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My self-summary
So self-summary, that's kind of a broad thing to try and define isn't it? Don't most people spend their entire lives trying to better understand themselves and figure out just who they are? So now that my penchant for qualifying statements is out of the way, I suppose I should actually start summarizing myself.

Name's Ian, pronounced e-n, hence the the clever little user name pun (albeit, my last name is not pronounced how it looks there so perhaps it's not as clever as I thought). If you can't tell by now, I tend to interrupt myself and go off on tangents of some form or another quite often, though these tangents (yes this is a tangent within a tangent within a tangent (FUCKING INCEPTION)), probably serve no purpose other than to amuse myself and hopefully you as well.

Speaking of amusing, that's what I generally aim for when talking with people. I like seeing people's faces light up with laughter after a perfectly executed joke or quip, it's just awesome. So yes, I'm a bit of a comedian, I deal in all types of humor. Slap-stick, intelligent, story-based, etc. etc. I tend to rag on everyone I'm around for the benefit of others so if you're ever chatting with me and I happen to poke fun at you for something you said, or am extremely sarcastic with you, sorry I can't help it. But feel free to do it right back to me, that's one thing that draws me to people more than anything is their ability to hold their own and not bitch and moan about being "picked on".

Aside from humor, I'm a pretty big video game enthusiast / collector. Currently I own over 500 games for various systems from the NES all the way to the Xbox 360 and I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting games to add to my collections (funds permitting of course). I also really enjoy anime (at this point if you're beginning to think, damn this kid's a total nerd, you'd be quite correct in that sentiment) and am actually part of a couple fansub groups on the net.

Hmm, let's see here, what else can I summarize myself with. I played traveling soccer from the time I was three until I graduated high school. Probably some of the most fun I've had in life thus far was on my various club teams, going to tournaments all over the southeast. I also tend to (and you've no doubt noticed by now) take anything that I'm writing and make it very grammatically and English----y correct. Being an aspiring game storyline author, it's almost second nature to just make anything I write sound much more "intelligent" and much more "proper" than is really necessary. However, one of my biggest pet-peeves is in fact, people who cannot construct a proper English sentence. I fully understand that this is the Internet and not a thesis paper for your Ph.D, but still; there's no reason to gratuitously use "lol" or any other acronym at the end of every fucking sentence, nor should words be shortened / misspelled in a "texting" fashion. "if u tlk lyk dis & i hav 2 fking d-cifer wat teh fck ur sayin" I will probably not speak with you for much longer.

In true author form I went back and re-read this entire thing before hitting save, and I realized (as I tend to be sometimes) some of that come off very obstinately jackass-ish and paints me as a very pompous prick. Which, I do admit happens from time to time, especially when I'm arguing with someone, but more often than not I'm actually a pretty nice person. This whole cynical / intellectual bit is generally what I lapse into when I'm either a) trying to impress someone, or b) very very nervous. (Hmm, perhaps this should be in that "Most private thing I'm willing to admit" section.) Anyways, what I'm trying to get at is, in everyday talking and hanging-out I don't always speak like I'm writing an English paper and the more you talk to me the more open I'll become.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently I'm employed at a GameStop (perfect job) and doing database entry for another online business (easy money). I'm also applying to SCAD (well, I've applied they've just yet to tell me if I'm accepted or not), after taking three long semesters and Ga Tech and realizing it wasn't for me.

Future plans are basically to make the most intensely fucking awesome video game you can ever possibly imagine and open up my own game development studio.
I’m really good at
I'm actually really good at a lot of things. (Humility being one of them......overused joke is overused, as is overused meme). Soccer, writing, bass guitar, to an extent keyboard, jokes, making people laugh, Guitar Hero....actually pretty much any video game, etc. etc. etc.

Ironically enough, in my endeavor to create video games I'd also like to create the characters (hence the whole SCAD thing), but I'm actually quite horrendous at drawing. A by quite horrendous I mean I fuck up stick figures.
The first things people usually notice about me
My ability to make them laugh regardless of how they are feeling.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books & Authors:
A Tale of Two Cities
R.A. Salvatore
Terry Brooks
David Eddings
Robert Corimier
Masters of Doom
The Once and Future King
Jane Austin (yeah, again should be under "most private")
A Confederacy of Dunces

School of Rock
Howl's Moving Castle (and every other Miyazaki film)
The Usual Suspects
The Social Network
Shaun of the Dead
Lord of the Rings
Pirates of the Caribbean

TV Shows:
White Collar
The Mentalist
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Doctor Who
Top Gear
Arrested Development

Way, way, way, way too many to name
Here's some of my favorites though
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Code Geass
Death Note
Highschool of the Dead
Welcome to the NHK
and here's some I'm watching this season (if you're into anime)
Yumekui Merry
Puella Modoka Magicka
Level E
Dragon Crisis

Again, way too many to name here's some favorites though
White Stripes
Arctic Monkeys
Streetlight Manifesto
Escape the Fate w/ Ronnie
Chiodos w/o Craig
I See Stars
The Word Alive
Sleeping with Sirens
Sonata Arctica
Rhapsody (of Fire)
Hokago Tea Time
Protest the Hero
Bring Me The Horizon
Cage The Elephant
Death From Above 1979
Monty Are I
etc. etc. etc.

The six things I could never do without
1) Friends
2) Video games
3) Music
4) Books
5) Anime
6) All those things necessary to live: breathing, eating, sleeping, etc.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. Literally, I'm probably the most over analytical person you'll ever meet.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no typicality for me. Everyday is different in some way and I strive to make sure I'm doing something I want to be doing all the time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well I've already admitted to a lot of stuff in my other sections, but that almost seems like a cop out....oh well.
You should message me if
Does it really matter what you put here? It's not like if it'll stop anyone if they "want" to message you.

That being said, feel free to message me everyone.