meal. I do believe in fairness so if your family gets together we can always work something out for both sides.

4. Humor. You don't have to be funny 24/7/365 (Leave that for me), but have a sense of humor. My job can be very intense at times and I'm the laid back kind of type so I try to find humor in something when I can where appropriate. I also use humor to try to brighten people's day. Sometimes on here my sarcasm is mistaken for a serious comment (Even if I had a smiley face or LOL). So be forewarned. Sometimes my humor can be as cheesy as Fozzy Bear (I just made myself feel old saying that name).

I would like to meet someone that has any of the above similar interests , or feels they can take me on in a game of darts, or Tetris. I would like a challenge!

If you are a cuddler bonus points!

What have previous relationships & friends said about me?
I am very loyal.
I am always willing to try to brighten someone's day when I can.
I am very focused and career driven. Though I don't let work consume my entire life & make time for friends, family & a relationship.
I am generally carefree but can be intense at times, and use humor to calm myself down and take a step back.
Go with the flow kind of guy. If there is a group of people I usually agree to what is going on, or find something for everyone in the group to enjoy to avoid exclusion.
Man on a mission. In other words when it comes to trips to the Dells, or wherever, I try to map out a battle plan for when we are leaving, what we want to do.
House Broken! Since I have no roommates I can only blame myself when there is no food in the apartment. I took good care of my apartment in keeping it clean and organized. I'm no Danny Tanner from Full House. When in a relationship I do remember to put the toilet seat down (Since I'm single now it stays up! I'm a rebel!).
I love to cook. Give me a chance to show you! If you have an interest in cooking lets chat and share recipes!
I can be spontaneous. From time to time I like to surprise my gf with a small gift of flowers or something small for no apparent reason.
I'm a great cuddler & kisser.

So there you have it. If you are interested in getting to know me more, feel free to send me an email. Don't be shy. Send me your thoughts on one of my interests above, tell me about one of your favorite interests. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
What I’m doing with my life
I work, to survive! LOL Seriously working at being the best person I can be, and working towards some of my long term goals.
I’m really good at
Helping people. Ive been in customer service most of my life so helping people find what they need has always been fun and I feel like I did something right.

Im also good with technology.

I am a good listener.
The first things people usually notice about me
My personality. I try to click with everyone as best as I can.
Then I would say my smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books: I havent read a book in years. They still print those? I do read newspapers and articles online.

Movies: I like comedies, action & horror. Favorite movies are The Blues Brothers, Airplane, Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Major League 1, 2,3 Pirates of Carribean & Spaceballs. Bonus points if you like the movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley (Look it up its not what you think it is).

Shows: When I have time its usually the older Simpson episodes, Swamp People, Pawnstars, American Restoration, American Pickers, Hells Kitchen, Master Chef.

Music: Rock / Alternative 80s, and top40. I do like almost everything but those are the main ones.

Food: Whatever I cook. Yes I can cook! Ive made chili, fajitas, chicken wings, casseroles, Bbq Beef Brisket, etc. Never had the fire brigade over at my place yet. I just cant bake....
The six things I could never do without
1. Family / Friends
2. Internet
3. My car
4. GOOD Pizza
5. NFL Football
6. Google (If you Google more than 2 times a day your an addict LOL).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What the future holds. Whats going to happen the next day, or week.

What concerts & sporting events I want to see next.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes staying home with some nice takeout and a movie.
Out & about with friends at a festival, or beer garden.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I cant tell you everything on here!
You should message me if
You should just message me cause Im awesome to talk to!

If your looking for a down to earth man, who is funny, caring, respectable, slightly old fashion (Ie: I hold doors open for women), who cooks, has a good job, a car, can hold his own, & likes to cuddle lets chat!