38 San Francisco, CA
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My self-summary
Just like everyone else, I enjoy going, doing, and seeing; what I like most of all though is other people. I've lived in SF for a few years now, I love my work which keeps both sides of my brain happy, and I value my friends above all else. If I have an innate talent it must be finding incredible, inspiring people to surround myself with - I'm lucky .

So life is good, I wake up smiling every day (painfully uncool I know, but I'm so over being so over things). Now it'd be great if there was someone to be smiling at. When she does come along, I would love for it to go the distance. Scandalous, right?

I don't like pigeonholing people and things, but life today seems all about choosing sides: Car or Bicycle, Blue collar or White collar, Artist or Engineer. I always just choose both.

I like people who have ambition but who also make time to be playful.

It turns out people like facts, so here's a few to save us both time:
* British. Grew up there, went to university there, started my career there.
* Moved to California for work, fell in love with it.
* Despite which, I moved to Seattle. Fell in love with that too; so much so, I stayed for seven years before coming back.
* I do CrossFit. I enjoy feeling full of energy and I don't like distance running, so it's a great fit for me. No, I don't talk about it 24/7. I figure about another six months and I can take a headless-shirtless-selfie in my bathroom mirror for my profile. Those work, right?
* I got a bicycle for the first time in years. Not having a bike all this time was a mistake.
* I snowboard well and surf badly.
* I will 100% judge you on how you treat other people.
* I like well made or bespoke things, especially if I can make or maintain them myself - modern society seems all about replacing rather than repairing and I think that's bullshit. Here's the crucial part though: I know that they're just things.
* I went to Burning Man and thought it was wonderful, I'd go again. I understand that's a deal-breaker for some, so now you know.

Before I'm done with this life (or it's done with me) I'll be doing the following, maybe your list is compatible:
* Cross everywhere off my travel list. It's a long list.
* Own a cabin. By a lake, by the ocean or by the mountains. Actually, lets go with all of those.
* Run my own company. Very probably software (don't act so surprised)
* Start a family and raise kids smart enough not only to make all the money they could want, but also to know that's the last thing they should care about.
What I’m doing with my life
A few years ago I quit my fancy big-corp job to take some time off and do my own thing, which felt good like you wouldn't believe. Now I'm part of a small indie company who're doing things differently.

I love to learn new stuff, and as long as I'm working on something creative I'm happy. As my day job is all software, it's nice to get my hands on something tactile every so often. In recently history those projects were all remodeling - before SF I lived up in Seattle and bought an old place of my own. Every task spawned two more, my house was the hydra of home improvement.

I'm a bit of a petrol-head, my dad's a mechanic so it was inevitable. I'm not building a car from scratch or anything like that (yet, when I do, it'll be an FFR Type 65 coupe, so if you have an old fox Mustang you'd like to donate, drop me a line ....wait! I've changed my mind! It might be a Beck 904) but before the move my friends did like to point out that my house had an excess of cars and a deficit of furniture. Pottery Barn can kiss my ass. Also, as much as I like city living, no longer having a garage I can do my own car maintenance in bugs the hell out of me.

Once or twice a year I get together with my friends and spend a few days camping out somewhere in the sunshine - on the coast, on the river, or at a music festival. Of all the things I'm lucky enough to have in my life, I look forwards to this the most.
I’m really good at
Finding balance.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books. Here's the stack I found next to my bed (and in my Kindle, its the future, don't you know?) : The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Luminarium, Lonely Planet Indonesia, Anvil of Stars, Real Time Collision Detection, Accelerando, Gravity's Rainbow, The Player Of Games. So yes, I love to read and I'm always working through a book or ten. I read everything, but usually prefer fiction. Here's a few all-time favourites: Espedair Street, Snow Crash, The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Black Swan Green, Love in the Time of Cholera, Man's Fate, The Master and Margarita, The Famished Road, Super Sad True Love Story.

I've driven thousands of miles listening to The Nerdist, The Moth, Radiolab, Love & Radio, The Q&A... I like to get my non-fiction in bite-sized audio form.

Music. That could take up a lot of space, I basically have to have music everywhere all the time. I'll guess just say that the Yellow Ostrich cover of The Rural Alberta Advantage's Don't Haunt This Place is the best thing ever.

Food. Everything except milk (a little allergic, I cheat occasionally, like in proper tea), shrimp (a lot allergic) and ketchup (nauseating. Unless it's homemade habanero ketchup, then bring it on).

Movies, sometimes. TV, almost never.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm secretly really nerdy. Don't tell anyone.
You should message me if
You're warm, genuine, adventurous, and creative. If you're not any of those things, maybe you should think hard about why you bother to get out of bed in the morning.

You have a passion for something, and pursuing it is what you're doing with your life. If I have a dealbreaker, this is probably it.

You want to hang out as friends. Having the very first time you meet someone in-person be a date is just weird. I'm sure the chemistry will figure itself out if it's there; I like nearly everyone I meet, but I'm attracted to very few.

You do something regularly to keep in shape; I like people with energy.

That was the important stuff, any of the rest of this would be cool though:

You're down to go on road trips, short or long. You drive stick, right?

You make something.

You actually wrote something in your profile, and it wasn't just complaining about having to write a profile. Hardly anyone really says anything about themselves anymore. I blame Tinder.

I may have an extra weakness for girls who are artistic, well traveled, well read, or wear chucks (sometimes).

P.S. I'm probably willing to forego everything written here for a relationship based entirely on back rubs.

P.P.S. Yes this is way too long. Just be awesome, ok?