33 Cedar Rapids, IA
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My self-summary
Hello there and thanks for stopping by. I'm hoping to find a long term relationship, but would be happy to make new friends along the way. Everyone has a unique life story and I really enjoy hearing about them. I want a life partner--someone to come home to and share details about our days, make plans with, fall asleep next to and who makes me happy just by being near them. It's important to me to be able to spend time together several days a week, at least once things have progressed, and someone who has physical touch (think hugs, cuddling or holding hands as signs of affection) as a love language would be welcome.

I do support ethically non-monogamous relationships, but it does NOT mean that I am looking for a quick hookup and I will not jump into bed with just anyone. I also don't condone cheating, so if your S.O. doesn't know you're on here, please pass me by. It does mean that I believe love isn't a zero-sum game, and that people should be free to explore the relationship possibilities that present themselves openly and honestly without damaging an existing relationship, provided everyone is in agreement. I think it's virtually impossible to expect one person to meet all the needs of another, and that there is a way to ensure each person has what they need to flourish and grow into the best version of themselves, instead of forcing them to go through life with a need unmet. That doesn't mean I am against monogamy with the right person, either. I simply think everyone should have the ability to find the relationship(s) that work for them without judgement from others.

I like to hit baseball or hockey games, play board & card games, go mini-golfing or bowling (most adults use bumpers, right?), throw darts poorly or hit pool balls with only slightly more skill, watch movies and cuddle, cook or go for a walk together. It's more about who I'm doing an activity with than the activity itself. I am a realistic optimist and a mostly responsible adult, but I'm also a moderate slob (trying to improve this) and I'm pretty sure I snore. Nobody's perfect, but at least I'm funny, right?

I have 2 cats so if you're allergic, this probably won't work out long term. I recently (1/22/16) lost my first girl, Sierra, after almost 12 years.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a great job working in sales/marketing for an IT company, and I dabble in jewelry making. I bought a house here a couple of years ago and I'm learning the joys and pains of homeownership. Most nights can find me at home watching Netflix, reading, or making jewelry and I'd definitely enjoy being able to change that up a little with some new friends or a special someone.
I’m really good at
organizing things. I also dabble in a fair amount of craft-y type things like scrapbooking, knitting, photography, jewelry making, etc. I'm a decent cook who would like to learn more fundamentals and expand my repertoire, a very good friend and listener, and I excel at packing due to a talent for Tetris. Actually I'm awesome at Tetris. Consider yourself challenged!
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a human!!! Run!!!

I have gotten many compliments on my smile or eyes, so I guess those are front runners. Otherwise, it probably depends on the setting I'm in.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: anything by Anne McCaffrey, Janet Evanovich, Laurell K Hamilton, JR Ward, or Dick Francis. I absolutely love to read! Mysteries, fun and lighthearted romance novels, sci-fi/fantasy, and historical fiction top my list but I always welcome suggestions for new authors.

Movies: I enjoy pretty much anything but horror/slasher flicks or The Hangover-type comedy. There are exceptions, but mostly because I find they have a good storyline/message despite the antics. Movies from my childhood like Willow, The Goonies, The Neverending Story, Disney movies, or Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves get watched on occasion. I definitely think sci-fi/fantasy and action movies are all pretty fun, and disaster flicks like The Core, Volcano or The Day After Tomorrow are my guilty pleasure. I'm a Star Wars fan over Star Trek, but enjoy both. Feel-good romantic comedy, drama, or others can also be enjoyable.

Music: I run the gamut from musicals to hard rock, country to top 40, classical/instrumental/soundtracks to techno. I'm not a big fan of rap, opera or bluegrass. Or jazz, but I can usually deal with jazz in small-to-medium doses. My car radio is usually tuned to 102.9 (Cedar Rapids) or 92.3 (Waterloo/Cedar Falls). Mostly music for me is about the emotion it evokes. If it makes an impression on me I'm going to like it, regardless of the genre.

Food: I like most everything except for mushrooms, bananas and raw tomatoes. I enjoy cooking and wish I had someone to cook for more often. I try to make healthy eating fun and interesting, so I often try to add new produce or seafood to my repertoire. Some of my best dishes are probably fried rice, chili, stuffed pasta, chicken with rice & herbs, BBQ and alfredo sauce--I've pretty much perfected the Olive Garden's original recipe now and am starting to tweak it. I'm a decent baker too and have been known to bribe people with cookies. :-) Now that I have a house I want to learn to grill. Watch out steak, here I come! My steak preference keeps changing as I get older. From well done as a kid to medium/medium rare the time I'm 70 I suspect I'll just bite cows.
The six things I could never do without
People I care about
The Internet
My furballs
A comfortable bed with lots of pillows
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to live a good life, what that means, and what is really important to me.
What should I cook for dinner tonight?
Ideas for new jewelry pieces to create or new techniques to learn. Wire wrapping is kicking my butt so far.
Why online dating seems like a cattle auction, and does that make me a cow?
On a typical Friday night I am
Binge-watching something on Netflix while working on my latest jewelry project, or spending time with friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love most people's answers to this because they don't seem to grasp the concept. It's the most private thing I'm willing to admit, which means I'm okay making it public. So yeah, it's not actually private, it's just toward that end of the continuum.

So here's the unveiling of my most private public statement: I have an interest in certain kink/BDSM-type activities. I respect those that identify on both sides of the slash but anyone who approaches me expecting me to display submissive and/or meek behavior, pay him the Domly deference he feels he is due, or wants to immediately invoke a D/s dynamic will be strongly rebuffed. This especially applies to first messages. If you cannot be bothered to get to know me as an equal, autonomous and fully capable person then I cannot be bothered to give you my time or attention.
You should message me if
-You are not allergic to cats.
-You put in the effort to fill out your own profile to a reasonable degree. I'll read it before I message you, or respond to a message you send me.
-You are not a convicted felon (some exclusions may apply), axe murderer, or kingpin druglord. :-)
-You appreciate a woman who doesn't feel men should be used for free dinners and drinks and who will offer to pay for a date with the expectation of actually paying for it.
-You aren't an unconvicted felon (again, some exclusions may apply), arms dealer, or human trafficker. :-)
-You think we might have some common ground or get along well together.
-You showered in the past 36 hours. :-)
-You're looking for a genuine person to get to know and you want to invest time in developing a relationship.