40 Paradise, CA
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My self-summary

I am weird, sometimes. I am incredibly capable. I have been involved in things like the military but my spirit is art. I love music. I think if people know how experienced you are you are doing it wrong, this belief gets me in trouble. I hear things sometimes before things manifest.

I admire women . I am studying you and stealing your secrets.

I exist in a sea of experiment and sameness

I have a dark sense about life
What I’m doing with my life
meditate daily

everything is a microcosm.
when you raise a level on an equalizer, adding more bass or whatnot, it diminishes some other frequency.
human character is like an equalizer, but what is innate and what is suffering?
this is my life
I’m really good at
Living a life on many layers. Doing nothing. Feeling karma. Taking my own advice. Being stubborn. Astrology. Comprehension. Wicked sense of humor.

Reading the underlying emotion. Creating reality, working with movement. Changing (my) will. Style. Working darkness. Willingness. Taste. Being a conduit for learning. I am good at feeling. sleeping still but so alive.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
grace, my favorite tool in the shed or the shiny thing I place on the pedestal of my attention
You should message me if
You appreciate communication. You have an affinity for the ups and downs in life. You are an artist. You might want to teach me to sew. I am your underneath.
You are an intricate, graceful example of womanhood. You are dark in a light way.
You think there might be a chance you would invite me to play some board games.
you think intensity might be your friend

weird is good

can your mind/emotion match how attractive you are? can your mind/emotion overcome how attractive you may not be? the value attraction is flexible, mind/emotion is not

you know color