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My self-summary
Non-conformist who nevertheless looks good in a suit (when pressed). Stylish, casually so. A seasoned rebel who sees no end to the current season, or reasons, for rebellion. A gallant knight whose wounds have healed and is ready to start anew with clarity and kindness. Probably too darn smart and witty for my own good, yet the rusty, churning flywheels of my brain do frequently sparkle. Intellectual yet Earthy. Artistically inclined - visual, literary and musical - and capable of all sorts of mundane feats of daily survival - a sort of Renaissance Man for the next Millennium. Always try to be kind and considerate, particularly to animals, small children and the elderly - but incapable of suffering pompous fools gladly - in which case sarcasm is the best defense. Analytical, rather than judgmental. Tend to see the glass as half-full - even though the bottle is more than half-empty - and being steadily drained!
In spite of what might appear to be thorns and contradictions, I always thought I was the normal one. It's the world that's crazy! In any event, after all is said and done I am actually a lot of fun.
Seriously looking for a truly GREAT woman to embark on a meaningful journey in a meaningless world.
Hey - let's laugh together - a lot!
OK, now I'm listening... and waiting for some voluptuous creature to startle me with good news (or else zap me back into reality with a stun gun).
What I’m doing with my life
Unfortunately, I’ve been cursed by the slavery of talent.
I toil ceaselessly. Re-invention is a daily ritual. Currently trying to pack it all into a novel.
I’m really good at
I’ve been a chef, a musician, a filmmaker, a photographer, and finally a writer, among other things. Actually, there’s not much I can’t do, however, there's a lot I won’t do. Oh, well, maybe if you ask me pretty please...
The first things people usually notice about me
My buns. My halo. My humility. My total lack of a sense of humor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm always open to new experiences... but for now-
Films: Love Me Tonight, Gods & Monsters, Sullivan’s Travels, Wrestling With Ernest Hemingway, Some Like It Hot, Arsenic And Old Lace, Casablanca, A Bronx Tale, The Sopranos, Triplets of Belleville, Breaking Bad...
Dramatists: Buechner, O'Neill, Pinter, Tennessee, Charles Ludlum, Dennis Potter, Vince Gilligan...
Books: Me, Cheetah!, In The Garden of The Beast, Shantaram!, A Sport, A Pastime, Erich Marie Remarque, Penelope Fitzgerald, Gil Rogin anyone?... but more often non-fiction... Howard Zinn, Kuznick & Stone, I Heard You Paint Houses....!
Music: Swing to Bop - Charlie Parker (the greatest artist of the 20th century!), Sidney Bechet, Louis, Duke, the Count, Prez, Bean, Hawk, Trane, Miles, Newk, Zoot, Jimmy Rowles, Tommy Flanagan... Django, Lady Day, Ray Charles, Dakota Staton, Little Jimmie Scott, James Taylor...the Great American Songbook, and not just jazz, but lots of classical too...
Food: Simple, fresh food - nothing too pretentious - unless someone else is pretending to cook it! Essentially a Mediterranean diet, lots of fish and green veggies. However, to preserve my red corpuscles I still gotta chomp down on some poor dead creature every six months or so.
The six things I could never do without
Kindness and clarity is enough. Anything more is gravy.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Who? What? Where? When? Why? And How?
I wonder about OKC’s personality assessment because in my case, it doesn't really sound like the me I know.
Spontaneous? Generally, I think too much before I act. However, when I was barely out of the cradle I was a bartender and I had to learn how to size up people in a snap! And I've got a good batting average. Olive or twist?
Old-fashioned? Is there anything new under the sun? However, due to the absence of intelligent political leadership, I am getting to be more and more like an “old-fashioned” radical-socialist-anarchist. But communism was always a con-job - and an old-fashioned is still whiskey and sweet vermouth.
Compassionate? I believe that the only true religion is kindness.
Playful? I think Marx is god - no, not Karl - Groucho. Or was he the serious one?
Wholesome? True, nobody’s mother ever gave me their seal of approval. What mother in her right mind ever wanted a musician or a writer for a son-in-law? On the other hand, I am 100% organic and - I’m still active, healthy and relatively sane after all these years.
Less Independent? I adore harmony, but I also follow my own drummer. I'm neither middle-class, middle-brow, or middle-of-the-road. I value people for their character, not their affiliations.
More Sexperienced? Well, of course, there may have been a few moments, but... in retrospect, I wish there had been many more such moments.
Who - me?
On a typical Friday night I am
Having a glass of milk and some cookies, and then saying my prayers before going to bed early to get up early to watch the Saturday morning cartoons.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You must be joking!
Not even if I'm tortured!
No, please - no tickling! That's not fair!
Wait - stop - what was the question?
You should message me if
If you're looking for-
Sex with strings.
Preferably violins and cellos behind a curtain.
But if the strings are hopelessly out of tune - or someone's peeking through the curtain - I may withdraw before the final cadenza and just make do with the champagne.
Or else, you’re just really desperate - to meet somebody who's as extra special as you!
Come on - Life's too short to frown.

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