28 Oakland, CA
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My self-summary
*Update for the new year for all you internet babes: I'm just starting to emerge from my annual winter hibernation. My replies may be a wee bit slow to arrive *

Queer, radical/anarchist/anti-capitalist, poly, kinky, femme-inist, nerdiest of nerds, sub-y, herbalist, bookseller, wanderer, sex-geek, sometime painter, all the time knitter, aspiring homesteader, owner of the world's largest dress-up collection (wigs included), & voracious bibliophile.

I'm a little timid at first, but given a minute, my goofy and overly-enthusiastic self will come out.

I'm head-over-heals for a boy that until, quite recently, lived very far away: ever_curious26. We live together now, and are generally 'sold seperately' for dating purposes. I do value having folks in my life know each other, so if that's something you're comfortable with- awesome! We can all play board games?

Though in real life I happily date folks of a variety of genders & orientations, including hetero cis-guys, I'm mostly on this site to meet queers of all stripes.

I'm looking for, in no particular order: friends to drink coffee with while crafting at cafes; toppy playmates who'd like to give me lovely bruises; folks who want to go out to a talk on radical history, or Bawdy Storytelling, or drag me off to the woods to wildcraft; friends who want to cook dinner together, nerd out on star trek and make out.

In general, I appreciate good conversation and intimacy, even in super short term sexy time relationships.

Also, I just don't instant message. It squeebs me out for some unknown reason.
What I’m doing with my life
In general: learning how to plant roots while still indulging my ever-present wanderlust; and finding my tribe of anti-capitalist/nerdy/queer/playful/sex-positive/crafty folk, and work that sustains me/makes me feel like I'm helping create the kind of world I'd like to live in.

In specific: spending my weekends at a sex educator training; volunteering at a rad free clinic; selling antiquarian books on the interwebs, slinging heirloom veggies at the farmer's market, and holding down the front desk at a collectively run acupuncture project; crocheting tiny adorable body parts; cooking my way through Alice Waters' "The Art of Simple Food"; drawing naked people & modeling for artistic types; climbing trees frequently; reading too, too much, always; making potions; finding dirt to play- I mean garden- in; lurking at coffee shops & community spaces (ahem *mission control*) working up the nerve to talk to lovely strangers; figuring out how a person feels sufficiently prepared to work as an herbal clinician, and watching all of Buffy (again)....
I’m really good at
Being easily amused: give me a little music, a sunny spot in a park, a bad movie, pencil and paper, a talkative friend, a place to explore, miscellaneous craft supplies, shiny things or even a stick and I can be entertained for hours. Listening: I'm kind of a sponge for information. The flip side is that I'm very bad at remembering things. There's only so much space in my head. Cuddling and absentmindedly petting people as if they were felines (but only folks who want to be petted- consent!). Laughing at myself, which is necessary because I fall down. A lot. Laughing at other people's jokes, especially bad puns. Appreciating and partaking in all that is absurd/sarcastic/silly and/or snarky, while somehow managing to consistently appear entirely earnest and sincere. Reading excessively fast: the library keeps me well stocked for my novel a day habit. Cooking: ask me about my onion tart- you know you want to.
The first things people usually notice about me
The dresses? I have lots of them, in a variety of floral, old lady couch fabrics. My smile? I've been told it's like the Gerber baby's. I like to think that's a compliment, something about my enthusiasm for life .

Always, the giant purse full of books. I may lean slightly to one side due to the weight, but I am never bored.

Also, I have been described as "a slutty gay man in a pint size lady body" and "a wholesome whore". Take from that what you will.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Octavia Butler all of the time, Charles de Lint,Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, Francesca Lia Block Inga Muscio, Derrick Jensen (pre trans-phobic awfulness), Rebecca Solnit, Michelle Tea, Julie Serrano, Jim Butcher, a slew of sexuality/queer theory/gender books, radical histories/politics, herbal medicine tomes, all of the dystopic novels. In general, way too many to list, and damn near enough to found a fairly decent public library (the result of years of bookstore employment, staff discounts and poor impulse control).

Movies: Any and all cheesy zombie/horror (Slither, Tucker and Dale, any and all Bruce Campbell, that one where Ron Jeremy's penis came to life and started killing people), dark comedies, and old school Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy rom-coms (such delicious banter!). The Fantastic Mr Fox. And of course, Harold and Maude.

Music: Be Good Tanyas, Gillian Welch, Devendra Banhart, Kimya Dawson, Noah and the Whale, M. Ward, Lykke Li, The Blow, Jaymay, Vetiver, Joanna Newsom, Florence and the Machine, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, My Brightest Diamond, Fleet Foxes...

Podcasts: Savage Love, Fresh Air, Biodynamics Now, Madness Radio, Radiolab, This American Life, The Herbal Highway

TV: Any and all things Whedon-esque especially Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, Star Trek (original series and TNG), Arrested Development, Archer, Six Feet Under....

Food: Anything that comes from a truck! Really, really spicy things! In general: good meat stuffs (have recently re-discovered this after many meatless years), abundant veggies, crusty homemade bread. Also, Indian, Thai, sushi... I just really like food, ok?
The six things I could never do without
Erm.... Life would be rather unpleasant without:

Physicality (touch, motion, cuddling, sex...)
Conversation, of both the deep and silly varieties
Large, accessible bodies of water
Spicy food

And glitter.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Intentional communities and why I loved living in one while simultaneously being filled with rage by folks trying to "manifest" solutions to the world's ills, how I reconcile my deep respect for folk medicine and my love of pubmed, institutionalized systems of oppression & how to be a decent white/cis person beyond becoming aware of my privilege, whether I should go back to school for skills/a nursing degree or hold out and be a slightly cursty anarcho-herbalist healer type, settler colonialism and fierce anti-colonial resistance, bondage, who can I convince to come with me to this roller disco/80's dance parting/bawdy storytelling/zine making/play party/bingo, reproductive rights, DIY health, enthusiastic consent, vintage lingerie and whether or not I can sew a reasonable substitute for a bullet bra, what song my burlesque act will feature when I'm someday brave enough to get on stage, my dream home (an old Victorian filled with different generations of folk living collectively, growing food, raising chickens, playing music, healing each other, making art, laughing and dancing and kissing into the wee hours), how I should spend more time doing cool things than reading about them....
On a typical Friday night I am
Nesting and reading zines (ideally with other folks nesting and reading nearby); spending way too many hours cooking something delightful which will be consumed way too quickly; getting sweaty at a queer dance party; at the Parkway; playing pool poorly at a pub (alliteration!); trivia night somewhere; at a play party; jumping in the station wagon for a spontaneous hot springs/camping trip.

On Friday nights, as on every night, I often end up naked.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I'm shy... which means I have a tendency to get mini-crushes on awesome/cute/intriguing people's profiles, and then never work up the nerve to message them.

Yeah, I'm that special.

In person, I'm generally the opposite of private. I'm a big fan of lay-it-all-on-the-table type friendships, where you can talk about anything from your kinkiest kink to your particular brand of crazy and where it came from. Sometimes this makes for inappropriate meal time or public conversations, apparently.
You should message me if
You want to! And you don't mind an occasional wait between replies: I check my account semi-frequently, but because I'm weirdly picky about things I write, I only reply when I've got the time to ponder how I can best express the random things that are floating around my head. Embarrassingly, this means I spent time on that very simple, "Hi, how are you?" email I wrote you.

Bonus points if:
-You are working on ways communities can resist/heal from damage done by our dominant culture: are you involved anti-police terror work, or harm reduction, or food security, or prison abolishment...? I want to hear it all.

-More generally: you have something that you're completely, absurdly passionate about. People who can truly nerd out make me happy.

-You find playfulness/levity valuable, in spite of-or because of- all the big struggles that are part of life in this world. Perhaps you want to join me in: watching all the Star Trek, cooking elaborate meals from my garden, craft time, finding occasions for costume wearing, playing all of the board games, movie nights/cuddle piles, bus stop make-outs...

-You want to take me climbing around something awesome and abandoned.

-You want to be my partner in crime at Kinky Salon or kink event. Extra, extra points if you're a rope top who also likes impact play, or if you want to beat me up a bit in the hot queer porn you're filming.