29 Fort Oglethorpe, GA
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My self-summary
Hi, y'all. I'm a nerd of the science and science fiction sort with a hearty helping of the grammar sort and a sprinkle of the gamer sort. I am a free thinker and a progressive. I'm one of those Millennials who is unhappy with her menial job, though I at least work for a pretty good company. Part of this is probably due to being an INTJ with INFJ leanings. I'm a writer. I'm a proponent of clear communication and personal reflection. I'm the mama of two old, lazy kitties and a chubby, half-grown, ball python.

I'm bisexual, sapiosexual, and polyamorous. My husband's profile is bcordle1414. He's pretty awesome, and I encourage any ladies to check him out! At the moment, I am dating a very special local girl who will remain a secret. I'm pretty poly saturated at the moment, but please hit me up if you wanna chat about polyamory.

Just to be clear, being non-monogamous and bisexual does not mean I participate in casual sex or casual threesomes. I'm not interested in any type of casual relationship. I find all aspects of a relationship -- romantic, emotional, spiritual and sexual -- all equally important and can't have a sexual relationship without the other components.
What I’m doing with my life
I work at a nice law firm in Chattanooga as a legal secretary for four real estate attorneys. I don't have much interest in law, but I do have an interest in financial freedom. For now, I write regularly in a blog and a journal, and I have some other projects in the works.

I would love to write a science textbook (probably with someone who has a PhD). I want to do activism for LGBT and polyamory rights while writing in a blog, magazine, novel, etc. I have toyed with being a life coach as well.

If you read/are reading my profile, include the word "parrot" in your message if you choose to message me. Bc I'm sneaky...
I’m really good at
Making messes. Making plans. Speaking in a Southern drawl with correct grammar.
The first things people usually notice about me
I love rocking red lipstick. :D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I tend to lean towards series. Or at least those are all I can recall at the moment. They include Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, House of Night, Percy Jackson, Animorphs (old fav!), Inheritance Cycle/Eragon, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight.

Podcasts: I listen to a lot of podcasts while I file and print and revise documents and update binders at work. I keep up with Poly Weekly Podcast, Dogma Debate, Ardent Atheist, Skeptically Yours, Probably Science and NPR: Intelligence Squared.

Movies: I kind of have a guy's taste in movies. I like action a lot. Some favs are Avatar, Pirates of the Carribean movies, Harry Potter movies, V for Vendetta, Transformers movies, Avengers, and Inception.

Music: I like songs I can relate to and that have passion to them. A lot of the music I listen to comes from movies. Genres are rap, hip hop, rock, folk. I think Eminem is a lyrical genius. Lullaby by Nickelback has saved my life a few times, and Same Love by Macklemore gives me chills almost everytime I listen to it.

TV Shows: The only shows I am watch live are Big Bang Theory and Walking Dead. My husband and I are working through Star Trek for the first time now (we're currently on Voyager) and I've become the biggest Trekkie.

Food: I like pasta a lot. It's easy to cook. I really don't like to cook. I try to eat healthfully. Lots of green things and fresh things. But I will get lazy sometimes and eat fast food.
The six things I could never do without
-Love, whether it be my love for friends and romantic partners or the connection I feel in all life and in all humanity.
-Kitties. I have two older cats, but I love all members of the feline family (especially, tigers!)
-My 2007 Toyota Matrix named Trinity.
-The moon.
-Learning. I will never stop questioning or learning about everything in the universe.
-Freedom. I don't like bosses, closed doors, and social requirements.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can be better at polyamory. Why I have a hard time keeping who I am a secret. Where I'm going to be in five years--hell, in a year. What I'm going to do with my life. When I'll be able to finally do what I want in life. How I will ever help people/change the world. When I will finally have the courage and money to get the 4-5 tattoos I want. What I can do for the LGBT and poly communities.
On a typical Friday night I am
I hang out at home with my husband and every other weekend with his kids. I'm pretty introverted, so I don't generally like big crowds. Which is pretty ironic considering I'm poly.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have problems w depression, and I'm currently trying to find the right medicine and therapy to keep me balanced for life. I hope it will help me be a better partner.
You should message me if
-you have questions about what polyamory is (really, ask me! I'd love to talk about it)
-you're poly and want to talk to someone else who is (I love meeting other poly people!)
-you're intelligent or witty or nerdy
-you enjoy/need good conversation

I do date other men, but as you can tell from my "looking for" section, that kind of relationship is not what I'm really looking for right now. Being poly I am interested in seeing wherever relationships go, so if you are interested and are okay with going slowly, then message me. : )

**Please say something more than "Hey, what's up?" (or worse, spelled wrong). I don't do chitchat well, so give me some topics to discuss.**